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(Your POV)

I kept my word, keeping back while Fury sent Nat and Clint after Blonsky day after day. I stayed on the carrier, refusing to leave until I was certain Blonsky was taken care of. First stop for the pair was of course, Barrow. They needed to check to see if he had stayed. Unfortunately he hadn’t.

Seems that in the weeks since our last encounter, Blonsky had headed off into the tundra, likely searching for some form of civilization to draw us back out. According to Fury, he likely also had a Vendetta with Bruce, having been beaten near to death by the Hulk when they first fought. Fury had asked to bring Bruce in, but both I and Nat adamantly refused to do so. We both agreed that Bruce was better off exactly where he was, tinkering in the Tower Lab back in New York rather then wandering the tundras of Alaska looking for big, green and ugly. I personally preferred him at home working on SCARLETT. If it came down to it, I was going to need it.

By week two of searching, Clint and I were both convinced Blonsky had frozen to death somewhere between Barrow and the next nearest town. Whether he headed south towards Atqasuk, or east towards Alpine, we hadn’t heard any reports of devastation from either.

It was a full month after we first found him In Barrow, before we heard anything again, and it was Fury that reported it to me.

Fury: ‘They found him.” Somehow, Blonsky had managed to wander past every town as he made his way south, not encountering any civilization before finding Anchorage. “Local PD is sending out SOS signals requesting Military involvement, say they're being attacked by a giant green monster.”

Clint: “That’s our guy.” I heard Clint over the comm link. “Nat and I are headed down there now.”

Fury: “A containment team will be sent out as soon as possible, get Blonsky clear of the city.”

Clint: “Roger that.” And just as quickly as he reported in, he cut communication. I didn't even get a chance to talk to Nat.  

You: “I don't like this.” Fury turned to me, genuine concern in his eye. He looked down at me, still in the wheelchair.

Fury: “I understand your concern for them, but I’m dispatching them for a reason.” He turned, walking down the hall towards the monitor room. I rolled after him, keeping pace.”They’re the best we have.”

You: “That’s not what concerns me.” Once there, I set to work with JARVIS to set up satellite feed of Anchorage, wanting to keep an eye on what was happening. “He is.” Satellite and Local camera feed showed Blonsky, ripping through the streets like it was tissue paper. Local police, along with armed locals were firing everything they had at the Abomination. Barely phasing him while being tossed around. The city was on fire, much like Barrow had been. “This is madness.”

Fury: “This is what we’re trained for.” In that moment, I made a call of my own.

You: “Yeah well I’m not convinced.” I turned, wheeling away from the screens.

Fury: “If you go, you’ll be breaking your promise.” I stopped, turning the chair. He never looked away from the screen. “You were talking on my Helicarrier, of course I know what she made you promise.”

You: “I’m not watching her die.”

Fury: “You won’t.” He turned back to me. “I’m just warning you, she’ll be pissed.” I chuckled, actually chuckled.

You: “It’s worth it.” He shrugged, turning back to the screens in front of him as I rolled off towards the Hangers. “JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “Yes sir?”

You: “Send me SCARLETT.”

(Natasha’s POV)

Clint: “That’s our guy.” Clint reported in over the comm link. “Nat and I are headed down there now.”

Fury: ““A containment team will be sent out as soon as possible, get Blonsky clear of the city.”

Clint: “Roger that.” I sighed as he cut the comm, returning to flying the quinjet down towards Anchorage. “You ok?”

Natasha: ‘What?” I turned to him, a look of deep concern in his eyes. “Oh, yeah I'm fine.” I turned back to the window, watching as the snow blew past the window.

Clint: “Nat… It’s ok to me scared you…”

Natasha: “I’m not scared.” I cut him off, shooting him a glare to silence him fully, then returned to the window. Clint dropped the idea, returning to flying the Jet towards the city in silence. It’s true, I wasn’t scared. I was terrified. I’d already had to close a call with the Hulk. The mindless thing running me down, rage burning into the back of my skull as it tried to crush me. Then with Blonsky, it was even worse. I nearly froze when he first appeared to me in Barrow, and if it hadn't crossed my mind to run, I’d be dead. Now, as I fly right back into the fray, I couldn't help but feel that same cold sweat running down my spine, telling me to turn this Jet around and go back to the Helicarrier. Back, where someone was waiting for me to come back safe. SOmeone that cared about me.

Clint: “We’re here.” Someone I may very well never see again. Clint was landing the Jet just outside the city limits. Out the window we could see smoke, a faint orange hugh shining against some of the buildings as fires burned along the streets. We could hear sirens blaring in the distance, and the piercing roar of the Abomination. “You ready?” He unlocked his bow, notching an arrow in the sling.

