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(Your POV)

The vision continued to replay in front of me over and over. Sidious, waltzing into my office on Coruscant, Jedi surrounding me on all sides. Sidious’ cackle as Ashara charges him, Lightsaber in hand. ‘Ashara DON’T!!’ But it’s too late. He raises his hands in defense but it wasn’t him that pushed her. Jedi, more than needed, summoning the force to push her back. Shooting her like a blaster bolt back against, and through the window, shattering it. I jumped out after her, reaching out to grab her while I try to find solid ground on the side of the building. I nearly have her, my fingers just grazing hers as she falls. Then something pulls me back. An invisible force pulling me back through the window, like chains binding me to it. She falls, and all I can see is the look of sheer terror in her eyes, my own welling with tears. I scream but it’s already too late. ‘Ashara! Ashara!’

You: “Ashara!!!” I shot up, my eyes flying open. I was coated I sweat…wait, no that’s not sweat, that’s water. I looked down to see myself in some shallow pool. I breathed heavily, trying to calm myself as I looked around for any clue as to where I was. The walls, while bare I noticed to be a similar color to the Air Bender temple. The temple, I began to remember, Tenzin marching up to me, I force pushed him away. My cane fell out from under me, my knees buckling from exhaustion. I had fallen to the floor and blacked out. I raised my hand to my face and yelped. Right, I had fallen on my nose, likely broken.

There were windows to my right, but no sun light pouring in. I wondered how long I had been out. I then noticed that I was almost completely naked. Save for my undergarments, which (itself was/ they themselves were) thoroughly soaked. For a moment I panicked, thinking they had taken it.. but no. It was still there on my hand. On my right middle finger was my black ring, the Black crystal still on it. I sighed in relief.. of everything I needed when I made it home.. that was the most important.

I continued my search for the rest of my things, noticing not only were my clothes gone, but my Saber can was as well.  Damn, no clothes and no way to walk.. I suppose I could limp out, maybe fashion a new cane from a tree branch or something.. But that still left me with the issue of my state of undress. I lied back in the pool, deciding to take advantage of the situation at hand. While the pain in my leg and nose was still evident, the rest of my body seemed pleasantly relaxed. I wasn’t sure what was in this water, but it felt great.

Tenzin: “Enjoying your little swim?” My eyes shot open, jerking upright in the water yet again. Tenzin had somehow walked into the room soundlessly, he was standing at the end of the pool. I groaned, closing my eyes and lying back again.

You: “So this is how it is huh? Fix me up so you can beat me down properly? You should have ended me while I was out.” I open my eyes to gauge his reaction. His face was placid. I was confused, he sighed and walked up the side of the pool near my face. Pulling a chair out, he sat.

Tenzin: “If I’m being honest with you, I wanted you out of this temple as soon as possible. After you collapsed I wanted you to be sent to prison. Don’t get me wrong I wanted you healed, but not here. Korra, Asami, even Mako though. They all spoke in your defense.” I made to speak but he raised his hand, silently asking me to let him finish. I gestured for him to continue. “They argued your case for you.. Saving Asami and Mako from the equalist attack, the police force handling you the way they did.. The fact that I was the one that sent Korra and her friends out to find you.. Every move you’ve made since arriving in this world has been in self-defense, or a selfless act.” Well maybe not EVERY act was.. but he didn’t need to know that.. He was on a roll and I didn’t want him to stop. “I don’t know exactly how long you’ve been here.. but I can’t remember having heard of anyone being hurt or killed by someone like you.” Again… he didn’t need to know everything. “It’s more than that though. If all of this was all I had to go off of, honestly I may have still sent you away. But that isn’t all I have to go off of.” He paused and looked at me, almost longingly. “I have my father’s stories too.” I mouthed a silent O but didn’t make to speak again; he seemed to still have something to say. “My father, he told me of how you were there the day of the Eclipse, fighting alongside him, my mother and the others. Of how you taught all of them so many things, trained them in bending arts none of them had ever thought before. How you helped General Iroh and the White Lotus take back Ba-Sing-Sei. He told me of how if it hadn’t been his destiny to defeat Fire lord Ozai, than you would have been the obvious choice to take him down during Sozin’s Comet. Because even at his most powerful moment, the Dark One was the legend the Fire Lord feared most. My father’s master, his friend, his (brother/sister).” He stopped and dipped his head a bit. I looked to him, but he was finished. So I spoke in response.

