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(Tony’s POV)

JARVIS: “Ms. Potts has just arrived home sir.” I had heard Pepper’s car pull up the driveway before JARVIS has announced it.  I was just to preoccupied with… occupying myself to say so.

Tony: “Great.. Is the… suit… in place?” I grunt each word out with each pullup. Trying to push myself as far as I could.

JARVIS: “Yes, and it is currently in sentry mode sir.”

Tony: “Alright… lets.. Ah.” I released the bar, dropping to my feet and taking up the towel to wipe my face. “Ok… let’s test out the modified hololenses.” After helping (Y/N) develop the holoroom and lenses. I thought about adapting the lenses to a more personal use. Effectively jam packing my entire heads-up display into a singular holographic projection lense. Now to be fair, it wasn’t as compact as the sunglass looking things (Y/N) had at the tower. But, it was certainly unique.

The Virtual Heads-up display system was a band that wrapped around the back of my head, a pair of projectors then projected the display around my face as the display normally would inside one of the suits, with the assistance of a pair of crystal lenses that fell over my eyes. Additionally, the headset had three cerebral prongs that could read my thought process, converting my thoughts into commands that could be read by the suit… again like the actual display. As I slipped the headset on, it immediately jumped to life, and I was able to see everything the Mark 42 was upstairs. Just in time for Pepper to walk through the front door.

Pepper: “I’ sorry I’m late. I was…what the.. What is that?” I had the Mark 42 sat on the couch, one leg crossed over the other. I wanted it to look as casual as possible to really sell that I was in the suit, rather then down in the basement doing pull ups. “You’re wearing this in the house now?” So far so good. “What is that, like Mark 15?”

Tony: “Uh.. yeah.” Sure.. just off by about twenty seven models. “Something like that. You know everybody needs a hobby.” The suit stood, making its way over to Pepper as she sat herself across the table from it.

Pepper: “Oh, and you have to wear your hobby in the living room?”

Tony: “Just, breaking it in.” I lied. “You know, it’s always a little pinchy in the gooey bag at first so…” She laughed. Score two for convincing her I’m in the thing. “Wel hey! Did you see your christmas present?”

Pepper: “Yes I did. I don’t know how I could have missed that christmas present. Is it gonna fit through the door?” She started shuffling through a few sheets of paper I had left out, a collection of kids drawings the kids had let me keep of me being awesome. (Y/N) had a couple in there too if I remembered right. Had to remember to send them to him one of these days.

Tony: “Well actually, it’s a good question. I got a team of guys coming tomorrow. They’re gonna blowout that wall.”

Pepper: “Ok.” Now for the real test. See if this thing was as sensitive as it should be. I had the suit walk up behind her, setting it’s hands on her shoulders and began massaging.

Tony: “So uh. Tense? Good Day? Ooh, shoulders, a little knotty. Knotty girl.” Ok, even I had to admit that was awful. But on the bright side it did seem to be working. Score three for convincing her I was in the suit. “I don’t want to harp on this, but did you like your custom rabbit?”

Pepper: “Did I like it?”

Tony: “Nailed it right? (Y/N) said it was a bit much.”

Pepper: “Did he?”

Tony: “Yeah, but I figure, I know you better then he does right?” The suit released her, letting her stand from the chair.

Pepper: “I appreciate the thought very much.” She started shimming up to the suit. “So why don’t you lift up that face mask and give me a kiss?” ...crap, might have worked a little TO well.

Tony: “Beep, beep boop. Huh. Yep. Damnit, no can do. You want to just kiss it on the facial slit?”

Pepper: “Mmmm, no. Why don’t I run down to the garage and see if I can’t find a crowbar to jimmy that thing open?”

Tony: “Crowbar, yeah.” Sounds hot… wait. Garage. Oh shit. “Oh! Except there’s been uh…. A Radiation leak!”

Pepper: “I’ll take my chances.” The suit followed after her, but it wasn’t fast enough to stop her from making it down the stairs. So i, like the genius I am, just kept talking.

