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-Three Months ago-

(Your POV)

You: “Damn it!” I shouted as the Gate spat me out, landing me rather roughly on my back. I sat there for a moment, looking up into the clear blue sky. Cloudless, endless. “Well.. at least I’m alive.. I guess.” I breathed.. and felt something… something I hadn’t felt in what seemed like eons. It was small, but it was there.. I extended my hand to the sky, summoning forth my power and… Lightning shot from my fingers. I smiled widely, laughing manically.. “i did it… I DID IT!!! Yes! HAHAHAHA!! I’m Home!!” I stood to take in my surroundings, and immediately my face fell.. sand.. nothing but miles and miles of sand. “that son of a BITCH!! He put the gate on TATOOINE!?!?” I roared, falling to my knees and beating at the sand around me.

After a few minutes I stopped.. taking in a deep breath. ‘No point in getting angry.. I’m close… Tatooine is only a small set back. At the very least I have my force abilities back.’ I thought. There was no point in getting angry over this. I sat down in the sand, closing my eyes and lifting my head to the sky in meditation. ‘Need to find the closest city.. please let it be Mos Eisley.. I need a drink.’ I took a deep breath, reaching with my mind’s eye over the desert. It didn’t take me long to find something but, it felt, wrong.. nothing there was force sensitive.. they felt like…

You: “BENDERS!?!?” My eyes shot open again. “I’m in the realm of the Avatar!?? DAMN IT!!”
I stood, realizing too late that I had attempted to do so with my bad leg. It collapsed under my weight immediately, sending me face first into the sand.

___:‘You’re getting angry for no reason.’ Oh great, that annoying little voice was back. ‘Look at the positives.

You: “What positives would that be huh?” I shot back to myself. There wasn’t anyone around for miles, no one to think I was crazy.

___:‘Well for starters.. you have your powers back.. limited though it may be.. you have the force again.’ I relented a bit, that was certainly one positive. ‘Secondly..’ the voice continued.. ‘You have friends in this world.. Aang and the others.. maybe Katara can heal your leg.’ Also true, there were people I trusted in this world. ‘And thirdly.. that little town felt like the Misty Palms Oasis.. remember the drinks?’ Ooohh did I remember the drinks.. with new found enthusiasm I lifted myself to my feet. Lifting my fallen hood over my head and taking my saber cane in hand; I began the trek towards the end of the desert. ‘Remember… don’t drink the cactus juice.

-Present day-

(Your POV)

The promise of Food was thankfully very easy to find. Seems whatever city this was, it was just littered with food stands. Hotels and places to rest were unfortunately… not. My power, though thankfully restoring, was restoring slowly. Keeping me from using it all that much, even using it as I had on the boat was rather brazen. I was thankfully able to use the Mind trick on the food merchant, convincing her that I had already paid the… what was it she called it. Yuan? I think that was what the money was called here. After which I wandered the city for a time, looking for a place to rest my head.

Eventually I found myself in a park of some kind. Children playing and giggling everywhere. It was peaceful.. serene.. a far cry from the prison cell I had spent unknown ages in.. It seemed so distant now. I was jolted from my train of thought by a rustling in the bush near where I sat.. I looked, there was a presence in that bush.. it didn’t feel like a bender of any kind.. then again my senses had not rebuilt themselves entirely just yet.

You: “Whoever is in there… I suggest you move on.” I was keeping up my old (man/woman) persona, trying to keep my true identity hidden, at least for the time being.  “Hey!! You!! In the bush.. move it!!” Suddenly a rather ragged looking man popped up.. his hands up in the air in surrender.

???: “Hey, hey, hey!! I don’t want any trouble!! I’m just trying too…” He paused staring rather intently at me. “You ok there (guy/lady)? You ain’t lookin to good. What happened to your eyes?” My eyes? I leaned over the small pond I was sitting by, attempting to understand what he was talking about. My eyes shot wide at what reflected back at me.

My eyes had faded from their usual (E/C). Replaced with burning yellow.. my power must not have returned enough to keep the Force Mask I had to hide the color. My face wasn’t much better. I pulled my hood back to get a better look.

My (H/L) (H/C)hair was mangled, messy. My face, filthy and un-kept. I hadn’t realized just how bad I looked until this.. hobo pointed it out. I slipped the hood back on, pulling it down to hide my eyes better.

You: “Accident.. long time ago.” I groaned, my leg deciding to flare up in that moment. This Hobo, ever observant, pointed it out.

???: “Looks like you’re not in that great a shape old timer.” I rolled my eyes… the understatement of the year ladies and gentleman.

You: “No?? Really? What gave it away? The cane or my eyes?” His hands shot up again, he looked rather offended too. I sighed. “Sorry, that came out wrong.. I’m just not in the best place to be right now..” I looked away, taking off my boot to get at the scar underneath.. Again the hobo pointed it out.

