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(Natasha’s POV)

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep… I groaned as the intrusive noise woke me from my sleep. My eyes struggled to open, so I instead reached blindly for the communicator on the nightstand.

You: “If it’s Clint, tell him to leave a message. If it’s Fury, tell him to fuck off, we’re busy.” I rolled over, my tired eyes meeting his own.

Natasha: “You know this would happen, especially if I stayed over.” He chuckled, leaning up in the bed to press his lips lightly against my own.

You: “You’re worth the loss of sleep.” Beep. Beep. Beep. “Either you answer it or I will. And I have a few choice words for whoever’s on the other end.” I smacked him lightly on his bare chest before returning to finding the comm. Finally I found it, sticking it in my ear and answering the call.

Natasha: “Hello?”

Fury: “Agent Romanoff.” I sighed heavily.

Natasha: “Director Fury.” (Y/N) fist-pumped the air.

You: “Called it!” I just rolled my eyes, returning to the Director.

Natasha: “What can I do for you?”

Fury: “We need you to come in.”

Natasha: “Sir, with all due respect…”

You: “Not that much due in the first place.” I smacked his chest again. “Ow.”

Natasha: “It’s my weekend off sir.”

Fury: “We’re aware, this is important.”

You: “What did he say?” (Y/N) leaned in, pressing his ear against mine to try and catch more of the conversation.

Natasha: “(Y/N) get off me. He said he wanted me to come in.”

Fury: “Oh good, Stark is with you. We need him too.” That gave us both pause. (Y/N) blinked in confusion.

You: “Did I hear that right?”

Natasha: “I’m not sure.”

You: “JARVIS, put the call on speaker.”

JARVIS: “Yes Sir.” There wa a beep, then (Y/N) took the comm from my ear and set it back on the night stand.

You: “Fury you’re on speaker. What was that you just said?”

Fury: “I said, we need you both to come in… immediately.” (Y/N) pinched the bridge of his nose. A tired sigh escaping his lips.

You: “Fury, do you have any idea what time it is?”

JARVIS: “2:33 in the am Sir.”

You: “You hear that Fury? It’s tomorrow.”

Fury: “I’m aware Stark, this is important.” (Y/N) scoffed.

You: “Well whatever it is, I’m sure it can wait until the sun comes up. Goodnight Fury.”

Fury: “We need you both on a relief mission to Barrow, Alaska.” I jolted up in bed, stopping (Y/N) from ending the call.

Natasha: “Sir, is it…”

Fury: “All we are aware of at this time is that the town is in disrepair. We don’t know if the facility has been compromised.”

Natasha: “JARVIS, give us satellite feed of Barrow.”

JARVIS: “Right away Miss.” The T.V. on the far wall jumped to life in front of us, feeding us images of the small, snow coated town. Buildings in flames, or already in ash.

You: “My god… JARVIS dispatch the legion, and prep the Mark 5 for launch.” He jumped out of the bed, moving to go get dressed and suit up.

Fury: “I’ve also put agent Barton on this, he should meet you at the tower soon.”

Natasha: “Roger that. Agent out.” I cut the call, jumping from the bed to get dressed myself… So much for a quiet weekend.

(Your POV)

So much for a quiet weekend. Fury owes me big for this.

JARVIS: “The Mark 5 is ready and waiting sir.” I smirked as I dressed in a plain white t and jeans, then made my way to one of the armor platforms I had installed in the Tower.

You: “Suit up.” The platform opened up beneath my feet, yellow metal arms coming up with sections of the newest model of the C.B. Armor. In reality, the Mark 5 hadn’t changed much from the Mark 4. The only major change being the removal of the leg support system, along with an amplified Taser mode. The flight system from the Mark 7 I.M. suit was also integrated into the suit for better control and speed. Otherwise, the only real change was the paint job. The base coat was still Metallic Black, but there was a larger splattering of crimson in there. The biceps, thighs, inner hands and neck had all been coated with the dark red. Additionally, the helmet had been painted in full crimson rather then just the faceplate, further resembling my old visor.

JARVIS: “Crimson Blade Mark 5 fully functional and ready for deployment.”

Natasha: “Looking good Stark.” I turned, finding Nat already dressed in her Black Widow uniform, eyeing me up and down with an approving smirk. I just couldn’t help myself.

You: “Like what you see gorgeous?” My visor opened up, revealing my grinning face as I sauntered up to her.

Natasha: “Maybe, or maybe I just like the suit.” She jabbed playfully. It didn’t deter me.

You: “Maybe I need to start wearing it more often then.” She wrapped her arms around my neck as I laid my hands on her hips. “I will if you so.” I winked, earning a light chuckle in return.

