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(Natasha’s POV)

As the Abomination fell unconscious, (Y/N)’s suit stood tall behind him, unmoving. It’s Chest Reactor began flickering sporadically, a strobe light against the flames behind it. Eventually, the Reactor shut off, and the suit fell on its back, lifeless.

Natasha: “(Y/N)...” I rushed forward, ripping Clint’s arms away from me as I did. My arm wrapped around my side as shooting pain ran along my side. I ignored it, instead focusing on ripping open the monster of a suit to get to him. I climbed up, careful not to fall into the hole Bonsky had ripped open, through which I could see (Y/N)’s chest. I straddled the neck, banging against the crumpled face plate of the faceless mask, desperate to make sure he was alright.

JARVIS: “Ms. Romanoff.” The metallic voice of the U.I. rang in my ear. “Before you damage yourself any further by attempting to punch your way through the titanium frame. I would like to inform you that Mr. Stark is in fact alright, albeit currently unconscious.”

Natasha: “Unconscious!? Why!?”

JARVIS: “The system overload. While effective in taking down the Abomination, the exposed wiring and missing chest insulation caused the system to kick back, lightly electrocuting Mr. Stark as well. Again Miss, he is alright. Scans show his breathing is stable and there is no extensive damage aside from a few electrical burns.” In that moment, I relaxed, only though, for a moment before the pain in my side flared again. “You however seem to be in quite a bit of pain.” I rolled my eyes.

Natasha: “Thank you for pointing out the obvious JARVIS.”

JARVIS: “The Containment team has arrived just outside the city limits. I have taken the liberty of informing them how to force open the Scarlett Beast.” Scarlett Beast? Oh… that must have been what (Y/N) named the suit.

Clint: “That’s a pretty badass name.” Clint had apparently been listening in.

JARVIS: “I believe Dr. Banner’s exact words were…. A beast of a name for a beast of a machine.”

Clint: “Thanks for letting the team know JARVIS, once they’ve cut it open, I’ll get (Y/N) on the jet and fly them both back to the carrier.”

Natasha: “Wait, what about the suit then?”

JARVIS: “I have also taken the liberty of informing Mr. Starks older brother of the events that have transpired. He, and three of the Iron Man suits are currently en-route to pick up the Scarlett Beast. Safe to say he was not ecstatic to hear that his younger brother had kept secrets regarding his health from him.” I could only imagine.

Clint: “Well, let Tony know I’ll be keeping an eye on his brother for a bit, and that I’l let him know when he wakes up so he can come over to smack him around.”

JARVIS: “I will be sure to Mr. Barton.” I shook my head, chuckling lightly at myself at the sudden candidacy of the situation. Not two minutes ago we were all afraid for our lives. Waiting to see if we were going to die at the hands of the Abomination. And now, here we are talking as if we’d all only had a bit too much to drink at the bar.

Clint: “Hey.” I turned, finding clint smiling up at me, his arms stretched out to help me down for the chest of the suit. I obliged, sliding down for him to catch me. “Let’s get you to the jet, it’ll be a minute before the crew can pry that thing open anyway.” I nodded, allowing him to lead the way to the waiting Quinjet. Once inside, he laid me down on the pop out med table, propped up by the built in pillow, a thick blanket draped over me. “Rest, you’ve earned it.” Again I nodded, allowing my eyes to flutter closed as he walked back out into the night. As he did, and the hatch closed behind him. The last thing I saw was the soft glow of street lights bouncing off the snow covered ground. And my last thought before finally nodding off was, ‘I’d love to walk in the snow with the man I love.’

(Your POV)

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Oh fuck not again. My eyes, once again refused to open. And the first thought that ran through my mind was.. ‘What could have possibly happened to me now? I’m gonna open my eyes and I’m gonna be in an Iron Lung.’ Despite the thought. I forced my eyes open and saw… nothing. I was in a room, a medical room sure. But there was no Iron Lung, no heart monitor, nothing. There was on the other hand, a wheelchair off to the side of the bed. And of course, the faint beeping. I looked over, finding my communicator sitting on the side table. A small red light flashing in conjunction with the noise. I took the thing, jamming it in my ear and clicking it to answer.

You: “Hello?”

JARVIS: “Good to hear you’re awake sir.” I sighed.

You: “Always good to hear from you JARVIS.”

