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(Your POV)

I awoke the following morning a bit uneasily, having apparently fallen asleep outside. The sun was rising but had barley crested over the horizon, so chances were everyone else was still asleep. Given how long it had been since I had been with my powers, I felt now was the perfect time to brush up on some of my old skills. I made way to the kitchen I had found last night to grab water first, and as I made my way to the meditation garden I called my Saber to me. I reached out, directing it down the halls seamlessly from the healing room. I sat in the center of the garden, the sun light washing over me as it rose and a small tree behind me. I set my saber in front of me, resting it in the grass as I closed my eyes. Raising my head to the sky, I reached out and towards my saber. I breathed out, willing my saber to lift up off the ground and into the air. Slowly dismantling it and revealing the twin crimson crystals inside. There was an unusual amount of sand inside. Likely there from when I had landed in the desert. With enough focus though I was able to separate each grain from the inner pieces. The Kyber crystals were still perfectly formed. No cracks or scratches which was good. I didn’t know if it would be possible to replace them in this world. The focusing crystals were very much the same. No Cracks or scratches to be felt, though they could do with a good cleaning.  

At some point I had become so disconnected that I had begun lifting myself into the air along with my saber. Still focused on my meditation practice, I didn’t notice my audience until half way through my check list. I floated back down, my saber coming back together as I floated down and landed on the floor.  I opened my eyes and saw Korra, Tenzin, his three children, their mother, Asami, Mako and Bolin staring at me wide eyed. I stared at them for a moment, taking in the scene. I felt a sense of nostalgia wash over me as I recalled the last time someone looked at me with such astonishment. Ashara, my poor Ashara. As her memory flooded back, tears begin to form in my eyes. However I collected myself and wiped them away. Collecting my new cane, I grabbed my saber and strapped it to my belt. Thankfully my saber clip had survived; my belt however could be replaced. I began walking toward them, a smirk playing at my lips.

(Jinora’s POV)

Grandpa Aang and Grandma Katara had told us stories.. but this was a whole other thing all together. For (him/her) to be so in tune with the energy around (him/her) to be able to do what (he/she) just did. It was pretty amazing. (He/She) was levitating (himself/herself) in deep meditation, opening the strange metal piece (he/she) called a ‘lightsaber’ in front of (him/her) in many ways, almost like a puzzle box. Once (he/she) landed on the ground, (his/her) eyes opened, revealing (his/her) eyes to be a (E/C) color rather than the yellow we had all noticed.. I had to remember to ask about that. (He/She) stared at us for a bit, a small tear forming in the corner of (his/her) eye. (He/She) wiped it away but I could see the hurt in (his/her) stare all the same. I walked up to (him/her), mom tried to stop me but dad put his hand on her shoulder, letting me press forward. I walked up slowly, coming to stand directly in front of (him/her). (He/She) looked down at me, a smirk on (his/her) lips. (He/She) kneeled down, as if (he/she) expected me to ask a question. Once in range though, I wrapped my arms around (his/her) neck. (He/She) stiffened a bit at the contact, but soon (his/her) own arms wrapped lightly around me. I could feel the turmoil in (his/her) mind, like a storm of pain and regret fighting to be released. The others walked up to us slowly. Meelo and Ikki joining me in the hug I had brought (F/N) into. Dad put his hand on (his/her) shoulder, attempting to impart his own form of comfort. Soon, (he/she) pulled away, that smirk still on (his/her) lips.

You: "Sorry everyone. I didn’t mean to take up the meditation grounds for myself. I just figured it would be the best place to start rebuilding my strength.” (He/She) beat (his/her) chest lightly, attempting to hide the sorrow behind a smile. “I’ll go, let you all do… whatever it is you do.” Believing we had been convinced (he/she) was fine, (he/she) attempted to leave. It was
Korra that stopped (him/her).