Natasha: “As I’ll ever be.” I drew both my pistols, taking the safety's off, then dashed into the city with Clint close behind. “What’s the status on the containment team?”

Clint: “It’s on the way, fifteen minutes out. I’m going high, see if I can corral him down the streets.” He launched himself into the rooftops once we were within reach. Leaving me at the street level.

Natasha: “Guess that leaves me as bait.” I muttered. I rushed down the streets, pushing past a sea of screaming people, all running in fear of the same thing. A police car was flung overhead, crashing and bursting into flames against  the side of a nearby building. I ducked as shrapnel and flaming oil was thrown about, only to stand and lock eyes with… it.

It saw me, grinning maliciously as it recognized me. It dropped the motorcycle it currently had in hand, the body riding it along with it, then began pushing through the crowd towards me. My immediate instinct was to run, to bolt in the opposite direction and hide. But I stood firm, wanting to make sure it followed me. It picked up speed, now jogging towards me as it closed the distance between us. Still I stood still. Soon, it stood above me, standing at full height as it grinned down at me.

Abomination: “Foolish little nat, you should have stayed away.” It’s grating voice rang in my ears, its breath filling my nostrils as it spoke. “Did you come back to die?” I stood my ground, meeting it eye to eye as it towered over me,

Natasha: “I came to stop you.” It laughed deeply.

Abomination: “And how to do intend to do that little nat?” The bug comment was starting to grate my nerves. “Do you plan on bringing me in all by yourself?”

Natasha: “Of course not.” Looking over its shoulder, I could see Clint sitting on the edge of one of the roofs, arrow notched and ready to fly. “I’ve got his help.” With a quick signal, Clint let his arrow loose, sticking Blonsky in the back. The arrow exploded, causing Blonsky to groan and turn, looking for whoever had assaulted him. As he did, I took the opportunity to turn run, emptying my gun mag’s into his back. Blonsky didn't even register the rounds, instead, he zeroed in on Clint as he fired another explosive arrow into his chest. It connected, but Blonsky rushed through the smoke. CHarging, then crashing through the building, causing it to crumble and fall, and Clint along with it. As he fell, he fired another of his Zip-line arrows, using it to swing across the street and land through the window of another building. I tried to rush in myself, but Blonsky cut me off, slamming his fist into the street before me. I flipped back, and went back to running towards the edge of the city. I heard Blonsky follow, the sound of his feet crushing the floor beneath him as he ran after me echoing all around me.

I turned a corner, rushing down a narrow alley, hoping the confined space would give me some kind of head start. As Blonsky rushed in after me, it caused the buildings to either side to start collapsing in. I barely made it out the other side before both came crashing down, burying Blonsky in the rubble.

All fell silent. I sat back, staring in disbelief at the mound of rubble before me, breathing heavily in an attempt to catch my breath.

Clint: “Nat? Nat you alright?” Clint’s voice rang in my ear, static peppering it as the comm signal began to break.

Natasha: “Yeah… Yeah I’m fine. Blonsky is down, call the containment team and tell them..” Blonsky’s hand shot out of the rubble, his hand swinging out and striking me across the hip. I flew back, my back connecting with the wall across the street. Something popped, and I could feel something warm crawling down the back of my head.

Abomination: “Nice try.” Blonsky burst out of the rubble, shaking the remaining stone from his body like a wet dog. “You’re a quick little nat, I’ll give you that much.” Once clear of the rubble, he began stomping towards me. “But you weren’t fast enough. Now…” He stood before me again, hand held high. “...It’s time to kill a bug. Goodbye little nat.” His hand, palm open, swang down with the full intent to splatter me against the wall and ground. My squeezed my eyes shut tight, fully expecting for the weight of his hand to slam down.  “What!?” My eyes shot open at the sound of a cracking whip. Blonsky’s eyes were wide, his hand held to the sky by an electrically charged whip. As he raised his other hand to finish the job, another whip shot out, wrapping itself around his other wrist, then pulled, lifting the monstrosity into the air, and slamming him into the ground several yards away.

You: “Blonsky!” Now standing before me, was a large, gray, black and red mechanical monstrosity. Standing just as tall as Blonsky, bulky, with thick limbs. Gears and Hydraulic servos could be heard whirring within the beast. And the voice that echoed from within, while heavily modified, was clearly (Y/N)’s. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size!?” The mechanical beast banged its metal fists together twice before standing at the ready. Clawed fingers flexing as it stood firm.

Clint: “Nat? What’s going on?”

Natasha: “(Y/N)’s here, and he’s taking on Blonsky.”

Clint: “What!?”

