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(Your POV)

With the last of the Equalist hold-out groups being taken down came the return of my weekly routine with my students. The week had progressed smoothly as usual, with Mondays being reserved for  Mako and his Lightning bending and Tuesdays for Asami and her combat practice. Wednesday's had diverted a bit from the usual Metal Bending training with Bolin. As much as I tried to keep his confidence up, Bolin refused to practice with his spoon. Instead opting to practice his standard Earthbending.

Thursdays were, of course, babysitting days. A regretful day indeed. At the very least, Pema didn't expect me to take care of Rohan while handling the three older ones, but it still presented issue.

The one welcome addition to Thursdays, and in fact all days, was Scarlett. As the others gathered on the island, she was introduced to the rest of the group, and warmed up to Bolin and Asami rather quickly. Asami was gracious enough to provide a full wardrobe for the girl, which was gratefully accepted by both her, and myself. She was still shy, but was improving, albeit slowly. Probably didn't help that I was the only one that could communicate with her fully.

Still, as I said, she was in fact improving. Each day, whether I was out on the training grounds or wandering the temple with the three wind-blowers, I’d find her following close behind, watching with curious intent. I never invited her to join, she already knew she was welcome to if she wanted. When she was comfortable enough to be with other people, she’d come of her own accord.  
Friday ended up being no different. The night before, Korra had approached me asking if we could begin her training in the ways of the force. Of course I agreed. Asking her to meet me in the meditation garden in the morning. She was rather reluctant to do so when I told her to meet me at sunrise, but submitted when I told her it was important to her training.

Friday morning came, and sure enough, Korra was able to wake herself enough to join me. She looked exhausted, just as I expected her to be. Than again I hadn’t expected her to be up at all. I just smiled and patted the spot next to me and she sat down. As she did, I went into my meditative stance, which she mirrored. Soon after, the sun began to rise.

You: “Breathe, just breathe.” I breathed deeply, and so did she. “Feel the sun, the warmth, the light as it surrounds you, envelops you. Feel the strength.” She continued to breathe, her breaths becoming deeper, slower. “This is what the force feels like. A constant warmth surrounding you, filling you with strength, with power.”

Korra: “It, it feels wonderful.” We sat, still and silent, for the next hour, simply feeling the rays of the morning sun.

You: “Very good.” Taking that as the cue to stop, Korra stood and stretched, then began walking away. "Where are you going? Not back to bed I hope.” She looked back to me confused.

Korra: “I was headed to the training grounds, no offense but I figured we would want the space for training.” I chuckled; she thought we were starting the PHYSICAL aspect of her training, it kinda hurt to have to put a damper on her expectations.

You: “I’m not sure what you were expecting for today Korra but we aren’t going anywhere, today’s lesson is going to be here, in the meditation garden. That’s why I wanted you to meet me here in the first place.” Sure enough her face dropped a bit.

Korra: “But I thought…” She hooked her thumb over her shoulder. “The others got…”

You: “Apparently the first thing I’m going to have to teach you is how to form a complete sentence.” I joked. She wasn’t laughing, so I sighed and gestured for her to sit. “Remember when we first talked about how I would train you? About how there were things I could teach you that I couldn’t teach the others?” She nodded. “That’s what we’re starting with. You Korra are already a powerful bender, having been trained in the four elements by masters of each. The others needed refinement and control and a stable environment to be trained in. You already had that. Sure there are going to be some physical things I will teach you and those lessons will come in time. But as Avatar you are in the unique position of being able to feel spirit energy, much like how I as a Force Wielder am able to sense force energy, and subsequently this world’s equivalent.” She tilted her head but nodded all the same. “Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be your basic ‘breathing exercises’ meditation training like you're used to doing with Tenzin. I’m gonna be showing you a few cool things too.” I winked and she smiled.  I looked around a bit and took in what I could use to show her my first trick. Of course I had my lightsaber, but she’s already seen me take it apart and put it back together. I needed a little more, besides I’ve been dying to really push myself to my peak again. I hadn’t done it in so very long and with this past month of steady rest and food, I’ve really been feeling refreshed. Taking in the surroundings I noticed six rather large stones, similar to the Muntuur stones the Jedi kept in the temple on Coruscant.  Perfect I thought. “Ok Korra, if you want to get a little physical here’s your first challenge.” She perked up a bit. I pointed to the stones. “I want you to lift those stones and bring them over here, placing them in a wide circle around us. Try and move as many of them as you can using only your earthbending.” She smirked at me.