Korra: “Who’s Ashara?” (He/She) had been whispering the name while asleep in the healing pool, and dad mentioned (he/she) had woken up screaming it. Korra believed it may be the source of (his/her) pain. (He/She) sighed and looked at us, (his/her) hands threading over the head of (his/her) new cane.

You: “You’re not going to let me go until I tell you are you?” Korra shook her head. A smirk played at her lips. Again (he/she) sighed. "Very well, I'll tell you the story..." (He/She) sounded hesitant at first, but relented. Waving us all to follow as (he/she) made (his/her) way back inside.

(Your POV)

Figures Korra would be the one to ask about it.. Aang always was good at picking up on everyone else’s problems.. Thing is he never, ever made a move to out it unless the person with the problem wanted too. I suppose I should have expected Korra to be the EXACT opposite… Hot headed where he was calm.. Fiery where he was reserved… Stubborn where he was reasonable.. I had to admit.. I rather liked those qualities in her… wait… what?

___: ‘What the hell were you thinking just now?’ The little voice was back.. and I couldn’t answer it, out loud or otherwise.. I had no response.. and no clue what I was just thinking. I brushed it away. Making my way back towards the kitchen I had found last night.

I sat at the far end of the table, allowing everyone else to take seats before I started. Tenzin sat himself to my left, Korra to my right. His family sat lined up by his side while her team sat with her. I sighed.. preparing myself to retell the madness I was about to relive..

You: “First.. I’ll need a sheet of paper.. and something to draw with..”  They looked at me confused.. Thankfully Ikki was all too happy to comply, rushing off to her room before returning a few moments later. Paper and pen in hand and a wide smile on her face. “Thank you Ikki.” She beamed as I took the sheet from her hand, then returned to her seat. “The reason I need this is because I’m not explaining what a Togruta looks like.. But I know you’re going to ask, so I’ll just show you..” Those that had their mouths open in question quickly closed them. “Her name was Ashara.. and she was my daughter.” I began to draw; easily bringing to memory the face that had haunted me every waking moment of my time in that cell.

*Flash Back*

-Planet Coruscant-
-Senate Building-

(Your POV)

I wasn’t sure how many of these I had signed… but I’m fairly certain I would be suffering from arthritis because of these damn… My god I have Alzheimer’s too. I even can’t remember what I was READING!!

I sighed heavily, drawing the attention of the Togruta girl currently lying back on the couch in my office.

Ashara: “Forgot where you were again old (man/lady)?” I looked up, an unamused look on my face.. She just smirked at me... I couldn’t be mad at her. Ashara.. my little girl.. Though I couldn’t really call her that any more could I? Almost twenty seven now, older than my physical age of twenty four. But far younger than my actual age.. Every day I was so thankful for the time discrepancies that kept me young. I don’t think I could deal with wrinkles and gray hair.. My Vanity at play I suppose.. Maybe that’s why Plagueis gave me the name Darth Vane. Whatever. He was dead, I wasn’t. “Or are you finally as bored as I am of sitting in this office, instead of back home?” I was broken from my brief moment of remembrance.. right, Ashara was still talking to me.

She had a smile on her face, a genuine one. Not one of those fake smiles she had on when we spoke to the Jedi or in front of the Republic Senate. I sat back in my chair, tenting my fingers above the desk. Eighteen years I have raised this girl. Eighteen years since I found her enslaved on Eriadu, growing too quickly for my tastes into a powerful force wielder in her own right.

You: “Patience Ashara.. We’ll be headed home soon. We just need to wait for the senate meeting.. tell the Republic off like we usually do and we can go right back home to Lehon. Encroaching on Republic territory through political propaganda just like always.” She rolled her eyes, but smiled none the less.

Ashara: “You above all people shouldn’t be preaching patience… Lord Vane.” My smile faltered a bit at that.. I had actually gotten rather tired of my Sith title over the years.. and I never wanted that life for her… That was always the one thing I kept from Ashara.. Sure I trained her and it showed. She was more powerful a force wielder than any her age. But I never, never taught her the way of the Sith. Ever.