You: “Your father didn’t know what he was doing when he accepted the key, did he?” He shook his head no. “And you… you have no idea who sent the key or why… do you?” again he shook his head.  

Tenzin: “My father.. he felt he had made mistakes in his life.. but he never betrayed a friend.. save one.” He motioned to me. “Once he found out about your.. imprisonment. He felt he had betrayed you.. He always wanted to make it up to you.. and now… now I have a chance..”

You: “Then why were you so adamant about me leaving the temple?” I kept my tone light, trying not to sound judgmental. His head dipped lightly again.

Tenzin: “I was afraid.. despite my father’s stories.. the legend of the Dark One still persists.. The Dark One, who slayed one thousand fire benders.. The Dark One, who brought ruin to the lands… The Dark One, who brought…”

You: “Who brought an end to the war.” I cut him off.. I hadn’t ever heard this legend, and frankly I didn’t like it. The (man/woman) this legend spoke of was someone else.. not who I was now. He looked up at me, I sighed. “The person you hear about in those legends, those old Fire bender stories told around camp fires… as flattering as they may be..” I shot him a look, attempting to joke lightly with the idea. “..They aren’t me. The stories your father told you.. that was me.. of him, Sokka, Toph… and I hope your mother.” I shot him a questioning look, to which he nodded, confirming my suspicion. I nodded back, glad to hear that the two had tied the knot. “Of them and I, huddled around a fire, laughing, telling stories, training together. Of the five of us fighting together.. A group of five friends that eventually became six, which grew as the years passed.. Those are the true stories of (F/N) (L/N)..” I sighed. “You are so much like your father Tenzin, sincere and a bit naïve. But you are so very much like your mother as well. Katara was just as ready to defend her family as you are. I don’t blame you for defending your family; perhaps, had I heard the legends of this all powerful being that could destroy all that faced (him/her), and suddenly this being showed back up.. I’d be rather cautious as well.” He looked up at me with questioning eyes.

Tenzin: “Are you... apologizing?” He looked at me skeptically. I chuckled a bit.

You: “To be fair it has been a very long time since I’ve had too.” I chuckled. And soon he followed suit. Once it died I groaned a bit, it had pressed my nose wrong and it was hurting again. Tenzin looked at me a bit concerned.

Tenzin: “You broke your nose didn’t you?”

You: “Not intentionally, I think it happened when my face became acquainted with your floor.” I chuckled, then winced again. Tenzin reached out to my face and held my chin with one hand, placing the other on my nose delicately.

Tenzin: “Fair warning, this may hurt a bit.” He then sharply twisted my nose. I’m not proud to say I yelled, but damn did it hurt. Thankfully once he released it, the pain in my nose died down to a dull ache. “It’s going to be a bit numb for a while, but at least it isn’t crooked anymore.” I flashed him a look, raising my eyebrow.

You: “Are you apologizing?” I questioned, tossing his words back at him. He chuckled.

Tenzin: “To be fair I did warn you.” He looked at me again, a small smile on his face. “Thank you, for forgiving my father.. for forgiving me, and my stubbornness.” I waved him off.

You: “You are looking at the (king/queen) of stubborn, we have to stick together like wreckage in a storm. Besides, you.. eventually.. agreed to let me heal here. I’d say we’re about even.” He shook his head at that.

