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(Your POV)

It wasn’t long before we arrived just offshore of the Fire Nation capital. The mountain it sat within still very much as I remembered it. I stood at the window, admiring the scope as Jeriah piloted the airship to the top.

Jeriah: “Does it look different?” I turned to her, confused by the statement. My eyes, long since returned to my usual (E/C), answering for me. “The mountain. Does it look different? You scaled this before, during the eclipse?”

You: “I did.” I turned back to the window, watching as we grew closer to the peak. “No, it hasn’t changed. Though I doubt 70 years would do that much to something that large.”

Jeriah: “I suppose not.” We fell back into silence, a very, very awkward silence. “What was it like? Before all this?” This woman was intent on filling that void. And It was beginning to annoy me.

You: “For an assassin that was intent on killing me last night you are rather inquisitive.”

Jeriah: “For a legendary Sith Lord, you are surprisingly compassionate.”

You: “To those I like.” I turned back to her, irritation boiling in my mind. “And you. Well, Let’s just say I’m not exactly fond of you.”

Jeriah: “Yet you haven’t killed me. Why?”

You: “Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s because I won’t.” I hovered over her, making myself as imposing as I could. “This is out of necessity. You refuse to provide me with what I want, and now I am forced to keep you alive until I have found a way to get what I need.”

Jeriah: “That’s not true.” She stared back, as unafraid as she was in the temple. I was taken aback, unsure how this infuriating woman could be so bold.

You: “Really? Please. Enlighten me. Why?”

Jeriah: “This ‘friend’ you plan on tossing me to. You don’t need them.” She turned back to the window, maneuvering the ship closer to the mountain as we neared the peak. “In the Academy. We were told stories, of the Empire, the Clone War, the Emperor.” She turned back to me, her eyes filled with a certainly in her words. “And of you.” I cocked my head. While I could only imagine the stories that could be told about me, I was certainly intrigued.

You: “Alright..” I returned to my seat opposite her, crossing one leg over the other as I tented my fingers together. “Then tell me, what stories?” She inhaled deeply, her mind deep in thought as she pulled one to mind. Likely looking for one that proved her theory about me.

Jeriah: “...The Slaughter of Alderaan.” My blood ran cold. My smirk falling flat as my eyes shot wide. “Didn’t think anyone here knew about that did yo….?” She grabbed for her throat, falling to the ground as her breath left her. My fingers pinched near together as I crushed her windpipe.

You: “Be careful where you tread child.” She looked up to me, not in desperation, but in victory.

Jeriah: “My… point… exactly.” She choked out. I kept the grip a moment longer before realizing I was playing into her game, then released her. She took a few deep breaths before feeling comfortable enough to stand, then return to her seat. “You have quite the grip.” I sat in silence, stewing in my anger as I stared at her. “Still… nothing compared to what happened to those civilians.” I turned away from her, focused instead on the mountain before me. “Should I refresh your memory?” I remained stubbornly silent. But something told me she would take that as permission. “You had just killed the Emperor… or so you believed, taking the Empire for yourself. The galaxy at your feet at last. To good to be true though wasn’t it?” Still I remained silent. “Your coup fractured the Empire, leaving half to you, and the other to reform the Galactic Republic. It was all out Civil war from the moment you became Emperor. You re-titled yourself to save face. But even as ‘Grand Supreme Admiral’, you were well aware of your failure. You couldn't keep hold of the entirety of the Empire like the TRUE Emperor had. So you decided to make a statement, one that would show the Galaxy the kind of power you wielded.” She continued rattling on. But I didn’t need her to. The memory replaying as if it had happened just yesterday.


-Planet Alderaan-

Keena: “We’ve arrived my Lord.”

You: “Thank you Captain. Bring us to the planet’s Capital, and hail Senator Organa. Make sure he is there to greet me.”

