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(Korra’s POV)

I was so very thankful to have my own bed back, so thankful, that I hated Naga for waking me.

Korra: “Naga…. Five more minutes.” Currently, Naga was lapping at my face, refusing to let up until I got up to let her outside. “Alright fine… you win… needy pain.” She panted happily before trotting over to the door. I stood, looking at the clock I noticed it was already 4:15, nearly sunrise. “Guess I’m not getting back to sleep.” I dressed quickly, then opened the door to lead Naga out into the courtyard. As I did, I found I wasn’t alone. “Do you ever sleep?” (F/N) turned to me, a serious look in (his/her) eyes flashing briefly before (his/her) usual warm smile graced (his/her) hardened features.

You: “On occasion, if I’m in the mood.” I rolled my eyes as I walked up to stand next to (him/her), watching over the city in silence. After my ‘speech’, the five of us freed what few benders where left on the island. There weren’t more than a dozen left, chained in the basement of the temple. But it was a dozen that hadn’t been hurt by Amon. They had decided to stay, so thankful for the rescue they wanted to stay and help us in any way they could. The vagabonds had decided to return to their own home, figuring that with the benders on the island, we were more than ready for anything that could come our way.

Korra: “Something on your mind?” (His/Her) smile fell as (he/she) turned back to the city.

You: “Something I’ve been meaning to tell you actually.” (He/She) turned back to me, seriousness written across (his/her) face. “Something I found out the night I found you in Tarrlok’s cabin.” (He/She) turned, walking back towards the temple, (his/her) cane tapping lightly against the stone floor. “But I think you’d better hear it from the ostrich-horse’s mouth.” (He/She) led me inside, up the stairs to the attic. When we arrived, I couldn’t believe what I found. “I found him like this last night.” Tarrlok, in a make-shift cell.

(Your POV)

It was true I had found the disgraced councilman the night before. I had sensed him out some time after everyone else had fallen asleep. When I found him in the attic, he wasn’t exactly happy to see me either.

-The night before-

Tarrlok: “You..” He gnashed his teeth at me, huddled against the far wall of the cell. His suit was still torn to pieces, and his hair was mangled. I couldn’t help but laugh.

You: “Oh how the mighty fall.” He huffed at me, then returned to starring at the floor. “What would Amon want with you that he’d store you up here I wonder?” He didn’t answer, instead continuing to focus on the floor before him. “I asked you a question.. It’d be polite to answer.” Still he didn’t move. “I said..” I raised my hand, lifting him from the floor, then ramming him against the bars of his cell before dropping him again. “…Answer the question.” He groaned as I walked up to the cell. “Or do we need a repeat performance?” He grumbled something under his breath, but righted himself to look at me.

Tarrlok: “Why should I tell you anything?” I chuckled… darkly. Just as darkly as I had when I put on the show for Amon’s sake. He was pushing me to do things I didn’t want to do, to delve into abilities I didn’t want to use.

You: “I could always.. dig it out of you if I’d like.. but that can be really… painful.” I kneeled down, smiling a Cheshire grin as he slowly crawled away, his back meeting the wall far too quickly for his taste. My mask had once again fallen, revealing my glowing yellow eyes. “Please… don’t make me go digging.” Fear flashed in his eyes before his gaze hardened. Resistant to the last. “Very well.” I reached out, deciding the Mind Probe would be best situated for this. “Just to warn you.. my shovel’s a bit rusty.” It was so much easier pulling his memories than I had expected, for someone so strong-willed, he was surprisingly non-resistant to the probe. That didn’t mean I didn’t cause a little pain. He writhed a bit, gripping at his head as the migraine this tended to cause fluctuated behind his eyes. As he squirmed, his memories flooded my vision. His father Yakone, his brother Noatak, and… “He IS a blood bender.” I released Tarrlok, the migraine fading instantly as he panted in relief. “Seems our mutual friend has more than just the one secret.” I turned back to him. “Is this how he takes bending away? Some special chi-blocking technique he learned?”