Korra: “Piece of cake.” She got up and walked towards the stones. I called after her.

You: “Only Earthbending, and you can’t drag them across the ground, they have to be floating.” She waved me off. “And no Avatar State!” She groaned at that last bit. She began, at first she attempted to lift all six at once, I’ll admit she got them all off the ground pretty easily, but I could see the strain in her face. She tried walking all of them over at once but didn’t make it more than a few steps before they dropped.

Korra: “They’re a lot heavier than they look. They must each way at least a ton.” Huh, I guess they were closer to the Muntuur stones than I thought, Thank god there were only six though. Last Time I tried this with all seven I nearly popped a blood vessel trying to get them all to move. Of course they weighed anywhere between two and eight tons a piece, these ones…well I at least HOPE they didn’t weigh that much, otherwise this wasn’t going to be that impressive.

After a brief moment of rest, Korra tried again, lifting only four of the six this time, she made it much farther this time, but again she had to drop them. She went back for the two she left behind and brought them over first with relative ease. She set these two behind me on my left and right. The next two she set down a short distance from the first two, somewhere between where I was currently sitting and where she was sitting. And finally, the last two she set behind her to her left and right. Once finished she sat down again, tired but thankfully not exhausted. I looked around, happy with the configuration.

You: “Very good Korra. Now…. Put them all back.” The look on her face was priceless, somewhere between absolute disbelief and sheer anger. I couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “I…I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist.” She looked like she was about ready to punch me. “Ok, ok you’re not going to move them back. Just sit back, relax and watch what I do.” I closed my eyes and began focusing, first on the lightsaber, then on myself, then the rocks around us. And for added measure, on Korra. And so I began.

(Korra’s POV)

(His/Her) ‘joke’ ticked me off, but it looked like (he/she) was getting serious. (He/She) had closed (his/her) eyes and looked like (he/she) was focusing on something. As I looked at (him/her) expectantly,  (his/her) lightsaber began floating in the air, then began coming apart, slowly revealing all the little pieces inside it. It was certainly impressive that (he/she) could reach out and move all those little pieces. Before long, (he/she) started floating in the air too. Not by much, but (he/she) was definitely floating. That’s where the parts I had already seen stopped.
It started with the boulder behind (his/her) left shoulder, than the one on (his/her) right. They both began to shift and lift into the air, along with (himself/herself) and the bits and pieces of (his/her) lightsaber. I noticed that among those pieces were two crimson crystals and two white ones that seemed to glow brightly against the sunlight. Then amazingly, the two boulders to our left and right shifted and lifted into the air as well, followed slowly by the ones behind me. It was amazing, I was having trouble lifting and moving just those six, yet here (he/she) was, lifting all of them plus (himself/herself) AND all those little pieces.

I was so amazed, I almost didn’t notice myself floating off the ground. Ok now (he/she) was just showing off. But apparently, (he/she) wasn’t done yet, soon everything began to move, everything that was in the air began to slowly float deeper into the garden, closer to where the boulders had originally been. As we moved, I noticed the pieces of (his/her) lightsaber slowly begin to reform, coming back together. Not only that, but the crystals were really beginning to glow. So brightly I almost had to look away. I was amazed at all of this, and all the while (he/she) looked so calm, as if this was nothing for (him/her).