Keena: “As you wish my Lord.” The holo projection cut, leaving me once again within the darkness of the private room. I felt as the shuttle descended, entering the upper atmosphere of the planet. I sat, stewing in the darkness of the force. The cold, the anger. The galaxy believed me to be some faceless new comer, unworthy of ruling as Sidious had. It would learn, they all would, that not only was my power equal to his, but EXCEEDED it. They would learn what a TRUE master of the Dark Side could do, and Alderaan was the perfect place setting. “We have arrived my Lord.” The door to my room opened, revealing Captain Keena and his co-pilot standing in the doorway. Before disembarking, I turned to my fellow passenger, sitting silently opposite me.

You: “You are to remain here until called.” He simply nodded, remaining in silence. I stood, floating past Keena down the boarding ramp as the ship de-pressurized. The sun was shining over the capital city. A beautiful sight to be sure. One that would not last long.

Organa: “Lord Vane.” I turned, finding Organa and a small squadron of soldiers flocking to the landing platform. “We did not expect your arrival.”

You: “This is an…. Unscheduled call Senator.” The tanned man stroked his beard, shaking his head as he was unable to wrap his mind around why I had chosen to come to Alderaan.

Organa: “I’m afraid you may have come for no good reason. I made my choice, as did many others after the death of the Emperor. Alderaan has rejoined the Republic. And the Empire is no longer welcome here. Please, go in peace.” I scoffed, looking over the two dozen soldiers aiming their blasters at me.

You: “Peace.” I laughed. “Peace is a luxury Alderaan can no longer afford Senator. Your choice, along with the other Senator’s that chose to fracture from the Empire, has made me appear weak, and as such I am forced to make a statement.”

Organa: “You will make no such statement here.” The soldiers cocked their blasters. “Leave. Please.” I chuckled, amazed at the bravery this man held in the face of true power. With a quick wave of my hand, all twenty four soldiers were sent flying, most over the side of the platform to the streets far below. Organa looked in shock before pulling his own blaster and opening fire. I called my saber to hand, activating the crimson blade and deflecting all three shots with ease. Directing the third to bounce back and hit the blaster he held. He yelped in pain as he looked over his hand, his blaster falling after the soldiers.

You: “I will give you this Senator, you are certainly bold.” His eyes met my own, anger flaring behind them. “I respect that, but you have yet to learn the consequences of your foolish bravery.” I turned, facing the cityscape of Alderaan before me. “Captain Keena, you are to keep Senator Organa here at all costs. No matter what happens, you are to keep him here.”  Keena pulled his own blaster, aiming for the senators head.

Keena: “Understood my Lord.” I paused a moment, taking in the beauty of  the scenery once more. Such a waste. With a breath, I let my mask fall, my yellow eyes shining against the light as all my power was brought to focus. I raised my arms, directed toward the sky.

Dark clouds began to form over the horizon, blotting out the sun. They swirled violently, thunder beginning to clap as lighting shot between them. The clouds spun faster, faster and faster still until a vortex opened among them. The clouds began to howl as lighting struck the city sporadically, shattering buildings and scorching the planet. Screams could be heard echoing across what I could see, and farther past what I could not. Screams soon silenced either by the striking lighting, or the crumbling city around them.

Organa: “NO! What are you doing!?” Organa attempted to tackle me, but was forced to the ground by Keena, slamming his blaster into Organa’s shoulder before pressing the barrel against his temple.

Keena: “That’s enough out of you.” I paid them no mind, focusing solely on keeping control of the Force Storm I had summoned. The vortex began howling louder as debri began being sucked into the air, disappearing into the wormhole above. Civilians desperate to escape the destruction could be seen jumping into their speeders and racing away from the chaos, only to be struck down by the lighting above.  

Minutes passed as mere moments to me. While I could only assume those same moments passed as Hours for the senator. Even with all my focus directed at controlling the storm. I could sense the distress Organa felt. Soon the Vortex began to close, just as the screaming began to die. The lightning slowly stopped, and the clouds stopped swirling and dissipated from the sky. With the swirling wormhole gone, all that was left was once again the clear blue sky and shining sun. However, where once sat the Capital of Alderaan and it’s civilians, sat barren, empty land.


You: “There now. That should be enough to make a statement, don’t you agree Senator?” I  turned to Organa, my mask reforming as my power began to renew. Still on his hands and knees, Organa couldn’t respond. Still to absorbed in his shock at the sight before him. “Oh don’t look so crushed. We will happily rebuild it.” His eyes slowly shifted to me.