Tony: “That’s risky. At least let me get you like, a hazmat suit you can… or a Geiger counter or something like that.” To late, I could her her fact falling through the suits cameras. Oh.. nope wait. Yeah, she’s pissed. “Busted.”

Pepper: “This is a new level of lame.”

Tony: “Sorry.” I dropped from the pull-up bar. Turning just in time to see her catch the half eaten food left on the table.

Pepper: “You ate without me, already? On Date night?”

Tony: “He was just…” I’m not even sure what I was trying to do by bringing the suit into this.

Pepper: ‘You mean you.”

Tony: “Well yeah, I just mean we were hosting you while I finished up a little work.”

Pepper: “uh-huh.”

Tony: “And yes I had a quick bite. I didn’t know if you were coming home, or you were having drinks with Aldrich Killian.” Her mouth fell open. Clearly the wrong thing to say. Is it getting darker in here? Or is it just me falling into a grave?

Pepper: “Aldrich Killian? What are you checking up on me?”

Tony: “Happy had called, he was concerned.”

Pepper: “No, you’re spying on me.”

Tony: “I wasn’t.”

Pepper: “I’m going to bed.” Sher turned to leave, clearly wanting it to be the final word. Ok I needed to dig myself out of this. What was it Bruce always said? Oh.. right. Tell the truth.

Tony: “Hold on. Come on. Pep?” Damn I hate it when Banner’s right. “Hey! I admit it. My fault. Sorry.” She stopped halfway up the stairs, turning back, that scowl still on her face. “I’m a piping hot mess…. It’s been going on for a while. I haven’t said anything.” She turned fully, her features softening as she came back down the stairs. “Nothing’s been the same since New York.”

Pepper: “Oh, really? I didn’t notice that at all.” Ok, sarcasms a little deserved.

Tony: “You experience things. Then they’re over and you still can’t explain them? God’s, aliens, other dimensions. I’m just a man in a can. The ONLY reason I haven’t cracked up, is probably because you moved in.” I took my chances and started walking over to her. “Which is great. I love you. I’m lucky. But honey…. I can’t sleep. You go to bed, I come down here. I do what I know. I tinker. I…” I needed to sit down, I was starting to feel a little light headed. “Threat is imminent. And I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. THat’s you.” Her face softened a bit more. “(Y/N)... (Y/N) is amazing. And I will look out for him til the day I die, but he’s all grown up, flying around in his own tin can. Doing Kung-fu moves I couldn’t even DREAM of doing. He can take care of himself.. But you… And my suits are…”

Pepper: “Machines.”

Tony: “They’re part of me.”

Pepper: “A distraction.”

Tony: “...maybe.” She walked over, closing the distance between us. Running her hands over my back and head, taking off the headset in the process.

Pepper: “I’m gonna take a shower.” Oh.. and her hands felt so nice. She turned back away, headed for the door.

Tony: “...okay.” When she made it to the stairs, she turned back.

Pepper: “And you’re gonna join me.” Oh.. oh!

Tony: “Better.”

(Your POV)

You: “I don’t get it, what am I missing?” I ran my fingers through my disheveled hair. I was ready to put my fist through the screens as it was.

Bruce: “Sleep… You’re missing sleep.” I turned, finding my roommate leaning against the back table of the kitchen, his own hair just as disheveled as mine. His glasses in his hands as he rubbed at his eyes. “We’ve been at this for hours. It’s late. We keep going like this and we’re gonna collapse.” I shook my head, instead turning back to the screens before me.

You: “No… I’m missing something. There has to be something here.” Currently, I was pouring over every public file there was regarding the Mandarin and the bombings that had been publicized. And then some. Having ‘borrowed’ the files from the pentagon mainframe. I was trying to find a connection. Some clue as to his location. S.H.I.E.L.D. Wouldn’t let me go track him down myself? Fine. But I could at least do their job for them. I had also roped Bruce into it, because the man was effectively a walking research machine.. And he lived in my house rent free.

Bruce: “(Y/N).” He walked up behind me, placing a firm hand on my shoulder before spinning me around. There were rings around his eyes. As I assumed there were around mine. “You miss the obvious when you’re exhausted. And we are BOTH at the breaking point. I promise we can pick this up tomorrow… but we need rest.” I sighed, rubbing the balls of my hands into my eyes before looking at the clock.