Tenzin: “Afraid I may owe you more than that. I don’t know where the gate key is. My father hid it somewhere after he learned what had happened to you, he didn’t tell me or anyone where. But I promise, I will help you find it.”

You: “Thank you Tenzin. Your father would be proud of you now, I know it.” I smiled at him. I knew in that moment, not only was he not going to try and capture me again, but he genuinely had nothing to do with the Republic that imprisoned me. He wasn’t going to turn me in.

Tenzin: “There’s actually.. something I wanted to ask you.. a favor.. if you’re willing?” I cocked my eyebrow at him.

You: “If you’re asking me to train you.. I’m out of the master/ apprentice game and have been for a while.” He shook his head at me, chuckling softly.

Tenzin: “No, no not that. Besides, I believe my father already taught me everything you had taught him. I suppose in a way, you have already taught me. No, I was going to ask if you would consider counseling Korra… and her team.” I cocked my head in question.

You: “The new Avatar? Why exactly?” His face grew solemn.

Tenzin: “Korra has been struggling with much lately.. her thoughts are often clouded and unsure.. Given how well you knew my father and how often you were his council.. I thought perhaps you may be able to do the same for her. Her friends seem to be struggling as well.. they seem at odds with each other.” He had a sincere look in his eyes.. He was struggling to teach Korra himself… ah damn.

You: “I don’t believe it would be impossible for me to... guide her and the others in the right direction from time to time. Though I usually prefer those that seek guidance come to me, not I go and seek those that need guidance. I find they are more willing to hear what needs to be said that way. I’m not sure how much help I would be though.” He smiled lightly

Tenzin: “My Father trusted your guidance often enough. So did my mother, my uncle, Toph Beifong, even Lord Zuko would talk to you from time to time if I’m not mistaken. I see no reason to believe you wouldn’t be able to guide Korra and her friends as well.” He concluded.

You: “Tell you what, I’ll mull it over here. Once you think I’m ready to start walking again I’ll let you know. “I stated. He stood to leave.

Tenzin: “Good, I’ll let them know you agreed in the morning, and that their training with you can start in two more days.” I blinked.. did he just… why that sneaky, bald, bearded son of a..

You: “Hey, hey, hey I told you I’m OUT of the training game!! I said I would COUNCIL.. wait, two MORE days? How long have I been here already?” He turned to me stroking his beard.

Tenzin: “Three days. You were in pretty bad condition.” He stated nonchalantly. Three days? Three days I’ve been sitting here?

YOu: “I certainly hope you changed this water a few times.” I said flatly. He chuckled at that. “Tenzin.” I called to him before he could leave. He turned back. “I agree, on one condition.” He looked to me, his head tilted a bit. “I’ll need my cane back. I’ll also want my clothes back.” He stiffened a bit before he spoke.

Tenzin: “The clothes shouldn’t be an issue; my wife has been mending them a bit for you, so you should have them back soon. As for your cane, well it may have, broke.” I stared dumbfounded

You: “That cane was made of some of the strongest metal in any world, and the rest of it was made of Iron ash wood. How could it break?” He looked away, a bit red faced.

Tenzin: “Well the metal part is fine, but I couldn’t get it out of the wood setting like Mako told me you had before. So I may have asked Korra to try, and in her frustration she may have banged it against the wall until it snapped.” I sighed and shook my head. “My wife and children are working to find a suitable replacement for the ironwood bit. Until then we found you a new cane to use until you could re-make your old one.” I breathed deeply, at least something made it out.

You: “I’ll at least need the metal part. So long as that is still in one piece I’ll survive. I’ll also need a few toiletries. (You can figure out what you would need at this point).” He nodded.

Tenzin: “What exactly is that metal bit anyway?”

You: “Did your father ever tell you I could make a kind of fire sword? One that cut through almost anything?” He nodded. “That would be it. Those of us that can make them call it a Lightsaber. I wouldn’t try it if I were you, it isn’t a toy, and it can cause more damage than it’s worth.” He nodded his agreement.