Tarrlok: “I.. I don’t know how he does it.. only that it has to do with his blood bending.” He looked up to me, that same defiance in his eyes. “He has to be stopped.”

You: “Believe me I agree.”

Tarrlok: “You.. have to stop him. You’re the only one that can challenge his psychic blood-bending. Your power is the only thing he can’t take.” I shook my head, re-forming the mask around my eyes.

You: “It can’t be me. Thanks to you and your brother I’m effectively a boogie-man to the city. It has to be the Avatar.”

Tarrlok: “She isn’t ready.”

You: “That’s where you and I disagree.” I stood, turning to leave the attic. “I’m bringing her up tomorrow. You’re going to be telling her everything I just pulled from your mind, WILLINGLY.”

Tarrlok: “Or what?” I shot him a look as I descended the stairs.

You: “I just dragged your memories out of your head.. what else do you think I could do while in there?” His eyes widened, fear returning. “Be sure not to have any nightmares tonight.”


(Korra’s POV)

You: “He told me quite a bit last night regarding our friendly bending taker. But I brought you up here so he could tell you himself.” I turned to the former councilman, who could only nod in agreement. “Amon… is a water bender.”

Korra: “What?”

Tarrlok: “It’s true.” I turned back to him, amazement swimming in my head. “Not only that, but he’s my older brother.” Surprises just seemed to continue spewing from his mouth. “Like I told our.. friend here.” He nudged his head towards (F/N), earning a soft chuckle and a smirk. “Amon used to go by the name Noatak, we were raised in the northern water tribe by our father and mother. And when we discovered we were water benders, well, Yakone was Yakone after all.” He told us everything, about how Yakone raised the both of them to be weapons of revenge against the Avatar. About forcing them to blood-bend, even going so far as to blood-bend each other. About how Amon.. how Noatak ran away from home, seemingly dead. “The revolution may be built on a lie. But I think Amon truly believes bending is the source of all evil in the world.”

Korra: “That’s, that’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard.” I turned back to (F/N). “You knew?” (He/She) shook (his/her) head.

You: “I discovered Amon was a water bender the night I met him. The rest I found out last night. I wanted to tell you myself but..” (He/She) turned back to Tarrlok. “Ostrich-horse and all that.” I nodded, agreeing with (his/her) logic. Then it dawned on me.

Korra: “This is it. This is how we beat him.” I turned to (F/N), excitement filling my mind. “If we expose Amon as a bender it’ll undermine everything he’s built!” (He/She) smiled at me, the warmth emanating from (him/her).

You: “Very good Korra. We just need to think of a place to do it.”

Tarrlok: “He’s hosting a rally at the Arena later today. If you’re planning on exposing him, that’s the place to do it.” I turned back to Tarrlok, a smile reserved for him.

Korra: “Thank you, for your help.”

Tarrlok: “Defeat him, put an end to this sad story.”

Korra: “We will. We need to go tell the others before we..” I was cut short by (F/N). (He/She) had clapped a hand over my mouth, (his/her) ear bent to the sky.

You: “Do you hear that?” I did, a faint.. buzzing. “What in the hell…” (He/She) rushed down and out, I followed quickly after. As we rushed past the windows to the towers, I found what had been making the odd noise. It was difficult to see against the light of the rising sun. But I could make the faint outline of these small aircraft, dozens of them, all flying straight towards us.

Korra: “(F/N)..” (He/She)’d already taken notice.

You: “Get down!” The lead aircraft had flown overhead, dropping a large cylinder as it flew over. A bomb. The explosion rocked the tower, knocking away part of the wall as it did. (F/N) had knocked me to the floor, wrapping (his/her) form over mine as the flames licked at (his/her) back.

(Your POV)

I could feel the heat of the bomb graze the back of my robes. The flames singeing me lightly. I paid it no mind, instead focused entirely on keeping Korra safe. Once I felt she was, I jumped up.