You: “Ashara…” She cut me off.

Ashara: “Yeah, yeah I know.” She waved her arm at me dismissively. “Patience is my way.. just because it isn’t yours doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mine.” She quoted me sarcastically. “I don’t know why you’re so afraid of letting me into the vault.” I stood from the desk, walking around to stand in front of her. I kneeled down, making sure I was eye level with her rather than standing above.

You: “The vault is closed off for a reason..” I sighed. “I made a mistake letting myself dwell in that kind of knowledge.. The secrets of the dark side should be just that.. a secret. One I hope will die with me when my time comes.” She scoffed lightly, a smirk playing at her lips.

Ashara: “Right… because you of all people are so accepting of ‘your time’.” She air quoted the phrase. I smirked.

You: “I don’t know how in the galaxy you became such a sassy little pain in my ass.” She smirked again, her eyes coming to rest on mine.

Ashara: “Easy.. You raised me.” That’s my girl. I leaned forward and hugged her lightly. “Love you too (dad/mom).” I stood after she released me from her own hug, making my way back to the desk. Stopping when a cold chill ran down my spine. I turned to my daughter. She had felt it to, her eyes wide in confusion.

You: “Am I going crazy or did that feel..” I didn’t get to finish, the doors to my senate office sliding open. Revealing fifteen Jedi Knights marching inside lead by Master Windu. “Windu…” I greeted lightly, turning to continue my path to my desk. “Come to accuse me of breaking the treaty again? I have to say you brought a lot more back up this time.. Afraid this may get messy?” I smirked as I sat at my desk. Ashara stood from the couch and came to stand next to me. Unlike me though, she wasn’t amused, a scowl on her face. She never liked Windu all that much. To be honest neither did I.

Windu: “Darth Vane… Grand Supreme Admiral of the Galactic Empire, Dark Lord of the Sith.. You are under arrest.” My smirk fell, coming to reflect the scowl Ashara wore.

You: “I’m sorry I must have something in my ear.” I stuck my gloved pinky in my ear, attempting to remove whatever had made me mishear him. “It sounded like you were breaking the treaty the Empire has with YOUR Republic.”

???: “Actually.” My spine tensed… no. “The Republic.. has just signed a new treaty… with me..” No.. It wasn’t possible. The Jedi parted, allowing… him to stroll through the door. “Hello.. Vane..”

Even under the heavy black hood I could see that twisted smile, his yellow eyes burning from the shadow the hood created.

You: “Sidious… but.. but how?” I stuttered.. befuddled at the appearance of my oldest rival.. my DEAD rival. He chuckled darkly.

Sidious: “You were not the only one to experiment with the force.. long before you ‘assassinated’ me.. I had developed a way to transcend the limits of my body… in my own way.. I have become… immortal.” He spoke slowly, softly yet with purpose..  I looked to Windu.

You: “What the hell are you doing? GET HIM!!” I pointed harshly at the decrepit creature, demanding Windu.. a JEDI, take Sidious into custody. Windu just stood there, a scowl ever present on his face. Sidious cackled loudly, clapping his hands together.

Sidious: “You seem to be confused… as per usual… you fail to see the obvious truth.. Master Windu is here to arrest one Sith and one Sith only.. you..” He pointed at me. “Upon my return… I became acquainted with the new Chancellor… learning quickly that you had turned MY Empire.. into some.. poultry laughing stock… I could not have it.. so I brokered a new deal with the Chancellor… In exchange for your immediate arrest.. I would take possession of the Imperial Throne and remove the Empire from all territories within the Galaxy.. then… using your ‘Star Gate’ technology.. I would leave this Galaxy.. Laying claim to one of my own… while leaving this one to the Republic..” It was bull.. I knew a con when I saw one. Again my eyes fell on Windu.