Organa: “We?” I  chuckled, pulling my communicator from my belt.

You: “Send them in.” I called into it. As my behest, Star Destroyers immediately jumped into the planets upper atmosphere from hyperspace. Ten in total. The screeching of the TIE fighters signature Ion engines echoed through the sky as they flew overhead. Landing craft fell from the sky, filled with relief supplies and Stormtroopers alike. “We.” I turned back to the fallen senator, his look of shock replaced with one of reluctance.

Organa: “At what cost?”

You: “Simple really. Alderaan is now under the protection of the Galactic Empire. Welcome to the Imperial senate, Senator.” He huffed, slowly bringing himself to his feet with Keena’s blaster still at his head.

Organa: “Is THIS…” He gestured to the desolation. “ you intend on taking it back?” I crossed my arms behind my back, the end of my armored robe fluttering in the light breeze. A smirk played at my lips.

You: “If Necessary. Yes, this is exactly how I intend to do it.”

Organa: “I’ll spread it.. You can’t stop me from telling the Galaxy about what has happened here today.” I chuckled, turning my back to him and heading back towards the shuttle.

You: “I’m counting on it. Keena, we’re leaving.” Keena pulled his blaster from Organa’s head, holstering it before following me back to the shuttle. He boarded first, I had paused just shy of the ramp. “Oh, and to make sure everything stays on schedule here, I’m leaving a friend to oversee the building of a new Imperial facility. I think that nice open space that just appeared will do nicely, don’t you agree?” Organa growled lowly, clearly still angered by the events that had transpired. I just chuckled, calling into the shuttle. “You can come out now.” My ‘friend’ disembarked, causing the fear in Organa to spike tremendously. If only I had that effect from the beginning, none of this would have been necessary.

As I boarded, he descended, The end of his black cape brushing the boarding ramp. His mechanical breathing echoing in the cold silence.


(Present Day)

Jeriah: “From what the Master tells us, Alderaan never quite recovered from the storm. The soil the Imperial facility was built upon is still scorched dead.”I turned to her, the haze of memory still heavy on my mind. “And now, as I look at you. It doesn't seem to fit.” I stared at her a moment. “Are you truly the (Man/Woman) that once held the galaxy in (his/her) grip? Are you truly the one called Darth Vane?” I turned back, unsure of how to answer her honestly, if at all. I had spent unknown years wanting to forget that (man/woman), that monster, that let loose (his/her) power, not only on Alderaan, but the galaxy at large. Darth Vane was dead…. Wasn’t (he/she)?

You: “....No… I am not Darth Vane…. Not anymore.”

Jeriah: “Well… Master (L/N) then. That doesn’t change what happened.” The peak of the mountain finally came into view, and soon after the vast city that sat within. As Jeriah brought the airship down near the center, where the firelord's palace sat, I found the urge to ask one last question of her.

You: “How does your master know? How does he know, in such fine detail, what happened that day on Alderaan?”

Jeriah: “Simple.” The Airship landed with a light thud, its pipes wheezing as the air within was released. “He was there.” She stood, stretching her back before moving out of the cockpit. I followed closely behind, ensuring she wouldn't try to run off again.

__:‘Not like she could if she wanted to run anyway. Not here of all places.’ True.. Still, rather safe then sorry. We both walked down the length of the airship, coming to stand before the closed boarding ramp. Jeriah clicked the switch to open it, and as it fell open, I placed a hand on her shoulder, gripping lighty. She chuckled in response.

Jeriah: “Do you truly believe I’ll run?”

You: “It’s not exactly like there are guards waiting to arrest you.”

Jeriah: “Me? No.” The boarding ramp opened, revealing….. 15 red armored guards standing at the ready. “Us? Maybe.”

___: ‘Wonderful to see he took your advice.’ The insignia on the shoulders of each guard was in fact the insignia of the firelord. Which means they were royal guard.. Which meant they were HIGHLY trained firebenders… lovely. One of them, the lead guard spoke up.

???: “The two of you have invaded sanctioned airspace. Leave, or you WILL be placed under arrest by order of the Fire Lord.”