You: “Go wake the others now!” Then jumped out the new exit to the tower. I landed on one of the nearby roof-tops. “All Benders up and at ’em! I want boots on the ground in defensive positions!” I took immediate command. Roaring at the top of my lungs to wake everyone that hadn’t already had their sleep disrupted. Soon enough, the twelve or so various benders we had rescued rushed out of the temple, all ready to take on the new threat. As more bombs dropped from the sky, earth, fire and water flew up, discharging the bombs before they could land. “I want Water and Fire benders aiming for the wings! Shoot those planes down! Earth Benders discharge those bombs!” They did, the menagerie of elements flying into the sky to defend the temple grounds. The planes began to fly erratically, buzzing around to avoid the on-coming fire as they dropped more bombs on our heads. I myself had activated my saber, tossing the double-bladed weapon into the sky to hopefully cut down the planes as they flew over-head. My disadvantage however, was that I was never much good when it came to fighter aircraft. They moved to fast for my saber to effectively cut down, and my telekinesis was no better, unable to focus on one long enough to rip it down before it flew off out of my reach. All I could really do was direct the others and hope I caught one or two as I did. I was able to at the very least catch a handful of the bombs as they dropped, lifting them back into the air into the path of the planes, causing them to crash and explode.

Mako: “(F/N)!” I looked down, finding Mako, Bolin and Asami rushing into the courtyard, all staring up at me. “Where do you need us!?”

You: “Asami I want you inside now! Mako, Bolin I want on the roof here! Take down what you can!” They all nodded, Asami rushing inside as Mako and Bolin joined me on the roof. Fire and Earth joined my saber in the air, flying in full force from the roof to cut down the planes.

Bolin: “Look!” Bolin had pointed towards one specific plane. I turned, catching sight of the pilot as he flew closely overhead.

Mako: “Sato..” Sato? Hiroshi Sato was leading the charge?

You: “You two stay here. I’m bringing him down.” I changed tactics, focusing on bringing Sato’s plane down. If we could capture him we could use any information he had. I jumped after him, scaling the Temples tower to gain a better view. At the top, I began focusing on cutting down his particular plane. Tossing my saber in his direction whenever he felt brave enough to fly close. The benders down below continued fire, taking down several of the planes and sending the remains into the water below. One plane in particular had flown low, aiming to disrupt the benders in the courtyard. I followed it as it sped into the fray, and was quickly cut down. A tower of water burst from the sea, a spinning whirlpool, with our avatar at its peak. The charging plane was split in two, cut down by Korra’s display of bending. Korra herself immediately set to taking down the remaining planes, sending all three elements into the sky to cut down what she could. Ice, fire and earth all flew from her hands in an impressive display, and I could only sit and watch.

___: ‘Amazing. Absolutely amazing.’ I could only nod in agreement, entrapped by the impressive performance of elemental mastery. She cut down nearly every plane on her own. And even more impressively, without the Avatar state.

Sato however, had taken notice of my brief moment of distraction, and taken advantage of it. Flying straight for me, then pulling up at the last moment as he released another bomb. I took notice, but far too late. I extended my palm, forming a weak force shield in the process, but it wasn’t enough to defend against the full force of the blast. The bomb connected, sending me back over the temple and down into the water behind it. That’s when I blacked out.

(Korra’s POV)

The moment after I woke everyone up, I rushed back out into the courtyard finding the benders that we had freed the night before already outside and fighting.

You: “I want Water and Fire benders aiming for the wings! Shoot those planes down! Earth Benders discharge those bombs!” (F/N) was on the roof of the temple, roaring orders while tossing (his/her) lightsaber at the passing planes. As valiant as (his/her) efforts were though, it was clear (he/she) was struggling. (His/Her) saber wouldn’t connect with the aircraft, moving too quickly for (his/her) aim to be of any affect. I had to help. I dove head-first over the cliff, then summoned the water around me, shooting myself into the sky atop a whirling tower, splitting one of the lower flying aircraft in two as I did. Now effectively eye-level with the remaining aircraft, I was able to hit them with more accuracy than the others.