You: “You can’t seriously believe this.. This monstrosity.. that took an entire Galaxy.. that enslaved countless people.. Destroyed entire planets…”

Windu: “The Chancellor…” He cut me off. “Fails to see the difference between you and he.” He paused of a moment, but not enough for me to get a word in. “In fact it was the belief of the Chancellor and the Council that you were the greater of two evils.. Letting Palatine..” It did not escape me that he refused to call Sidious by his Sith name, yet all to eagerly called me by mine. “Take control of a different Galaxy, a different dimension is a small price to pay for your removal… Now.” His mechanical hand pulled his lightsaber from his waist, activating it... the other fifteen knights doing the same. “Come quietly, and no one needs to be hurt.” I scowled, I could feel the Mask falling from my face. My naturally yellow eyes shining though my (E/C) ones.

You: “If you think for one moment I am going to let you stick me on some spice mine prison you are a much dumber man than I took you for.” Again Sidious cackled.

Sidious: “Here we are again.. you missing the true point.. like always. You are not to be imprisoned here.” He smiled maliciously. “We have found a.. more suitable prison for you.. and your ‘apprentice’.” He shot Ashara a dirty look.. It only served to anger me.. Still he continued to explain. “Your ‘Star Gate’ technology has opened new avenues.. new opportunities with which to prolong your punishment.” He smiled, his eyes coming to rest on me. “In my own experiments… I came to find a lovely little world near the edge of time.. One where time moves in such a way.. that you will NEVER age.. you will NEVER die.. a world with no connection to the force..” My eyes widened.. no.. he wouldn’t.. “At last.. you see the full picture..” He cackled again.. That was the last straw for Ashara.. She grit her teeth, pulling her lightsaber from her waist and ignited it. She rushed Sidious, fully intent on striking him down.

You: “Ashara DON’T!!” She rose her lightsaber above her head.. and suddenly was pushed back. All sixteen Jedi in the room had extended their palms, moving to force Ashara back. The power behind the combined force push was too much though. Her back connected with the bay window.. immediately  shattering it. She fell out, and I jumped after her. I reached my hand out, begging to whoever could hear to let me grab her own outstretched hand. I was so close, my fingers just barely grazing hers. That’s when I stopped, suddenly caught in someone else’s force grip. She wasn’t so lucky. She kept falling, sheer terror in her eyes. “Ashara!! ASHARA!!” It was too late.. as I was pulled back through the window all I could hear was Sidious’s laughter.

*Present Day*

(Your POV)

You: “After that.. Sidious and the Jedi walked me through a gate.. locking me away in a world where I had no power, no influence.. No family.. I was there for… countless years. Time moved so differently. I Honestly don’t know how long I had been there before I escaped.. But while I was there.. I only ever thought of a few things.. The Republic that betrayed me.. How Sidious had gotten the upper hand so quickly.. about my position as a force  wielder…and how I had failed Ashara..” I finished the drawing, sliding it to the middle of the table so everyone could see. A Togruta girl with blue eyes, smiling lightly to everyone. “I left Darth Vane to die in that cell when I escaped. I didn’t want that life anymore.. The (man/woman) who conquered a galaxy.. That wasn’t me anymore.. I turned down a different path.. a better path.. That’s why I’m jumping through the gates now.. I need to put a stop to Sidious and his Empire.. because I knew he had lied when he supposedly signed that new treaty with the Chancellor. He wasn’t gonna give up a Galaxy so easily.”

(Tenzin's POV)

My god, all this time imprisoned, without any connection to (his/her) abilities. How has (he/she) not broken down? Years of waiting and plotting an escape only to find world after world of people in (his/her) way. How did (he/she) keep (his/her) sanity? After hearing this.. I understood why (he/she) was so suspicious of us at first.. Frankly had I been in (his/her) shoes I would have been too. I wasn’t entirely sure I agreed with what had transpired before, with (his/her) misdeeds as a ’Sith’ as (he/she) called it. But I didn’t know (him/her) as one. I knew (him/her) as (he/she) was now. I knew (him/her) through my father’s stories.. and I couldn’t help but feel that maybe (he/she) was being far too critical of (himself/herself). I wanted to help (him/her), and I will help (him/her) find the gate key. But what about with what happened to (his/her) apprentice? The woman (he/she) adopted as (his/her) daughter? I looked at the drawing.. She looked so normal, even though I knew she was an alien.. I knew that wasn’t what (he/she) saw. (He/She) loved this woman like (his/her) own. She WAS (his/her) daughter.