You: “I’ve come to SPEAK with the Firelord. And this..” I shoved Jeriah ahead. “ the reason why. I find myself in need of a favor from the Firelord, one he owes me dearly.”

???: “Correct yourself. Firstly-The Firelord is not a HE. And secondly-SHE owes nothing to the likes of you.” I cocked my brow. She?

You: “Wait… are you telling me Zuko is no longer Firelord? I was unaware he had passed.”

???: “LORD Zuko to you. And no, he has not passed away. His daughter Firelord Izumi is the reigning leader of the Fire Nation. Where you are currently unwelcome.”

You: “I am always welcome here so long as Zuko lives.”

???: “Who are you to assume so much?”

You: “(F/N) (L/N). The Dark One.”

???: “You… you’re the Dark One?” His voice faltered, and the 14 other guards took a step or two back, keeping their distance as they clearly had no idea what my intent here was.

???: “(He/She) is.” A new voice, one vaguely familiar called from the back of the group. The others immediately stood at attention, and parted as this new comer came into view. “And (he/she) is always welcome in the Firelord’s palace.” The man in question came to stand before me. Fiery orange eyes sat beneath well combed black hair, his pale skin reminiscent of his fire nation heritage. The uniform he wore was rather familiar, almost the same as the one Bumi had shown me after he retired. His face however was eerily similar to an old friend.

???: “As you command, General Iroh.” My breathed choked, causing my to cough almost uncontrollably.

You: “General who?” I asked, wanting immediate confirmation. The man chuckled, extending his hand in friendship.

Iroh: “Iroh, General Iroh.” I took his hand, shaking it lightly, though not without skepticism. “It is an honor to meet you Master (L/N). My grandfather has told me many stories about you.”

You: “I’m sorry… and your grandfather is?” Again he chuckled, releasing my hand as he did.

Iroh: “I believe you to have already met. Roughly seventy years ago, under less… friendly circumstances.” I gawked as understanding dawned on me.

You: “Zuko… You’re Zuko’s grandson.”

Iroh: “That I am.” He took a step back, allowing me to take in his entirety.

You: “No doubt then, you were named for his Uncle. You bear a striking resemblance to your namesake.”

Iroh: “So I’ve been told. My grandfather has told me many stories, both of you and of my great uncle.” He turned from me, now eyeing Jeriah, whose mouth was currently hanging open in astonishment. “This… companion of yours, will she be alright or…?” I looked to her, then smacked her upside the head.

Jeriah: “Ow!” Her mouth closed as she turned to me, rubbing the spot i had just assaulted. “What was that for?”

You: “You should know it’s impolite to stare.” I turned back to the General, now cocking his brow in confusion. “General, I need to speak with your grandfather regarding an issue. I need a favor of him. This woman is the reason why.” He nodded, turning back to the guard leader that had spoken earlier.

Iroh: “Captain, please have this woman escorted to a secure area.”

Captain: “Of course General.” The captain, and the rest of the guard approached, to which Jeriah immediately went on the defensive.

Jeriah: “Oh no. Bad enough I’m already prisoner to this wannabe Sith Lord. I am NOT falling prisoner to the fire benders.” I rolled my eyes, then jabbed my hand into the back of her neck, causing her to fall unconscious.

You: “You May want to restrain her, she’ll be rather aggressive when she wakes.” The captain nodded, directing two of his men to carry the unconscious assassin off to who knows where.

Iroh: “Come.” Iroh laid a hand on my shoulder, directing me up towards the Firelord's Palace door. “There is someone inside that will be very excited to see you.” Iroh led me inside through the large double doors. Leading me down the large entry hall, then to the immediate left through a smaller hall. As we did, a large, and I mean LARGE energy passed overhead, coming to fall just outside the palace walls. There was a low roar, one that caused me to take pause.

You: “Was.. was that a Dragon?” I turned to Iroh, who simply smiled as he continued walking.

Iroh: “Actually yes. His name is Druk, he and Grandfather have had quite the bond. He was around even before I was born.”

You: “I was under the impression there were only two dragons left? Ran and Shaw I believe they were called.”