Tenzin: “I’ll bring it to you in the morning. Until then. Rest, you still have a bit of a ways to go until your fit to move again. Sleep well.. Master (L/N).” I sighed.. pinching the bridge of my nose at the light joke.

You: “Sleep well, Master Tenzin.” He left, and once again I was alone in this large, rather bland room with nothing but the water around me. I laid back again and allowed myself to drift off.

Sleep did not take me for very long, I was awoken by the screeching of children. I was tired, but thankfully not as exhausted as I had been the past month or so. The screeching was growing closer, I looked to the door leading out of the room and soon enough, I could see the door burst inward. Suddenly my space was invaded by three little children riding around on air scooters.  They spun around and around until one of them realized I was awake.

???: “Guys look, look! (he/she)'s awake! The Dark One is awake!” uhoh, all three of them stopped and looked at me, and then suddenly I was bombarded by three small children at once. All asking me questions and climbing all over me.

???: “What was Grandpa Aang like as a kid?”

???: “Is it true you can move things with your mind?”

???: “Can you fly?”

???: “Can you shoot lighting?”

???: “Do you know what happened to Zuko’s mom?”

???: “Does this smell funny to you?” My patience was running thin; unfortunately these were children so I couldn’t exactly shove them off. I was blessedly saved by an older female voice.

???: “Children please don’t climb on the nice (man/woman). I’m sure (he/she)'s already had a rough few days and doesn’t need you three straining (him/her).” The woman I recognized as the heavily pregnant one that had been standing by Tenzin’s side the night they dragged me here. “ I’m sorry about them, they tend to get a bit excited around new people. They are just happy you’re ok.”

???: “Yeah!! I was so worried when you face planted into the ground, and blood started spurting out your nose I thought your brains…”

Pema: “Ikki!” Ikki, as the little girl with two wrapped buns in her hair was called, stopped and looked away embarrassed. I chuckled lightly at her embarrassment. “I’m so sorry about that. They aren’t usually so blunt. I’m Pema, there non-bender mother.” She reached her hand out to me and I took it to shake.

You: “(F/N) (L/N), a pleasure Pema. Please there is no need to apologize; I’ve dealt with worse children than these before. And Ikki.” I looked to her. She looked up at me, still a bit embarrassed. “Do you really think a simple broken nose can defeat the all-powerful Dark One?” I waved my hand for extra emphasis, winking at her reassuringly. A smile crawled across her lips.  I turned back to Pema and she too was smiling at me, mouthing a silent thank you. I waved it off. I looked to her swollen belly, and could sense the life inside it. A boy and a strong Air Bender at that. “It’s an Air Bender.” I said, gesturing to her swollen belly, she looked down than back at me.

Pema:  “Yeah, my mother in law actually told me that before you arrived. Apparently, Air Benders can only have Air Bending children.” I chuckled at that.

You: “Katara certainly has grown powerful, but could she tell you if it was a boy or girl?” That gained Pemas attention.

Pema: “Can you tell?” I nodded.

You: “I certainly can, but I won’t tell you. You will be meeting them soon enough yourself. Congratulations my dear.” I smiled at her. And she smiled back.

Pema: “Well let me at least introduce you to my other three children.” She motioned to the boy first. That’s Meelo, my youngest.” He waved at me, A bit of snot running out of his nose. His head was shaved, though there was a thin layer of hair growing out the top. I recognized him as the one to ask me if something smelled funny. I hope he doesn’t get offended if I make him wash his hands every so often. Pema continued. “My middle child, Ikki, and my eldest, Jinora.” Jinora bowed to me respectfully, and I bowed back. I sensed something unique in this one. A connection to this realms spirit world, she will make a powerful bender.

You: “It is certainly nice to make your acquaintance.” I smiled at each of them before Pema ushered them outside to keep playing. She turned back to me with a smile on her face; she was holding a pile of clothes and a long black wooden stick in her hands.

