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(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color

Fury: “Sir.. Put. Down. The Spear.”

Loki: “I am Loki.. and I am burdened with Glorious Purpose.”

Fury: “As of now.. We are at War.”

Natasha: “I’m here on behalf of S.H.E.I.L.D. We need you to come in.”

Bruce: “And what if I say no?”

Natasha: “This.. Is the Tesseract.. It has the potential energy to destroy the planet.”

Steve: “At this point I doubt anything would surprise me.”

Fury: “Is there anything you can tell us about the Tesseract we ought to know now?”

Steve: “You should have left it in the ocean.”


You: “How much farther to the tower Happy?” I called from the back of the car. Happy looked back at me through the rear-view mirror.

Happy: “Five minutes, assuming your brother hasn’t done something to hold up traffic.. again.” I chuckled.

You: “Knowing Tony? Penthouse party’s probably just now clearing out. What is it… seven in the morning?” I checked my watch. “Everyone else is probably filing out while he’s still passed out with his date for the night.” I turned to watch the New York streets rush past my window.

Happy: “You know, Tony’s changed a lot since you last saw him. Pepper’s really turned him around.” I snorted.

You: “And here I thought it was the shrapnel in his chest.” Happy’s eyes narrowed slightly at me. “Relax Hap… I’m actually looking forward to seeing him again.. See what the great ‘Iron Man’ has been up to since I took over Stark Inc.” It was true that Pepper had more or less privatized the company after the incident with Stane. But once she and Tony started being a real thing, of course the business fell to me. Responsible little brother (Y/N) Stark. Not that I minded… much. After all they still had their hands in it, just not as much as they would have had Pepper stayed on as C.E.O. Basically, while he flew around as the Metallic super-hero he thought he was, I flew around running the company. We talked often, we just haven’t seen each other in person in… three years maybe? “Jesus this is taking forever.” Happy snorted lightly.

Happy: “Would have been faster if you let JARVIS send one of the suits to pick you up.” I rolled my eyes.

You: “Right, cause big brother Tony was gonna let his little bro play with his shiny new toys.”

Happy: “Are you sure you’re twenty seven?” He commented, turning to me in his seat at a red light.

You: “Nope.. I’m seven years old. You know I’m right..” I pointed out the windshield. “And the light’s green.” The car behind us honked loudly as Happy fumbled back into his seat, jerking the car back into motion. I couldn’t help but chuckle.. At least one thing never changed.

Thankfully Happy’s prediction was rather accurate.. Pulling the car into the Stark Tower parking lot five minutes later. Parking in front of the elevator, Happy came around and opened the door for me. Helping me out as I collected my cane and bag.

Happy: “You sure you don’t want any help up?” I shot him an unamused look.

You: “Hap I’ve been walking with this thing for four years now.” I lifted the silver headed cane for emphasis. “I think I got it.” He backed away, raising his hands in surrender. I sighed, then opened my arms to hug him. “It’s good to see you bud.” He hugged me back, patting me on the back lightly.

Happy: “Good you see you to (Y/N).” We parted ways, he returning to the car and myself walking into the elevator. As the doors shut and it ascended, a familiar voice perked up.

JARVIS: “Welcome to Stark Tower Mr. Stark” I rolled my eyes.

You: “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Mr. Stark JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “Apologies (Y/N).” That was better.. at least until he started it up again.

You: “Anyone home? Or is Tony piss drunk in the streets again?”

JARVIS: “Your brother is within the tower on the observation floor sir. He and Ms. Potts are currently working on a project. I believe you were made aware of it yes?” Ah yes.. Tony’s ‘Top Secret’ project.

You: “yeah I’m aware he has something going on. I take it he told you not to tell me right?”

JARVIS: “Yes sir he did.” Figures.. It was worth a shot at least.

You: “Alright, let’s go see them first then I’ll settle in.”

JARVIS: “Shall I alert them you have arrived sir?”

You: “No that’s ok JARVIS. I tend to be my own announcer these days.” I looked down at the cane in my right hand, trying not to lean into it as much. “There a mirror in here?”