Natasha: “Yeah. He’s in some kind of… It looks like the Monger suit, but, better.” It really did. Relatively thinner then the Iron Monger, this beast was still vastly more impressive. Standing at an imposing eleven feet tall. This new Monger didn’t show any of the obvious weaknesses of the original. The exposed piston system was replaced with the Servos of the standard Iron Man and Crimson Blade suit. The exposed wiring against the back of the neck was also gone, along with the neck. Instead, there was a thick plate of steel surrounding the neck area of the suit, likely to prevent the wiring being torn out. The paint job of the suit matched the Mark 5 suit Blonsky had decimated, though whether that was to taunt Blonsky or sheer coincidence I didn't know.

Clint: “...That sounds badass.” I rolled my eyes. Badass or not, he broke his promise. If he made it out of this, I was gonna kill him.

(Your POV)

You: “How’s The Scarlett Beast looking JARVIS?” The heads up display within the cockpit of the Beast suit was in constant motion, scanning anything and everything in its 360 degree view. I stretched my legs a bit in the space allowed as the whips retracted back into the forearms of the suit.

JARVIS: “Scarlett Beast System is active and responding with 0% difficulty. Power is at 97% capacity and all defensive systems are ready for deployment as needed.”

You: ‘Fantastic, keep an eye on her for me, I’ll keep Blonsky busy. How much longer until the containment unit arrives?”

JARVIS: “S.H.I.E.L.D. containment team has been delayed due to intense weather conditions. An additional fifteen minutes is required before they arrive.”

You: “Damn.” Blonsky stood, his usual grin turned down in a shocked frown. His teeth bared in rage. “Alright, let’s dance ugly.”

Abomination: “You did survive.”

You: “Give me a speaker JARVIS.” There was a beep. “You have a lot of nerve attacking civilians Emil. Since when are you an advocate of civilian casualties?”

Abomination: “Necessary Casualties. I was trying to draw out the Hulk, maybe even Ross.” He bent his knee. “But killing you will be just as satisfying.” He jolted, breaking into a full force run right for me, fist prepped and ready to strike.

You: “Locks.” The suit reacted immediately, sending the titanium rods shooting from the leg shins into the floor. As the fist connected, I caught it, then used the momentum to flip, and slam Blonky into the ground behind me. I followed with a punch of my own, aiming for his head. He rolled, dodging the strike as it connected with the ground. As he recovered, his fist flew up and connected with the chest of the suit, sending it flying back to land on its back. He jumped, balling his fists together to slam down on me. But I responded by kicking my legs out to catch, and shoot him back.

Abomination: “You can’t fight me forever Stark!” He recovered as I rushed him, meeting my fist with his own. The shockwave shattered the nearby windows of the buildings to our sides. “I’m stronger then I’ve ever been! I’m invincible now!”

You: “I don’t have to fight you forever.” I brought the other arm of the suit up. “I just have to beat you into a slimy green pulp.” A large, tempered steel blade extended from the forearm of the suit, then slashed across the middle of Blonsky's chest. He roared in pain, backing up as he gripped the wound. “Does it tickle now?” He glared at me, teeth bared in anger. As he did, the other blade extend from the other arm. “Now, let's see just how invincible you are.” He roared, breaking into a running jump for me.

(Natasha’s POV)

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, (Y/N) was fighting Blonsky. And he was… winning, matching Blonsky blow for blow and then some. As I stared at the battle before me dumbfounded, Clint was able to rappel down to my side, eyes just as wide as mine.

Clint: “That’s (Y/N)?” Blonsky had jumped, threading his hands together as he brought them down on the suits head. The suit responded by jumping, catching Blonky, then flying into the side of a nearby wall, slamming Blonsky into, and through it.

Natasha: “Yeah, I…” I groaned, the pain in my side burning through my skin. Clint took immediate notice, bending down to tend to the wound. “Don’t…”

CLint: “You were thrown into a wall, and you don’t have the benefit of a titanium suit.” He brushed my hand away, pressing his fingers into my side as delicately as he could. Still, it burned profusely. “He cracked your ribs, if not broke them. We need to get you to the jet.”

Natasha: “No… what if (Y/N) needs..” He shushed me.

Clint: “If (Y/N) found out I let you stay here the way you are, he’ll squish me like a bug in that suit of his.” I shook my head, but complied, allowing him to sling my arm over his shoulder as he hobbled me back to the jet. As he did, (Y/N)’s suit exploded from the building in front of us, slamming to the ground on its back, followed closely by Blonsky, slamming his fists into the suits chest. As the two rolled around, throwing punches and trading blows, Clint turned us, rushing us away as fast as he could from the fight. As we did, the fight continued behind us, the screams and roars between the two echoing around us.