???: “Pretty nasty burn scar you got there.” I didn’t respond this time.. it really was bad… It ran the entire length of my calf, from ankle to knee. It spread all over, jagged and wild. Like a lightning storm spread across the blackened sky. I rubbed at it.

You: “You should see the other guy.” I attempted to joke through the pain.. I slipped my boot back on as he came up to sit next to me.

???: “Looks like what you need is a place to sleep.” I looked up at him, he was smiling at me.. I smiled lightly back.

You: “That would be appre..” There was a siren, piercing loud above me. I looked, finding an air ship hovering above me.

???: “Whoops.. time to go.” The hobo disappeared.. jumping back into his bush.. I didn’t move, not understanding what exactly was happening. These.. metal ropes shot out and down from the air ship, people sliding down from them. They were all wearing this odd looking metal armor and looked rather irritated to boot.

???: “You got I.D.? The first of these metal people spoke to me, asking for some form of identification. I kept my head down, using the elderly voice to try and turn them away.
You: “I’m sorry young man.. I have only recently come to the city.. I’m afraid I have no identification.” One of the others came up behind me.

??? 2: “Uhuh, likely story.. and your filthy friend… you just met him I take it?”

You: “Actually yes I did just meet him.” I was getting irritated.. who were these people anyway, the police? I looked up to the one in front of me and spotted something on his chest.. A badge.. oh damn. “Look.. I don’t want any trouble, so I’ll just be on my way.” I attempted to stand, taking my saber cane in hand. The officer behind me and another I hadn’t seen took me by the shoulders. Lifting me into the air. “Hey! Hey! Let me go! I have rights!”

Officer 1: “Actually.. No I.D. No rights old geezer.” I was afraid of that.

Officer 3:  “So what do we do with (him/her)?” The one behind me was asking the one in front.
He was currently rubbing his chin, trying to figure out what to do.

Officer 1: “Well.. we can’t take (him/her) back for processing.. didn’t really do nothing wrong.” He reached for my hood, moving to remove it. I whipped my head back.

You: “Don’t.” I warned. My voice low, weak and raspy. The officer smirked.

Officer 1: “Why? Am I not gonna like what I…. oh gods..” He had moved the hood back, revealing my face. His own growing wide in shock. “You sick or something?” I played along.. if it got me out of this I’d gladly say I was.

You: “Yes… I need… help.. please.” I figured they would just let me go.. forget I existed and leave me.. I had no I.D. after all… but what they did next was entirely unexpected. The officer in front of me motioned to the ones behind me.

Officer 1: “Let’s take (him/her) to the Air Temple; Councilmen Tenzin should have an idea of what to do.” Next thing I knew I was being shot into the air, flying towards the ship above us. The only thoughts running through my head being. ‘Air Temple equals Air Benders, which equals Aang’s children, which may mean they know who I was, maybe they could help.’ The officers sat me down in a chair rather roughly, muttering something as he left. “Welcome to Republic City old Timer.” REPUBLIC city? Scratch that, Air Benders equal bad… very, very bad.

(Korra's POV)

Nothing… hours of searching and we got nothing.. No energy fluxes, no objects flying through the sky that shouldn’t. I mean it’s not like I expected someone to scream out ‘EEP it’s the Dark One!’ but come on.. how hard could it be to find a living legend? We trekked our way back to the Island, meeting with Tenzin in the courtyard of the temple. We were all surprised however to find one of the police forces air ships docked here.. Ah damn, what do they think I did this time?
Tenzin was currently talking to one of the officers, while two others were holding up someone else by the shoulders. As we approached we caught some of the conversation.

Tenzin: “…what kind of illness they have.. this is a temple of learning not a hospital.” Tenzin, firm as ever.

Officer 1: “Councilman Tenzin, we understand that, but given who your mother is.. we thought perhaps you would be able to help.. I mean look at (his/her) eyes.” We walked around to stand by Tenzin, taking in the sight of the (man/woman) the officers had held up. (He/She) was wearing some rather ragged black clothing. The shirt, torn in multiple places, same with the pants. (He/She) was wearing what looked like some kind of scarf around (his/her) neck. (He/She) wore gloves on (his/her) hands and thick, metallic silver leather boots that reached (his/her) knees.. What really caught me off guard though was (his/her) face.

(His/Her) cheeks were sunken in, bone poking out anywhere it could. (H/L) (H/C) hair matted and tangled in places. There was dirt all over (his/her) face.. and (his/her) eyes.. they were heavily lidded, but we could all still see the color. Bright yellow, almost shining against the sunlight. (He/She) was tired that much was certain.

Tenzin: “The affliction…. Whatever it is.. is truly unfortunate.. but I have to put my foot down.. I can’t have (him/her) staying here.”

You: “Not… sick.. tired.. exhausted.” The mystery (man/woman) spoke up. Exhaustion was evident in (his/her) voice, likely due to whatever it was that caused (him/her) to look so malnourished. (his/her) yellow eyes darted around, stopping suddenly when they fell to me. (He/She) was staring at me rather intently.. and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t staring just as intently. Despite the state (he/she) was in, (he/she) was rather.. interesting.

