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(Your P.O.V.)

I was woken from an uneasy sleep by my leg, the pain shooting up through my bones nearing unbearable levels yet again. Chained to the wall as I am I can’t rub it, or even ease it with my limited healing abilities. My power had been slowly returning for a time now, the past few months I had spent in the realm of the Avatar and its connection to the elemental spirits, had allowed me a decently sized river of the force to regain most of my abilities. The republic leaders were certainly smart to have me banished to a realm without the force, hell even the ensuing gated realms had little to no connection. Why they would place this realm along the path though….perhaps an oversight.  Perhaps, perhaps they expected me to ‘stretch my legs’ as the saying goes, and those within this realm would take action against me. Well….they weren’t wrong.

Now here I am chained to the wall, forced to stand on my uneasy leg with my arms held high above me. Onboard an unknown ship of unknown origin to some unknown destination. The room I am in is very dimly lit, save for the little light pouring from my cell door window. The bulb lighting the outside hall is flickering ever so slightly. The room, and I would assume the rest of the ship by extension is a rusted metal. There is paint on the walls; however it looks so old I am unable to distinguish a color. The chains holding me are a metal as well. They, unlike the rest of the room are brand new, likely specially made to hold the ‘legendary Dark One’. Foolish of them to think I could be held by such meager means.

Then again, at only half strength and with the pain shooting up my leg distracting me I can’t focus enough to summon the energy needed to break them, much less the rest of this ship. From what I can tell, it has been three weeks since I was captured in that little town outside the desert. And they have barely fed me anything, again likely to keep me weak. Attempting to gather my thoughts I recall a guard at some point mentioning our destination to another, I could not quite hear it but I distinctly recall the words ‘Ba-Sing-Sei’ and Hou-Ting. The name is foreign to me, but I recognize Ba-Sing-Sei all too well. If that is our destination then it would seem out destination is the Earth Kingdom capital. And this Hou-Ting is likely a prominent figure there.

I am shaken from my thoughts by a loud bang. Then I felt the ship begin to tremble and sway. I heard what sounded like fighting. After a few minutes three men burst into view, each wearing dark colored dress clothing. Odd I thought, seeing as robes were generally the clothing of choice in this realm. Just how much time has passed since I had last been here? Each of the three wore red, blue, and green respectively. Their faces covered by what I assume are bandannas. Perhaps they could be useful in assisting me to escape.

You: "H-hello.. W-who are y-you?" I said, attempting my best to sound like a feeble old (man/woman). Thankfully, my wrap hood was left with me and was currently up, shielding my face from there view.

???: "We" the man in red said as he gestured to a smaller and a larger man than himself. "are the Triple Threat Triad. We came to bust you out so you can join our gang in the City." He finished as the bigger man ripped my cell's door of its hinges. I would have been impressed, that is if I hadn’t seen it done by a ten year old girl a third his size.

You: “Thank you young man.” I continue with the old (man/woman) persona. He hasn’t questioned it yet so I figure why not keep it up. The man that was speaking, a Fire bender I noticed, proceeded to destroy my shackles and gestured for me to follow. “Please, my leg is badly damaged,” I crooned, reaching for it for emphasis. “They took my cane from me; if I am right it may be in the next room over. I need it to even try and walk.” The fire bender rolled his eyes and sent the man in blue to look for it. Lo and behold he returned a few moments later with my cane. My lightsaber thankfully still attached to it. I nodded a thank you, keeping my face hidden and followed the three until I was lead to a doorway, light pouring through it. I placed my hands on the shoulders of the fire bender and the man in blue and spoke to them still in my false voice. “Thank you young men, you have earned this old (man/woman)'s respect.”  I then spoke again using my regular voice. “However, The Dark One isn’t so keen on joining up with shoplifter brats in costume.”

I summoned my lightning fairly easily and shocked them both, not enough to kill them but enough to knock them out. As they fell to the ground, the large one in green turned and looked at me in shock, then attempted to charge me. I smirked, and as he came close I jumped and rebounded off the side of the hall. Using the end of my cane I struck him in the back of the neck, temporarily paralyzing him. He too, fell to the ground.