JARVIS: “Behind you sir.” I turned, finding the back of the elevator shimmering into a reflective surface. Tony and his holograms. I swear one of these days I’m gonna go to smack him and it’ll be a damn Hologram. I looked myself over. My Black three piece suit in order. My red Shirt and crimson neck tie exactly how I liked it. My (H/L) (H/C) hair styled out. (If you got it.) Facial hair neatly trimmed. God, when did I turn into dad? I needed this week with Tony.. I needed to loosen up. Tony had invited me to stay with him in Stark Tower while he put the finishing touches on it, said it was supposed to be a week of ‘brotherly bonding’. Not gonna lie, I was actually pretty ecstatic when he called. The Elevator stopped and the doors behind me slid open silently. I left my bag in the elevator as I stepped out, figuring I could collect it later. The hollow tapping of my cane the only sound as I walked out into the open area. A surprisingly tasteful one at that. Near the bay window, currently hunched over a work table with his lovely ex-assistant was my brother. A scotch in his hands.. some things never change.  

You: “You know.. I gotta say this is all really nice Tony.” They both turned to look at me, surprised smiles growing on their faces. “You let Pepper decorate right? It’s the only explanation.” Said ex assistant came up to hug me.

Pepper: “(Y/N)! It’s so good to see you.” I hugged her back.

You: “Pepper.. looking lovely as always.. For you.” I pulled a rose from my jacket pocket, giving it over as I bowed lightly. She took it, kissing me lightly on the cheek.

Pepper: “Always the charmer.” I grinned, my eyes roving over to my brother as he came up to hug me as well.

Tony: “Welcome back little bro. How was the board meeting? Bring me anything?” I rolled my eyes.

You: “They call them board meetings for a reason.. Boring as always.. and of course I brought you something. How could I forget my big brother when his face is plastered all over the news every other day?” He shot me a look of mock surprise. I pulled out a box of pills from my other pocket, much to his confusion. “Sobriety pills… You’re welcome.” I smirked as I patted his shoulder. Pepper chuckled behind his back.

Tony: “Ha. Ha Ha. Ha. You’re very funny (Y/N). You hear me laughing? Ha. Ha Ha.” I walked past him, looking over the work table he was recently hunched over.

You: “Oh I know I’m hilarious. You got the brains and I got the sense of humor and the looks remember?” I looked on the holo-screen currently beaming a blue-print of the tower. “Now what is this secret project the two of you have been working on exactly? You’re not messing with my tower now are you?” I looked up from the screen, finding Tony giving me an exasperated look.

Tony: “I’m sorry.. YOUR Tower?” I smirked.

You: “Uh.. yeah.. The tower was payed for with Stark Inc. money and last I checked, I was C.E.O. of Stark Industries. Or did you fire me behind my back.. again?”

Tony: “I’ve never fired you behind your back.” He shot me a disbelieving look.

You: “Uh huh. You know JARVIS sends me an email every time you ‘fire’ me right? Isn’t that right JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “You are correct sir.” Tony deflated as I stood proudly.. Hands folded over the head of my cane.

Tony: “I’m gonna have to put a stop to that.” He looked down at my right leg, knee bent slightly inward. “You ok? Looks like you might have taken a tumble.” I followed his eyes, straightening my leg immediately when I noticed what he had.

You: “The flight was kinda bad.. nothing to worry about.”

Tony: “I don’t know why you won’t let me look at it.” He patted me on the shoulder, turning to walk towards the bar at the far corner of the room. “Want something to drink?”

You: “Right Tony.. cause I’m gonna take medical advice from someone who put a reactor in his chest. Besides I don’t want a red and gold leg that flies off my knee on its own.. Rum and Coke with a lime.” He waved back, indicating that he had heard my order. I turned to Pepper. “Seriously though, what are you two working on?” She smiled, waving me to follow her to the work table.

Pepper: “Tony and I are working to power the tower with an ARC Reactor.. by the end of the night.. Stark Tower will be self-sustaining.”  I marveled at the blue-prints, indicating what she had said.. I may not be as smart as my brother, but I knew enough to tinker around from time to time and to hold a conversation for long enough.

You: “Impressive.. Self-sustainable clean energy.. Glad the money was being put to good use.” I turned to her, a smirk on my face. “I usually don’t back Tony’s wild ideas unless I actually know what’s going on.. Why didn’t you just tell me?” She smiled widely at me.

