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(Tony’s POV)

Tony: “Ow”

JARVIS: “46”

Tony: “Ow.”

JARVIS: “47.”

Tony Ow.”

JARVIS: Sir, may I please request just a few hours to calibrate…”

Tony: “Nope. 48. Ow.” And that was the last of them. “Micro-repeater implanting sequence complete.” Finally, easily the most painful thing I’ve had to deal with….. For an experiment…. That I willingly wanted to do…. I think.

JARVIS: “As you wish sir. I’ve also prepared a safety briefing for you to entirely ignore.”

Tony: “Which I will. Alright, let’s do this.” Once I finally looked up from dabbing away the last of the blood, the first thing I get to see was… “Dum-E… Hi Dum-E.” The damned thing stopped sweeping for just a brief moment to ‘look’ up at me. The hat I had affectionately made for it sitting firmly upon its ‘head’. “How’d you get that cap on your head? You earned it.” I stood, making my way to the halls center display pad, taking the opportunity to berate the semi-sentient robotic arm as I did.

JARVIS: “Sir, may I remind you, you have been awake for nearly 72 hours.” Then of course, there was the overly motherly U.I. that I couldn't shut up if I wanted to. So him I decided to ignore.

Tony: “Focus up ladies.” I turned, bowing quickly before the six original models I had stacked neatly against the wall. Then, I began the proudest moment of my life…. To date. “Good evening, and welcome to the birthing suite. I am pleased to announce the imminent arrival of you bouncing, badass baby brother.” I took one last second to make sure I was properly centered, making sure Dum-U had the proper calibrations on the camera before we started. “Mark 42 Autonomous prehensile propulsion suit test. Initialize sequence.” Ok, moment of truth. I tapped the repeaters I had implanted into my fingers, the sweet, sweet sound of them reacting ringing through the room. And lo and behold the suit parts did respond. I wanted to dance just for that. But not the right time. Not yet anyway. “JARVIS, drop my needle.” Now it was time to dance. As my absolute favorite version of ‘Jingle Bells’ played on the record, we got started. I started with something simple, the gauntlet, holding out my forearm to call it forth. I tired once, then twice. “Crap.” Nothing. Maybe the repeater wasn’t centered right? I sucked on it a bit, smacking it twice before trying again. Third time’s a charm after all right? I held out my arm again, and this time I got a reaction. The gauntlet lifted off the work table, shooting towards, and latching onto my hand and forearm with a bit more force then I would have liked. The shoulder and bicep followed suit, nearly spinning me clear around in the process. I held out my other arm, and the same process repeated. Damn was I a genius. “Alright, I think we got this. Send them all.” That was a mistake. Every piece began flying towards me nearly all at once. The first leg went off without a hitch, but the chest plate nearly cut me across the side, instead slamming straight into one of the suit display cases behind me. Followed quickly by my spinal plate, which I reactively knocked away and into the light above. “Probably a little fast. Can we…” I ducked, what I think was my face plate nearly taking off my nose as I did. “ .. slow it down? Just a little? Little Slower?” The other leg was able to attach without issue, followed quickly by my “Ooo…” Codpiece. Ow. “Oooowww.” And there was the Spinal plate coming back to get me. It knocked me off my feet, causing me to nearly faceplant into the floor. Thankfully I already had all my flight repulsars on to help me back up. “Cool it will you, JARVIS?” The rest of the parts were able to slam on, without knocking me around, until… “Woah.” The face plate. After knocking my record player clear across the room. It righted itself, turning to me, and…. Huh, I never noticed how imposing that face actually was. “Come on. I ain’t scared of you.” It came forward, flipping over after it knocked into the corner of the table. I flipped to meet it. It connected, and I landed superhero style, the suit complete at last. “I’m the best.” And then I was knocked on my ass by… my ass. I was sent forward, the suit falling to pieces as my ass plate caught up with the rest of me. “Ow.”

JARVIS: “As always sir, a great pleasure watching you work.”

Tony: “Well… maybe it wasn't a TOTAL success.. Yet.”