Pema: "I mended your clothes as best I could, though if I may, I suggest you find some new ones soon. Your scarf has already fallen apart and your shirt isn’t too far behind.” Damn, well my wrap hood wasn’t all that helpful anyway. She continued speaking. “We also have this for you.” She presented me with the stick, which I recognized as a cane. A sleek black thing with a small silver ball at the end. Not my saber cane, but it would certainly do for now. I took it and set it on the side of my pool.

You: “Thank you Pema. You didn’t have to go out and buy me one though, I’m certain I could have made one from the tree branches outside.” She waved me off.  

Pema: “It isn’t a problem.. though I have to admit, it wasn’t us that bought it for you.. It was Asami.” Before I could ask who this Asami person was though, the door burst open. At first I thought it was the kids again, however this time I was rushed by a much larger man. It was the young black haired earth bender, apparently very excited to see me awake. So much so he pulled me into a bone crushing hug, lifting me clear out of the pool.

Bolin: “Thank goodness your awake we didn’t know if you were gonna pull through and you were just so cool we all got really worried about you My name’s Bolin and it is AMAZING to meet someone that worked and trained with the original team avatar I’m so excited to hear that you are gonna be training us like you did them I haven’t been able to learn metal bending yet and I figure since you knew the ORIGINAL metal bender you could really help me out Of course you’ll be able to help us all out but right now I’m just so excited!!” I’m not entirely sure he had taken a breath in that statement. Perhaps he was absorbing mine as he squeezed it out of me. I patted him on the back as best I could.

You: “Thank you, Bolin wasn’t it? I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m not going to be able enjoy your company or train you if you squeeze the life out of me.” Apparently he didn’t hear a word after I said his name because he then turned around, me still in his grip and started shaking excitedly.

Bolin: "Did you guys hear that? (He/She) knows my name!! Oh this is so exciting!”

You: “Need….Air…..bones….crushing….help” I wheezed out. Finally one of them walked up and separated me from Bolin. I coughed a bit as I fell to the floor. Then someone, Korra, helped me up and back into the healing pool. “Thank you dear.” I breathed. She looked at me with those blue eyes of hers. And I suddenly realized just how ‘exposed’ I was.

Bolin: “Sorry, uh, Dark One. Sometimes I get excited and I don’t really know my own strength.” I waved him off.

You: “It’s no issue Bolin; I’m just not at full strength just yet. And please, Dark One by title only. I’m (F/N).” Someone chuckled at me; I turned and saw it was Korra. “Find something amusing?” I cocked my eyebrow.

Korra: “Not at all.. it’s just so weird.. I grew up on the legend of the Dark One.. and here you are, half naked in the Air Temple healing pools.” My eyes shot wide, then returned to a sultry stare, a smirk crossing my face.

You: “Why Avatar Korra.. if you’re enjoying the view just say so.. no need to dance around the subject of my… indecency.” She blushed.. hard. That was better; I always preferred having the upper hand.

The other three laughed at the blush I was able to make form on her face, after stating I was only joking, Korra eventually joined in.

The other two came up and introduced themselves. The orange eyed one introduced himself as Mako, Bolin’s older brother. Given the difference in their bending, it actually surprised me to find out about this. Still I let it go; I above all people shouldn’t be so quick to judge genetics. The wavy haired woman introduced herself as Asami Sato.. Ah so this was Asami. After shaking her hand I immediately went to give her the cane back. She denied it, stating she had more money that she knew what to do with. Also stating that it was the least she could do for me given that I had saved her and Mako. What truly shocked me was that she immediately offered to buy me new clothes as well.. Just how much money does this girl have I wonder?