JARVIS: “Likewise. I thought you’d like to be made aware that the Abomination had been successfully re-detained in cryostasis. Director Fury had requested I inform you once it had been finished. He also stated he would have told you himself, but that he was currently on his way to D.C. to partake in a federal investigation into General Ross’ use of the ‘VAULT.’” Now that made me smile. The idea that Ross could be looking at jail time, no matter how little, always brought a smile to my face.

YOu: “Thank you JARVIS. You always know how to bring a smile to my face.”

JARVIS: “Of course sir. Also, you may be happy to know that Ms. Romanoff is healing perfectly. The damage sustained to her ribcage was surprisingly minor considering the attack she sustained.” Another weight off my mind. “She is in the room two doors down from hers.”

YOu: “Anyone with her?”

JARVIS: “If you mean, will Mr. Barton be intruding on your time with her as he normally does. No, he will not be.”

You: “Intuitive and sassy as ever. I love you JARVIS.”

JARVIS: “I do my best. No, Mr. Barton has returned home on leave for a short time and has made no intention to return any time soon. You’re brother on the other hand.” I groaned. “He is… concerned, to say the least. He hasn’t made a point to come and get you.. Yet. But at this time he does expect you to contact him at your earliest availability.”

You: “You haven't told him I’m awake have you?”

JARVIS: “Not at this time.”

You: “Give me like an hour before you do ok? I want to go see Nat, then I’ll call him.”

JARVIS: “Of course sir.” And with that, JARVIS ended the call. I pulled the comm from my ear and set it back on the table. After which I slung myself out of the bed, and sat myself into the provided chair. I rolled myself out, finding no guards, no anybody actually roaming the halls of the medical bay. So I rolled off down the hall, coming so sit in front of the room indicated by JARVIS. And just as he said, there she was. The doors slid open as I rolled in silently. I came to a stop at the side of the bed, just near her head.

She was beautiful, her fiery hair cascading across the pillow. Her full lips parted lighty as she breathed peacefully. Her chest rising and falling in rhythm with her soft breaths. She looked so peaceful, so much so I felt guilty wanting to wake her at all. She looked perfect in that moment. I reached over, gently taking her hand and squeezing lightly. She stirred, her eyes fluttering open before settling on me. As they did, she smiled.

Natasha: “Hey.” I smiled back.

You: “Hey.”

Natasha: “You broke your promise.” Her tone was sweet, playful. Not  a hint of the anger I had expected.

You: “I’m sorry.” SHe reached up, slapping me lightly across the cheek. “Ow.” She chuckled. I reached up, cupping her hand over my cheek. “I needed to make sure you were safe.”

Natasha: “I know… I’m glad you came. Not used to people saving me though.”

You: “I know, but..” I pushed my chair back, coming to kneel down beside the bed. “I want you to know.. I’ll always be there to save you. Just like I know you’ll be there for me if I need it.” Her smile widened as I made my promise to her. “There’s uh… there’s something I’ve been meaning to say for a while now.”

Natasha: “Actually… there’s something I want to tell you too.”

You: “Really?” She nodded, sitting up in the bed to meet me face to face. I jumped back into my chair, keeping us eye level. “Go ahead.”

Natasha: “(Y/N)... you’ve done a lot for me in the months we’ve known each other. You’ve treated me with nothing but respect, care and kindness. You opened your home, your family and your heart to me. And I can’t think of a better way to thank you then to say.” She leaned in, her lips parted slightly. “I love you.” Her lips crashed into mine, her kiss deep and loving. As we kissed, I could feel my heart stop, my stomach did back flips and the heat rose to my cheeks stronger then ever before. She loved me, and those three words felt better to hear then I could have ever imagined them being.

Finally, she broke away, her eyes full of emotion. After gaining a quick breath, I gripped her hand, looking into her eyes intently.

YOu: “I love you too.” She sighed in relief, likey having believed I didn't feel the same way. But she was wrong, There was no way I wouldn't have felt the same way. After another moment, we came together again, our lips meeting in the middle. It was safe to say, this was the beginning of something special.


-Two Days Later-

(Your POV)

You: “Hand me the ¾ wrench Bruce.”

Bruce: “Little busy over here (Y/N).”

You: “With what?”

Bruce: “The Arm you ripped off.”