(Your POV)

I didn’t need my senses at full power to recognize that energy… That was the Avatar, clear as day.. She was.. interesting, those piercing blue eyes and tanned skin were.. distracting. I shot my eyes back to this councilman Tenzin. He was wearing a set of very familiar looking robes, and If that arrow on his head meant anything.. It meant he was Aang’s son.. I needed to get out of here.. If the Galactic Republic owned this world like I think it did.. It wouldn’t be long before they found out I’m free. I started building the force inside me, readying for what I needed to do.

Korra: “Tenzin.. if (he/she)’s not sick, maybe we could help (him/her).” The Avatar had taken Tenzin’s focus away from me for a moment. ‘Yes that’s right, listen to the girl, no need to focus on me..’ I thought.. just a few more moments…

Tenzin: “Korra this isn’t up for discussion.. I already said no.” Korra huh? What a lovely name. She was growing a look on her face, one I had seen plenty times before.. She wasn’t backing down any time soon.

Korra: “Your father wouldn’t turn someone away in their time of need, why would you?” Oohh, low blow.. but effective apparently.. Tenzin’s face was screwing into one of anger. Just one more moment and…

Tenzin: “I’VE MADE MY CHOICE!! I’M…” Now!! I stretched my body as far as I could, releasing the pent up energy in a force repulse. The Police Officers holding me were sent flying, while Tenzin, Korra and those three others were sent to the other end of the courtyard. I landed on my left foot, holding my right in the air so as not to aggravate it more. I turned, calling my cane to my hand as I dashed as quickly as I could for the edge of the Courtyard. The floor was shifting in front of me, forming a wall of rock to stop my escape. I turned, finding the short one with the short curled hair moving his arms, an earth bender. I shifted as best I could, moving to run in another direction. Only to be stopped by a pillar of fire. This time it was the Orange eyed one. The young lady with the long black hair rushed me, moving surprisingly swiftly. I dodged a few of her jabs, taking one in the side. She wasn’t a bender as far as I could tell, making it easier to handle her. I caught her fist, then used my cane to trip her. I pulled her over my shoulder and tossed her to the orange eyed one. He caught her, but they both fell to the ground.

I was suddenly flung to the recently made wall by an invisible force, causing my back to connect rather harshly. Still I pushed through the pain, finding it was Tenzin that had thrown me. Next thing I knew though, my ankles and hands had been encased in Ice, binding me to the floor and the wall at my back. Korra’s doing I had no doubt. My cane had been knocked to the floor beside me.  All five of them approached.

Korra: “Looks like we found the Dark One after all..” They were looking for me? No, no.. I needed to get out.

You: “You won’t send me back.. I won’t go back to that prison! I will not be locked in a cage again!!” My hands were thankfully open, allowing my lighting to shoot through my fingers and into the air. I didn’t direct it at them, only using it to distract them and to free myself from the ice. I stood after melting the ice around my legs, calling my cane to my hand again. I ran, this time successfully jumping off the side of the cliff and into the water below. As I fell I called back. “Tell Sidious he can go burn in hell!”

(Tenzin’s POV)

We all rushed to the side, watching as the form of the Dark One fell into the water below. Korra was shouting back at (him/her).

Korra: “Yeah!? Well you can go tell… somebody they can just… Screw you!!” She was frustrated that the Dark One had escaped.. disappearing into the water.. She turned to me.. “Any idea who this ‘Sidious’ is?” I shook my head.

Tenzin: “No idea.. but whoever it is.. (he/she) seemed.. afraid of them.. They must be who imprisoned (him/her) all those years ago.. (He/She) looked so young for someone that apparently roamed the earth with my father though.” I stroked my beard, hearing the others come up behind us.

Asami: “(He/She) was afraid.. no question about that.” I turned to meet there eyes.. Asami was thankfully unharmed given the manner in which she had engaged (L/N). “Did anyone else see that lightning storm though? Something doesn’t feel right about this. If (he/she) could summon that kind of power.. why didn’t (he/she) turn it on us? Why just escape?” It was a valid question.. One I certainly hoped to answer soon. One thing was for certain though, The Dark One was free.. and (/she) knew where Korra was.

The Police officers had thankfully recovered, rushing up to the side to watch as the water below stilled.

Tenzin: “Put out an all-points bulletin. Young (male/female) with (S/C)skin, (H/L) (H/C) hair and yellow eyes. Handle with caution as (he/she) is extremely dangerous.” They saluted before the three of them rushed back to the Air ship, radioing the bulletin ahead. We needed to find (him/her) and soon, or things could get much worse.
And here we have Chapter 2. 
There is some swearing in this chapter.. so if you don't like that... Sorrynotsorry
Not much to say here except I hope you all enjoy it.
As Usual: I do not own Legend of Korra, Star Wars, any of the images used, or you. 
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