(Your POV)

‘Can't…..hold…..much…..longer’ I tried to keep my face placid, but hell, this was this taking too long. The boulders were thankfully not as heavy as the Muntuur stones, only weighing about one ton each, but those six, plus me, plus Korra, plus the thing I was doing with my lightsaber was NOT a good idea to start with. I was going to be exhausted before we even started on HER meditation. Thankfully we were closer to the boulders original space, and I just wanted to get them as close to home as possible. The longer it took though, the more I figured this was impressive enough, I didn’t have to move them ALL the way, just enough to get my point across. Screw it I’m gonna start setting us down. This is too damn heavy.

I stopped us all, then began lowering everything gently. First the Boulders as they were the most trying to keep up, then Korra, followed promptly by myself, then finally I pieced my saber together and reached out to grab hold of it with my right hand.

I reached out and took hold of the hilt, and with one final click, ignited both crimson blades to my lightsaber. I opened my eyes to see Korra’s expression, a perfect mixture of shock and awe. Heheh, worth every moment.


You: “Glad to see you’re impressed.” I grinned, deactivating my saber.

Korra: “Are you going to teach me how to do that? Am I gonna be able to move all these rocks without lifting a finger? Am I gonna get my own lightsaber? *Gasp* are you going to make me a Jedi?” Ok this was getting a little out of hand. I raised my hand to silently request she stop and relax for a moment. I took a deep breath and signaled for her to follow, she did and we both released it.

You: “What you just saw Korra, is a massive display of the power of manipulating the energy around you. With the force I can reach out and move and handle anything. From the largest of stones” I gestured to the rocks around us. “To the most delicate of objects.” I finished gesturing to my lightsaber. “I can teach you how to do exactly what I just did, to focus your mind so precisely, yet be able to split your attention in multiple directions. As for you being a Jedi and getting your own lightsaber. Well you don’t need to be a Jedi, you’re already the Avatar. And maybe… hear that I’m saying MAYBE, we could try and build you a lightsaber, if the materials we need exist in this world.” Her eyes were wide and her smile wider still. I swear she only ever hears every other word.

Korra: “You have no idea how excited I am right now.”

You: “Oh I think I have an inkling.” I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. She followed suit. “Alright, now it’s time for you to start feeling the energies around you.” I gestured her closer to me and she shifted until she was about a foot away. We sat in the center of the rock circle and looked at each other. Her piercing blue eyes stared directly into mine. They were so beauti….stop, stop, stop. Need to jump that train of thought. Bad place to be right now. Focus (man/woman) your training her damn it. “As an earth bender, you’re used to being able to feel around you, reaching through the rocks and stones to manipulate them. Subsequently you’re able to feel the vibrations of those that walk on the earth. As a Waterbender, you can reach into the body, looking for the inconsistencies and damage the body may sustain, you have the ability to heal. As a firebender, you can call upon the energy in your body to produce flame and lightning. And as an Air bender, you can bring that energy around you to lift yourself into the air, perhaps not straight ‘fly’, but certainly float. The one common thing they all share, is energy. Where everyone is wrong though, is that benders believe all four are made up of different energy, when in reality, it’s all the same.” I paused, giving her a moment to ask any questions. She looked a bit confused but allowed me to continue. “Every Bender is exactly the same, the difference being which elemental energy you are attuned to. As Avatar you are obviously attuned to all four energies. But you’re also attuned to much more. The spiritual energy that gives you you’re bending, also flows through everything around us.” I gestured to the garden surrounding us. “It flows through you, me, the rocks, the grass, the trees. All of it is connected to that same spiritual energy. Now just like benders, there are things that have a stronger connection than others. Living things such as the tree would have a stronger connection than the rock. Yet benders can bend the rock and not the tree.” I paused again and this time she did have a question.

Korra: “So….you’re gonna teach me how to bend…the tree?” I chuckled.

You: “Funny, no I’m going to teach you how to reach out and sense the tree.” She looked confused. Yeah that may not have been the best way to explain it. “Let me rephrase that. Like the tree, people have that same energy flowing through them, whether bender or non-bender. I’m going to teach you how to sense them, to be aware of them and how to tell who is a non-bender, and who is a bender and what they can bend. “

Korra: “By making me sense…the tree?” Ok now she was just digging at me. I sighed

You: “Yes…by making you sense the tree.”

