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(Your POV)

I was thankful Korra and the others were so understanding of my… incident. I hadn’t meant to impose my power on them but… something inside me… when Tarrlok threatened her.. it angered me. We all spent the next two weeks training. Day by day, I learned what each of my new students could do.. at no point did any of them ask what had happened that night.. though questions regarding my own abilities did come up from time to time. Still, as agreed, the five of us trained.


Mondays were reserved for Mako, teaching him much in the same way Iroh and I had taught Zuko when it came to his own lightning bending. On occasion we would focus more on his standard fire bending, but as requested it was his lightning bending that was first priority.

You: “The thing you need to realize about this Mako is that you’re effectively learning water bending.” We were currently standing across from each other, myself waving my arms slowly side to side with Mako mimicking my movements. My cane was sitting at my feet, never too far away in case of a relapse. “Your motions must be fluid, easy.. you must be calm and at peace.. Anger will only leave you unfocused and wild. As a result, so will your lightning be unfocused and wild.” He mimicked my motions well, moving slowly and calmly. I had to admit he was a lot easier to train than Zuko, but he was often distracted.. I could feel his thoughts, surrounding a certain dark haired young lady.. make that TWO certain dark haired young ladies. Mako was at a cross roads, his heart debating between Korra and Asami. As far as I could tell he felt like he truly did care for Asami, but his feelings for Korra were growing steadily. I had to keep him at basic levels, no actual lighting simply because I was afraid he was going to freak out emotionally.


Asami, as requested only wanted a sparring partner.. The two of us used the training arena to full effect, allowing her to punch and jab to her hearts content. Given how much I had healed it was much harder for her to land a decent blow against me, but not impossible. At least twice she had gotten me, both times in the chest. She had a surprising amount of force for someone her size. Like Mako though, her thoughts were clouded. Focusing on what she had witnessed the first night we all had gone on patrol together. She wasn’t blind after all, and I couldn’t help but feel bad for her. She was a sweet girl and she deserved a good relationship. I wanted to impart some advice regarding it, but two things stopped me. The first simply being, it wasn’t my business. If she wanted advice she could come to me but otherwise I decided to stay out of it. The second.. I wasn’t exactly one to talk about relationships.. I hadn’t been in one in a very, very, VERY long time. As such, I simply sparred with her on her day, letting her beat and punch her frustrations away. On occasion she would use that glove of hers, which I avoided specifically. The first time she had connected with me using it.. it wasn’t fun. It actually surprised me how much energy that little thing had. If the Equalists were using this and more.. I needed to be cautious.


You: “An Earth Bender needs to be solid on the ground at all times; they need to know where they are and what is around them always. An Earth Bender is strong. Not because they have muscle, but because they know they are. You are able to move the very world you live in.. and you.. BOLIN!! Pay Attention!!” I threw a small pebble at him, connecting with the back of his head.

Bolin: “I wasn’t ready!!” His head shot back around, standing at attention in front of me. I shook my head, a small smile on my face. Being the youngest of the four, I had expected Bolin to be a bit easily distracted.. but I hadn’t expected it to be this bad.. The odd thing was that I couldn’t find his mind as easily as the others. Thoughts were constantly running through his head, making it difficult to find exactly what it was that was pulling his mind elsewhere.

Like his older brother, he was surprisingly good with his bending despite the lack of formal training. But it was becoming a hassle trying to teach him with his focus constantly drifting away. So I decided to give him a bit of homework.  Pulling a metal spoon I had found in the kitchen from my pocket. I gave it to Bolin at the end of our first weekly session. Deciding the best way to get him to focus, was to give him something he truly wanted. Metal Bending.

You: “Here.” I held it out to him. Bending it telekinetically backwards myself first. Then handing him the bent spoon. “Feel the earth in the metal.. find it and will it to bend back.” He took the spoon, staring at it hard, wanting desperately to bend the metal back to its original form. I walked off for the day, leaving him with his spoon.


You: “Ikki sit down and eat.. No Meelo you can’t have a lightsaber it’s too dangerous.. Wait give it back!! Ikki stop chasing Pabu around he isn’t a stuffed animal!!... Has anyone seen where Jinora went?.. Meelo wait don’t use that to cut the pillar!!.... No you CAN’T use a lightsaber to shave your head!!... Jinora I don’t know anything about spirits… In fact I hate spirits.. Meelo go to the bathroom if you have to use it.. No you can’t just go in the bush!!.. I don’t care if your Grandpa had to that was a different time!!.. If I tell you all about how your Grandpa constantly tried to flirt with your Grandma and failed will you all PLEASE go to bed?? How do you three have so much energy!?!?!”

