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(Korra’s POV)

I woke from the vision.. coming to the realization that Tarrlok was Yakone’s son. That’s why he was able to blood bend me last night even though there was no full moon.

Tarrlok: “My life is a disaster now.. Thanks to you.” Speaking of the Pony Tail.. I could hear him walking down the stairs.. ranting about something or other.

Korra: “So your little Blood Bending secret’s out?” He growled.. Hit the nail right on the head. “and I know why you were able to Blood Bend me without a full moon… you’re Yakone’s son.”

Tarrlok: “I WAS his son.” He spoke quietly at first.. then he started to monologue, talking about how his father was wrong in how he wanted to take the city. How he wanted to be different and be the cities savior.. He blamed me for messing everything up.. of course. “I’ll escape and start a new life.. and you’re coming as my hostage.” I started to bang against the box.

Korra: “You’ll never get away with this!!” I could hear him climbing the stairs again, likely going to get something to bring me along.. then I heard something that truly unnerved me.

Tarrlok: “Amon!!” no… no he can’t be here.. If he was here that means he knew I was here.. but how? There was the sound of a short scuffle.. I couldn’t really make anything out from upstairs.. but soon there was the sound of people coming back down the stairs.

???: “It’s Payback time.” Suddenly the box was electrocuted, sending me into a small spasm. I nearly lost consciousness. Once the electricity stopped I fell to the floor, fighting to stay awake.

You: “Cute… let me show you mine.” The sound of electricity came again.. but this time it wasn’t directed around me.. I could hear screams of pain, then bodies falling to the floor. “Impressive..” The sound returned, but only briefly before another body fell to the ground. There was a crumpling of metal.. then the door was ripped open.. (F/N) stood over me.. sighing heavily at the sight. (He/She) stuck (his/her) cane into (his/her) belt before leaning down to scoop me up. (He/She( walked me up the stairs and out of the cabin. I could register the cold, then…

Amon: “Now this is a surprising turn of events… I must say I hadn’t calculated the Dark One into this little… meeting.” Amon was still here.

You: “When it comes to me… you should always expect my involvement.”

Amon: “So it would seem.” (F/N) whistled sharply, then I heard a heavy pounding rushing towards us. (F/N) lifted me, placing me on Naga’s back.. (he/she) must have used her to find me. I could register Pabu sniffing at me too. (He/She) shooed Naga off, and that was it. Naga raced into the forest, rushing to keep me out of the fight between (F/N) and Amon.

Korra: “….naga… stop… we need.. to go back..” I couldn’t leave (him/her) there.. I couldn’t leave (him/her) there alone. I lifted myself up as best I could, directing Naga back up the mountain. Thankfully Naga complied rather easily. At the top though, I found nothing. There were tire tracks.. and several trees sticking out of the road at odd angles.. There were foot prints leading into the forest, side by side with Naga’s prints. We followed them in, coming to a stop when they fell into a slope.. (he/she) must have slid down.. We followed the sliding track as far as it went.. and we found (him/her).

(He/She) was propped up against a tree, eyes closed and holding (his/her) side.. A blood stain seeping into (his/her) robes.. (He/She) was pale.. likely freezing.. Naga licked at (his/her) face, and thankfully (he/she) coughed in response..

You: “…Naga? Quit it… You’re ruining my hair…” (His/Her) voice was weak.. eyes struggling to open.. I leaned down in the saddle, extending my hand to (him/her). “…Korra?” (He/She) looked up at me, smiling weakly. (He/She) took my hand and I helped (him/her) up, (his/her) arms wrapping around my waist as we rode back down the mountain. Soon after though.. exhaustion finally caught up with me. I blacked out, only hoping Naga could get us all back safely.

(Asami’s POV)

We were searching for hours.. The Equalist hide out turned out to be no good. And while I was happy we were able to break the metal benders out.. It was hard knowing Korra was still out there. (F/N) had disappeared on us, taking Naga and Pabu along apparently. Mako was furious, desperate to find Korra.. and it hurt.