You: “You know Tony.” I turned, finding my brother walking up in his robe and P.J’s. “I’ve seen you get your ass kicked plenty of times. But I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you get your ass handed to you, by your own ass.”

Tony: “Ha. Ha ha. Ha. You’re hilarious.” He chuckled, rubbing his fingernails against his shirt.

You: “So you keep saying.” I stood, walking over casually. Then at the last moment, I went to slap him across the face, only for my hand to phase straight through his cheek. The momentum of the slap sending me to the floor… again. “Uh, dumbass?” I groaned as I turned myself over on the floor, (Y/N)’s now shimmering visage walking over to me, hands in pockets. “I’m not really there, remember?” He pointed up, the dull blue lights from the ceiling reminding me of what he actually was.

Tony: “Right… holoprojectors.”

You: “I’d offer to help you up… but i’m kinda in New York. At home. Where I should be asleep.”

Tony: “Yeah, I got it.” I stood, walking over to start picking up the pieces of my newest baby.

You: “Well..” (Y/N) clapped his hands, looking over the disheveled remains of my workspace. “You seem to have things under control here. I am gonna head off to bed. Unlike you I have a company to run, and a meeting to attend in the morning.” I scoffed, rolling my eyes in the process. “You know you do that often enough and they will roll right out of their sockets.”

Tony: “So you keep saying.” I turned back to him. “And it’s CO-run now. After all wasn’t it your idea to let Pepper back in the ring?”

You: “Doesn’t mean she has full control yet.” He shot back. “Trust me, once she’s full time CEO again, you’ll be the first to know, when I fly by your house in my Crimson Blade suit with a big banner that says ‘I QUIT DICK HEAD’ on it.”

Tony: “Only you.” He scoffed.

You: “Don’t even think to pretend like you wouldn't do the same thing.” Well...I wouldn’t NOT think of it. “Now, I need sleep. And so do you apparently.”

Tony: “I don’t need sleep.” He responded with an unenthused ‘mhmmm’.

You: “Sure you don’t. How long has he been awake JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “72 hours sir.”

You: “Exactly.” Again I responded by rolling my eyes. “Tony, I’m serious. Please, get some sleep.” I turned back to him, his eyes pleading. I sighed, giving up the argument before it could start.

Tony: “I guess three days is a bit long to go between siestas.”

You: “So you’ll go to sleep then?”

Tony: “.... I will try. That’s all I can promise.” (Y/N) rolled his eyes in response. “You know if you keep doing that they’ll roll right out of their sockets.”

You: “.... Goodnight Tony.” I couldn't help but chuckle.

Tony: “Goodnight (Y/N).” And with that, the hologram disappeared, my brother off to bed, leaving me alone in the quiet of my garage.

(Your POV)

I couldn't help but sigh at my brothers childness. Only he, at 42 would act like a child when it came to bedtime. But then again, he was a ten year old trapped in a 42 year old’s body. As I stepped out of the new Holoroom he and I had developed, taking off the hololenses that went along with it. I couldn't help but take in the complete silence. Not only of the tower, but of the city as well. It wasn’t unusual for New York to go quiet around three in the morning. Most of the city having finally died down from its usual madness, the bars finally closing after last call and the drunk they let loose on the world finding their way home or to the nearest quiet street corner. But tonight was different. Something had happened, something truly awful had happened.

You: “JARVIS, what time is it in Kuwait?”

JARVIS: “ 1 in the afternoon sir.”

You: “Call Nat for me please.” Natasha was on an assignment in Kuwait, and had been for the past week. I hadn’t been in contact with her since we said our goodbyes as she boarded her plane for washington. And usually I’d leave it at that. The goodbye as she left, then that amazing hello again kiss when she came back. I never felt the need to check up or worry. But like I said, tonight was different.

JARVIS: “There doesn’t seem to be any answer.” Not unusual. I mean, she was on an assignment. Maybe she was just busy. “Shall I try again?”

You: “No, that's alright. Leave a message and we’ll check again in the morning.”

JARVIS: “Will do sir.” I headed to bed. All the while though, I couldn't shake this feeling of unease. Something weighed heavily in the pit of my stomach. And it sat there until I finally fell into uneasy sleep. It wasn’t until the next morning that I found out why.