Pepper: “We didn’t want too many people snooping around the project, if you knew then chances are someone else would find out.” I raised my hand to my chest in mock offense.

You: “Are you insinuating that I am not Trust WORTHY? How dare you Madame.” I huffed. She chuckled.

Pepper: “You know as well as I do there’s always a mole running around.. no matter how good you may be at sniffing them out.” I rolled my eyes, but relented.

Tony: “Just glad you were willing to throw me a bone.. you know a bone made out of.. my.. money.. how does that work exactly?” He handed me my drink as he sipped at his refreshed scotch.

You: “You put me in charge of the money so you could go gallivanting around the world as a mechanized super hero.”

Tony: “Oh yeah right.” He nodded in remembrance, a wide grin on his face.

You: “Yeah.. wouldn’t have had to ask me if you put your own damn money into it.. but you seem to be spending yours on your own little projects.. What model ARE you on Tony? Seventeen?” He rolled his eyes.

Tony: “I’m only on the Mark 6.”

You: “Rhodey still running around in the Mark 2?” He waved his hand in the air.

Tony: “kinda, sorta not really. I rebuilt the Mark 2 after the.. incident at the Expo.. He still calls his ‘War Machine’. I think it kinda fits.”

You: “I suppose so.. So when am I supposed to see the fruit of my financial labor come to fruition?” He rolled his eyes again, exasperated at my constant referral of the tower as mine. Pepper stepped in for him.

Pepper: “We have a few more things to look over.. but the finishing touches should be done by tonight.” I sipped at my own drink.

You: “Sounds like a plan. Till then, I think I’ll go settle in.. My room’s at the top yes? It is MY tower after all so I get the penthouse right?” I grinned at my brother, further driving the point he has grown to hate by now.

Tony: “You…” He exaggerated the word. “Are on the third floor down from the Penthouse.. Didn’t want you sleeping just below us after all.. us keeping you up all night with our nightly… exercises.” He grinned as my own faltered.

You: “TMI Tony, TMI. I’m gonna go boil my head in the shower.” I walked back to the elevator, fully intent on sticking my head under the boiling water until the thoughts he had planted melted away. Much as I loved getting under Tony’s skin, he always knew the easiest jab was his relationships over mine. Sure I’ve had my fair share, but unlike Mr. Playboy I wasn’t in it for the nightly fling. I was looking for something real. Still hurt though when I had a girl in my room because I was ‘The Other Stark’. I collected my bag from the elevator, heading further up to my floor. As I disappeared, Tony picked up my forgotten glass.

Tony: “Never fails.. makes me make him something and then he leaves me to clean it up.” He smirked.. “So happy to have my brother in the house again.” Pepper lightly slapped him on the chest.

Pepper: “He’s happy to see you too.”

Later in the night, as promised I was witness to Stark Tower officially becoming self-sufficient. I had shed my jacket and tie, leaving my vest open and the top three buttons of my shirt undone. With my sleeves rolled up past my elbows, I sat side-by-side with Pepper as we monitored the power fluxes of the ARC Reactor that would be powering the tower. Tony himself had dawned his famous armor and flown out to disconnect us from the power lines.

Tony: “Good to go on this end. The rest is up to you two.” Tony’s voice came through on the ear-piece he had given me earlier, a communicator of sorts that connected directly to his and to JARVIS.

Pepper: “You disconnected the transmission lines? Are we off the Grid?”

Tony: “Stark Tower is about to become a BEACON of self-sustaining clean energy.”

You: “Assuming the ARC Reactor takes over and actually works.” I dead-panned.

Tony: “I assume.. Light her up.” Pepper flipped a switch on the board, remotely engaging the reactor. I saw some of the previously downed lights come back to life around me, a video feed image of the tower coming in from Tony’s perspective in his Armor.

Pepper: “How does it look?”

Tony: “Like Christmas.. but with more.. me.” I rolled my eyes.

You: “Tower says Stark on the side, not Anthony. Last I checked there were two of us.” I heard him chuckle over the intercom.

