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(Your POV)

You: “Tony… What are you doing?” My brother turned to me, finding me standing in the elevator doorway, still in my sleepwear pants, rubbing the balls of my hands into my eyes in an effort to wake up. The blaring AC/DC music that had woken me dialing down to mere background noise.

Tony: “Oh… hi (Y/N).” He waved, then quickly dismissed me, turning back to the bay window of the observation floor, where three Iron Man suits were currently hanging something on the opposite side. “A little more to the left. No, MY left. I did build you with standard navi-computers didn't I?” The suits in question readjusted course, moving in the opposite direction to hang what looked like a banner of some kind. “This is why I build new models every other week.”

You: “And here I thought you only ever talked to DUM-E like that.” I strolled up, coming to stand hip to hip with Tony as the banner unfurled. It covered the windows from end to end, yet was completely see-through. The view of the New York Skyline completely visible through a lightly hazy sheet. “Not that I don’t appreciate your visits… however unannounced, but Tony…” I checked the clock over the bar. “What are you doing there at 3 in the morning?”

Tony: “Setting up.” He stated matter-of-factly.

You: “.... setting up what?”

Tony: “For the party..” He turned to me. “Duh.”

You: “Tony… it's 3 in the morning. If you expect me to remember another of your out of the blue, on a whim parties…”

Tony: “It's October 31st.” I stopped dead.

You: “...JARVIS? Confirm.”

JARVIS: “Date is October 31st, 2012.” Tony’s smile grew in smugness as realization of what day it was dawned upon me.

You: “You keep setting up, I’m gonna throw on the Mark 6 and help out outside.” I rushed from the room, making my way towards my room to dress and suit up. After all, it was Halloween.

For as long as I could remember, Halloween had been Tony and I’s favorite holiday. And Tony always threw the BEST Halloween parties. Every year always topped the last, and with the advancements in Tony’s holo-tech, this one promised to be the best yet.

Every year, we would spend the morning setting up, hanging decoration, prepping the food, spiking the punch bowls. All the traditional Halloween party staples. Usually the parties consisted of Tony, Myself, Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, and a couple hundred or so people neither Tony nor I recognized. This year however, we were expecting a few more ‘special’ people. More specifically, the other Avengers. Tony had taken the liberty of inviting Rogers, sending him an e-vite to the party. To which JARVIS immediately called the Man out of time as it was highly unlikely he had any idea how to use a computer yet. Bruce of course knew about the party before anyone as he lives in the tower so he was covered. Leaving me to invite the two I wanted to.

Of course I invited Clint. Though what struck me as odd was that he turned me down, saying he had something else to do tonight. What it was I had no clue, he didn't have any family to my knowledge, nor any other friends that he spoke of. Either way I let it go, he was entitled to spend his holidays the way he wished after all. Besides, he wasn't the one I truly wanted to see tonight.

Natasha, girlfriend of 7 months and recently announced love of my life, was ecstatic to come, stating that she had a surprise for me when she arrived. What it was, I had no clue, though I certainly had a few ideas.

After quickly suiting up, I flew out of the tower, taking lead of the other suits as the four of us began setting up the exterior decorations. Leaving Tony to handle the interior.

(Natasha’s POV)

Natasha: “Well, at least you like it.” After Descending the boarding ramp of the Stark Industries private plane. I came face to face with an already costumed Happy Hogan. Dressed as ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. His mouth was currently agape, his sunglasses sliding off the end of his nose as he eyed me over them. “Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies that way.” His jaw snapped closed, his head shaking to dissipate the fog growing in his head.

Happy: “Sorry… just… you… wow. (Y/N)’s a lucky guy.” I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks. My eyes rolled automatically as a cover, but I’m sure he took notice. “So, we ready to go?”

Steve: “Hang on!” I sighed, shaking my head as Rogers dashed down the ramp after me.

Natasha: “You know the point of Halloween is dressing as something you’re not?” I turned back towards the spangled captain, currently dressed in his Captain America uniform, shield and all. He looked down at himself, an approving smirk painted across his face.