Korra: “But I can see the tree.” I smacked my forehead.

You: “I know you can see the tree, that isn’t the point. Just..just close your eyes.” She gave me a look that told me clearly she was being difficult on purpose. Either way she complied. I followed suit.wanting to take the moment to try and find my Gate Key, hoping its unique energy would be enough to let me find it. “Clear your mind, forget where you are, forget your friends, your family, forget any of them exist. All that exists now is you and me.” I gave her a moment to follow the instruction. I soon did the same. “Inhale deeply, and as you release your breath, allow your mind to reach out, now accepting the stones around us into your reality.” She exhaled and I did the same. Now it was time for her to begin feeling around her surroundings, I on the other hand was preparing to search the entire world. “Now feel the energies that allow you to bend those stones to your will, follow them down into the ground, see how it spreads out in all directions. Follow it, find the tree behind me.”

I could actually feel her focus, she had a mouth on her, but that didn’t say anything about her dedication to her training. As she forced herself to find the tree, I began spreading my gaze over the world. I saw the temple, all the lives inside. I reached farther still towards Republic City, I could feel the mass amount of life energy flowing through it, all the people living there lives. Farther still, I saw all four air temples at once, the Earth Kingdom and the countless lives living in Ba-Sing-Se. I saw the fire nation and the powerful energies that swirled there.

I looked towards the South Pole and felt Katara’s massive energy force, Old as she had gotten, she was still the most powerful waterbender I had ever met.  I reached past her though and found no trace of my key. But I did see something. Something dark, powerful. Almost, Godly. Outside myself, Korra seemed to be getting the hang of it. I could hear her chuckling lightly, something about a tree? Oh right the training. I was forced to pull back into myself. I opened my eyes and sure enough, there she was chuckling lightly and muttering that she could sense the tree.
Korra: “This is amazing, I can see the energy flowing through it, reaching through the trunk and up into the branches, spreading thinly through each one and even breaking up into each little leaf.” I honestly hadn’t expected her to get it as quickly as she had. I expected her to take at least a week on the tree alone. But I felt proud of her nonetheless. As she chuckled I caught myself staring at her again. That smile and laugh was infectious.

You: “Very good, come back now Korra, you’ve done very well.” She opened her eyes, still smiling, when she saw me she smiled even wider.

Korra: “That was amazing; I could actually SEE the energy flowing through the ground into the tree!! But, why did you have me start with the stones? I mean, I could already feel them, like you said.” I nodded, understanding her confusion.

You: “Honestly it was because I felt you may need a starting point, something you have already done and mastered to help feed you into the unknown more easily.” She nodded her understanding, still smiling.

Korra: “That was so cool though!!! Am I going to be able to sense more things at once!? How far will I be able to reach!??!!” I chuckled, shaking my head slightly. I couldn’t even blame her for being that excited. Honestly I was pretty excited the first time I accessed my force abilities.

You: “Soon Korra, with enough practice you will be able to see across the world.” I waved my hand for emphasis. She would be able to do it. It may take her the next thirty years, but she could do it. “So would you like to try again?” She nodded excitedly. I laughed, and so it went on.
Her interest in her ability to sense energies became far greater then I had anticipated, so much so that she willingly woke at dawn, and joined me in the meditation garden for practice for the following two weeks. Each time we trained, her senses grew, eventually being able to sense anyone walking through the temple itself. She was still straining to find and focus on multiple energies, but she was excited all the same. Over the course of the two weeks, Scarlett was becoming a more social child. She still refused to speak, relying solely on visual cues to communicate.