I knew Mako and Korra had something between them.. but for them to have kissed? And while Mako was with me? I didn’t know what to do with myself.. or what to do about Mako. Right now though, we were all on Oogi’s back, currently searching the city for any sign of Korra or (F/N). It was getting dark, and we hadn’t found anything yet… until.

Mako: “That sounds like Naga!!” We heard a loud howling echoing over the city.. It certainly sounded like a Polar Bear Dog. Tenzin directed Oogi in the direction of the howl, and thankfully soon we found Naga walking the streets. Korra hunched over her neck with (F/N) and Pabu sitting behind her. Oogi landed, Naga turning to face us as we did.

Tenzin: “Korra!” Her eyes were closed, slowly blinking open at his call. “Thank goodness you’re ok.”

Lin: “Where’s Tarrlok? How did you get away?”

Mako: “Give her some space!” Mako shoved his way through, pulling Korra off of Naga’s back and into his arms. (F/N), who had had (his/her) own arms wrapped around Korra’s waist was pulled along, falling harshly to the floor.

Asami: “(F/N)!” I ran forward, pushing past Mako to help my fallen friend. I checked (him/her) over.. (He/She) was unconscious, and bleeding badly. “(He/She)’s hurt! Bolin help me!” Bolin rushed forward, helping me carry our fallen master back to the Bison. We laid (him/her) down opposite Korra. She had again fallen unconscious, Mako brushing at her face lovingly.. It stung, but I couldn’t worry about it at the moment.. (F/N) was hurt, likely fading from the gash at (his/her) side. Tenzin hopped on and got Oogi into the air, flying us back to the temple as quickly as he could.

Once we arrived, we rushed the two the healing pools. They were both pretty beat, though for different reasons. Korra looked like she had been electrocuted, light burns all over her body. (F/N) looked like (he/she) has suffered more. Lin and I stripped (him/her) of (his/her) shirt and sashes so we could better get at the wound on (his/her) side. There were splinters, as if (he/she) was slammed into a tree. The bleeding had thankfully stopped but (he/she) had lost quite a bit.. Lin helped pull the splinters, using her bending to form a pair of tweezers from her armor. As she and I mended the wound, I looked over the pool opposite where Tenzin and Mako had laid Korra. She was still unconscious, but Mako was gripping her hand with what looked like tears in his eyes. I then heard a strained grunt; I looked down to find that (F/N) had woken and seen what I had seen. (He/She) looked to me and gave me an apologetic smile, which I returned.

(Your POV)

I wasn’t surprised in the slightest that Mako was as concerned for Korra as he was. But for God’s sake Asami was RIGHT HERE. I looked at her, trying to convey how sorry I was and she seemed to get the message. There was an older woman with her wearing a similar uniform to the metal police.. She looked so familiar but I couldn’t place it.. though that may be because of the lack of blood in my body. Once they felt Korra was safe in the pool next to mine, everyone else (san’s Mako) rushed to my side asking questions. I sighed, I did my best to explain how I had found Korra and about the fight with Amon. Asami however tried to keep them from asking too many questions. I was so grateful she was there because just talking was putting strain on my wound. I was still trying to process the events of the night myself as it was. Tarrlok was a Blood Bender.. Amon was a Water Bender… Was the room spinning?? No, wait no that’s me.

Eventually everyone had their questions answered and began to leave, headed to bed themselves. Asami however, I had asked to stay for a bit longer. I knew I shouldn't get involved with this, but the three of them were my students, something had to be done. I waited until everyone cleared out, Mako however seemed to insist on waiting by Korra’s side. I sighed and spoke up as loudly as I could muster.

You: “She isn’t going anywhere tonight Mako. She will be right here in the morning. Go to bed, you can come back tomorrow during visiting hours.” I attempted to joke though through the pain, but it probably sounded harsher than I intended. He shot me a look, which I held, I didn’t care how beaten I looked, I was his master and I could still kick his ass. Finally he released Korra’s hand and left.

