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The Solar Time Theory.

So, rather then explain the theory in a chapter that pertains to the story, I have decided to give it its own “Bonus” chapter. One that explains the theory for those that want to know how and why, while also keeping it separate for those that aren’t interested by it.

The Solar Time theory states that each dimension of existence rotates around the central embodiment of time. Similar to how the solar System works, each dimension circles Time at different rates of speed. The closer to Time the Dimension is, the faster the rate. The farther from time, the slower the rate. You, as you are now, sitting, standing, lying down reading this, are in what is known as the Father Realm. The dimension furthest from time there is. And as such, you age according to time in that dimension’s annual cycle.

Now, by traveling to other dimensions, you travel closer, and closer to time. And are therefore capable of experiencing the annual cycles of each world. But, you do not age accordingly. For example. Earth as you know it, has 365 days to its annual cycle. Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, only has 88 days. If you were to travel to Mercury and stay there, you would experience four annual cycles before Earth had experienced its one. If when you left for Mercury you were twenty years old. You would by definition only physically age one year. However, you would mentally have experienced four years. Solar Time works in the same way.

Again, you, as you are, sit in the Father Realm, and therefore age according to its annual cycle. The next available world to travel to would be the realm of the Force. The realm of the Force ages at a rate of six to one in comparison to the Father Realm. Meaning you could experience six years of time in that world, before aging one.

Comparatively, the realm of the Avatar ages at a rate of forty two to one, meaning you could experience forty two years of that world's life, before aging even one year physically.
As you move, closer and closer to time, rate of time increases, allowing you to experience more in less time. As a result, you can physically be one age, while mentally being another.

Now of course at this point you're probably asking what would happen to someone that was born to a realm closer to time? And it is a valid question indeed.

If someone from say, the Realm of the Avatar were to jump into the realm of the Force. They would age three times faster than they normally would as their home realm would continue to age.
Of course there are a multitude of worlds that are even closer to time that move at faster speeds then the three we have discussed, but for clarity’s sake we won’t discuss them further.

The only additional one to discuss will be the realm known as Time Prime.

Despite its title, Time Prime is NOT Time itself. Rather, it is the world nearest to time, and therefore, moves the fastest. The rate at which that world ages has at this time not been properly assessed and is therefore currently unknown.
This little piece is more for those that wish to understand the science behind dimensional travel within the universe of THE AVATAR AND THE DARK ONE story. It isnt needed as it isnt going to be refrenced within the main story itself. But its here for those of you that wish to have that question answered.
As Always let me know what you think i the comments below.
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