JARVIS: “Sir, Sir. Mr. Stark, (Y/N)!”

You: “Wha.. what JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “The television.” I rubbed my eyes, attempting to wipe away the fog of sleep. God do I wish I hadn’t.

Mandarin: “Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher.” The Mandarin.. Wonderful. This ‘holy leader’ as he often liked to proclaim himself had been riling up the middle east for sometime now. From what little I knew about him, he was leader of the terrorist organization ‘The Ten Rings’. The same group of creations that abducted Tony and nearly cost me my leg back in 08’. It took everything I had in me to not fly over and blow them all to hell right now. But Natasha... and to a lesser extent, the US government, convinced me it was a bad idea. “America. Ready for another lesson?’ How exactly this person was able to hijack the American airwaves, I wasn’t entirely certain. But like I said, it wasn’t my business. “In 1864, in Sand Creek, Colorado, the US military waited until the friendly Cheyenne braves had all gone hunting. Waited to attack and slaughter the families left behind, and claim their land.” Wonderful, a history lesson. “39 hours ago, the Ali Al Salem Air base in Kuwait was attacked.” ….what? “I.. I… I did that. A quaint military church filled with wives and children, of course.” No. “The soldiers were out on Maneuvers. The Braves were away.” No, no, no. “President Ellis. You continue to resist my attempts to educate you, sir. And now you’ve missed me again. You know who I am. You don’t know where I am. And you’ll never see me coming.”  I just sat there in utter shock, unsure of how to process what had happened as the news teams tried to make sense of what had just been reported.

You: “JARVIS…. What base was Natasha stationed with?”

JARVIS: “Sir.. perhaps it is best to first process…”

You: “What. Base. JARVIS.”

JARVIS:” …..Ali Al Air base.” I flew from my bed, rushing to dress as quickly as I could.

You: “Prep the Mark 7 for immediate take off.”

JARVIS: “Sir, remember that you have prior engagements this…”

You: “Cancel them. All of them, this is far more important.”

JARVIS: “Sir..”

You: “I don’t care JARVIS.” I wrestled with the shirt I was trying to slip on, rushed as I was to get moving.”

JARVIS: “Sir, I’ve been locked out of the deployment system.” I stopped, my head stuck in the sleeve of my shirt.

You: “...what?”

JARVIS: “I cannot prep the Mark 7 for deployment. The system has been overridden.”

You: “By who?”

???: “I did.” I perked up, unable to recognize the voice that had spoken. “ I’m on the TV. I’ll let you get yourself...Oriented first.” I ripped off the shirt, foregoing getting fully dressed seeing as it seemed I wasn’t going anywhere. Looking to the TV, I was met with a man I did not recognize. He looked looked vaguely hispanic. Bald, with a thick pair of glasses. I immediately didn't like him.

You: “And just who the fuck are you?” He cleared his throat, his breath having caught at my derogatory statement.

???: “I’m agent Jasper Sitwell. I was brought on as Fury’s right hand after Agent Coulson’s… unfortunate passing.” I scoffed.

You: “So you’re Coulon’s replacement?”

Sitwell: “For lack of a better term… yes, I suppose I am. As such, Director Fury has assigned me to you. I’m to keep you out of trouble, just like Coulson did with your older brother.” I chuckled, a mocking smile growing across my face.

You: “Well, ‘Agent’ Sitwell.” I mocked. “Much as I appreciate it. I don’t need a babysitter. SO you can report back to Fury that I refused your services and that I left my house anyway. JARVIS have you been able to override S.H.I.E.L.D.’s lockout?”

JARVIS: “I can’t seen to sir. I am currently attempting to crack it, but the code is ever changing. I can't process it faster then it can generate.”

Sitwell: “Having trouble?” I turned back to the screen, Sitwell smirking rather smugly down at me. “Sorry Mr. Stark. But after reports of the Ali Al Air base bombing Fury had a feeling you’d go galavanting off. So he had me put you under House arrest.”