Steve: “I am. I’m dressed as a hero. I’m not a hero ma’am, just doing what’s right.” Humble as ever. I rolled my eyes again, turning back to Happy, who himself had the same tired look I assume I had.

Natasha: “Now we’re ready.”

Happy: “Mr. Barton couldn’t make it?”

Natasha: “He had uh… other plans.” It wasn't a total lie. Clint truly did have other plans tonight. Just nobody was allowed to know. Clint was planning on flying his kids and wife over to the nearest city for trick or treating. Honestly I thought it was sweet of him, but unnecessary. I tried to argue him coming along and bringing the kids, knowing that if Tony didn't behave himself around them that (Y/N) would keep him in line. But he stood firm, stating that it wasn't the he didn't trust the others, but that he felt safer keeping his family a secret. I let it go, wishing him a good night, then getting dressed myself. Obviously Happy liked the costume I had chosen, Rogers had had mixed feelings, and I can only assume that Tony will make some crap joke about it. But it wasn't their opinions I cared about, (Y/N)’s was.

Happy: “Well, if we’re ready.” Happy turned, opening the door to the car for us. Steve jumped in immediately, I however did not.

Natasha: “I’ll ride up front with you Hap, kinda gotten used to it after all this time.” He smiled, closing the door behind Rogers before opening the front seat door for me. After settling in himself, we sped off.

(Your POV)

After I finished helping the drone suits situatie the outer decorations, and flying back inside. Tony took me on a quick tour of what he had done with the interior. Which I had to admit, was extremely impressive. He had somehow turned the observation floor into a fully decked out haunted house. The banner we had set up turn out to be a hollow screen, playing the scene from the original ghostbusters where all the ghosts were flying over the cityscape on a loop. In the background, Tony had also programmed the Statue of Liberty walking through the streets, and a handful of classic flying saucers flying in the night sky. Along the back wall of the room, there was a decent sized stage, with a live band playing. All in all, I thought Tony had  done a really fantastic job with the decorating, just as I had expected him too.

After finishing setting up the decorations, which took several more hours then I had anticipated. I dressed, deciding on a black long coat and vest with leather knee high boots. A pair of false fangs and just like that, I had a pretty decent Count Dracula. After feeling satisfied with the costume, I made my way back out to the observation room, where people were already piling in. Immediately, I took notice of the bar, where Bruce had decided to take up post. Dressed as A mad scientist, fitting, Bruce had taken the liberty of playing barkeep for the night, figuring it to be the most calm area of the party. A reasonable decision I had to agree. He was handing out multi-color drinks with dry ice garnishes to the party goers around him. Among them, was Rhodey.

You: “Rhodey!” He turned, smiling widely as he saw me waving. He came forward, allowing me a good look at his costume, or rather, his uniform. He was fully decked out in his War Machine suit.

Rhodey: “Diggin the duds Dracula.”

You: “I could say the same, much as I love seeing the suit… wouldn't you have prefered to do something else?” He shrugged, taking a sip of his drink.

Rhodey: “War Machines’ a chick magnet. Besides, i'd rather be cool then look like your brother.”

You: “Really? You know I didn’t get a chance to see his costume before we started. What is he anyway?”

Tony: “Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Scotch!” We both turned, finding Tony standing on the stage at the far end of the room, decked out in full Jack Sparrow garb, an unmarked bottle held high in his hand. He brought it to his lips, taking a big swig before jumping down. We rushed over to him, finding him flat on his ass, laughing.

You: “You’re a moron.” I said, offering a hand to my already drunk brother. He took it, smirking all the while as I lifted him up.

Tony: “Nope! I’m Tony Sparrow!” Rhodey shook his head as he took the bottle from Tony.

You: “And it’s a bottle of Rum, not Scotch.”

Rhodey: “Nope.. It’s Scotch.” Rhodey sniffed the bottle, immediately pulling it away as his face scrunched. “Its pure scotch, and half the bottle’s already gone.”

You: “Why am I not shocked.” Tony ripped the bottle back, cradling it in his arms as he shot an offended look at Rhodey. “What’s Pepper gonna think when she sees you?”