Thursday wasn’t something I wanted to talk about…. And I had to do it again next week.. and the week after that… Someone help me.


Much to my surprise.. Korra actually didn’t want to train on her day, apparently rather tired of training with Tenzin constantly. Instead she just wanted to spend a day together, just the two of us. She told me she wanted to get to know me as a person first. I agreed, it was her day after all and it was up to her how it was used. We talked a bit, learning little tidbits about our families and friends. I’ll admit I was rather reluctant to share much of my past. My history as Darth Vane wasn’t exactly a happy story, or a heroic one at that. It was dark, cruel, evil.. but there were certain points in my history that I felt alright to tell her. I told her about growing up back home.. My actual home. Well before I found the Star Gate tech or I became Darth Vane.. Well before I had met Aang and earned the moniker of Dark One. I told her about the orphanage I grew up in before I ran away at 14. I told her of the years I had spent with Aang and the others.

She told me about the day she discovered she was Avatar and how excited she was. She told me about her own parents and growing up in the Southern Water Tribe.. I learned she was an only child and that she had grown up with the Masters of the elements coming to her, rather than her going to find them. Apparently Aang had ordered the White Lotus to keep her at home and teach her there. I found that rather odd, given how well I knew Aang it seemed rather out of character. Then again he was eighteen the last time I saw him.. People change as the years go by.

Each night after training or babysitting the… wind blowers..*Shudder*.. was spent on patrol with the team, busting down Equalist mob rallies and Triad attacks alike. Tarrlok was noticeably absent from most of our little outings and I certainly hopped that was in part of the ‘warning’ I had given him. We spent a lot of time talking with each other. I would tell them stories of my time with the first team Avatar, of course only the funny or exciting ones, never the dangerous or depressing ones. I didn’t want to bring down the mood. We had fun together and slowly, I was beginning to feel like one of the crew.. just another friend.. that just so happened to be this all powerful near immortal being..

The following week went by much the same as the previous one. Teaching Mako on Monday, sparring with Asami on Tuesday. Wednesday went by a bit differently given that Bolin was still beyond focused on his spoon, so his session was simply trying to help him sense out the small bits of Earth still inside it. Thursday; *shudders.* Friday, was once again spent simply talking to Korra. Getting to know her.

One thing was different about her today though. She had a question on her mind, a burning one at that. With a little subtle nudging, she eventually felt comfortable asking.  

Korra: “Can you teach me how to use powers like yours?” It caught me off guard at first. She looked away, tucking her legs to her chin. “It’s just that.. Air Bending hasn’t been coming to me.. at all. I’m exhausted with it and no matter how hard I try.. I just can’t get it.”  Her eyes were filling with doubt again..

___: ‘Now might be the best time to talk to her about that question.’ The little voice prompted. I had to agree, her question about how she compared as an Avatar still burned in the back of my mind. I cautiously put my hand on her shoulder, silently asking her to look at me.

You: “Does this have anything to do with how you feel compared to Aang?” She looked at me, the beginning of tears building in her eyes. I sighed before continuing. “Korra.. I want to tell you something important.. something you may not like or that may frustrate you.. But I think you need to hear this.” She didn’t speak up, instead turning slightly to give me her full attention. “You’re nothing like Aang.. Nor will you ever be like Aang. You will never be an Avatar like Aang.” Those tears began welling again, so I rushed to continue my statement. “And that’s a good thing.” The tears didn’t stop, but a look of confusion mixed in with them. “Korra. You can’t be like Aang because you aren’t Aang. You’re Korra. Just like Aang couldn’t be like Avatar Roku or he couldn’t be like Avatar Kioshi. You can’t go your life comparing yourself to the previous Avatars because then you will lose sight of what is ahead of you.. You are the Avatar.. that is all that makes you like those before you… Nothing else ties you to them; nothing else makes you like them.” I reached out, gently wiping the tear that had escaped her eye. “You Korra, are your own person.. No one, not Tenzin, not Katara, not me, not anyone expects you to be Aang. We expect you to be Korra.. and to be the best Korra you can be.” She chuckled lightly at that. “Air Bending is only so hard for you to get because it expects you to be calm and level headed.. You are a fiery young woman with a lot of spirit. You’re quick to fight and to protect.. both qualities I admire in you.” Her smile returned.. that bea..