I shot everything I had at them, flames licking and catching the wings on fire while slivers of rock and razor ice shredded them to pieces. Pilots were jumping from the planes in a panic as I tore through them. By the time I was unable to hold the tower underneath me anymore, most, if not all the aircraft had been downed, sinking into the water below. All except one. One of them had managed to slip past me, flying right for the temple tower, then pulling up immediately, releasing its bomb and hitting the top head on. Through the smoke I saw something fly off, a body.

Korra: “No..” I jumped down immediately, diving back into the water and shooting myself around the island. As I did, (his/her) body sank into the depths, the shadows overtaking (him/her) slowly.  Thankfully I was able to grab onto (his/her( hand, bringing us both back out of the water and onto the island in a burst.

Bolin: “Korra!” I looked up, coughing up a bit of water as the others rushed over to me.

Asami: “Oh no..” I looked down beside me, (F/N) flat on (his/her) back, not breathing. “Is (he/she)..”

Korra: “I’m not letting (him/her).” I waved my hands over (him/her), searching for any water that may be in (his/her) lungs. I was able to draw what little there was out, but still (he/she) wouldn’t breathe. “Come on (F/N). Wake up.” Asami dropped to her knees, pumping on (his/her) chest to try and get (him/her) to breathe. Still nothing. “Come on!” I leaned down, pressing my mouth over (his/hers), filling (his/her) lungs to try and wake (him/her). “Wake up (gramps/granny).” Again, pressing my lips down on (his/her). This time though, there was light pressure, (his/her) own lips puckering lightly as mine exhaled. I pulled away. (His/her) face gave away nothing, eyes still closed and mouth partly open. Wait… did (his/her) eye just twitch? Why that sneaky.. “Hey Bolin.. can you keep that up for me? I’m kinda out of breath.” (F/N) shot up immediately, (his/her) eyes wide in shock. “Miracles do happen.” As (he/she) turned to face me, I punched (him/her) in the shoulder. All (he/she) could do in return was laugh.

You: “Fine, you got me.” (He/She) stood, a bit shakily at first, but was able to right (himself/herself) after (he/she) had called (his/her) cane to (him/her). (He/She) looked to the sky, finding none of the air-craft flying overhead. “They’ll be back.”

Mako: “Then we need to ground them.” (F/N) walked off, leading us back towards the front of the temple, eyeing the sky as (he/she) did.

You: “They were impressive, but they were short-range propeller based, they’d need a long stretch of land for take-off, something nearby.” (He/She) pointed (his/her) finger, dragging it through the air until (he/she) hit the mountain range. “There, the air-field is behind those mountains.”

Asami: “What are we waiting for then? Let’s bring it down.” (He/She) nodded, walking down the courtyard with Mako, Asami and Bolin in tow. I didn’t move.

Korra: “Wait…” They stopped, turning back to look at me. “I’m sorry, but, I’m not going with you.”

Mako: “What? Why?”

Korra: “Amon’s rally may be the only chance we have at stopping him. If we miss it taking down that air-field then who knows when our next chance will be.” (F/N) shook (his/her) head.

You: “Korra we need to stick together, whether we miss the rally or not, Noatak isn’t leaving the city. But that air-field is high priority, if we don’t hit it we leave ourselves open for another round of bombings.” (He/She) gestured around us, the temple and island missing grand chunks of stone. “And I don’t think this temple will last another round.”

Korra: “I know, which is why you need to take down the air-field, while I take down Amon. It’s time I end this, on my terms.” There was an argument building in (his/her) eyes, but I saw (his/her) lips twitch, pride. (He/She) shook his head.

You: “Hard-headed as ever. Alright, but this isn’t something you should do alone.”

Mako: “She won’t.” Mako walked over, coming to stand shoulder to shoulder with me. “I’ll go with her.”

Korra: “You don’t have to do this.” He turned to me, determination in his eyes.

Mako: “Yes, I do.”

