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(H/L) Hair Length
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(S/C) Skin Color


(Lin’s POV)

Silence suddenly rang out over the courtyard, not a sound to be heard save for the light splashing of the waves below. I looked up, finding (F/N) just standing there breathing heavily. (He/She) was leaning to one side, putting most of (his/her) weight on (his/her) left leg. I was honestly surprised (he/she) was able to stand at all given the damage to (his/her) right leg and side. (He/She) turned (his/her) eyes to us, the color having returned to their usual (E/C).

You: “Everyone ok?” I nodded, releasing the kids from my grasp. Once I did they all rushed forward, (he/she) kneeled down as best (he/she) could to wrap the kids in a hug of (his/her) own.

Meelo: “That was AWESOME!! You totally kicked their butts!!” (He/She) chuckled, murmuring that (he/she) was glad to see the three of them safe. I approached cautiously, not entirely sure how much of a danger (he/she) actually was.

You: “It’s ok Lin… I’m not gonna hurt you.” (He/She) looked up at me, a reassuring smile on (his/her) face.

Lin: “How do you know my name?” I was rather confused, and (his/her) knowing who I was only added to the confusion.

You: “Bolin told me.” Right, the big mouthed one. I walked over to the side of the cliff. Looking down into the water, I honestly expected to see more than a few dead bodies.

Lin: “Did you.. did you kill them?” I turned back to (him/her), seeing that (he/she) had decided to sit on the floor, the kids still surrounding (him/her). (He/She) shook (his/her) head no.

You: “No.. They’re still very much alive. Holding them up like I was while bringing down those Air ships took a lot out of me. There wasn’t enough energy left to electrocute them to death had I wanted to.” I nodded, partially understanding what (he/she) was talking about. The kids looked up, then stood to rush at something out of my vision

Jinora: “Dad!!” (F/N) and I both turned, finding Tenzin and the others riding in on his Sky Bison. All five passengers jumped down, Tenzin holding all three of his children close.

Tenzin: “Thank goodness you’re alright.”

Meelo: “We beat the bad guys!” Meelo, currently climbing on Tenzin’s head stated. I couldn’t help but smirk at the pride in his voice. Apparently neither could (F/N).

Tenzin: “You let them fight!?” There went the smirk.

You: “it wasn’t her fault.” I turned, finding (F/N) standing rather shakily. “There were to many for just her.. They would have caught her if not for those three.. or worse. You should be proud Tenzin.” It didn’t escape my notice that (he/she) had failed to mention that (he/she) had come to our rescue. Or that it was (he/she) (himself/her) that effectively eliminated the threat.  I wouldn’t have it.

Lin: “Actually… They would have made off with all of us if it wasn’t for (him/her).” I hooked my thumb in (his/her) direction.. earning a surprised look from the damaged warrior. “If (he/she) hadn’t shown up when (he/she) did and fought them all off… We would be on our way to Amon right now.” I turned to face (him/her), finding (him/her) to be smiling lightly at me.. a silent thank you shared between us.. I didn’t know if (he/she) was the (man/woman) my mother told me about or not.. but Dark One or not (he/she) fought like hell for us.. that earned a place in my good books any day.

I was actually about to go properly introduce myself, until (he/she) was tackled into a platypus-bear hug by Korra. She was smiling widely, happy to see her friend awake. The others followed suit, though at a much slower pace

You: “Ow ow OW.. Korra I’m happy to see you too.. but I’m still in a decent amount of pain.” Her eyes widened in realization before releasing (him/her).

Korra: “Oh geez! Right I’m sorry.. I’m just glad to see you’re awake.” They shared a smile with each other.. I may not have much experience in it… but there was something going on between them.. whether they knew it or not.

You: “It’s ok Korra.. Like I said I’m happy to see you too.” (He/She) laid a hand on her shoulder.. squeezing it gently.. “Tenzin.” (He/She) called, Tenzin turned to give (him/her) the requested attention. Then (he/she) gestured back into the temple. “I think there’s someone new inside you may want to go meet.” Tenzin’s eyes widened in realization before rushing inside.. his other three children in tow. “Now.. has anyone seen my cane?” (He/She) looked at everyone questioningly, hoping for someone to speak up.