Pepper: “That I’m gonna have to babysit, like I always do.” Seemingly out of nowhere, Pepper appeared, dressed as the bride of Frankenstein, hive hairdo and all. “But hey, it wouldn't be Halloween without a Drunk boyfriend to lug around.”

Tony: “Well hello darling!” Tony started talking in his best Sparrow impersonation. Though given how drunk he already was, wasn't the best. “You look absolutely… electrifying.” Oh god. He’s already punning.

Pepper: “Ok, clearly you’ve already had enough.” She took the bottle from him as she slung his arm over her shoulder. “I’m gonna go sit him down for a bit. Why don't you run crowd control for a little (Y/N).” I nodded as they walked off into the crowd.

Tony: Why is the Scotch always gone!?”

You: “Now it feels like Halloween.”

(Natasha’s POV)

As the car pulled up to the tower. I immediately took notice of the decorations. The massive A at the top had been added too, now part of a large display spelling out ‘HAPPY HALLOWEEN’. There was a large sheet like thing hanging just outside the bay windows of the observation floor. And plastered all along the tower were various window decorations, all in constant motion. As we pulled up, We drove past the front door, where one of Tony’s Iron Man suits, Mark 14 if I’m right, was handing out candy to the Kids while costumed adults piled through the doors.

Natasha: “Wonderful, there’s gonna be a crowd.” Happy turned to me, a confused look on his face.

Happy: “Were you planning something?”

Natasha: “Kinda.. I was gonna do something… special.” I waved over myself, hinting at the ‘Performance’ I was planning. Happy’s face lit up with realization as he pulled into the tower garage.

Steve: “I don't get it.”

Natasha: “That’s because you haven't seen the movie yet.” At this, Rogers reached into his pocket, pulling out his now infamous notebook. He flipped through a few pages, coming to a clean one.

Steve: “Ok, what’s the movie?” He leaned forward, pen at the ready to write down the name of the film.

Happy: “I got this.” After parking, Happy jumped out of the car and immediately opened Rogers’ door. “I think we actually have the film upstairs if you’ll come with me Captain Rogers.” Rogers smiled, happily humping out of the car and rushing for the elevator. Before Following, Happy came round to open my door as well. “I assume you want to keep this quiet for a while?” He waved loosely to me.”

Natasha: “If you don’t mind. Try to keep Rogers away from (Y/N) for a bit. Don’t need him spoiling the surprise.”

Happy: “Happy to.” He went after Rogers, taking the elevator up and leaving me alone for a moment. After the elevator returned, I entered myself, and set my little surprise in motion.

Natasha: “JARVIS? You there?”

JARVIS: “Always miss, how may I be of service?”

Natasha: “There's a little something I wanted to do tonight, and I need your help.”

(Your POV)

JARVIS: “Ladies and Gentleman.” I turned from the conversation I was having with Bruce, finding that JARVIS had taken control of My Mark 6 Crimson Blade suit. Currently situated in the center of the stage, a spotlight hovering over it.

Bruce: “Something special going on?” I turned back to him. As I did, he handed me the Rum and Coke I asked him to make me.

You: “Not that I’m aware of. Far as I knew that stage was just for the band, and for Tony to stage dive off of.”

JARVIS: “Tonight, we here at Stark Tower have quite the surprise, not just for all of you, but for our gracious host Mr. (Y/N) Stark. If everyone would give him a round of applause.” The crowd did as the spotlight moved from the suit to me, still sitting at the bar.

You: “Do you have any idea what's going on?” I whispered to Bruce.

Bruce: “No idea.”

Happy: ‘I do.” Somehow, Happy had managed to sneak up to us, sitting himself down at the barstool next to mine. A knowing grin plastered across his face.

You: “Alright ‘Macho Man’. What’s going on then?” He shrugged.

Happy: “Didn’t you hear JARVIS? It’s a surprise.” I frowned.

You: “Happy… you know how I feel about su..”

JARVIS: “And now ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to present to you the lovely, the talented, Ms. Natasha Romanoff.”