You: “I suppose it’s settled then. Asami, Bolin, you’re with me. We’ll head for the mountains and take down the air-field. . Mako.” (He/She) turned to him, their eyes meeting. “Watch her back.” Mako nodded, then walked off after Asami and Bolin, wishing them both good luck. I walked over to (F/N) wrapping (him/her) in a tight hug.

Korra: “Be careful up there.” (He/she) chuckled in my ear as (he/she) hugged me back.

You: “I should be the one telling you that.” We parted, (his/her) smile as warm as always. I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.

Korra: “You should take Naga, apparently she’s good in the mountains.” Said polar-bear dog trotted up, taking the chance to lick at (F/N)’s face. (His/Her) expression changed instantly, (his/her) smile fading into irritation rapidly. With a heavy sigh, (he/she) yanked Naga’s reigns from me, mumbling something under (his/her) breath as (he/she) mounted her. After Asami and Bolin had both mounted as well, they were off. I felt something in the pit of my stomach as they did, as (his/her) form faded into the water.

Mako: “Ready?” Mako’s hand brought me back to reality, his own smile shining down at me.

Korra: “Yeah. Let’s go bring this to an end.”

(Your POV)

The supposed ‘secret’ airfield was surprisingly easy to find. The only thing keeping it out of the way of the occasional mountain climber was the fact that it was so deep within the mountain range. We dismounted Naga a good hundred yards away, wanting to do this as quietly as possible.

You: “Once we get down there Bolin, I want you tearing up those runways. I don’t want any chance for them to escape. Asami you’re with me, we’ll take down what we can from the inside.” They both nodded, following me down the mountain pass. As we approached, Asami pointed something out.

Asami: “Why would there be fence posts, but no fence?” The same thought had crossed my own mind, and to late did I realize the answer. As soon as we walked between them, electricity ran the distance between the posts, shocking the other two unconscious. I stood, fighting the pain in an effort to stay awake.

Sato: “Well, well.” I fell to my knees, electricity still running through me. Hiroshi Sato approached me, a small smile on his aged face. “The Dark One, I presume?” He chuckled. “Such a shame you had to side with these benders.” he spat the word. “I would have been delighted to have discussed the technology behind that weapon of yours.” I couldn’t fight any longer, I fell fully, my face meeting snow, before finally blacking out.

When I woke, I woke with a start, someone slapping me awake. Hiroshi.

Sato: “It’s rather rude to fall asleep on your host.” He backed away as I tried to assault him, only to come short of.. well moving. I couldn’t move anything, my arms, legs, I could barely move my head as it was. “Like it? Made especially for you.” He held up a mirror, showing me the contraption he had bound me in. A large metal backing, with three rings gripping around my shoulders, middle and thighs, smaller rings bound my wrists and ankles to the backing, while two more rings wrapped over my shoulders and fused to the uppermost ring. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

You: “You think this will hold me? Do you have any idea who I am?”

Sato: “Oh I know, and I know it won’t hold you forever. Just long enough.”

You: “For?” He chuckled, turning away from me, heading out the back of the… truck?

Sato: “The Main event of course.” He closed the doors, there was a banging, and the truck was off, driving away to who knew where. Time began to creep onward, the concept fading away as the confines of the small space seemed to shrink.

You: “No..” I shook my head. “No, I’m not there.. I’m not there anymore.” My mind grew hazy, the metal walls of the truck beginning to resemble a much smaller space, a cell. “I’m not there… I’m not imprisoned anymore.” I tried to summon my strength to break the bonds. But I found my power failing me, just as it had in that cell. “No.. no, no, no.” Sweat began to bead along my brow. My mind rushing back to that confined space, a cell where I had no power, no influence, no family, no one.. Nothing, but time.

(Korra’s POV)

Mako and I had snuck into the rally rather easily with the use of the stolen uniforms. We found our way to one of the ref boxes overlooking the arena, now converted for use as a stage. We didn’t have to wait long before Amon appeared, raised up by a lift onto the illuminated stage. The crowd around us cheered, if only they knew what he really was.