You: “What happened to you Emil!? You were never this power hungry!” The two threw each other every which way, effectively cutting us off no matter how often we attempted to escape.

Abomination: “I always wanted to be better! This is the ultimate power, the ultimate being!”

You: “Just not good enough to beat the Hulk!” Eventually, Clint maneuvered us off to the side, hidden among the rubble of an already downed building.

Abomination: “Banner is weak! He had the chance to kill me and he didn’t!”

You: “Just like you had a chance to kill me!?”

Abomination: “I left you to die last time, but I know I broke more then enough bones to leave an impression! This time, I’ll break the rest of them!”

You: “You’ll have to rip this suit open first Blonsky!” (Y/N)’s suit threw a punch, which Blonsky caught.

Abomination: “Gladly.” He pulled, throwing the suit to the ground, then stomping down on its chest. Blonsky pulled, straining against the titanium frame until the sound of straining metal could be heard. With one final tug, the arm of the suit was ripped clean off the shoulder, leaving the suit flat on its back, with a hole in the side.

The suit stood, turned to face Blonsky, only to have the now dismembered arm swung across the chest. The blade hidden in the forearm extended, slashing across the chest and cutting clean through the suit. The suit took a step back, distancing itself from Blonsky and his new weapon. Blonsky Rushed forward, slashing downward and cutting down through the suits remaining shoulder. (Y/N) caught the blade in his remaining arm, jolting, and snapping the blade in half.

You:”Nice try.” Blonsky was knocked forward with the momentum, allowing the suit to swing down and slam Blonsky’s face into the street. Followed quickly by the foot of the suit slamming into the back of his head. As the leg slammed down repeatedly, Blonsky systematically rolled over, his head imprinting into the street more deeply with each strike. On the sixth kick, Blonky caught the foot, then pushed upward, forcing the suit to fall on its back. Blonsky then rolled, coming to kneel over (Y/N)’s  suit with his knee pinning the one remaining arm.

Abomination: “Good enough for you?” Blonsky’s hands tore into the chest of the suit, crumpling large chunks of metal and tossing it aside. “Last time, I took my time with you. That was my mistake.” He moved from ripping the suit open, to wrapping his hands around the suit's helmet, crushing the steel into a ball. “This time, I won’t make that mistake. This time, I’ll finish you quickly, and then finish your little team.”

Natasha: “Hey!” I called, causing Blonsky to turn and acknowledge us. “Get away from him!” Clint fired two of his arrows, one after another. The first was a flashbang, temporarily blinding Blonsky, followed by a wire trap, wrapping thin wire cables around him in an effort to entrap him. Neither worked.

The first barely registered,simply causing Blonsky to blink a few times before he regained his vision. THe second, he caught. Causing the wiring to wrap around his arm rather then his intended chest and shoulders. He tossed the arrow away, then stood to march over to us.

Abomination: “Eager to die. Fine, I’ll deal with you first.”

You: “Get away from her!” (Y/N)’s suit jumped, latching itself to Blonsky’s back. Wrapping its arm around his neck and tugging as hard as he could. The suits foot in height difference allowed (Y/N) to life Blonsky into the air, choking him in the crux of the titanium arm. “Taser!” There was a whirring, then the sound of electricity jolting to life as Blonsky roared in pain.

Abomination: “Release… me… weakling…” Blonsky leaned forward, slamming his feet to the ground and lifting the suit up. He began making his way towards Clint and I. Clint still had me slung over his shoulder, making it near impossible for him to move fast enough to run. We were trapped.

You: “No… you… don’t.” The suit slung back, slamming it’s feet into the street. “Overload the system!” The whirring intensified, the sound of electricity flowing even stronger then before. Blonsky roared, the shooting pains growing with each moment. Smoke began to billow from both him and the suit, the servos and hydraulics working overtime to compensate for the sudden loss in central power.

Finally, after countless moments, Blonsky fell to his knees, his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Then, he finally fell to the ground fully, unconscious.
"Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages. I present to you, the rematch of the century! (Week). The Abomination vs the Scarlett Beast!"
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Marvel, the Avengers, the images used, or you.
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Should have just called all the hulks there are
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IgnobleFiend Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
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And the Winner! By Knockout is... the Scarlett Beast!!
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BTW... is it weird that i thought of Scarlett Beast as a red STYKER EUREKA from Pacific Rim? Yes? No? Meh...screw it.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017
Actually, after seeing pics of the EUREKA, I gotta admit that's kinda what I was going for
ManicBulbs Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Badass! First with the new suit then the taser hold and overloading it, wonder if that gave us a nasty feedback to us since the suit was damaged and the taser was being overloaded to knockout a imperfect hulk copycat
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017
Guess youll have to wait and see
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