You: “Blonsky ripped it off.”

Bruce: “And who let him?”

You: “... Shut up Bruce.”

Bruce: “Whatever. Point is I’m busy.”

You: “Well I need the wrench so get off of your….” The wrench in question popped into my field of view. “Oh.. Thank you Bruce,”

Tony: “No problem.” I stopped dead, my hand an inch away from the offered wrench, Next thing I know, the cart I was laying on was pulled out from under the Scarlett Beast suit, my vision now filled with a miffed looking Tony. “Hi… So JARVIS tells me he told you to call me once you woke up. He also tells me you woke up two days ago.” I blinked, once, twice, three times. All the while, no response could come to mind.

You: “...........Misser (Y/N) no here. Come back later.” I responded in a thick, female mexican accent before pulling myself back under the lifted suit. Tony just pulled me back out, a smirk on his face.

Tony: “I’m not mad (Y/N). Honestly I’m impressed.”

You: “What?”

Bruce: “Oww!” There was a clear ‘clang’ from the opposite side of the suit before Bruce popped into view, rubbing the back of his head. “What?”

Tony: “Yeah. I mean look at this… this buster.”

You: “Beast. It’s called Scarlett Beast.” He hummed, eyeing the suit intently as he walked its length. “Bruce and I started working on it after the Hulk decimated the Monger and you did… whatever you did with the Whiplash suit.”

Bruce: “This one is just the prototype though, meant to be the start of something bigger.” Tony looked to him, then to me.

Tony: “How much bigger?” Bruce and I looked to each other, a smirk shared between us.

You/Bruce: “Hulk Big.” Tony chuckled.

Tony: “You want something that can beat the Hulk?”

You: “No.” I answered flatly. “We want something that can match it and tire it out.”

Bruce: “The Beast had a good chance against the Abomination. But..” He waved his hand loosely over the decimated suit. “It barely made it out. We want something that could out last the Hulk's anger, calm it down maybe.” Tony stroked his chin, the wheels in his head turning at full force.

You: “What are you thinking?”

Tony: “I’m thinking… sectional systems? Interchangeable parts for situational need.”

You: ‘I could see that.”

TOny:’Less stabby stabby though. If this is supposed to take on the Hulk then we can't kill it. After all it’s still Bruce in there.”

Bruce: “appreciated.”

Tony: “The Taser system could be useful. Though maybe switch out the blades and whips for a gas system.”

You: “I like it. It’s gonna need a new name though. The Beast is always gonna be a ‘stabby stabby’ suit.” Tony smirked.

Tony: “JARVIS. Open a new file on the private servers. Put the Beasts schematics in there.”

JARVIS: “And the name sir?”

Tony: “Project… VERONICA.”
So, this one is a bit shorter/ is early because
A: It was meant to be the end of chapter 3, but I couldnt think of it before my self imposed wednesday deadline.
B: I have something else planned for next week.
So enjoy this very early, book ending!
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Marvel, the Avengers, the Images used, or You.

P.S.: For those of you wondering why Abomination is shorter then the first UMH. It's because this is a completely original story, unlike UMH which had The first Avengers film to bounce off of. So Yeah. I can promise that the next Major UMH tale will be quite a bit of length, Can you guess what MCU film it'll be based off of? Hint: It's not Civil War....yet.
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Great. :D
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017
Thank you!!
IgnobleFiend Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017
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I wonder how many suits Tony has in total
swwesome Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
Way too many to count
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
That’s a very good question
ryanwan Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
You should try to do Thor 2 or Captain America 2 as well
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
Both are actually in the works. And while Dark world most likely will not be a major story line like Avengers was, you can bet that winter soldier will be. However, nieher are the next one
ManicBulbs Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Um...either Age of Ultron or Iron Man 3. Also any new suits coming out, like maybe a Civil Warrior suit?(Character that is pretty much I think captain america with iron man like armor in his color pattern kind of, idk just saw images of it) or maybe a tank suit, made to handle almost anything(minus hulk raging out). Also loved the story and can't wait for the next one!
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
Age of ultron is in its planning stages at this time, but is not the next major story. There are at least two other major plot films I want to work on before tackling ultron

asfor new suits? I’m considering it. Though how and why the need for a new suit needs to be fleshed put first
swwesome Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
it's probably age of ultron.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
Nope, good guess though 
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