Mako: “Uh… well you see..” Mako couldn’t spit it out.. so I did.

Lin: “It snapped in two when whatever did that to your side happened.” I gestured to (his/her) bandaged side. “The top half was still strapped in your belt.. we don’t know where the other side is.” (He/She) deflated a bit before rubbing lightly at (his/her) shin.

You: “Damn… I’ll have to make a new one.”

Lin: “Here… allow me.” I stripped some bits of my own armor, bending them into a cane for (him/her) to use. (He/She) took it, smiling lightly at the offered gift.

You: “Thanks.. I really appreciate it.” (He/She) reached (his/her) free hand out for me to shake. “(F/N) (L/N), Pleased to meet you Lin.” I took the offered hand.

Lin: “Lin Beifong.” (His/Her) eyes shot wide in surprise.

You: “You’re Toph’s daughter aren’t you?” I nodded, chuckling lightly at (his/her) surprise.

Lin: “Yeah.. Mom told me quite a bit about you growing up.. lot of stories.” (He/She) snorted lightly.

You: “All good ones I hope.. otherwise I’m gonna have to start telling stories of my own.” I joined in the laughter.. I had half a mind to tell (him/her) the stories were ridiculous, if only to get (him/her) to tell me what kind of dirt (he/she) had on mom.

Bolin: “Uh guys.. we may have a problem.” We both turned, finding the ‘problem’ Bolin was speaking of.. out in the distance, two other Air Ships were headed for the Island. I turned back to (F/N).

Lin: “I don’t suppose you could do that moving things with your mind thing again?” (His/Her) eyes fell back into mine.

You: “Fu-Man-Nut took a lot out of me.. I could.. but I’d need time to recover first.. Time we don’t have.” (He/She) released my hand, turning back to Korra and the group. “Korra, Mako.. go tell Tenzin more ships are on the way.. Asami.. If you could follow me I need some help. Bolin.. Go prep Naga to go.. we’re evacuating the Island.” They all nodded and took off in their respective directions. I followed Korra, headed after Tenzin.

(Korra’s POV)

Mako and I followed Tenzin inside the temple, finding him in his bed room alongside Pema and his three children, now four. The newest edition to the family was currently wrapped in their fathers arms, his eyes focused lovingly on the baby he cradled. It was a peaceful scene.. one I really wished we didn’t have to break up.

Korra: “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but… More airships are coming.” The collective faces of the family fell, looks of sadness shared between them.

Ikki: “Everything’s not gonna be fine. Is it, daddy?” Tenzin didn’t have an answer for her, instead hardening his features to try and look brave for them.. but I knew better. He just didn’t have an answer. To my surprise, Lin spoke up, having silently followed Mako and I inside.

Lin: “(F/N) effectively ordered the evacuation of the island. I say we follow that.. at least for now.” Tenzin nodded.

Tenzin: “Agreed.. Come on…” He stood, handing the baby to Pema then helping her from the bed. “…We’re going somewhere safe.” The six of them stood, following us as we turned to return to the courtyard. Bolin was already there, Naga and Pabu in tow. Then was soon joined by (F/N) and Asami, (he/she) now fully dressed again.  The three of them stared out to the city, finding the two other airships had come even closer to the island. Tenzin walked up to (him/her), placing a hand to (his/her) shoulder. “What do we do?” (F/N) turned to him, then to us, heavily confused.

You: “You’re asking me?”

Korra: “Well yeah.. Of all of us, you’re the one with the most experience in war.”

Lin: “You fought in the hundred year war..”

Pema: “You were Grand Admiral of a galaxy wide armada.. if that isn’t a good reason to trust you.. then we don’t have much of a chance.” (His/Her) eyes fell to the ground in contemplation, then raised back to us, a smirk on (his/her) face.

You: “That’s Grand SUPREME Admiral by the way..” We all chuckled. “Well then.. if you are all ready to trust me...” We all nodded, more than happy to trust (his/her) judgement. “First and foremost we need a safe place to hide.”