You: "So.... That's my story.... If.. if you want me to leave… I understand.. I’ll…” (He/She) couldn’t finish. This poor (man/woman).  (He/She) assumed that just because we had heard (his/her) previous misdeeds that we would want (him/her) gone. Like we were banishing a monster from our home.

Jinora was the first to stand from the table, walking over to where (F/N) sat. She hugged (him/her) lightly. (He/She) visibly stiffened at first, but soon made to return the gesture. I couldn’t help the small smile that passed my lips. Jinora was so much like my father, easily able to read when others were in pain. Something I often wished I had inherited myself. Korra was currently holding the drawing (F/N) had drawn, smiling lightly herself.

Korra: “She’s beautiful..”  (F/N) turned to her, smiling lightly.

You: “She really was…” (He/She) chuckled lightly. “She was the most stubborn, hard headed, sarcastic pain in the ass the Galaxy had ever seen.. and she was my little girl..”

Tenzin: “Sounds like someone else I know..” I hadn’t meant to let it slip, but somehow it had. My eyebrows rose as I turned to face who I was talking about. To my surprise, Korra was smirking.

Korra: “Sounds like she and I would have gotten along just fine then.”  The thought of a second Korra running around nearly scared me to death right there. It must have shone on my face because everyone began laughing. (F/N) included. “I wish I could have met her.” She turned to (him/her) handing the paper back.

You: “So do I.. It would have been interesting to see what kind of mischief the two of you would have gotten into.” (He/She) was still chuckling lightly. Soon though.. I could see the sadness return to (his/her) eyes. At least Korra was able to get (him/her) to smile.. if only for a little bit. Maybe she could help (him/her) the most.. I still offered to though.

Tenzin: "I am truly sorry child. If you ever want to talk though.. I’d be more than happy to listen to anything you had to say. I may not entirely understand the way (his/her) world works.. But I could always offer my compassion.. my support.

Everyone at the table slowly agreed, offering their own time to listen to (his/her) struggles. (He/She) looked around and smiled lightly. Surprisingly, (he/she) then began to chuckle, then full on laughing loudly. I looked confused.

Tenzin: “Why are you laughing so hard?” I was a bit peeved. Did (he/she) think we couldn’t help? That it was funny we would even try? (His/Her) laughter died down enough for (him/her) to speak.

You: “you…you called me child!!” (He/She) continued laughing then spoke again. “Tenzin, I may look young but I can guarantee I am easily twice times your age!” (F/N) continued to laugh. Oh, right. (He/She) was around when my father was just a teenager. (He/She) looks so young it’s difficult to picture (him/her) being around for so many years. Soon everyone joined in the laughter and even I chuckled at my mistake. Soon someone raised the question on everyone’s mind. Of course it was Brash Korra that brought it up.

Korra: “So….so how old are you exactly?” She blurted out still laughing.” (F/N) turned to her, eyes blazing. Everyone stopped and looked to see what (he/she) would do. Even Korra looked a bit concerned. Then the stoic look on (his/her) face cracked and (he/she) began laughing again, as did we all.

You: “Don’t you know it’s impolite to ask someone there age!?!?”
Like CH 4, this one offers a bit more back story an history regarding the reader and some motivation behind looking for the keys.. I will eventually be explaining the time discrepancies, though that may not be for a couple chapters. Or I may just write a separate thing all together for it.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below.
I don't own Legend of Korra, The last Air Bender, Star Wars, or you
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