I strolled to the exit, cane in hand and as I emerged onto the deck a man wearing an odd suit with what appeared to be a gas mask and some strange glove stood in my way. He charged me without saying a word. I reached out and gripped him before he was within even a foot of me and flung him to the side, slamming him into the wall. By god have I missed my force abilities. I walked towards the side of the ship while chaos ensued around me. Two groups, one dressed like the fire bender and his friends and the other dressed like the gentleman currently staining the wall fighting on deck. I didn’t know why nor did I truly care. I saw a life boat and walked towards it, every time someone tried to stop me they were distracted by someone else. I got the boat in the water and hopped in before any other nuisance could try and stop me, Emphasis on TRY.  The life boat had a motor on it, which while beneficial was very odd to find. It was of course my assumption that this world had advanced in technology since my departure, but how far had it gone? Looking out onto the horizon I noticed a…a city? My they have progressed.

You:“What other wonders of the new age will I find I wonder?” I chuckle to myself. Be ready benders of the world. (F/N) (L/N) has returned.

-Republic City-

Saikhan: "It was an honor serving under Chief Beifong for so many years and I wish her a speedy recovery. It is with great humility that I take her place as the new Chief of Police." The new Chief Saikhan began his induction but there was one question that interrupted him and caught everyone's attention. Everyone looked at the reporter that shouted over the crowd. Saikhan gave the reporter his full attention.

???: "Chief Saikhan!" The reporter shouted, "What about the reports of Equalists and Triad supposedly attacking a ship transporting a dangerous criminal, one that has been rumored to be able to summon Lightning from his hands and move objects with his mind?" Some people looked at him wide eyed but others simply chuckle at him. No one like that existed. This drew everyone's' attention immediately as they had no knowledge of these events. But Tarrlok took the lead and answered the question with authority.

Tarrlok: "That is a rumor at best." Tarrlok stated. "Believe me if the Equalists and Triad attacked anything we would tell you, but someone with that sort of power does not exist. Only fire benders can produce lightning and even then it is rare among them, so please, let us return to the Chief's induction." He finished sternly. Others openly laughed at the poor reporter. He shrunk back in embarrassment. Little did he know how right the reporter was.

The rest of the speech went on without issue. After which Tarrlok offered Korra the opportunity to rejoin his task force. Korra adamantly refused, citing that she wished to focus more on her air bending training with Tenzin. Additionally, Korra was becoming suspicious of Tarrlok and his Increasing influence over Republic City. In response, Tarrlok warned that she should then stay out of his way.

-Air Temple Island-

(Korra's POV)

I know that guy is plotting something. I would've kept thinking about it if Mako, Bolin, Asami and I hadn’t seen Tenzin staring off into space. I walked over to him and gently tapped his shoulder. He seemed to jolt slightly before looking at me. What was eating at him? I shake it off when he begins speaking.

Tenzin: "Ah Korra. How did the ceremony go?" He asked. He still seemed spaced out a bit but he at least seems focused enough to talk to me. I feel a slight bit of anger raise in me when I think of that prick. I grunted a bit.

Korra: "The new chief is a prick. He said 'If you don't change your mind then stay out of my way.'" I said with extreme irritation. What a prick... I don't trust him in the slightest. I hope Beifong recovers so she can remove him once again.

Tenzin: "Hmm. Well, there isn’t much we can do about him now. Until Beifong recovers he is acting police chief, right now though I have something more important to tell you all." He said. I got a feeling he didn't pay attention but oh well. Everyone looked at him as he began to continue. "I felt a sudden spike in spiritual energy. I've been trying to figure out where it came from, and I did. I can scarcely believe it." We all looked at him with anticipation. He seemed slightly shaken yet hopeful. What could it be I wonder. "Someone has arrived in the city, someone with immense power and who may pose a great threat to not only Republic city, but the world as we know it." He spoke with a hitch in his throat. We all looked to him with great concern. Who could have possibly shown up with that kind of power? He took a breath before he continued. “(F/N) (L/N), the Dark One.”  No damn way. We all went wide eyed with shock. I thought he was a myth? Some story fire benders told each other to scare them during the war!? How is it possible for someone THAT powerful to exist?

Bolin: "HOW!? THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" Bolin shouted at the top of his lungs. Tenzin looked at Bolin signaling him to calm down. Bolin took a breath and did. Tenzin nodded and then spoke.