Korra: “You want us to run?” (He/She) shook (his/her) head.

You: “No.. but we need time to regroup.. to plan.. battles can be won with headstrong actions, but wars can be lost without proper planning..”

Korra: “What you’re saying is… we need to be patient.”

Tenzin: “Exactly… We’re going to need help though.” (F/N) turned to him.

You: “We…” (He/She) gestured to myself, Mako, Bolin, Asami and Lin. “…Will take care of this.. You.” (He/She) gestured back to Tenzin and his family. “..are going to get somewhere safe.. I will not let Amon have the last of the Air Benders.. especially with the new boy.” Tenzin’s eyes shot wide.

Tenzin: “How did you know he was a boy?”

Pema: “(He/She) figured it out a month ago.. I don’t really think now is the time to discuss that though.” She gestured back out to the city, the Air ships coming that much closer.

Tenzin: “I’ll take my family somewhere safe.. then return when I can with reinforcements.” (F/M) waved him off.

You: “I’ve conquered planets with less then what I have now.. your first and only priority should be your family.. Leave the city to me.”

Lin: “(F/N)’s right.. Amon is sending his troops here for you and your family.. You all need to get somewhere safe, and I’m coming with you.” Both Tenzin and (F/N) turned to her. “No arguments.” Tenzin’s face fell while (F/N)’s smirk strengthened.

You: “Head strong.. just like your mother.” Lin smirked back, reaching out to take (F/N)’s offered hand. “Take care of them… and remember.. this one is his father’s son… he’ll need EXTRA protection.” Tenzin’s face fell even further as we all shared a short laugh.

Lin: “I’ll be sure too.. take care of yourself Dark One… don’t let anything happen to our Avatar.” (His/Her) eyes turned to me, smiling warmly. I smiled back, then quickly turned away as I felt heat rise in my cheeks.

You: “If anything she’ll be looking out for me.” They separated, still smiling at each other. “Now go, get them off this island.” Lin turned to the Air Bending family.

Lin: “You heard (him/her).. let’s move out.” She led the family away, down towards the stables of the island and towards Oogi. I walked up next to (F/N), finding a small, prideful smile on (his/her) face.

You: “It’s been a long time since I’ve had people so willing to trust my judgement in battle.”

Korra: “We trust you for more than that.” (He/She) turned to me, that same warm smile crossing (his/her) face. I felt the heat rush my cheeks again, but I didn’t turn away.

You: “Alright.. time to go.” We all piled onto Naga’s back as the Bison took to the skies.. The two Airships turned, making to follow them as we escaped into the city. We ended up in a sewage tunnel, turning to find that another airship had docked on the island. And with no one there to protect it.. it was effectively lost. We stood there for a time, just watching what was out home be overtaken, until Mako prompted us to keep going.

Mako: “Korra.. We should get moving.” I nodded, turning as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder to press me on.. Out of the corner of my eye I saw (F/N) do the same with Asami, a sad look in her own eyes.

(Your POV)

I saw that look in her eyes.. I saw the light leave as Mako led Korra down the pipe, Bolin and Naga following close behind. I don’t know why I did, but I ended up wrapping my free hand around Asami’s shoulders, trying to comfort her as best I could.

You: “I’m sorry..” Her eyes came up to meet mine, a small smile gracing her face as we followed the rest of the group. She reached up and patted my cheek.

Asami: “I know..” We walked in relative silence, only the occasional grunt from Naga or the ‘eww’ from Bolin. We walked for what seemed like hours.. in a sewage tunnel..

You: “Anyone have any idea where we’re going exactly?” I called out, Mako and Korra turned back from their place up front. Mako seemed just as confused as I was.. yet Korra seemed to have an idea..

Korra: “We’re going to meet a friend, hopefully find a place to rest until we can figure out a plan.” She turned back ahead, directing us further down the pipe… until we came across something rather.. disgustingly impressive. Some way down the piping was a rather large area, some kind of abandoned treatment plant perhaps. The area had been retro-fitted into some kind of underground city, people from all around the area turned to look at us as we walked in, looks of distrust and caution wherever we turned.