You/Bruce: “What!?” The lights dimmed in the room, the spotlight focusing on the curtain at the back of the stage. Everything fell silent. Then, suddenly…

Natasha: “♪You had plenty money, 1982. ♪” Natasha burst through the curtain to a wave of cheers and wolf whistles. I couldn't help but sit in stunned silence at the… the beautiful vision that just appeared. She had straightened her hair, allowing the ruby strands to fall just past her shoulders partially covering her left eye. “♪You let other women make a fool of you. ♪” She strutted down the stage as the band began strumming to the song. The floor length Crimson dress she wore flowing as she did, hugging her body tightly. “♪Why don't you do right, like some other men do? ♪” She strutted down the stage, coming face to face with a seated Tony, a wide, amazed grin on his face. “Get out of here, get me some money too.” As she strutted around him, she leaned in close to his face. He reciprocated by leaning in, believing she was going to press her lips against his. In the last moment, she took his hat, shoving into his face before strutting off. Tony flailed, struggling to remove the hat impeding his vision. All the while Pepper looked on with an annoyed look at her soon to be off again boyfriend. Next, was Rhodey. “♪You’re sitting there wondering what it’s all about. You ain’t got no money, they will put you out. ♪” She strutted around Rhodey, all the while he stood stiff as a board. Whether that was the suit locking up, or his refusal to move I didn't know. But it was sure as hell funny. “♪Why don’t you do right, like some other men do? Get out of here, get me some money too. ♪” Before moving on from Rhodey, Natasha did the same with him that she had with Tony, wrapping an arm around his neck, moving in close, before slapping his open face plate closed and strutting off. Next, to my surprise, was Rogers. “♪If you had prepared 80 years ago. You wouldn’t be a-wanderin’ out from door to door. Why don’t you do right, like some other men do? ♪” Dressed in his Captain America uniform, Rogers seemed to be compeletly unschathed by Natasha’s preformance. His wide, innocent grin never faltered as she shimmied in close to him. Close enough to reach behind him, and pull his attached hood mask up and over his eyes. “♪Get out of here, get me some money too. ♪” Then, her eyes set on mine.

(Natasha’s POV)

Now for the big finish. I turned to him, his (E/C) eyes fixated on me, just as I expected.

Natasha: “♪I fell for your jivin’ and I took you in. ♪” I’d been practicing this song for weeks, making sure I knew the lyrics by heart, with a few, subtle adjustments, so I could put on a show. And while everyone watched in awe, I wanted to make sure he knew it was all for him. “♪Now all you got to offer me’s a drink of Gin. Why don’t you do right, like some other men do? ♪” I strolled up to him, swinging my hips as enticingly as I ever had, my eyes never leaving his as I approached. He never moved, his mouth slightly agape as he watched me. “♪Get out of here, get me some money too. ♪” Everyone’s eyes were on us as I danced around him, still seated on the stool, back against the bar. “♪Why don't you do right, like some other men do? ♪” Finally, I sat, right on his lap, my fingers threaded through his (H/L), (H/C) hair. “♪Why don’t you do right. Like some other men, do. ♪” As I closed out the song, our lips met to the roar of an approving crowd. Cheers, claps and wolf whistles echoed through the room as we kissed. When I pulled away, he only had three words for me.

You: “I love you.” I smiled, leaning in close to whisper back.

Natasha: “I know.” And with that, I stole his drink and strutted off.

(Your POV)

I looked after her, then to my hand, then back to her retreating back.

You: “What… what just happened?”

Bruce: “She stole your drink.”

Happy: “Think she stole more then that doc.” Happy waved his hand in front of my face, snapping his fingers a few times to try and get me to respond to no avail. “That’s the look of someone who’s heart has been stolen.” Bruce leaned over the bar, his breathe in my ear.

Bruce: “Go get her.” You didn’t have to tell me twice. I bolted from that stool like a bat out of hell, (hehe, bat, Dracula.. Get it?) cutting through the crowd to find her. Thing was, she just, vanished. No matter the direction I turned, she wasn't there. At least. I thought she wasn't.

Natasha: “Boo.” She had managed to sneak up behind me, belting out the word in my ear. I jumped, nearly clean out of my skin as Nat belted out laughing. “Got ya.” I spun around, quickly wrapping my arms around her waist before she could disappear on me again.