Natasha: “Deal.” She leaned in, crashing her lips against mine in a deep, passionate kiss. I couldn't help the low moan that reverberated in my throat.

Clint: “eww, Eww, Eww, EWW!” We parted slowly, turning to the window where we found a Quinjet currently hovering just outside. “One of you is gonna have to fly. You’ve blinded me with your sickening cuteness.” We both rolled our own eyes, then Nat leaned back in.

Natasha: “You know what to do.” I most certainly did. I wrapped an arm around her waist, then spun and dipped her, crashing my lips against hers.

Clint: “MY EYES!!” Mission accomplished.

Less then an hour later, the Quinjet was flying over mid Alaska. JARVIS had reported that the Legion had landed and begun standard evacuation protocols, but that signals were lost soon after. That was twenty minutes ago. THere was no visual feed, and satellite imaging wouldn’t show us what had destroyed the legioneers.

Clint, despite his ‘blindness’ due to our show of passion, was flying the Jet with Nat as his co-pilot. I was sitting in the back, having JARVIS check anything we could find regarding Barrow. Problem was, there wasn't much to go off of. The town itself had little to no info. But there were more then a handful of ‘Classified’ files tied to it. JARVIS couldn't get into them, but he could find me a name attached to the files.

Thaddeus Ross.

You: “So, what's in Barrow that General Sam Elliott is tied to it?” They both shot me a look over their shoulders.

Clint/ Natasha: “Who?”

You: “Sam Elliott? Big moustache, Mumbles every word he says… thinks he’s a cowboy?” They shook their heads. “IMDB… seriously. General Ross, I mean General Ross.”

Natasha/ Clint: “Oooh… why didn’t you say so?” I sighed, my head falling into my hands. Movie night needed to become a more frequent thing apparently.

You: “General Ross. Barrow. Why?”

Natasha: “The U.S. Army has a joint base up there called the VAULT. And when I say ‘joint’, I mean the Army hires S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on occasion to guard whatever’s down there. Otherwise, it’s mostly Ross’ personal play pen.”

You: “A secret base that’s NOT owned by S.H.I.E.L.D.? There’s a shocker.”

Clint: “We get it, you’re not S.H.I.E.L.D.’s biggest fan.”

You: “We get it, you like birds Hawkeye.”

Natasha: “Girls, girls you’re both pretty.” We fell into partial silence, Clint and I muttering insults to each other under our breath. Eventually I did speak up again, this time making sure to direct the question to Nat directly.

You: “So, what’s down there anyway Nat?” She didn't immediately respond. Her breath shortened slightly, and I noticed she squeezed her fist a bit to hard. She relaxed quickly after, but I assumed she had to force herself to.

Natasha: “Something monstrous, buried underground where it belongs, and where it hopefully stays.” … Cryptic… I was about to ask her to explain.

Clint: “We’re here.” But Clint distracted the both of us. He landed the Jet near the town square, where he and Nat quickly disembarked. “Alright, (Y/N) take the western side. Nat you rake east. I’ll head down south. Check in if you find anything.” I didn’t like the idea of splitting up.

Natasha: “Copy, be careful you two.” But apparently the choice had been made for me. Clint took off, leaving Nat and myself alone for the moment before she started to take off running.

You: “Nat, wait a sec.” I grabbed her wrist, stopping her and calling her attention back to me. Her eyes met mine, a brief flicker of fear crossing them. “Are you ok?” She shook her head, forcing a small smile, likely for my benefit.

Natasha: “I’m fine (Y/N), don’t worry about me.” She leaned over, planting a quick kiss on my exposed cheek. “Come on, the sooner we figure this out, the sooner we can go back to the tower.” I knew something was bothering her, but I let it go for her sake. I nodded and released her hand, and she took off running, leaving me alone with the Jet.

You: “Well, no use sitting around I suppose.” My visor snapped closed, and I took off into the sky to scan my sector via air.

(Natasha’s POV)

After an hour of searching our respective sectors, none of us were able to come up with anything more then empty buildings and bits and pieces of destroyed Legioneers. Seems the town’s people were able to clear out thankfully. But the state of the town was still like something out of a horror movie, only made worse by the dead silence. We were using the thermal glasses (Y/n) had designed to search for any life signs, so far, nothing. Yet.

You: “Nothing in the western quad. Anything with you two?”

Clint: “Nothing down south, Nat?”

Natasha: “I have a life signal, checking it now.” I took the safety off my pistol, then began to cautiously approach the still standing building. “Hello?” I called, now taking cautious steps within the structure. Despite the still standing frame, the interior was all rubble. The upper floors and ceiling had collapsed inward, burying anyone unlucky enough to be caught inside, including the one lone heat signature I found. “Can you hear me?” I holstered my gun, kneeling down to try and help whoever was trapped. Until…

The rubble began to shift and groan, something large standing from under it. Something green.