Asami: “An underground village of… hobos?” I turned to her, obvious unease on her face. I nudged her lightly, my best calming smile on my face.

You: “Could be worse.. could be the lower levels of Coruscant.” Her face twisted into confusion at the mention of the foreign planet.. right… “Pretty much this.. but like WAY underground.. like never seen sunlight underground… That doesn’t really help does it?” She shook her head no as I sighed. “I’ll tell you.. all of you about my galaxy.. eventually.” She chuckled as she nestled closer to me, I couldn’t blame her either. We were in unknown territory and she was the only one among us without any power.. she wasn’t defenseless.. but it was wise to stay close to someone with some kind of built in defense. That initial distrust however quickly faded as a surprisingly familiar face strutted up to us. A gray bearded face wearing a ragged brown suit. “Bush hobo?” He looked at me through squinted eyes before recognition struck, his eyes widening right along with his smile.

???: “Cane (Guy/Chick)!!” He rushed me, bringing me into a hug. “Hey look at you, you cleaned up pretty good. Your eyes look better too.” I chuckled as he pulled back, taking in my new look. “And runnin around with the Avatar to boot!” He turned to Korra, a hug waiting for her as well. “How are you doin? Better then when you showed I hope?”

Korra: “Much better actually.. though maybe not as good considering the situation.”

You: “You know Bush hobo?” The both turned to me.

Korra: “Yeah, I fed him the day I arrived in Republic City with some fish I had caught in the pond in the park.. then he disappeared on me when the cops showed. How do you know him?” I chuckled.

You: “Met him in the park the day I showed.. he offered me a place to stay then disappeared when the cops showed.” We both chuckled at our respective memories.. “I don’t suppose that offer might still be in affect? We’re kinda in a rough patch right now.” He nodded enthusiastically.

???: “Of course!! My home is your home!” He bowed low, gesturing widely to the space around us. “Welcome to Under City!” I walked up, slapping him on the back as I laughed.

You: “Clever name.. speaking of, I never got yours?” He grabbed the lapels of his suit, puffing his chest out in pride.

Gommu: “Gommu’s the name and freeloading’s the game!! And you are?”

You: “(F/N) (L/N).. and being the Dark One’s my game.” His jaw hit the dirt. (Not literally but you get the idea.)

Gommu: “No kiddin?” I shook my head, followed by the others as he looked around the group for confirmation. “Well hey!! You got a lot of fans down here! Hey everybody!” He yelled out to the area, heads popping out of all places to see the reason for the commotion. “This (guy/gal)’s the Dark One!! Come say hi!” Oh no.. Soon after, a literal wave of people rushed around me, surrounding me on all sides and cutting me off from the group. Questions flooded my ears as more and more homeless persons reached out to shake my hand. It was the kids all over again.. only a hundred times over..

After some time (two hours but who’s counting.. Me.. I was…) of shaking people’s hands and answering questions of the ‘time before Republic City’ as they put it.. Team Avatar 2.0 and I gathered off to the side of the area to rest.. Asami and Bolin had effectively passed out at the same time. Being the gentleman he was, Bolin had found some sort of blanket for Asami to sleep on, taking the ground next to her for himself. Mako had passed out next to Korra leaned up against Naga. Like me however, Korra hadn’t fallen to sleep, instead staying wide awake watching over all the others.. A born leader if I ever saw one.

You: “you’re going to be just fine.” She looked up at me, currently sitting off to the side in my meditative stance, back turned to her and eyes closed. I could feel the confusion fill her head as she stood, walking to come sit next to me.

Korra: “I thought you fell asleep like that.” I snorted.

You: “You think I sleep like this?” I heard her eyes roll in her sockets.

Korra: “Well I’ve never seen you sleep before..” I didn’t respond, eyes still closed and breathing slowly. “What did you mean?”

You: “Hmm?”

Korra: “I’ll be just fine?”