You: “It’s only to in the morning. I’ve been up later then this before.” He cocked his brow.

Bruce: “Because you wanted to me? Or because Tony Made you?”

You: “Fair point.” I chuckled. He joined in as he patted my back.

Bruce: “Come on.. We got a big day of research ahead of us…. Yippee.” I smacked his shoulder. “Ow. Careful.. You know you don’t like me when I’m angry.”

You: “If that makes you angry then may I suggest anger management courses?”

JARVIS: “Sir’s, before the two of you rush to bed. I have something you may want to see.”

You: “Whatever it is JARVIS, I’m sure it can wait till tomorrow.”

JARVIS: “But sir.. The news is reporting another bombing.”

Bruce: “We’ll look into it tomorrow.”

JARVIS: “It was in California.” That gave me pause. “Initial reports show there was one lone survivor.”

You: “Ok… JARVIS.. I’m already freaking out internally about whether or not one of the people I love is dead… Can we please start with ‘Your brother, Miss. Potts, Lt. Rhodes and Mr. Hogan are all alright.” I stated in a mock JARVIS voice. “That way I can at least breathe easily.”

JARVIS: “.....”

You: “JARVIS? You’re starting to scare me… Everyone IS ok right?”

JARVIS: “... Your brother, Ms. Potts and Lt. Rhodes were not involved…. But Mr. Hogan was the sole confirmed survivor of the attack.” I swear I heard my heart stop… Which arm goes numb when you’re about to get a heart attack?”

Bruce: “What was the target?”

JARVIS: “The Chinese theatre in Hollywood Dr. Banner… Though I am unsure why Mr. Hogan would have been there at such a late hour.”

You: “Oh no no no no..” I bent over, dry heaving slightly. Bruce grabbed at my shoulder to steady me.

Bruce: “(Y/N) what the hell?”

You: “I… I think I may know why Happy was out there tonight… But… I.. I didn’t think he’d get caught in the middle of.. Oh dear god..” I couldn't stand straight… the stone in my chest weighing to heavily in my stomach.

Bruce: “hey, breathe.. Relax.. Just breathe. Deep Breaths.. In.” He inhaled deeply, motioning for me to do the same. I did. “And out.” He exhaled, and I followed along. “One more.” In, and out. “I’m going to call Tony and find out what I can.. I want you to sit down and just breathe.. JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “yes Dr. Banner?”

Bruce: “I want you to get a hold of Agent Sitwell and tell him what happened. This house arrest needs to be lifted.”

JARVIS: “Dialing as we speak.” I could feel my head spinning. I wasn’t even sure where I really was right now.. I could have just killed my closest friend.

(Tony’s POV)

Tony: “yeah.. Yeah I’m seeing it as we speak.”

Mandarin: “True Story about fortune cookies. They look Chinese. They sound Chinese. But they’re actually an American invention. Which is why they’re hollow, full of lies and leave a bad taste in the mouth.” As I sped down the road towards the hospital emergency room. I had Bruce on the phone in my ear, and that self righteous bastard playing on my car display T.V. “My disciples just destroyed another cheap American knockoff. The Chinese theater.” Badly as I wanted to talk to him, (Y/N) couldn’t apparently gather the breath needed to even speak at the moment. Just mumbling to himself ‘it’s my fault. It’s my fault.’ while JARVIS was attempting to reach the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that had put him under house arrest. “Mr. President. I know this must be getting frustrating. But this season of terror is drawing to a close.” He had no idea how accurate a statement that was. “And don’t worry, the big one is coming. Your Graduation.”

Bruce: “This is getting worse by the day.”

Tony: “Believe me I know.” I sighed as the message drew to its close. My screen going black as it did. “How’s he holding up?” There was a quick pause before Bruce was able to answer.

Bruce: “He’s stopped mumbling to himself… but he’s still staring at the door. I want to get him to his PTSD group head but… until this house arrest is revoked I can’t move him”

Tony: “PTSD group?” I questioned.