Last to introduce themselves was Korra.. and just like when I last got a glimpse of her.. she was.. interesting. Being the reincarnation of the Avatar, I felt as if I already knew her. But to compare her to Aang in anyway would have been an injustice. To be frank, she was the complete opposite of the teenage monk I came to know so many years ago. Tenzin came in next and as promised delivered my lightsaber, of course everyone and there mother (In one case literally) began asking me about it. How it worked, what it could do, so on and so forth. I answered every question I could. Though eventually I had to admit.. it got rather irritating when I had to explain the concept of ‘living crystals’ to them.

Over the next two days or so, everyone would come in and talk with me.. Sometimes one at a time which was nice.. but sometimes all at once.. not so nice. I found Bolin and Ikki to be the most questioning of the group.. While Bolin was just an inquisitive teen, Ikki was a straight up Gossip.. She caught me up on just about everything that had happened since Korra arrived. From when she first tried training with Tenzin, to her issues with some Councilman Tarrlok.. or as she liked to put it, ‘pony tail man’. I also learned that Korra apparently had a thing for Mako. Speaking of..

Mako would come in and catch me up on a bit of what happened out in the city, often with Asami in tow.. I learned he and his brother had been orphaned at a young age.. how they grew up on the streets and soon joined something called the pro-bending league. I was rather intrigued by that.. however I learned that I had apparently just missed the season.. damn. This revelation though led Asami to catch me up on the Equalists.. formally the odd suited gas mask people, the Equalists were a group of Non-Benders led by a man named Amon. This man apparently had the ‘Spirit Given’ ability to take a person’s bending away.. permanently.. I found that rather interesting.. seeing as the last time I had seen this was when Aang had done this to Ozai. Still I pocketed the information, I may be meeting this Amon soon if he had such a grudge against Benders.. And I was currently sitting in bender’s paradise.

Asami caught me up on her Father Hiroshi Sato. He sounded like a rather impressive man.. until I learned he had been financially backing the Equalists. Too bad, I would have loved to converse with him, perhaps even have him help simply develop a gate key rather than my having to find the one already here. It wasn’t a total loss though, apparently Asami was just as smart as her father, if not more so. It brightened my mood a bit to hear that.

Tenzin had come in to catch me up on much of the world’s history.. Zuko’s time as Fire Lord, the formation of Republic City, and how the four nations still mostly kept to themselves. I did eventually have to ask who Hou-Ting was and when he explained, I found myself rather disappointed. I had known her father Kuei the Earth King and found him to be a rather kind man. But I suppose nothing can be done for spoilt children. Hearing all of this though, it made me miss Aang. I certainly wish I had had the opportunity to see him again, to tell him how proud I was of his accomplishments. Though I still felt that statue overlooking the city was a bit too much, and something told me he would have agreed.

Pema would bring me food often and while I was never one to be waited on, I had to admit her cooking was spot on. Despite it being an all vegetarian diet, I ended up asking for seconds and thirds more often than I intended. To which she happily obliged. She was a sweet woman, but she had confided in me more often than not that she was rather tired handling three Air Bending children. I felt bad for her and decided to offer to watch them from time to time.. They were just kids.. how bad could it be?

At the end of the second day, the night before they would come down and collect me. I decided it was time for me to get off my ass myself. My force powers had been strengthening again and while I may not have been able to heal myself effectively, I was still able to help the process along. I collected the cane Asami had bought me and dressed myself. Pema was right; my shirt was ready to fall apart. My boots, I noticed were nowhere to be found, Pema was likely mending them as well. I waved it off and began walking the grounds, getting a sense of my new surroundings. I found the training grounds, the kitchen, a meditation garden and then found my way back to the courtyard I had been dragged to. It was a clear night, and as everyone else was likely asleep. I decided to sit for a bit and stargaze. I always loved seeing the stars on clear nights like this. How they shined in the night sky, so full of life. It always reminded me of all the worlds I had yet to visit, and I always wondered if there were other worlds to visit in other realms just like back home. Then I felt a presence beside me and looked only to be met with Korra. She smiled at me and spoke.

Korra: "Enjoy stargazing?" She asked, I chuckled at the question. I turned back to the sky, remembering all the planets I had visited over my life.