Tenzin: "I assume you all know the legend then. A (man/woman) more powerful than any normal bender yet possessed no control over any of the elements themselves. Someone whose power could rival the Avatar’s.” He paused, we all nodded in remembrance. I actually remember hearing the story from my fire bending teacher when I was younger. Tenzin spoke up again. “That is the legend, but it isn’t the truth.” He looked down, almost…ashamed. “(F/N) (L/N) did have that kind of power, but he wasn’t the monster the legend tells of. You have to keep in mind this is an old fire nation story from the final days of the hundred year war.” He paused again and we sat, waiting for him to continue. He sighed and continued with the story. “(F/N (L/N) appeared sometime after my mother found my father, the previous Avatar. Claiming (he/she) was not of this realm or the spirit realm, but of another one entirely. Given the uniqueness of (his/her) power it wasn’t that difficult for them to believe. (He/She) fought alongside my parents and their friends during and even after the war. (He/She) helped bring peace to this world. (He/She) even helped in the groups training from time to time. The title of ‘Dark One’ was given to (him/her) as a moniker by the fire nation forces.. one that stuck. In reality (he/she) was actually quite peaceful and friendly. The story you were told just spread as legend and no one ever really thought of correcting it, letting the legend of the Dark One spread all over the world. Soon though (he/she) had to leave for (his/her) own realm and was never seen again. However, some twenty years after (he/she) left, a man and a battalion of soldiers approached my father claiming to be from the same realm as (F/N) (L/N).  This man asked my father to hide away something very important. He called it a gate key, and it was said to unlock the door to the next realm in a long line of realms used to imprison a powerful  being of great evil. My father, though he did not entirely understand it accepted the key, willing to assist (F/N) in any way he could. It wasn’t until later that he learned that (F/N) was the being that had been imprisoned. My parents wanted to go and help (F/N), but the gate key only unlocked doors in one direction and could only lead towards release. It could not lead towards the cage (F/N) (L/N) was being held in.” He finished, I never heard this part of the story... no one knew this part except him and anyone still alive from the original Team Avatar.

Korra: "Why wasn't anyone told about this? It seems rather important, all this time everyone has been told the legend of the monstrous Dark One and this entire time (he/she) was a war hero?" I was slightly irritated by the fact I didn't know about this. It should've been common knowledge at least. Tenzin then replied.

Tenzin: "It wasn’t important what happened then. Its only important you know this now because of the danger (he/she) presents." He said as he looked me in my eyes. "Korra, (F/N) (L/N) was a friend of my Fathers, but (he/she) has been imprisoned for countless years. And the only way to (his/her) freedom is through each individual world set up by the gate keys. Who knows how angry (he/she) may be after all this time. And if (he/she) is here that means (he’s/she’s) learned that this world is one of them, and may very well believe my father was a part of (his/her) imprisonment. He didn’t tell me much of (F/N)’s Story, but what little they knew of (F/N)’s power was that it came from (his/her) emotions. If (he/she) is furious it could cause (his/her) power to spike and rival even yours. And if (he/she) believes the avatar had a part in (his/her) imprisonment, (he/she) may believe you possess the gate key and may come after you to get it. You must find (him/her) and convince (him/her) my father had nothing to do with (his/her) imprisonment and that we will be willing to do anything to help set (him/her) free. If you don't, (he/she) may bring destruction to the entire world looking for that key, and for you." He finished with genuine fear.
I nodded. Then I realized something.

Korra: “If (he’s/she’s) looking for the key, and Aang had it, then you should already know where it is right? Why don’t you give it to me so I can give it to (him/her), so (he/she) can be on (his/her) merry way?” I asked. However, Tenzin looked away.

Tenzin: “I don’t have the key, I don’t know where it is.” He said quietly.

Korra: “So..” I questioned “We have no key, no way to find said key, and you want me, The Avatar. To go looking for a potentially angry legend that may want to kill the Avatar.” Tenzin looked at me with remorse. “Great,” I continued “I guess I’ll just get right on that then. Thanks for that Tenzin, you’ve been a great help.” There was a bit more sarcasm in there than he may have deserved, but he had to realize the dilemma he's put me in. I had no idea where to start looking. No physical description, I wasn’t even sure I could locate (his/her) energy since (he/she) wasn’t even from this world. Well Crap."How do I find (him/her)?" Thankfully, Asami quickly replied. She must have an idea. That's good because we need to find him soon. If we don't he might find me first.

Asami: "A good old fashion search party. The four of us will go to the city and look for (him/her)." Why didn't I think of that? I was overthinking it that's why. I was just told about some legendary war monster that wasn’t actually a monster so I'm a bit befuddled. I smiled and added.