Iroh: “Druk is the child of Ran and Shaw, and he is just as spirited if Grandfather’s stories are anything to go by.”

You: “How things have changed.” He lead me down yet another hall, where there was a single door to the side left open. We looked inside, finding a middle aged woman in glasses, sitting opposite an older man. Both were dressed to the nines, and both were currently engaged in a rather intense game of Pai-Sho.

Iroh: “I’d give them a moment, my mother and grandfather both are very serious about there Pai-Sho.” Oh, he shouldn’t have said that. I looked to him, a mischievous grin playing at my lips.

You: “Then let’s give them a game to remember.” He cocked his brow in confusion. To which I simply held up a finger and directed it to the table in the room. As Zuko laid a piece on the board, I reached out, picking up the same piece and returning it to its original place Zuko’s eyes jumped open in surprise before he took the piece and moved it back. As did I. He tried again, and again it jumped back.

Zuko: “What in the…” As he attempted to wrap his mind around the odd jumping tile. I reached out to the rest, his daughters included, and began playing the game myself. The pieces jumped in rapid succession. Moving and sliding as if on their own. After a moment of two of just constant motion, the tiles finally stopped, forming a small face with its tongue hanging out. Zuko had had enough. “Who dares to disrupt my and my daughters game!?” He slammed his palms against the table, causing the tiles to fly all over, as I fell over laughing. Zuko turned to the door, anger raging in his eyes, finding only his grandson, and a rolling form. Iroh, being the good grandson he was, rated me out. “You dare to disrupt my time with my daughter!? Who do you think you are!?”

You: “Me!?” I took a moment to catch my breath, clearing my throat before continuing. “I don’t know who you THINK I am, but I KNOW I am, and always will be, your master.” As I stood, Zuko’s anger dissipated immediately, replaced with genuine surprise. “Now why don’t you come over here and give your old friend a hug?” He did, rushing over to embrace me in his joy.

Zuko: “(F/N)! It’s so good to see you!” I embraced him back, chuckling as he squeezed me tightly.

You: “It’s great to see you too Zuko. You look good.” He pulled back, a wide smile stretching across his face.

Zuko: “Me? What about you? You look as if you haven’t aged a day.”

You: “To be honest, I’m not sure if I have or not.” As we spoke, the woman he had been playing
with, his daughter as I assumed, came up behind him, a light smile at her lips as she eyed me. “And who is this lovely young woman?” She chuckled, a blush crossing her cheeks.

Izumi: “Izumi. It is a genuine pleasure to meet you Master (L/N). My father has told me much about you.” She extended her hand to shake, which I took.

You: “The pleasure is mine. And please, call me (F/N).” I turned back to Iroh. “Both of you. After all we are all friends here.”

Zuko: “That we are. And I see you have already acquainted yourself with my grandson.” Zuko wrapped an arm around him, squeezing him lightly. “General of the United Forces, I couldn’t be prouder.” Iroh tried to stand strong, but a definite blush rose to his cheeks as well.

Iroh: “Grandfather, please.”

Zuko: “No grandson of mine is to old for me to embarrass. Especially in front of old friends.” Zuko turned back to me. “Katara had messaged me that you were back, but I was unsure if you would be visiting. We have so much to catch up on. Come, we can talk in the dining room.” He took me by the shoulders as he led me back down the hall, his daughter and grandson close behind. “Have you eaten?”

You: “Actually I haven’t no.”

Zuko: “Good. I’ll let the chiefs know to prepare an extra tigerdillo steak.” Oh thank all… meat.
We ate, through the food was often forgotten as Zuko and I caught up. He, Iroh, Izumi and I all chatted about how well the Fire Nation had done in the decades I had missed. I ofcourse caught Zuko up on what had happened after I had returned to my own dimension. He offered condolences for my loss when I told him of Ashara’s fate, as I had him when he told me of his Uncle’s passing and that of Mai. I told him of what had happened after my return and of the work I had been doing training Korra and the others, and of course of the events that transpired during the invasion of Republic city. As the night drew later, and both Iroh and Izumi excused themselves for bed, Zuko and I remained awake in his study. A warm fire providing the only light in the room. He had made tea, Jazmine, just as his Uncle had shown him. Though I had to admit, it was missing something.