You: "Yeah. I always loved watching them as I traveled past them. Planet hopping was always one of my favorite hobbies." I breathed in.. for the first time in a very long time.. I felt at peace.
I could sense the confusion growing in Korra’s head. I looked, and sure enough she was shooting me a look. As if she wanted to ask me something but was unsure how to word it. Planet hopping.. right, not a thing here.

You: “Right, see where I come from, we have the ability to traverse planets. Just like you can travel to different parts of the world, we can travel to different parts of space.” I explained, trying to make it as easy to swallow as I could. She nodded in understanding, making a silent O. She looked back up to the stars, then another question crossed her mind.. one I believe she had a difficult time asking.

Korra: "It was rough wasn't it, being imprisoned as long as you had been." I could hear the sympathy in her voice, almost as if she had inherited Aang’s regret along with his title of Avatar. I chuckled lightly before turning back to her, a weak smile on my face. It wasn’t hard… it was hell. Always wondering if I would eat that day or if my guards would kill me in my sleep. After I broke out it wasn’t much easier. Wandering through realm upon realm, searching for the gate keys, trying to make it home.

You: "Life is full of difficulties.. no matter how many you overcome, there will always be more in your path… but I have learned that it is how you overcome them that makes you who you are.” I looked her in the eye, apparently my first lesson in guidance was about to be imparted.. I mean technically speaking she did come to me first. “As Avatar, you’re going to have it pretty hard.. people will look to you for guidance, for leadership. But at the same time… People will look to you for guidance, for leadership..” She shot me a confused look, I chuckled. “It means how you handle the things placed on your shoulders depends on how you look at them.” She nodded slowly, understanding slowly crossing her face. We didn’t talk much after that, until she wished me a good night before returning to bed.  I stayed.. it had been too long since I had had a clear view of the sky.. I think I may like it here in this realm. I may just stay for a while.


(Lieutenants POV)

Of all those that reported to me tonight.. these three certainly had the strangest report.. a (man/woman) that wielded a crimson fire sword? That easily dispatched all three of them at once? And with a stick no less. I waved them off, until others reported back a similar (man/woman) being seen around the city. Waving their hand and convincing people (he/she) had paid for food. Fighting off the Avatar and all three of her friends and Councilman Tenzin.. I had to report this to Amon..

Lieutenant: “Sir.. we have.. a complication.” He never turned, his masked face overlooking the map of Republic city. “There have been strange reports from the men.. a (man/woman) capable of doing impossible things.. someone that can bring forth Lighting, yet can move solid stone.. One that can send people flying with invisible forces at (his/her) control.” Even as I reported it back it sounded insane.. It sounded like I was just reporting the Avatar all over again.

Amon: “I am aware of the reports Lieutenant… and have already made preparations to counter the sudden appearance of the Dark One.” The Dark One?

Lieutenant: “I’m sorry sir.. but did you say Dark One? That’s just some old Fire Nation fairy tale isn’t it?” He turned to me, his eyes looking at me through the slits in his mask.

Amon: “Believe me Lieutenant it is no fairy tale.. The Dark One is very real.. and if (he/she) has sided with the Avatar than the war ahead of us has become a more difficult challenge than we first realized. But it won’t matter in the long run.. Even someone as powerful as (he/she) is can’t hope to take on an entire city.” He turned back to the map. “Converse with Mr. Sato regarding the weapons needed to counter this living legend; he will fill you in on the details.” I saluted him, and left as he requested.
This one is a bit slower then the others before, no action but definetly some establishment work.. The next couple may be the same.
As always let me know what you think in the comments below.
I don't own Legend of Korra, The Last AirBender, Star Wars, The images used, or you
ChilledAK47 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
We can't take on an entire city? To quote the man that would eventually become Darth Vader "You underestimate my power."
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
That's exactly the kind of confidence I like to hear from the Dark One
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