Amon: “Thank you all, for joining me on this historic occasion.” The crowd roared in response, so easily swayed by his words. “When I was a boy, a fire bender struck down my entire family, and left me scarred. That tragic event began my quest to equalize the world.”

Korra: “That’s a lie Amon!” He, along with the entourage of equalists at his side turned up to us, looks and gasps of shock were shared as I ripped off my borrowed mask. “Or should I call you, Noatak?” The lieutenant whispered something to him; he raised his hand, than began speaking to the crowd.

Amon: “Everyone, calm down. We have nothing to fear from the Avatar. Let’s hear what she has to say.” It surprised me that he allowed me to speak, but I didn’t question it, instead taking the opportunity to tell the truth.

Korra: “Amon has been lying to you! The spirits didn’t give him the power to take people’s bending away. He uses Blood bending to do it! Amon, is a water bender!” The crowd booed, not at all moved by my words.

Amon: “You’re desperate, Avatar. Making up stories about me is a pathetic last resort.”

Korra: “You’re family wasn’t killed by a fire bender. His father was Yakone! And his brother, is councilmen Tarrlok!”

Amon: “An amusing tale, but I will SHOW you the truth.” He pulled his hood back, than undid the strings tying his mask to his face. As he pulled it away, the crowd gasped, some in surprise, others in horror. “THIS, is what a fire bender did to me.” The burn was horrid, stretching across the entirety of his face, as if the supposed fire bender had raked his hand across his face, from chin to temple. As he put his mask back on, the crowd immediately turned on me, shouts of liar and deceiver intermingling with each other.

Korra: “I’m telling you he’s a water bender!”

Mako: “Korra we’ve said what we had to say, let’s go.” Mako turned, readying himself to fight the equalists that had come up behind us.

Amon: “I wouldn’t leave yet Avatar. You’ll miss the main event.” I turned back, watching as the stage opened up yet again, another platform lifting into the air to reveal…

(Asami’s POV)

After Naga had come to break us out, Bolin and I immediately set to work taking down the field, he began tearing up the landing strips as I hopped into one of the mecha-tanks, smashing any and all of the planes that hadn’t already taken off. Problem was that three of them had already started moving, heading for the landing strips Bolin hadn’t already destroyed. I rushed after them, firing the weaponry the tank had available in an effort to destroy them, as did Bolin. We were able to take out one, but the other two had made it into the air, likely headed to destroy what remained of the temple. As we watched them fly into the sky though, they were brought back down by an..

Asami: “An Air Bison?” The bison rammed into the side of the first, sending to falling in flames down into the ravine. Then, Tenzin jumped onto the second, sending the pilot flying out of the seat before the plane spun out of control and fell. Tenzin landed gracefully in front of us, ready to fight any other threats to him, or us.

Bolin: “Tenzin? But shouldn’t you be with your family?”

Tenzin: “After Lin tore the two airships that were chasing us down, I flew them to the south pole. They’re with my mother right now. Once I was sure they were safe I made a call to the United Forces, then flew back here. I knew you’d need help, and after I saw what those air craft did to the temple I knew they needed to be taken out, so I came here.” He looked around questioningly. “Where are the others? Mako, Korra and (F/N)?”

Asami: “Mako and Korra went to a rally Amon was holding, they took it as an opportunity to take him out. (F/N) had come here with us, but I haven’t seen (him/her) since Naga broke us out.”

Sato: “Asami!” We all turned, finding another of the Mecha –tanks rushing right for us.

Tenzin: “We can figure it out later. Let’s finish this first.”

(Korra’s POV)

Korra: “(F/N)?” (F/N) had been strapped into some kind of full body binding machine, (his/her) back rigged against the contraption. (He/She) had a dazed look on (his/her) face, as if (he/she) had been drugged.

Amon: “Tonight, I rid the world of the Dark One!”

Korra: “Amon, let (him/her) go!”

Amon: “You’re welcome to come down here and try to stop me.”

Mako: “Korra, he’s trying to bait you.”