___: 'What are you..’ I mentally smacked the voice away before it could ask its question.

Korra: “Thank you.. for believing in me.” She leaned over, wrapping her arms around my neck lightly. I stiffened a bit, not exactly used to this kind of contact. But I returned the gesture none the less.

You: “Nothing to it.. You make it easy to do so.” She chuckled again and pulled away.

Korra: “So about those powers..” I had to admit.. it was an interesting thought, the idea of teaching the Avatar the ways of the force.. could it even be done? I mean our powers were rather similar.. and the energy she is connected to is similar to the one I am connected to.. "I know what it feels like to bend the four main elements, but to be able to move things with my mind, I can’t comprehend that. What is that like?” It was worth a shot I suppose.

You: "The first thing I’m gonna tell you is that manipulating the force to your will, while similar to bending the elements, is a different course that requires different circumstances. Being force sensitive in a way is like being able to reach out and touch anything without having to physically touch it. Not to mention it allows you to move objects you physically couldn’t. Take a look at the cars in the city.” I gestured to the cityscape before us. “Now look at me, I’m in pretty decent shape right? But looking at someone built like me trying to lift a car, not to mention THROW it. Sounds a bit ridiculous don’t it?” She nodded in agreement. “The force, I suppose you could compare to any muscle, it grows stronger the more you flex it, the more you train with it. But unlike a bodily muscle, it has no physical limitation, because it isn’t physical.”

Korra: "So, because I’m not force sensitive, will that limit what you could teach me?” A reasonable question, it’s actually the same question Aang had asked me when I first started training him.

You: “Hmmm, Yes and No. There are many abilities the force grants that are comparable to those that any bender can pull off with the proper training. You however are a special case.” She looked at me confused. I continued. “As Avatar, the bridge between the spirit realm and this one, you have a deeper connection with not only the elements, but the world around you. You, in a way, are connected to everything. Much like how the force binds all things, so does the energy that connects this world and the Spirit World. As the Bridge, you are in a unique position to tap into that energy in ways no one else can. Sure I can teach you to shoot lightning, or rip airships from the sky, but I could do that with Mako and Bolin too. With you, I can teach you so much more. And I intend to.” I smiled at her and she smiled back. She tapped her chin in thought, likely looking for another question to ask.

Korra: "Can you change the intensity of your lightning? Like can you pull back so much you just shock people, or make huge lightning storms? OOO!! Can you teach me to do that!?” She asked a bit enthusiastically. I chuckled at her wonderment of my abilities and teaching

You: “Yes, yes, yes and…kinda.” She looked to me a bit deflated at that last bit. “Manipulating lightning for benders is different than manipulating it for force wielders. When General Iroh and I would talk this was one of the topics we came to on more than one occasion. See, for a bender, you have to build the energy inside you, allowing it to pool in your stomach before releasing it into the air, the more you pool the more powerful it can be. For a force wielder, we are able to call upon the natural electrical impulses that flow in our bodies and direct it through us without worrying about any internal damage. I can definitely teach you how to direct and redirect lightning like a bender, but to do so like a force wielder is a completely different class of skill. Not to mention the ability to take control of it and adjust its intensity, where as a bender can only really direct it.” She looked at me a bit wide eyed.

Korra: “What was General Iroh like!?” And an entire self-contained lesson right out the window. I chuckled to myself. She will listen properly when the time comes. Until then I’ll humor her with a few more stories.

We sat and talked through most of the day. As night fell and it was nearing time for us to meet with the others for our nightly patrol, Korra presented a rather interesting question to me.

Korra: "What do you do when you like someone?" I was taken aback. My social skills hadn’t really been up to par in a while, but I replied.

You: “It kinda depends on the situation really, what you can, should and will do can vary drastically. Who do you like?" I asked calmly. I already knew who it was, a certain orange eyed boy with a slight attitude problem.

Korra: "Mako... I know he's with Asami but… I can’t help but feel like there’s something between us." She finished looking at the ground. She seemed slightly ashamed, as if her feelings were causing someone great pain. I suppose I could understand, emotion is certainly a difficult thing to understand, much less control. I took a deep breath before continuing this impromptu therapy session.

You: "Well Korra, what do you like about him?" She looked back at me. She seems to think for a moment and then replies.