Bruce: “Yeah. JARVIS told me about it. He signed up with a group after… the last time you two were involved with ‘The Ten Rings’. Needed to talk some things out.”

Tony: “He never told me that.”

Bruce: “Maybe he didn’t want you worrying.” I scoffed.

Tony: “Right, cause now I’m not concerned about whether or not he’s just lost his mind.”

Bruce: “I think it might be best to let him process this. He’s still freaking out over Natasha… last thing we need is another loss.”

Tony: “Knowing the widowmaker she’s just fine.” I joked.

Bruce: “Put yourself in (Y/N)’s shoes and say that.”

Tony: “....Fairpoint.. (Y/N) did always have a knack for assuming that worst.”

Bruce: “Can’t imagine where he got that from.”

Tony: “Really? You can crack jokes but I can’t?” The hospital sped into view as I pulled off the highway, making my way directly for the emergency room. “I just pulled up to the hospital.. I’ll call back as soon as I know more.”

Bruce: “I’ll hold you to it.” Bruce hung up the line, allowing me to pocket my own phone before rushing through the front doors. After a quick moment of arguing with the front door security and being let into the back. I was led down by one of the nurses towards Happy’s room. She made it as far as the door before disappearing down the hall, wanting to give me a moment’s privacy. Nothing on earth could have prepared me for what was on the other side.

Tony: “Oh Hap…” Happy was laying flat on his back. Bandages wrapped around both arms and his head. His lower body was covered with a sheet, but I could only imagine it was in pretty similar condition. The bandages wrapped thickly over his left eye. His right bruised purple, swollen shut. A breathing tube shoved clean down his throat. All sorts of wires and tubes sticking out of him from every angle.

I walked over, a hand hovering over his arm. But at the last minute I thought better of it.. Instead backing away. I didn’t want to disturb him unnecessarily. Instead I took the seat against the back wall.. My fingers crossed across my nose in thought. As I sat, another nurse walked in.,

???: “Oh... “ I half smiled, my hands raised in submission.”

Tony: “hi..”

???: “I’m sorry i wasn’t aware someone was…”

Tony: “It’s ok.. I just got here myself.”

???: “Are you.. His brother?” I looked to Happy, unsure how to truly classify him.. I couldn't say boss. That was to cold even for me..

Tony: “Yeah… in a way.”

???: “Well then… uh.. Mr. Hogan is in pretty bad condition, but is stabilizing. I was just coming in to see if he can be moved.”

Tony: “Moved?” I stood. “If it’s about money I can…”

???” Oh, no no. It’s not a matter of funds… But he is going to have to spend some time in the hospital… I’m just checking to see if he’s stable enough to move upstairs to intensive care.”

Tony: “Oh… yeah of course. I’ll uh… I’ll let you do you then.” I moved to leave the room.”

???: “Oh, That won't be necessary Mr. Hogan.” … right. I said he was my brother. “You can stay.”

Tony: “That’s ok, I need to make a call anyway.” I rushed through the door, closing it a bit too harshly to even my ears, fighting as the blood began pooling in my ears again, and as the sound of my heart faded away. “No… I… not right now.” I reached for my phone, dialing the only number I could think of..”

Pepper: “Hello, you’ve reached Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark Industries.” Great, voicemail. “Please leave a message at the sound of the beep.” *Beep*

Tony: “Pepper… I…” I had to force this out. “I’m at the hospital.. Happy’s in pretty bad shape, but they say he’s stabilizing. I.. I just wanted to say.. I’m sorry, again for what happened with the Suit… I’ll fix it.. I know that doesn’t mean a whole lot right now but… I’m gonna make things better… everything… I just want you to know that… Love you.” I ended the call as I started coming down from the attack. Painting in relief as it did.

???: “Mr. Hogan?”

Tony: “JESUS.” I turned on my heel with my arms high in the air. The nurse from before had opened the door behind me, now wearing a face of utter shock. “Sorry.” I put my hands down immediately. “Just… startled me.. Is all.. What’s up?”