Pepper: “We gotta go wide on the public awareness campaign.. (Y/N), you should do some press. I’m in D.C. tomorrow working on the zoning for the next three buildings..” Tony cut her short. If he hadn’t I would have.

Tony: “Pepper.. you’re killing me. The moment, remember? Enjoy the moment?”

Pepper: “Get in here and I will.” I shot her a look, scooting as far away as the bench would allow.

You: “You two are perfect for each other.. you’re both deviants.” She shot me an apologetic look. Tony landed on the small platform he had installed into the tower for his suit . I had to admit.. It was pretty damn cool knowing my big brother was Iron Man. Not that I would ever let him know that. As he walked inside, Pepper poured us all glasses of champagne. I continued to watch the monitor. “Power levels are holding steady… I think.. I’m not sure if I’m reading this right.”

Tony: “Of course they are.. I was directly involved.”

You: “Yeah that’s what makes me doubt this.” Pepper came up behind me, handing me one of the glasses.

Pepper: “You’re reading them right.” She patted my shoulder as she turned to meet Tony, handing him his own glass.

Tony: “So how does it feel to be a genius?” He took the glass, holding Pepper close.

Pepper: “Well.. I really wouldn’t know now would I?”

You: “Welcome to the club.. we have t-shirts.” I dead-panned, still looking over the readings. At least until Tony walked up and shut the monitor off. “Hey, I was looking at that.” He ignored me, instead continuing his conversation with his girlfriend.

Tony: “All this.. came from you.” She smiled at him.

Pepper: “No.. all this.. came from that.” She tapped the Reactor in his chest. Great.. they were having a moment.

You: “I’ll just.. uh.. go.. over there.” I collected my cane to walk over to the couch, deciding to let the two have their moment. They never noticed.

Tony: “Give yourself some credit. Please. Stark Tower.. is your baby. Give yourself.. 12% credit.” I turned on my heel, wanting to gauge the reaction from Pepper.

Pepper: “12%?” She didn’t disappoint.

Tony: “An Argument could be made for 15%.” She pushed passed him, coming to sit on the couch. He turned to follow her, coming to meet me and my own peeved look.

You: “And what am I? The neighbor?”

Tony: “I’m sorry did you design this? Did you build this? No? I didn’t think so.” I rolled my eyes. “Fine.. (Y/N) you get 10% Credit.” I gripped his shoulder as he walked by me.

You: “Love you too Tony.” I released him, walking to sit on the other end of the large couch, away from Pepper and her radiating annoyance.

Tony: “Come on you two. I did do all the heavy lifting, literally lifted heavy things. And sorry but the security snafu..” He was talking to Pepper again. “That was on you.” Pepper made to refresh her glass, as well as mine. “My Private elevator.”

You: “You mean MY private elevator.”

Pepper: “He means OUR Private elevator.”

Tony: “It was teeming with sweaty workman… I’m gonna pay for that comment about percentages in some way later aren’t I?”

Pepper: “Not gonna be that subtle.” I chuckled, directing Tony’s attention to myself.

You: “So much for your.. nightly exercises bro.”  I laughed into my glass. He turned back to Pepper, trying to salvage his mistakes.

Tony: “Tell you what.. the next one is gonna say.. Potts on the tower.”

Pepper: “On the lease.”

You: “Sorry, gotta agree with Tony on this one… Stark money, Stark lease.” She shot me an annoyed look.

Pepper: “You’re just like your brother.” I raised my glass.

You: “Better my brother then my father.” I sipped heavily. Suddenly JARVIS kicked in.

JARVIS: ‘”Sir the telephone. I’m afraid my protocols are being overridden.”

You: “Who can override your programing Tony?” He didn’t have a chance to answer before a voice came over the mini-screen on the table.

Coulson: “Mr. Stark we need to talk.” Tony made to grab it but I got to it first.

You: “This is Mr. (Y/N) Stark.. how may I annoy you today Agent Coulson?”

Coulson: “Oh wonderful the other one is back.”

You: “Nice to hear from you too.” Tony shot me a proud look. “Never said which Stark you wanted Coulson.”

Coulson: “(Y/N) put your brother on the phone.”

You: “Sorry Tony’s not in right now but I can take a message.”