Korra: "He's pretty good looking... And he’s a sweet guy.. a great fighter and a great friend." She replied. "What do you think?" She asked. Oh my.

You: “Well, uh.. I mean he isn’t unattractive. That is to say I may not be attracted to him myself but I could certainly see why you may….” She put a hand on my arm to stop me, chuckling slightly.

Korra: “No goof, I mean what do you think of the situation.” I breathed a sigh of relief.

You: “Oh sweet mercy thank you.” I paused, trying to think of my next answer with great care. I suppose I could simply allow the situation to play out, I mean given how often Korra is on Mako’s mind, it’s easy to assume the two may end up together anyway. Thing is if I let her act on these feelings I would be a bit of a hypocrite, having myself stated I would never do such a thing were someone I was attracted to in a relationship. Not that I was attracted to Asami. She certainly was beautiful, but something about her made me care for her more as a sister than a potential relationship. "You want me to be honest with you? Or would you rather I lie? I am a damn convincing liar so you may believe what I say, though it may be only what you want to hear rather than what needs to be heard.” She answered that she wanted the truth. She was a steady no nonsense woman I’ll give her that, but she was still naïve to the way love works. At least that’s what I picked up on. She hadn’t ever mentioned any prior relationships at any point in our conversation. It may hurt to hear what I had to tell her. But it could help her move in the right direction in the long run. "A relationship should be based on more than looks alone. While I myself have admittedly started more than one relationship based on looks, I always ensured that the growth of said relationship was due to more than that. Common interests, mutual understanding, hell even the ability to fight over differing points of view yet still being able to see the person for more than just their opinions. I’m not going to tell you not to do it. I’m not your (father/mother) I can’t make you do anything. But I know that you and Mako have been friends for a while now, and as such have had some time to get to know one another. If you feel strongly about this, then perhaps it is something to pursue. But you must keep in mind who this is affecting, your decisions may not just affect you and Mako, they likely will affect Asami as well. If you feel as if you cannot deal with the fall-out of that choice, then perhaps it would not be best to act on it. I’m not going to judge you either way. But that was my two cents on the subject.” She looked at me wide eyed. She's either pissed or surprised. She then spoke.

Korra: "Well at least you won't judge me. Thank you for your honesty, it's kinda refreshing. ….I'll consider what you said but…. I would be lying if I said I didn’t still want to try with him." She finished standing up. I just shrugged my shoulders. Not a big deal to me either way. I said my piece; it’s up to her to do with it what she will.

You: "Like I said I won't judge. I wish you the best of luck with it. As for the honesty bit. You say it's refreshing but I have learned that there is a time and a place for it. ‘No Tenzin, of course your arrow is straight!’ ‘No, of course you’re not annoying me with your constant questions Ikki.’ ‘What, vegetables again? Why thank you Pema, no meat is my favorite diet’.” I hadn’t meant to let that last one slip. Korra chuckled and patted me on the chest.

Korra: “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Pema you said that. Trust me there have been days where I have thought the same thing.” She began laughing and I soon joined her. After we calmed down we started heading to the dock to meet the others for the night. “So (F/N), that ability you have to be able to feel out peoples thoughts. Is that something you can teach me?” She looked at me with a mischievous grin on her face. I chuckled then replied.

You: “Korra my dear, that’s not a force ability, that’s just people being easy to read.” We both laughed at that.

The following morning I decided to have a little impromptu training session with the students. Since Korra and Tenzin were currently using the training grounds I had the other three meet me in the court yard. It wasn’t the best but it was large enough for what I was intending today. I called all three of them at the same time, something which greatly confused them all. I shook my head and before they had a chance to ask I explained the situation.

You: “The three of you have progressed faster than I had originally expected, with the exception of Asami, your lack of formal training has not inhibited you at all. But one thing I have noticed was that you lack one crucial thing.” The looked at me but didn’t speak, waiting respectfully for their master to finish. “Team work.” They attempted to protest but I raised my hand, silently requesting for them to let me finish. “I didn’t say you didn’t know how to work together. Your friendship with each other and dedication towards one another certainly proves you have the beginnings of what I mean. But you lack the ability to fight together, to fight as one singular being. And before you argue that bending tournament you and Mako participate in Bolin, I mean in an actual fight.” I shut Bolin’s protest down before he could bring it up. “I think however it would be better to show you rather than simply tell you.”