Still, more then once I would catch her playing with either one of the other children, Bolin, Asami, or even Tenzin if she was up for a game of Pai-Sho. I learned that Tenzin became her favorite playmate, if only because he became exasperated whenever she won. And she won, a lot. Usually, when I was in the training grounds, Scarlett could be found sitting just out of sight, watching curiously at what we were doing. As the weeks progressed, she did become braver and came closer to the grounds, making herself known to whoever I was training at the time, but did nothing but watch. Part of me wondered if it may have been because she was interested in training herself, though in what she wouldn't tell. I wasn’t concerned, like with her social skills, when she was ready to present herself, she’d do so.

As for Korra, I felt bad that I had only been training her in meditation; I figured it was time to give her a break, and train her in some actual combat.

One morning, as the sun rose into the sky, I felt her wake, then flee out her door and down to the meditation grounds, having realized that she had woken late. I grinned, I suppose she believed It wasn’t a good idea to be late with me, and to be honest, if I had been training her before my imprisonment, that might have been true. But these kids, Asami, Bolin, Mako and her. They’ve made me soft. Throw Scarlett into the mix and you could forget I was ever in charge of the largest armada in the Galaxy once.

I heard her running towards me, tripping over a rock on her way down. She caught herself before face planting into the floor, but she still had a few curt words for that rock.

You: “Cussing out the rock won’t get it to move Korra. It’s a rock it can’t understand you.” I wasn’t looking at her, in fact my eyes were closed and I was turned away from her entirely. I could still feel her eyes on me though. ‘If looks could kill’ I believe would be the operative saying here.

Korra: “I’m sorry I’m late, I guess I had just been working myself harder than normal. This meditation training has been a lot harder than I expected it to be.” At least she admitted her mistake. Not that I was going to do anything anyway.

You: “That’s ok, honestly I never expected to you be here as early as you have been. In all honesty I had admired your dedication to this. Now I’m not saying that means you can just come up whenever you like, but you don’t have to be here at sunrise with me every day.” I could feel her anxiety fade.

Korra: “Thank you, honestly it’s been kinda relaxing here with you every morning. So I guess I should just start then? I want to see if I can stretch myself and see everyone in the temple by the end of the day.” She made her way next to me to sit, but I quickly stood and turned to her.

You: “Like any muscle, if you strain your mind to much you may end up hurting yourself. I actually had something else planned for the day and I want you to rest your mind for a bit. You have already done so much more than I had expected you to as it is.” I smiled

Korra: “Ok, so then what did you have in mind today?” I smirked; calling two wooden staffs to hand, then tossing one to Korra.

You: “Lightsaber training.” She looked at me with wide, hopeful eyes.

Korra: “Are you serious?” I saw so much excitement behind those eyes. I simply nodded.

You: “Over the past couple of days, I’ve been conferring with Asami, with a little intuitive thinking, I believe while we can create most of the pieces needed for your very own lightsaber. The only thing I couldn’t find was naturally occurring saber crystals.” I made to lead her to the training grounds.

Korra: “Wait, but if there are no crystals, how can I build my own saber? I thought it needed crystals?”

You: “You’re right, it does need crystals. But just because there are no naturally occurring ones doesn’t mean I can’t make them for you.” I continued walking. “I can make you synthetic crystals when you are ready to build your own. Synthetics make for stronger blades anyway, hell the ones on my saber are synthetic.” I patted the saber at my waist. We made it to the training circle and turned back to her. “Now the one thing you need to realize about the lightsaber is that it can just as easily damage you as it could your opponent. That’s why before you can handle this.” I raised my saber in one hand. “You have to learn how to handle that.” I pointed to the staff I had given her. “You’ll notice that most of it is painted blue, the rest of it is white. That’s to help you learn where your hands need to be, at no point should your hand touch the blue part.” She nodded to me and looked to the staff. It was simple to say the least; I had painted it as best I could to resemble the training sabers the Jedi used. I wish I could have given her one, that way she could learn about the weight and the feel while not having to worry about hurting herself. Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. “Ok so first thing we need to learn is form. So for now, I just want you mimicking my movements.” She nodded again and took up her ‘woodsaber’ and I took up  my own.

I moved through the basic stances first, watching as she mimicked them, rather well I have to say. However...