Coulson: “This is urgent (Y/N).” I rolled my eyes.

You: “Then leave it urgently.” Suddenly the elevator opened up, revealing an annoyed looking  Agent Coulson.

Tony: “Security breach.” I was rather surprised to see the Agent here, apparently Pepper wasn’t.

Pepper: “Phil! Come in.”

You and Tony: “Phil?”

Coulson: “I can’t stay.” We all stood from the couch, coming around to meet the S.H.E.I.L.D. agent.

Tony: “Uh his first name is agent.” I looked to Tony questioningly.

You: “Since when is Pepper on a first name basis with the Sergeant Stoic?” While I never really had a problem with Coulson personally, I did have an issue with the agency he worked for. More specifically his boss. Being head of Stark Industries put me into contact with a lot of Government heads, unfortunately Director Fury was one of them. And we didn’t get along AT ALL.

Pepper: “We’re celebrating.”

Tony: “Which is why he can’t stay.” She and Tony both rushed up to him, Tony flashing him a very fake smile. I didn’t even bother with the smile. Myself slowly coming to walk next to my brother. Phil.. as he was apparently known attempted to hand Tony a large folder looking thing.

Coulson: “We need you to look this over… Immediately.” Tony never raised his hand.

Tony: “I don’t like being handed things.” Pepper took it instead, then traded it with Tony for his champagne glass. “I’m actually on vacation. I don’t know if you’ve heard but..” He turned to me, waving lightly. “…my brother is back in town and we haven’t seen each other in a very long time.” Coulson looked at me, rather unamused.

Coulson: “I’ve heard.. this is important.”

You: “More important than family bonding time?” I wrapped one of my arms around Tony, shaking him lightly, arching my eyebrow at the agent. Still he remained stoic.

Coulson: “Potentially world ending.” I removed my arm from Tony’s shoulder, tapping my chin mockingly.

You: “You know I think there are people for that… I used to work for them, what were they called? Oh right! Call the Military.” I yanked the folder from Tony’s grip. “We’re busy.” Still he never blinked.

Coulson: “(Y/N).. Please.” Even though there was a lack of emotion on his face, there was clear desperation in his voice. I sighed, slamming the folder back against my brother’s chest.

You: “Fine.. Tony.. go read.” I shooed him off, earning an eye roll.

Coulson: “Thank you.” He smiled at me, I shot my eyes open in mock shock.

You: “Behold the lord and his Miracles! Agent Coulson smiles!” I actually got him to laugh a bit. I couldn’t help but join. “It’s good to see you Coulson.” I stuck my hand out for him to shake, which he politely took. “So what’s this about? The Avengers initiative?” Coulson cocked an eyebrow at me. “Don’t give me that look, I’m a Stark remember? I find out everything eventually.” Coulson rolled his eyes as Tony scoffed.

Tony: “The Avengers Initiative was scrapped, I thought. And I didn’t even Qualify.” I turned back to Tony.

You: “Why am I not surprised.” Tony walked out to a set of screens on the other side of the room.

Tony: “Yeah apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, don’t play well with others.”

You: “I could have told you that.” My brother shot me an unamused look, opening the folder into a video tablet. Pepper went up to look while I stayed behind with Coulson. “So what’s this about.. honestly.” I turned to the agent, his eyes coming to rest on mine.

Coulson: “You’re a Stark.. You’ll figure it out.” I muttered an unamused ‘mmhmm’. “I’m actually glad you’re here.. You know Fury’s offer is still on the table.” I shook my head tiredly.

You: “Which one? The one for the ARC tech or me?”

Coulson: “Yes.” I looked up, great.. he’s developed a sense of humor.

You: “The reactors are staying with the Stark brand Coulson. That’s final. So is the Legion Project and so am I. I like you Phil...” That felt weird.. “I really do. But Nick and I don’t see eye to eye for a reason.. no pun intended.” He smirked lightly, knowing full well that while the pun may not have been intentional.. I wasn’t sorry for it.

Coulson: “Director Fury isn’t someone to give up easily.” I sighed heavily, turning to look over my brother, himself looking over several video files of people I didn’t recognize.