You: “You refuse to sleep because you want to look out for them..” I nudged my head back to the sleeping group.. “You feel it is your responsibility to look out for those that follow you.. for those that look to you in times of need.. You’ll do just fine as Avatar.” I felt the warmth of her smile wash over me, causing one of my own to twitch at my lips.

Korra: “You think so?” I chuckled.

You: “I know so. I have known many people in my life.. many warriors, leaders, hero’s, gods, monsters.. I’ve only ever met two Avatars…” I finally opened my eyes, turning to meet her still smiling gaze. “..Your shaping up to be a damn good one.” Her smile brightened a bit as she leaned over to nudge me in the shoulder, eliciting a small laugh from me.. soon though her smile faded a bit, a thought crossing her mind.

Korra: “… So what do we do about…” she pointed up.. indicating she was concerned about Amon’s effective takeover of the city. I pondered a bit, thinking of how best to handle the situation.

You: “… We bide our time.. keep low and quiet for a bit until we find a moment to strike.. I’ve already been thinking of how best to hurt Amon.. but it will take some time..”

Korra: “What’s the plan?” There was confidence in her voice.. eager a fighter as ever.

You: “A man like Amon thrives on the trust of his people… in this case the non-benders that follow him.. someone like that can’t simply be removed from power.. it would only make him a martyr.. no, first we have to shatter him.. make him less than a symbol.. we make him just a man.”

Korra: “How do we do that?” I smirked.

You: “We wait until he is on the tallest pedestal the equalists can put him on.. then..” I flicked my fingers. “We knock him off.” I turned, pointing to her. “And by we.. I mean you.” Her eyes widened.

Korra: "Me? But.. I mean the last time Amon showed it was you that..”

You: “Korra..” I gripped her shoulder lightly, silently asking her to calm herself.. “I know.. it’s ok to be scared.. If I could.. I would.. But just like with Ozai if I do it.. it’ll look like just one person taking power from another.. Equalists will riot.. It has to be you.. You are the Avatar. There isn’t anyone better to prove that being a bender doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else.”

Korra: “But..”

You: “Relax.. This isn’t the first time I’ve toppled a city-state.. you trust me right?” Her eyes softened, the doubt beginning to fade from her eyes.

Korra: “Yeah.. I do.” I smiled, earning her warm smile back.

You: “Then trust that I have faith you’ll be able to do this.. and trust that I know what is best when I say you need some sleep.” I shooed her off, pointing sternly to Naga. She rolled her eyes before saluting me sarcastically.

Korra: “Yes Sir Admiral Sir.” She marched to Naga’s side, only relaxing when she laid down next to Mako’s still sleeping form. She drifted off rather quickly, her head coming to rest against his shoulder. Something inside me ached.. my stomach twisting in knots, though I didn’t know why.

___: ‘Jealousy.. you’re jealous of something.’ The voice called out.. and here I was beginning to think I was rid of it. I stood, making my way back down the pipe we had come up earlier that day, wanting some privacy for my… conversation.

You: “I don’t get jealous.. besides, what do I have to be jealous of?”

___: ‘Mako.’ I scoffed.

You: “Really? And why exactly would I be jealous of Mako?”

___: ‘Two women.. both love him deeply. When is the last time someone loved you?’ I sighed, continuing down the pipe.

You: “No.. if that were the case I would be angry with Mako.. I’m not angry with him.. it can’t be jealousy.”

___: ‘Jealous of something else then, but jealous all the same. You have spent countless years separated from your emotions.. now you turn from them, deny them. You are many things, but a Jedi you are not.’ I laughed.

You: “Isn’t that the truth.”

___: ‘But you are no longer Sith either. You have compassion, sympathy, understanding.. genuine emotions for your friends.

You: “What’s your point?” I snapped. “I’m not a Jedi, I’m not a Sith.. I already knew that.. why tell me what I already know? Why can’t you be useful and tell me something I don’t know?” The voice paused.. I just waved the conversation off, believing I had stumped it.