You: “You truly have a wonderful family, I am proud of what you have been able to accomplish.” I sat opposite my friend, the two of us in our own rather large chairs, sipping at tea as we continued our discussion.

Zuko: “If there is one thing you always taught me, it was to keep my priorities in line. And my family has always been my top priority.”

You: “You’ve done well for yourself.” We fell into comfortable silence, though something weighed heavily on his mind. “Do you have something to ask me Zuko?”

Zuko: “Actually.” He set his cup aside. “I believe it is you who has something to ask of me.” I sighed, glad he was the one to bring it up first. “Iroh tells me you brought a friend, and she has caused you to seek me out for a favor?”

You: “Unfortunately, yes.” I told him of what happened, of Jeriah’s assassination attempt, and of her resistance to my powers. “So you see.. I need a tracker.”

Zuko: “As humbled as I am that you sought me out for my tracking skills (F/N), I’m not sure how much help I would be. Perhaps Iroh would be…” I shook my head.

You: “I’m sorry Zuko but, it wasn’t you I meant.” He stared at me a moment longer before realization dawned upon him.

Zuko: “No.” He stated flatly.

You: “Zuko, please. I need..”

Zuko: “No.” He repeated himself. “There is no way. She isn’t stable.”

You: “I can help with that.” I bargained. “But I need to at least speak with her.

Zuko: “Of everyone she has crossed paths with. YOU are the one she hates most. And remember that list includes myself and Aang. No (F/N).”

You: “Zuko.” I stood, brushing my hands against my thighs. “I know what this could do. WHat this re-start. But I am running out of options. If this Imperial faction is allowed to make contact with Sidious it could be the end of this world.” I walked over, coming to stand before him. “I realize the destruction she could bring. But if this can stop true destruction of the world… then isn’t the risk outweighed?” He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he pondered my words. “As Ironic as it sounds, she’s our best chance at ending this quickly. You can berate me for the rest of eternity if you wish, but do it after I have stopped this madness.”

Zuko: “You are suggesting using madness to stop madness.” He looked me dead in the eyes. “That in itself is madness.”

You: “Then let me hold the burden. I will handler her leash. But I have to insist I see her.” He sighed again, stroking his long white beard in thought. He stood from his chair, walking towards the door. As he opened it, he turned back.

Zuko: “This burden, as much as you would like to say it is yours, falls on my shoulders as well. If this could stop the destruction of my family, of my people. I have no choice then do I?” He opened the door wider. “Come.”

You: “Thank you Zuko.”

Zuko: “I wouldn’t if I were you.” He lead me out, out past the dining room, out past the grand entry hall, out past even the palace walls. We walked a ways in the weining darkness towards the edge of the city, were a cliff faced the outermost point of the palace. He led me down a path that ran along the side of the face, that led to a large older looking building that was embedded into the side. “We converted the old prison into a psychiatric ward some time ago. A choice I made after she was deemed to dangerous to be kept out of a cell.” I didn’t answer, instead letting him lead me inside. It was rather damp feeling from the moment we walked in. Constantly dark and musty. “Here.” He led me to a rather large, thick looking metal door, then handed me the keys. “She wouldn’t be happy to see either one of us. And both of us at the same time would only make things worse.”

You: “Well… this was my request afterall.” He only nodded, taking a step back as I unlocked the door and opened it. From the moment I stepped in I could hear her, a constant mad giggling echoing in the small padded room. The walls were stark white, and the room smelled of lavender. A stark contrast to the hall just outside the door. I closed it behind me, and turned, immediately met with her visage. She sat in the far corner, bound in a straight jacket that blended with her surroundings. Her pitch white hair was mangled, falling in droves around her aged face. I walked over, taking slow, tentative steps towards her. She just continued to giggle, her manc grin never leaving her face. I kneeled before her, and she looked up into my eyes. Her orange fire meeting my (E/C).

Azula: “Hello. Dark One.”

You: “Hello Azula… I need your help.” Her giggling stopped, replaced with mad cackling instead.
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