You: “Don’t I know it.” At the opposite end of the room, Pepper was currently whispering something into Tony’s ear. Something he apparently enjoyed, that is if his face meant anything. Coulson looked down awkwardly. “Welcome to my world… be glad he’s not your brother.”

Coulson: “Thankful every day.” Pepper and Tony parted. She came up to us as Tony returned to the screens.

Pepper: “Seems I gotta fly.” I opened my arms, letting her hug me tightly. “Any chance you’re driving by LaGuardia Phil?” That was still weird.

Coulson: “I could drop you off.” I released Pepper, making to walk over to my brother.

You: “Be safe you two.” She waved as he nodded, both disappearing into the elevator. I walked up to Tony, currently holding a holo image of some odd looking cube. “I take it Brother Bonding week is over then?”  He turned to me, a confused look on his face.

Tony: “Like hell it is.” He smiled at me, earning a confused look in return. “You..” He came up and grabbed my shoulder, half dragging me back to the screens. “.. are coming to keep me company on this.”

You: “I’m sorry what now?” I looked over the video files.. He chuckled.

Tony: “You kidding me? All these guys are sticks in the mud.. I’d DIE of boredom without someone to sass with.” I still wasn’t convinced it was the smartest move. “Gives you a chance to take a jab at Fury.” He offered.. I chuckled.. alright he got me.

You: “Brother bonding week is back on then.” He clapped me on the back.

Tony: “There we go.. Now.. I’m gonna take a copy of this with me.” He lifted his holo-phone to the screens, instantly copying the data for him to take. “Need something to keep me preoccupied in bed tonight.”  I followed his retreating form.

You: “Oh quit whining Tony.. A couple nights alone won’t kill you.” He turned back, still retreating towards the elevator.

Tony: “You don’t know that.. I could DIE from loneliness.” I shook my head.

You: “GOOD NIGHT Tony.” He waved goodnight as the elevator doors closed. I turned back to the screen, still playing the video files on a loop. I took in everything I could, learning everything I could about what this was. I came to one conclusion.. with monster’s and god’s and super soldiers running around, Tony was gonna need help. I closed out the files, taking the tablet into the crux of my arm. I turned to one of the screens. “JARVIS.”

JARVIS: “Yes sir?”

You: “Pull up the prints for the C.B. Mark 4.”

JARVIS: “Yes sir.” He did, and I watched as the holo-image of my own project glowed in front of me. As I watched the schematics of my own set of armor jump to life, a few thoughts came to mind.

You: “What’s the status on the armor?”

JARVIS: “The Mark 4 is currently in its final stages sir. As of now its flight capabilities are currently active, along with its primary weapon’s system. However secondary weapons system is currently stalled and the right leg support system is finalizing slowly.” I sighed, it would have to do for now. I closed out the screen, walking towards the elevator with the file in hand.

You: “Forget the secondary system for now and put a rush on the leg support. I want it boxed and ready to ship with Tony’s.”

Jarvis: “Of course sir. Anything else?” I stood in the elevator as it ascended to my floor.

You: “Yeah.. re-start the Legion project.”


Coulson: “Sir.. we have a slight breach.”

Fury: “What kind of breach?”

Coulson: “The younger Stark is in New York. He was there when I handed the information to the big one.”

Fury: “….this is surprising.. but not unwelcome..”

Coulson: “Sir?”

Fury: “Let Stark let his little brother tag along.. this gives us a chance to push to phase two.. even without the Tesseract.”

Coulson: “What’s the plan sir?”

Fury: “Give the other Stark what he wants.. and in return.. he’ll give us what we want…”

*Elsewhere Elsewhere*

Fury: “I need you to work a target…”

Natasha: “When do I start?”
Natasha Romanoff x Male Stark Reader pairing.
So this is an idea I had bouncing around my head for a while.. Not my primary work so this one may note be updated as often as the Other.. but It is a work in progress. That being said chapter 2 may not be as long as this one.
Event's are set during the events of the first Avenger's film with some flashback story telling. 
I don't own Marvel, the Avengers, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, or you.
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I'm glad you find this intriguing!
that is certainly an interesting theory. One you'll have to wait to find out about
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It's really good ! It's an interesting way of writing, I usually don't like it, but yours is great !
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