___: ‘Because I AM you.’ I stopped dead. ‘I cannot tell you something you don’t know because I don’t know either.’ I sighed, eyeing the opening of the pipe that looked out over Air Temple Island. That first Air Ship had been joined by two others, all three swaying lightly in the breeze. It began to rain, gray clouds beginning to swirl in the sky. ‘Whether you believe it or not.. you’ve accepted something in your heart.. something you refuse to see.. something you are AFRAID to see.’ I rolled my eyes.

You: “I am (F/N) (L/N), the Dark One.. I fear nothing.”

___: ‘Keep telling yourself that.’ I felt something then.. a powerful bending energy coming from the island.. an Earth bender, surrounded by non-benders and one suppressed energy. It wasn’t fighting as far as I could tell, if anything it felt like it was surrendering.. no.. it was making a stand. Soon though.. I felt it fade, coming to match the energies around it. ‘The longer you wait.. the more will fall.’ I turned back down the pipe, silently debating my original plan. I sighed, closing my eyes in silent prayer for my fallen comrade, then began my trek back towards the Under City.

You: “I can’t have them running off half-cocked.. The moment will come when we can hit him where it really hurts.”

___: ‘How many more benders will fall before your patience turns into simple inaction?

You: “I hope not to many.. but I know that’s a false hope. So long as the team is fine.. we have a chance.”

___: ‘You mean so long as Korra is fine. You leading them isn’t going to be enough.. they need you to be who you were, they need Darth Vane.

You: “Enough..” I stated silently, breathing deeply and forcing the voice to silence. “Enough..” The voice fell quiet.. I wouldn’t hear it for the rest of the night. It’s words though, it’s words stuck with me, haunting me until I fell into a dreamless sleep. I refused to be that (man/woman) again. Darth Vane was long dead.. and would remain as such.

(Amon’s POV)

My men brought her to me that night, wrapped in platinum chains and on her knees in front of me.. I couldn’t help but smirk under my mask. The great Chief Beifong, on her knees before me. She looked up at me, defiance clear in her eyes.

Amon: “Tell me where the Avatar is.. and I’ll let you keep your bending.” The ultimatum was simple, flat in its nature. I was certain she would give it up if only to keep her precious bending.. She didn’t, instead she smirked, a low laugh emerging from her throat.

Lin: “Take it.. it doesn’t matter.. In the end you’re going to lose.” I cocked my eyebrow, intrigued by what she had to say.

Amon: “Really? And why is that?” Her gaze hardened on me, her teeth bared in a wide grin.

Lin: “She’s with the Dark One.” Murmurs erupted from the group around us, even my Lieutenant began to breath uneasily.. still recovering from the onslaught of power he had witnessed. “(He/She) is more powerful than you realize.. and it isn’t any kind of bending you can just take away.. (he/she)’s stronger then you will ever be.. and (he/she) will rip you and your equalists to shreds.” I just held her gaze, unfazed by her words.

Amon: “Very well..” I walked up behind her as her head willingly fell back, that grin still painted on her face.

Lin: “(He/She)’ll destroy you.” I laid my thumb against her forehead.

Amon: “We shall see.” I focused, and soon, she fell limp against the floor. As my men dragged her away, I looked out to the city.. a cold shiver running down my spine. Someone was watching.. someone powerful.

Lieutenant: “Sir?” I ignored him, instead walking out to the edge of the cliff to look out over the city. I caught sight of a shadow near one of the sewage pipes.. for a brief moment it looked like a person. But it was gone before I had a chance to truly look.. perhaps just my nerves playing tricks on me. “Sir?” He repeated, I turned to him, eyeing him through narrowed eyes. “Do we begin?”

Amon: “Yes..” I turned back to the city, folding my hands behind my back. “Start rounding them up and bring them here.. start with the White Lotus members already on the island.. and tell Mr. Sato to prepare for his public debut.” He saluted me, then made his way to relay my orders. My eyes fell back on that pipe.. a feeling of dread washing over me.. (he/she) knew what I was.. (he/she) could bring this all toppling down around me if (he/she) wanted to. So what was (he/she) waiting for?
Really this chapter more or less speaks for itself, no major action, but a decent amount of relationship building between the reader and the cast.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Legend of Korra, The Last Airbender, Star Wars, the images used, or you
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