You: “House ARREST?” I clarified. “You realize I am still CEO of a multi-billion dollar international company. I have meetings to attend, product testings to oversee.”

Sitwell: “If I understand correctly. DIdn’t you and your brother just finish developing a holo projection room?” I was fuming now, I could literally feel my blood boiling away. “I’m sure it would take little effort on your part to have those holoprojectors installed into your offices.”

You: “Oh, you have ALL your bases covered then don’t ya?” He smirked, nodding his head twice before continuing.

Sitwell: “Pretty much. Now if you’ll excuse me, I do have better things to do then to babysit a 27 year old man. I’ll be checking in on you periodically, so please be sure to be… decent for next time.”

You: “Wait, just how long is this supposed to go on for?”

Sitwell: “Depends on how long this whole Mandarin fiasco goes on for.”

You: “So you have no idea how long this could go on for?” He shrugged his shoulders. His care free attitude getting deeper under my skin.

Sitwell: “Sorry.”

You: “Bull.”

Sitwell: “Alright fine. I’m not sorry.” He checked his watch. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I do have other things to do.”

You: “Wait.. wait.”

Sitwell: “What?”

You: “....have we… has S.H.I.E.L.D. heard anything from Agent Romanoff?”

Sitwell: “I’m afraid that’s..”

You: “If Fury has told you anything about me, you already know I’ll bug you night and day relentlessly until you tell me.” He sighed.

Sitwell: “Fury did tell me you had a knack for always getting what you want.” I cocked my brow. Lovely to know where I stood with him. “Fine. We haven't heard anything out of Agent Romanoff since before the bombing.” I felt my heart stop. “But… we checked the wreckage and didn't find her… remains.”

You: “Then, there’s a chance she's out there.”

Sitwell: “Before you get to excited… There weren’t ANY remains. The heat of the explosion was high enough to effectively vaporize anyone within its vicinity. Nothing but shadows where the casualties stood.”

You: “Is there anything you can give me?”

Sitwell: “Shadow count shows 22 bodies. And none fit her profile. But that doesn't account for all 35 reported civilians within the church at the time of the bombing. Including Agent Romanoff.”

You: “Gee, thanks for the reassuring information.”

Sitwell: “Hey, you’re the one that wanted to know. I’m just giving you the facts.”

You: “Fine. Whatever.” I waved him off. ‘You’re free to go.”

Sitwell: “Fury was right, you are an asshole.” I snorted.

You: “Hey Sitwell, do you like birds?” THe feed was cut before I could give him one. “Damn.” I turned, facing my bed. Then again, facing the door. Everything seemed so empty suddenly. I turned again, walking towards the nightstand I had propped against the bed, opened the drawer, and slipped out a small, black velvet box. “Great start to Christmas week.” I muttered.

JARVIS: “I’m sure Ms. Romanoff is just fine. SHe is after all quite the cunning woman. And has proven herself capable of avoiding danger time and time again.” I clicked the box open. “I am quite certain you will be able to give her your gift on Christmas morning as you had intended.”

You: “I hope so.” I snapped the box closed, slipping it back into the drawer before heading to the bathroom to get ready. “Do me a favor and call Pepper, let her know I’m not going to be able to physically make it to the meeting with the AIM guy.”

JARVIS: “Of course sir.”

You: ‘Oh, and get Happy to check and make sure that there are a set of holo projectors in the meeting room.”

JARVIS: “Right away.”

You: “Also, get Rhodey on the line for me.. I have a few things I want to discuss. Make sure it’s a secure line too. I don’t want diet Coulson to listen in on this.”

JARVIS: “Will do, I will inform you once the line has been opened.”

You: “Thanks JARVIS.”

JARVIS: “Always a pleasure.” As I slipped into the shower, the hot water battering against my back, my mind wandered again to Nat, and where she could be. Just praying that she was alright, and that she was on her way home.

You: “Just another Stark Christmas.”
And at long last, Chapter 1. Took me some time but I'm happy with how it turned out and I hope you all will enjoy it too.
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!!
I don't own the Avengers, Marvel, the images used, or you.
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