Korra: "I bet since this (guy/girl) uses a different kind of power, (he/she) may give off a different vibe than everyone else. We may be able to feel (him/her) out. Let's go then!" I said as I walked outside. They followed close behind me. Hopefully this won't take too long. If it does we may lose (him/her), or worse (he/she) would find me first. That would be very bad, if that does happen hopefully (he/she) would be willing to listen and not just try to kill me or something.
As we entered the courtyard Naga looked at me like she was expecting something. I nodded to her and she rubbed her head against me. I laughed and pet her head a bit. We all got on her one at a time and rode her out to the docks where there was a car waiting. Asami looked at us smiling then said.

Asami: "We don't know how long this will take so let Naga stay here and we can use my car." She smiled and got into the driver's seat. Not a bad idea. Naga would get tired if this took too long. I looked at Naga and she plopped down. Heh heh. Opportunity to be lazy, of course she'd take it. Mako then added.

Mako: "I like Team Avatar's new style." He smirked. He opened the door for me and helped me inside. What a gentlemen. We all got in the car and drove off looking for this man.


(Your POV)

The docks are rather quiet at the moment considering the time of day it is. It is late in the afternoon after all. The city is an interesting mix of old oriental style buildings, new modern buildings and new technology such as the lights. I thought of how far this world had truly progressed, but then focused again on the task at hand. I needed that gate key, and if anyone was going to have it, it would be the Avatar. I turn out to the water and see a very large statue. A statue I recognize, of Aang. I knew Aang would have never let them make that eyesore, far to humble for his own good, and so I came to the realization that my old friend had passed.

You: “Rest in peace my friend. You deserve it after all that you had endured.” I spoke a quiet prayer, than turned back to the city in thought. ‘With Aang gone that means a new Avatar has been born. They could be anywhere in the world by now and my abilities haven’t renewed enough for me to sense them out over the entire planet. I need food and shelter to rest. Then I can begin my search.’

Before I began my trek down the road towards the city I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. I look and see a large white animal that almost resembled a dog, resting along the water. Headed away from it I see … a car, the technology hear never ceases to amaze I suppose. There are four people inside that I can sense out due to their close proximity, one of them feels…familiar; however they drove off before I could get a proper sense, so I shrugged it off. This is going to be interesting. It has been so long since I had been in this realm and I planned to stay and enjoy it for a moment, even If I find the key first. This ‘Triad’ though may present some issue. Until I’m back to my full strength anyway, after that it’s just a matter of how many they decide to send on suicide missions, might be good to get some general information as well.
So.. this is my first attempt at not only writing a fanfiction... but a gender fluid one at that. If your reading this before you read he first chapter.. your awesome.. if not.. then you've already figured out that this is a Star Wars/Legend of Korra pairing. You obviously being the Force weilder and so on.. You'll be learning more about yourself and your history as the story progresses. I'm going to be trying to keep to a one chapter per week scheduale for this.. and hopefully that works out. 
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the story.
P.S. The image above is what your wearing.

I dont own star wars/ Legend of Korra/ Avatar the last Air bender/ or you.
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lokisilver99 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018
Jedi uh cool
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018
I certainly hope that means you like it! :)
thanks for the watch and i hope you keep on reading!
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The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
I'm aware you can see this.. Like I said I've read your work, I enjoyed it immensely. So much so it inspired me to write my own story. Your Electric bender inspiring me to write in a force wielder into the world. I will admit, my own character will be able to produce lighting.. however in a way force sensitives would be able to. Not in the way your electric bender can. Nor will there be mention of the Rope Dart or it's combat forms.

I actually hope you do keep an eye on this because I would like your opinion on it. It's my first FanFic and i'd like to know what you think.
I hope you enjoy the story 
Silver0Whisp Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
Force? i thought it was going to be like gravity manipulation. Which I guess is what the force does. I hope is good then man or madame or... I'll just stick with dude like normal. Glad to hear I inspired you though. I'm not a huge star wars fan but that's because I'm not into sci fi. Look forward to see what you do.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
I'm trying to write this out to be more of a 'Reveal as it goes' type story. The readers back story, the powers they possess. If you've read the first part already you'll see theres also going to be heavy mention of the Readers relation to the original team avatar..
If your not into Sci-Fi, not sure how much this story is going to play to you.. There is A LOT of it in it. And eventually a Lot of technical babble. 
But I hope you real along with it. 
Silver0Whisp Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
I'll try dude. XD Like I said sci fi just isn't my thing all that much unless done in a certain way. :P If 'reveal as it goes' means what i think it means... this character would be way older than anyone in here despite looking so young. Hm. Could be cool.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
I hope you think so.. the next chapter will hit next Friday. If you haven't read the first chapter already, give it a look. Tell me what you think nd what you like or dislike. I'd love to hear your opinion
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