I turned and walk to the other end of the court yard, when I reach the end I turn back to them, and bow to them as I had before each lesson. They look to each other confused but bow back none the less. I then straightened myself and spoke.

You: “I am ready. Attack as One.” I request of them.

They all looked to each other, as if they didn’t understand. Mako however, hothead that he is makes the first move. He shoots a fire fist at me, which I easily dodged, than swipes a fire kick at my legs, which I again side step. Soon Bolin joins in, sending a wave to my left. I jump it then dodge the rocks he had tossed toward me. Asami had taken the distraction as opportunity and attempted to engage me in close quarters. Jabbing to my left and right, then attempting to sweep my legs. I dodge the jabs easily and use my cane to stop her leg sweep. More fire shots whizz towards me, all of which I moved smoothly to avoid. Only one is able to come close as it grazes the side of my leg. I smirked, I hadn’t even begun to counter attack, I could see the frustration in my students faces.

You: “Come now, I know I’m training the three of you better than this.” I jabbed. Soon they all came at me at once. Finally, now they were getting serious.

Asami came in close with a few jabs and some sidekicks to my hip. I blocked each one using either my arms or cane. I caught her final kick and used the momentum to swing her to the side. A few rocks flew by me and I danced around each one. A smaller one came close and as I spun to avoid it, I caught it and used the momentum of the spin to throw it back at Bolin. He summoned a rock wall to defend himself, which he then sent sliding at me. I jumped it and as I did a wave of fire flew above my head, I quickly ducked and rushed Mako, forcing him into close quarters combat. I jabbed him a few times and he backed away holding his sides. I heard a grunt and it seemed Asami had finally recovered, attempting the catch me in the back. I jumped up and over her as her own momentum carried her forward. However as soon as I landed the earth beneath me gave way and shot me into the sky, I flipped and landed on solid ground, a thin pillar of earth standing before me. I soon felt the earth beneath me shake as Bolin attempted this again. I side stepped each one. It was at this point that I begin actually instructing.

You: “Bolin, your only using what you have in front of you, remember that as an earth bender you have access to nearly all your surroundings.” I say as I dodge a few more flying rocks. “Use what you have access to, try to not focus on what is in front of you but what is around your opponent.” I dodge another rock and swing my cane at Bolin’s side, it connects and he takes a knee.  Next up was Mako, as he tossed a few more fire fists at me, I spoke as I dodged.

You: “Mako, I know you know how to do more than simple fire fists, combine your skills. It doesn’t have to be one fluid motion but try to use one technique to throw off an opponent then use another to actually strike.” He takes my advice and throws another fire fist, followed by two sweeping kicks. One towards my legs and one at my head. ‘Much better’ I think as I glide between the two waves. I take a few jabs at him and like his brother he falls to his knees. Then of course, last but not least…Asami attempts to jab at me from behind again, but this time I spin to catch it. She swings her leg towards mine and I block with my cane. I release her and begin with her instruction.

You: “Striking someone from behind is a good strategy if you’re trying to be sneaky, but you have to remember to read your opponent. Make sure they can’t hear you coming; otherwise it is best to engage head on. Your technique is good, but you are more worried about whether or not I will strike rather than with what strike you will use next. Only worry about your opponents strikes when you see them ready to do so, otherwise focus on your own motions and try and take them down before they have the opportunity.” I swing my cane to her left shoulder and she catches it, then rips it from my hand and uses it to attempt to hit me back. I catch it, smirking all the while “Much better.” She smirks back and holds the other end of my cane firmly. I hear the rumbling of the ground behind me, then see several rocks fly towards me from behind Asami. I release the cane and move to dodge only to have the ground beneath my feet shift. As I move to recover, a fire pillar comes at me from the side, catching me off guard, I allow myself to slide with the shifting earth to avoid the pillar. Once clear I stand and see all three students, side by side in a ready stance. Asami tosses me back my cane and smirks. I smirk back. ‘Perhaps I had underestimated their ability to fight together. Kids these days, just full of surprises.’ I ready myself again and motion for them to continue. ‘Time to really test them.’