Korra: “It don’t care, we have to save (him/her)!” Amon turned back to (F/N), approaching (him/her) slowly.

Amon: “The Avatar had to be reminded of the power I possess.” He walked to the side of the contraption, hitting a button that caused it to collapse, forcing (F/N) to (his/her) knees. Amon leaned down, whispering something in (F/N)’s ear before placing his thumb on (his/her) forehead. I watched as (F/N)’s eyes widened, and watched as (his/her) power was taken away.  
And with this, begins the final fight for Republic City. I gott admit I had a Little trouble writing this one, mostly because it's cramming the majority of two episodes together and trying to tell both stories while also still being cohesive, withing the confines of roughly ten pages. But I think I got away with it, dont you?
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Legend of Korra, The Last Air Bender, Star Wars, The images used, or you.
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danielck117 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017
Awesome chapter as always, but I feel as if you could've made the near death experience genuine than a simple prank. It definitely would have boosted up their trust in one another, and Korra realizing how close she was at losing a close friend. Just my two cents, can't wait for the next addition!
Thank you,
thats actually where I originally wanted to go with it. Make
it an actual near death thing, I just could. It for the life of me figure out how to do it. For some reason I got stuck whenever I tried to write it seriously. I may revisit it in the future and draw it out more seriously, but that's assuming I can think up a way how.

otherwise I'm glad you're enjoying the story! And thanks for the watch!!
danielck117 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017
What could've happened was after multiple failed attempts by Korra and Asami up resuscitate the reader, they begin to give up and despair over the loss. That's when Mako intervenes and uses his lighting as a defibrillator to an extent. Takes several attempts but succeeds in doing so. 

Just a couple ideas to give you, I don't really remember how well Mako was able to control lighting in Book 1 but hey it's an idea anyways!
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017
Huh, not a bad idea actually. Like I said I may revisit later on. Right now I'm focused on chapter 13 and book 2
MaimaiKawaii29 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Student General Artist
How the fuck would he be able to take it???? The eyes widening was maybe more about the thing he said, I think, I mean the force can't be taken away or blocked this way like this, at least I don't so , I don't know I'm confused 😂
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
You seek answers, and answers you shall have

Next week :)

Just remember that it IS possible to sever a force wielders connection to the force, KOTOR2 for example did so with the Jedi Exile. Whether or not it is possible for Amon to do so.. well that's just speculation. Keep reading and find out!
MaimaiKawaii29 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Student General Artist
Oh yeah KOTOR, I wanted to play it

Anyway, Yeah it's just that to me Amon is not a force wielder, (of course) so to me he couldn't have possibly been able to do it, unless he for some reason was able to travel to her dimension , and from there he knew shit he shouldn't have, or one bastard from dimension I was to travel there and talk with Amon. bleh I'm gonna wait next week.

Just know that I'm thinking of it a loooot 😂 So I'll be waiting excitedly for it
WHOOPS! I really hope I didn't just spoil the game for you!

No I'm not having Amon dimension jump. At this moment you and the emperor are the only one with that technology. As for Amon. Keep in mind that in this world, the force and spirit energies that grant people their bending are very, very similar, it's how the Dark One is able to access the force in this world. Does that mean Amon can take away force sensitivity? Gotta wait and see.

thats exactly wha I want though, speculate, think about it.
delve deeper and read up on the lore for both worlds! Be excited and come back next week to find out what happened!
MaimaiKawaii29 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Student General Artist
No don't worry about it!

Yeah okay, I found the idea of Amon dimension jumping kinda weird, ooooh yeah okay that's kinda true that they are very similar.

Anyway thanks for answering and all 😁
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017
No problem. I always try to answer every comment I get :)
MichaelG1914 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
I'm really excited for the next few chapters, keep up the Great work. 

P.S There is a typo in the 1st Paragraph when Korra says "Do you every sleep" I'm sure it was supposed to be ever. But that didn't hinder the work l. Keep up the great work
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
Always happy to hear people enjoy the story!

Thanks for catching that! Fixed.
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