(Korra's POV)

(F/N) stopped moving, setting (his/her) own staff down, then crossed over to me. (He/She) stood behind me, placing (his/her) hands over mine as (he/she) adjusted my grip.

You: “You're holding this like it’s going to smack you if you let it go, don’t be afraid to let it shift in your grasp, it helps with more fluid motions.” (He/She) then helped me loosen my shoulders, then gently straightened my back. “Slouching will only deter you, limiting your motions. Keep your back straight and your saber high.” As (his/her) hands roved over me, i couldn't help the heat that rose in my cheeks. My chest tightened, my stomach did backflips. Why… why did I feel this way? Not even Mako made me feel like this.

Korra: "Thank you.” I squeaked… squeaked, (His/Her) eyes fell, then shifted away, I must have made (him/her) uncomfortable. Quick, need a distraction. I looked around, my eyes falling on the perfect decoy. “Looks like we have an audience.” I pointed to the edge of the training ring, little Scarlett sitting just outside.

(You POV)

She… Squeaked. And there was a definite blush forming on her face. I must have overstepped my bounds. I turned, walking back to my original position.

Korra: “Look’s like we have an audience.” She pointed to the edge of the ring, finding Scarlett at the far end, sitting as she usually did with a curious look on her face.

You: "So we do.” I called my own staff back as I repositioned myself.

Korra: “Is she gonna be ok there?”

You: “We aren’t doing anything dangerous. Besides she’s only curious. If she’s interested and wishes to join, she’s more then welcome to.” Korra nodded, her blush gone and eyes refocused. Seems her discomfort was forgotten, thank Scarlett and her impeccable timing. “Shall we continue?”
We spent hours, and I mean hours practicing the basic stances of lightsaber combat. She was determined, I'll give her that, but she was clearly frustrated that we were effectively doing the same thing over and over again. I wanted to push her down the path, but I needed to make sure she didn’t smack herself in the face first. As the hours trudged along, her motions became more aggressive, her agitation evident in her moves. Scarlett had eventually wandered off, leaving the two of us alone. Good thing too, any longer and Korra may very well just throw her staff away. I signaled her to stop, sitting down off to the side and motioning her to sit beside me.
You: "I know you’re frustrated, these same basic motions weren’t what you were expecting I know, but like with anything you have to get the basics before you can move on." At the very least she was doing better then Sokka did on his first day. Poor guy ended up smacking himself in the nose. The only time he made me genuinely laugh,.

Korra: "I know... But this isn’t exactly as exciting as I expected it to be. I’ve seen what swordmasters can do, and if that’s anything like what you’re teaching me, I want to be able to do it too." She was frustrated to be sure, I needed to do something to cheer her up. I don't think I could handle seeing her this way.

You: “Did you know, I also taught Zuko in swordplay?” She turned to me, her eyebrow cocked in interest.

Korra: ‘Really? You taught Lord Zuko how to sword fight?”

You: “I did, and I helped train some of the Kyoshi warriors as well, Suki included.”

Korra: “Wasn’t Sokka a swordsman too?” I sighed, shaking my head. “Wasn’t he?”

You: “...He was, in a way. I tried to train him while we traveled together, but…

-Flash Back-

We were in the middle of a field, a staff in my hand and a staff in Sokka’s. Toph, Katara and Aang were currently sitting off to the side, up against Appa, watching as Sokka swung his staff, making humming noises as he did. I sighed heavily, shaking my head.

You: “Sokka, Sokka, Sokka!”

Sokka: “I’m ready!” He stood at attention, his staff flying up, smacking him square in the nose. He flew back, landing in the grass.

-Present Day-

You: “He wasn’t to keen on my teachings after our first lesson.” Korra snorted, trying to contain her laughter. “The point I’m trying to make, is that of all my students, you are the most determined to learn. I see great things in your future.” She cocked her brow at me.

Korra: “You telling me you can see the future too?” I chuckled.

You: “I don’t need to be clairvoyant to know your gonna do great things Korra. I can tell that just by what I see before me.” She smiled, then leaned over, wrapping her arms around my middle. “What’s this for?”