You: “Nope, got you.”

Natasha: “Yeah… you do.” Her arms wrapped around my neck, that smile of hers I’ve come to love crossing her ruby lips. “I hope you know, I put on that little show for you.”

You: “Just for me?” I asked, a cheeky grin on my face.

Natasha: “Just for you.”

You: “Well then…” I leaned in close, my lips mere centimeters away from her ear. “I guess I’m gonna have to find a way to repay you.”

Natasha: “I’m sure you’ll think of something.” The band had started back up again, playing some soft, slow music.

You: “Well, how about to start…” I took a step back, then took a deep bow, my hand extended in gentlemanly offer, And in my best Transylvanian accent, I said. “M’Lady, may I have the honor, of a dance?” She chuckled, but took the offered hand in her own.

Natasha: “It would be my pleasure.” I stood, wrapping my other hand around her waist and bringing her in close. As we danced, everything else just, fell away. Time seemed to slow. And All I could hear or see, was the music, and Nat’s piercing green eyes.

You: “You know. I could dance like this forever.” She hummed, a lazy smile crossing her lips.

Natasha: “Agreed.”

Tony: Stage dive!”

Pepper: “Tony no!” there was a crash, and the music was suddenly cut.

Tony: “oww.” Apparently, nobody had thought to catch Tony as he dove off the stage, and he ended up landing on the floor, face first. “I’m ok.”

Natasha: “Your brother’s hammered.”

You: “Wouldn’t be Halloween if he wasn’t. I better go check on him.” Before I could leave, she gripped my hand, commanding my attention back to her.

Natasha: “Come back soon?” Her eyes were pleading.

You: “Like you need to ask?” I leaned back in, planting a small kiss on her lips. “Happy Halloween.”

Natasha: “Happy Halloween.”

Tony: “Why is the Scotch gone!?”

Rhodey: “Because you drank it all!”

Tony: ‘No you drank it all!”

Rhodey: “You idiot, if I drank it then how are you drunk!?”

Tony: “I’m not drunk you’re drunk! All three of you! And who are you calling an idiot!?”

Rhodey: “You you idiot!”

Tony: “THat’s it! JARVIS send me the Mark 10!”

You: “I better go break this up.” She nodded, releasing my hand to allow me to go put a stop to the impending Iron fight. Even with Tony’s drunken state and Rhodey’s riling him up. Was still a really good Halloween.
Happy Halloween all! I hope you enjoy!
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Marvel, THe Avengers, the Images used, or You.
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ryanwan Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017
Hope you update soon but still a great chapter
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017
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Awesome. :giggle:
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017
Thank you!
IgnobleFiend Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017
BraveVesperia1 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
That was a great surprise having her dressed up as Jessica Rabbit.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
You know, great only reason for it is the red hair and that I wrote Nat as a singer back in UMH. After that the performance just wrote itself and I just could not think of another direction for that bit.
BraveVesperia1 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
Still, it was really good and I think Natasha could pull off Jessica Rabbit.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
Glad you enjoyed it,

Definitely, no question nat could pull it off. Heck, Scarlet Johansson could pull it off
XxxDeadshotxxX Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
Maybe Tony should hold back on the drinks
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
Ah let him enjoy himself, after all, what’s a party without a little liquor eh?
Boopydoopy111 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
I feel like who ever Nat was dressed up as went over my head.  Mind explaining it?
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
Jessica Rabbit, the film in question is 1988 “ Who framed Roger Rabbit.” The red hair didn’t offer me much in terms of costume ideas, but once I thought of it, and the song came with it.
Also ties back to her singing in UMH so thats a little throw back.

Also: I pictured her as a more...conservative version then the actual costume influence
Boopydoopy111 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
See i thought that as soon as it said something about a red dress, just wanted to make sure... Thanks dude!
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
No problem! Enjoy your Halloween!
Boopydoopy111 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
I shall my good friend. And you have a gloriously spooky one as well
BraveVesperia1 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
She was dressed as Jessica Rabbit, the wife of Roger Rabbit.
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