(Your POV)

Natasha: “It’s… He’s… Free! Trying… distract… run!”  Every other word was killed by static.

You: “Nat? Natasha!?” Dead. “JARVIS where is she!?”

JARVIS: “North-Eastern Quadrant sir.” I took off into the sky, flying as fast as the suit would allow to her last known location. Thankfully, it was a relatively small town and it was easy to find her. It’s what was chasing her that surprised me.

You: “JARVIS, what the hell is that?” Basic specs of the creature jumped into my display. Standing at Ten feet tall, buck naked with some kind of exo-skeletal system for ‘decency’. A protruding spinal column and a puke green skin tone. No name, no record whatsoever. Only that it was giving off a high gamma reading, similar to the Hulk.

JARVIS: “There are no known records of any creature that matches this one, aside from the Hulk sir.” I flew down, coming up behind Natasha as this… monstrosity raised it’s hand to smash her. I caught her, speeding away as it’s massive fists came crashing down into the street.

You: “I got you.” She wrapped her arms around my neck. She was visibly shaking, muttering something under her breath.

Natasha: “abomination, abomination, abomination…” Her voice shook nearly as much as her body did. It was rather unnerving, seeing her as afraid as she was. Like when she first encountered the Hulk back on the carrier.

You: “Clint, what’s your 20?”

Clint: “4 clicks from town square.”

You: “Stay there, I’m bringing Nat to you.” I landed on the still standing rooftop the archer had stationed himself on. He reached out, taking Nat’s still shaking form from my arms. “Get her to the Quinjet.”

Clint: ‘What happened to her?” There was clear worry in his voice.
You: “Not sure, let me go ask.”

Clint: “What are you…” I took off before he could finish his question, flying up and out to find this ‘Abomination’. It wasn't very hard. The thing was tearing through the street I had found it on mindlessly. Seemingly blinded by rage. I landed a good dozen feet behind it, arms crossed over my chest.

You: ‘Hey! Jolly Green Jackass!” It turned, enraged eyes falling on my armored form. “Good, so you at least understand english. That’ll make it all the better when I…”

Abomination: “You…” It, spoke? Cutting me off mid-sentence. “I know you.” It stomped into the ground. “Stark.” Then rushed me, closing the distance between us in a matter of seconds. I had barely enough time to register and move before its fist slammed into the ground. Its other arm flew through the air, connecting with my side and sending me into a nearby wall. I sat in the rubble, dazed and confused.

JARVIS: “Sir that attack registered nearly twice as strong as the same attack struck by the Hulk.” I groaned, standing on shaky legs as the thing stomped towards me, grinning maliciously.

You: “Yeah, I’m still stuck on the part where it can talk.” It raised its fist again. “JARVIS give me something.” My repulsors kicked in, moving me out of the way of the falling mass. As its fist came crashing down, I flew up and swung my leg ou, connecting with its jaw. It didn't even flinch. Still grinning, it reached up and grabbed my leg, easily crushing the titanium frame. Then began to swing me around like a rag doll. I felt my body connect with the street multiple times.

JARVIS: “Multiple fractures detected.” My display started flashing red, an x-ray of myself popping up with multiple locations highlighted. The monstrosity finally released me, throwing me at, and through, another wall. “Sir…”

You: “Taser mode.” I stood from the rubble as best I could. I could hear the hydraulics in the suit protesting.

JARVIS: “But sir…”

You: “I said Taser mode JARVIS.” He didn’t argue, instead activating the requested protocol. I heard the tell-tale whirring of the chest reactor kicking into high gear as my gauntlet’s fingers extended into sharpened claws. I pulled both ninjato blades from my shoulders, then charged forward as fast as my repulsors would go, blades extended out and aimed for the creature's chest. I connected, digging the swords into its green flesh as deeply as they would go, then shot every watt of available power into it.

Abomination: “... That tickles…” Its hands wrapped around my middle, crushing my armor into my wais. It pulled me out of its chest, pulling the blades out then crushing them between its fingers. It began to swing me around again, slamming me against any solid surface it could find before taking one of my arms into each hand and pulling, attempting to rip my arms from their sockets.

JARVIS: “Fractures… power loss… eject…” Static. I has lost connection to the home system, my display shattered to pieces. All I could see was its ugly, grinning, deformed face, tinted red by whatever was left of my visor… or was that blood?

Abomination: “Goodbye Stark. Say hello to Sarah for me.”

You: “... Emil?”
And A whole new story begins. This one is my attempt at a completely original story written within ht MCU. 
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Marvel, the Avengers, the Images used, or you. 
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