Korra: “Of all my masters and teachers, you and Tenzin are the only ones that never said I was ‘to brash’, or ‘to unfocused’. And between the two of you, you don’t yell at me.”

You: “Yet.” I joked lightly, she laughed.

Korra: “I guess I just wanna say thank you, you believe in me, you don’t judge me. You’re always so patient with me.” I hugged her back. Leaning close to her ear as I whispered.

You: “I’ll always believe in you.”

That ended up being the end of the session for the day, having been interrupted by a rather rebuffed Mako, huffing and puffing about something only he knew. His thoughts were clouded, but through the fog I believe I could see some kind of jealousy. Korra left with him, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I didn’t see her for the remainder of the day, not until a brief passing in the hall that night before bed. Before long though, I was woken suddenly by a stir in the force. Someone was awake, out in the training grounds, and was growing frustrated. I stood, slipping on my pants and undershirt quickly before heading out to see.

(Scarlett’s POV)

I had waited until everyone else had gone to sleep, sure that everyone, (Mr./Ms.) (F/N) included wouldn’t catch me. I dressed lightly, silently moving through the temple until I found myself in the training grounds. (Mr./Ms.) (F/N) had left the staffs (he/she) and Ms. Korra had been using out there, discarded on the side. I took up one, trying to remember what they had been doing earlier just this morning. I went through the motions as best I could, but the staff would not cooperate. It would constantly bang against the floor, or swing out of my hand. I got so frustrated, I slammed it into the ground, and it snapped in my hand, cutting across my palm.

Scarlett: “OW!”

You: “So you do vocalize after all.” I turned, finding (Mr./Ms.) (F/N) standing on the edge of the ring, blurred by the tears forming in my eyes. (He/She) hissed as (he/she) caught sight of the blood now seeping from my hand. “Come here sweetheart. Let’s get you fixed up.” I walked over, fighting to hold back the tears. (He/She) sat on the grass, pulling me into (his/her) lap and taking my hand in (his/hers). “This may sting a bit. But I need you to trust me ok?” I nodded. (He/She) laid (his/her) other hand over mine. There was warmth,a flash of blue light and then a brief flash of pain before it all faded away. When (he/she) pulled (his/her) hand back, my palm was healed. No sign of the cut except for a faint scar and the blood that stained my palm.

Scarlett: (“How did you do that!?”) I signed frantically. (“Do you know magic!?”) (He/She) chuckled, taking my now healed hand in (his/her) own and squeezing lightly.

You: “A kind of magic. Honestly I’m surprised it worked, that’s the first time I’ve ever healed someone.” (He/She) smiled, I was still stuck on the fact that (he/she) could do magic.

Scarlett: (“Can you teach me magic?”) (His/Her) smile saddened as (he/she) brushed at my hair.

You: “I wish I could. But there may be something else I can teach you.” (He/She) extended (his/her) hand, the now broken staff flying into (his/her) waiting palm. “Do you want to learn?” I frowned at the staff, still frustrated with it. (He/She) chuckled at the face I must have made. “The reason it didn't work is because it’s too long for you dear, you need a shorter one. I can make you one and teach you, if you’d like?” I looked up at (him/her), (his/her) (E/C) eyes full of genuine kindness. I thought if over, letting (him/her) teach me would mean having to spend time with others. On the other hand, it would only be Ms. Korra. I nodded, wanting to learn what (he/she) knew. “Alright, Korra and I already planned on starting again tomorrow. Why don’t you come down when you wake and I’ll have a smaller staff waiting for you.” Again I nodded, then turned to wrap my arms around (his/her) neck in a brief hug.

Scarlett: (“Thank you, Goodnight (Mr./Ms.) (F/N).”) And I scurried off, excited to get to bed so I could wake up and start learning (his/her) way of the sword.
And with a new dawn begins the Avatars journey into another world. The ways of a force wielder.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own THe Last Air Bender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, the Images used, or you.
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