Bolin moves first shifting one of the courtyard pillars behind be to rush forward, I spin to dodge and as I come back around the other side, I find Asami moving to take a swing at my face, I side step her and use her momentum to toss her towards Bolin, who easily catches her. Mako took advantage and rushed me, he jumps and brings his foot down on top of me, I duck and slide under him, he stands and turns, going for a close quarters strike versus his usual distance. He swings a few times at me which I either dodge or block; as he swings again I grab his fist and duck down. His face is met with the punch Asami had meant for me. His head snaps back but he recovers quickly, sending two more waves of fire after me, I shove Asami out of the way before dodging myself, allowing the waves to rush towards Bolin. Bolin moves to defend himself, a rock wall formed to stop the wave. When it drops, I grab his arm and fling him over my side at Mako. Mako attempts to catch Bolin, but they both go down with the momentum. Asami Recovers and tries to jab at me again, this time however I grab her and flip her around, tossing her to Bolin and Mako’s Dog pile. Once she lands on them I know they are finished. All groaning in protest. I stroll up to them, reaching my hand out to help them up one by one.

You: “You three did very well today.” The all groaned again, apparently convinced of the opposite.

Bolin: “You just got finished tossing us around like potato sacks. I wouldn’t exactly call that ‘well’”. He air quoted the word well.

You: “True you three did kind of fall apart at the end there, but I expected you too.”

Mako: “if you expected us to fail, then why make us fight alongside each other at all?”

You: “To teach you something, at the beginning you three had me backed against a wall multiple times. True I was only dodging at that point, but you three came together and used each other’s movements to your own advantage. You impressed me to say the least.”

Asami: “Yeah, but?”

You: “But, once I went on the offensive and started using your own momentum against you, you started to lose control. The one thing you need to keep in mind when fighting as a team is where your team members are. That’s the problem with group fighting. True you can gang up on opponents and really give them a hard time like you were able to at first. But you can also hurt your team mates if you’re not careful. Mako over there seems to have learned that lesson quick.” I pointed to Mako who was currently holding his nose. Asami rushed over to him to make sure he was ok. Aahh to be young and in love. “My point is, the purpose of this exercise is to show that while you may grow individually, you must learn to grow together, develop techniques that complement each other’s moves, learn to communicate with each other so that you know where your team mates are at all times. Once you can do that, it will be easier to take on large groups of opponents at once, or even take on one very skilled one.” I smirked at that last bit; the three of them chuckled, though I could tell they were still a bit miffed. I heard clapping behind me and turned to find the source. It seems Tenzin and Korra had finished their training and had come to watch ours.

Tenzin: “That is very wise council, Master (L/N).” I chuckled at that but nodded my head in thanks.

Korra: “You really are as good as Tenzin said you are. He had told me some stories that Aang had told him, but they’re nothing compared to the actual thing.” I nearly blushed at the praise, bowing low and dramatically to hide it. I turned to the others and bowed to them, signaling the end of the session. They bowed back.

You: “Weekly training will still be in effect, but I think this Saturday group training will be a good thing to keep up. However just because I may not be calling you for your training day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice. Like I said, talk with each other, learn each other’s skills and help each other develop.” They all nodded there heads in agreement and made to leave. I turned back to Korra and Tenzin to speak to them again.

You: “So Tenzin, when will you be allowing our Avatar here to join in on our sparing matches?” I grinned at him.

Tenzin: “Actually, Korra told me about the conversation you had had with her last night.. and while her Air Bending skills may not have come yet. I think it may be a good idea for her to start learning what you have to teach as well.” I was taken aback by his words; I hadn’t actually thought he would let me train her in my ways. But I smiled none the less and agreed to his offer.

You: “If you believe it best then I would most certainly oblige, that is of course if you agree Korra?”

Korra: “Actually I’m pretty excited to start training with you. I think it would be good for me.”

You: “I certainly agree. I think…” I didn’t have a chance to finish my sentence before I was bombarded by three small objects.

???: “Triple air attack!!!” That’s all I heard before I was tossed to the floor, three tiny children tackling me at once, wearing familiar colored robes. All screaming and laughing, apparently someone had blabbed about my team work training.

You: “Ahh!!! Korra! Tenzin!! Help, I’ve been mauled by three tiny flying creatures!” I yelled. All I could hear over the screeching of children was there laughter. They found this funny? “Help!! Cripple In need!!” They didn’t help, instead opting to allow the children to have their fun. “Ahhh!!” I had gotten one of my hands free and began franticly waving in an effort to grab hold of something. And to think, Pema has another one on the way. Someone save me. “Ahhh!!!”
And the Training begins.
As always let me know what you think in the comments below.. and be sure to let me know what you thought of my fight commentary!!
I don't own Legend of Korra, The Last Air Bender, Star Wars, the Images used, or you
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