???: “...We’re moving your brother upstairs… you can follow us if you like….” She opened the door wider, showing two other nurses holding on to the sides of Happy’s bed. How I’d missed them I had no clue.

Tony: “Yeah sure.. Lead the way. Just gonna make one more call as we walk.” The nurse nodded, albeit rather shakily as the two others wheeled Happy out. I pulled out my phone, dialing the tower.

Bruce: “What’s the update?” On the first ring and everything.

Tony: “He’s stabilizing, they’re moving him to intensive care… is (Y/N) still not talking?”

Bruce: “uh… no, he’s talking.”

Tony: “Great, put him on the phone?”

Bruce: “Yeah.. uh.. You may want to call back for that..” There was screaming in the background.. Something shattering.

Tony: “Got a hold of diet Coulson?”

Bruce: “...Yeah.”

Tony: “.... I’ll call back later.”

Bruce: “Probably best.”

(Your POV)

You: “What the fuck do you mean no!? That man RAISED ME for fucks sake!”

Sitwell: “I have the authority to keep you under house arrest until I see fit and if you continue swearing at me I WILL exercise that authority.”

You: “Fuck your authority!” I roared. “Happy may very well be DYING in that hospital right now, and your going to keep me from seeing him because he isnt an ‘immediate relative’? He was my fucking FATHER!”

Sitwell: “Being your 24 hour babysitter is not the same as a father figure.” He sighed, exhaustion evident behind his glasses. “Look, it it were Tony, I’d understand, and I’d gladly put the request in… but This isn’t a blood relative. He’s a Stark Industries employee. Fury wouldn’t even consider the request.”

You: “Then fuck Fury!!” I could feel the heat burning through my skin as my blood boiled. “You know what? Put that one eyed, fish eyed, bald headed prick on the phone.. I want to talk to him NOW.”

Sitwell: “You think I’m gonna let you talk to him in this state?”

You: “Sitwell I swear I will cause you hell if you don't get Nick Fury on the line right this fucking minute.”

Sitwell: “You know what? I’m done.” He threw his hands up in the air. “The answer is no.. If you attempt to leave the Tower you will be arrested. Stay put, or else.” He huffed. “I have no idea why Agent Coulson held you in such high regard.. Or what Agent Romanoff saw in you.”

You: Why you slimy little…” The feed cut.. That’s twice that fucker cut me off. I couldn’t stand it. I turned, the table end vase filling my view first. I stormed over to it, picked it up, and threw it against the bay window of the lounge floor. It shattered on in pact.

JARVIS: “Sir you need to calm yourself. If you continue like this you WILL give yourself an aneurysm.”

Bruce: “He’s right.” I turned, finding Bruce at the lounge entry, his hands up in defense. “You need to calm down.”

You: “No, I need to get out of this tower.”

Bruce: “Well your not gonna do that without at least a dozen S.H.I.E.L.D. agents beating you to the ground.” I marched up to him, anger still heavy in my mind.

You: “I beat their director, in the face, multiple times, with the blunt force of a solid titanium cane, in their own base. And the only two people that could stop me, were Rogers, and Thor.. One is gone who knows where..”

Bruce: “And the other is on Fury’s speed dial.” I huffed. “What makes you think Fury wont let Steve loose on you if you step out of line?” I kept eye contact with him a moment longer.. But deep down I knew he was right. “I’m sorry about Happy. Truly sorry. And I know you think the worst has happened to Nat… but.. Right now playing by your rules isnt going to get you anywhere..” I sighed.. “S.H.I.E.L.D. owns the board now.. and The Mandarin is dominating it.. They don’t want to deal with any other major players right now.. That’s why you have to play by Fury’s rules.” There was a flash of idea in his eyes.. One I didn’t understand. In the moment. “Just remember… you’re not the only one hit hard by what happened to Happy.. And you have a player S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t watching.” He cocked his brow… and realization hit me hard.

You: “... Let’s play then.”
Chapter 3 as Promised.. a bit late in the day but I did still make it.. THat is if you're on mountain or western seaboard time.. otherwise I apologize for the late post.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!!
I don't own MARVEL, The Avengers, The images used, or you.
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