As the door closed behind him, I sat myself up in the pool, Asami attempted to get me to stay lying down but I needed to be right ways up for what came next. I looked her in the eyes and began speaking to her.

You: “You know, many years ago I had a friend the helped me through much. He was a Jedi, and while he did teach me much about his ways, he was also my friend and council.” I finished, hoping Asami understood what I meant. Just because I was teaching her, it didn’t mean she couldn’t talk to me.
She looked on the verge of tears. I just sighed and opened my arms. She dropped into them and I hugged her as she cried into my shoulder. I rubbed her back, silently telling her everything was going to be ok, letting her release all her pent up feelings. After she stopped she released me from her hug, but I still held her hand firmly. She sat near my pool closely so I didn’t have to strain my voice much to speak. "I’m sorry to say I knew about Mako and Korra before tonight. I knew they both harbored feelings for each other, I had spoken to Korra about them and while I’m sorry to say I didn’t tell her not to go for it. I didn’t tell her to do so either. I told her the possible consequences if she walked that path, and I certainly hope she listened. I only wish I had had the opportunity to talk to Mako before all this. Either way, I need to you to keep in mind, Korra is unconscious right now. She didn’t consent to Mako’s little show of affection. Only he showed how he felt, and didn’t feel brave enough to tell you what I am sure you already know. Just like my friend before me, I hope you know that you can come to me to talk, vent or just yell at something. Hell I’ll even go a few rounds with you if you need to hit something. I'm here Asami, as I am for all of you." I said looking at her sympathetically. I felt bad for her. She smiled weakly.

Asami: "…Thanks (F/N), that means more than you know. How did you know this was going to happen?" She asked.

You: "I can sense someone’s thoughts, at least in part when I am near them. When I was training with Mako over the past couple weeks, I would get glimpses into his mind and see his thoughts dwelling on Korra. Now to be fair, he thought of you a lot too. As for Korra, She at least was up front about her feelings with me. I don’t know how long this had been on her mind, but she brought it up to me and that is when I spoke my piece on this. I would've told you, but honestly just didn’t know how to. I'm so sorry Asami." I finished squeezing her hand gently. She squeezed back weakly.

Asami: "It's alright (F/N), thank you for looking out for me." She said with a weak smile. I just nodded. At least she's not mad at me.

You: “I will now, and for as long as I know you. My friends are my family, and I will always do my best for my family. Now, I think it may be best for you to get some sleep. Come and visit me in the morning if you wish to talk.” She nodded and wished me a good night. I could tell she wanted to cry some more once she got back to her room, but I could hope I had allowed her to get most of it out now before it burst from her in a rage.

I leaned back into the pool and was about to drift off myself before there was a knock at the door. When it opened Bolin stuck his head out, a questioning look on his face. I motioned for him to come in.

Bolin: "I know I was just here with the others, but I wanted to make sure you were ok. How are you feeling bud?" He said with a small smile.

You: "Well, besides the thirty foot sledding incident and this chunk of my side I seem to have misplaced, I’m doing ok.” I smiled at him to let him know I was only joking. Bolin was such a caring man; it was hard to be mad at him. He reached behind his back, and pulled his fire ferret into view.

Bolin: “Pabu was worried too.” Pabu looked more confused than concerned for my welfare, though I suppose this was Bolin’s way deflecting his emotions. I chuckled lightly as I reached out to pet the little thing.

You: “Well Pabu has nothing to worry about. It takes a lot more than a few equalists and a tree to stop me. No I think throwing myself directly into the middle of a love triangle may just do me in.” I nodded towards Korra’s sleeping form and Bolin got the message. “You are all my students, but more than that you are my friends. I want you all to feel like you can come to me for any reason.” I paused; Bolin had those sad eyes of his on full force. I snuck in a small joke I knew would brighten his mood a bit. “Except money, I don’t have any money nor will I ever have any money. Don’t get thrown in jail again because I can’t bail you out.” He chuckled at that, much better. “How did you get out anyway?”

Bolin: "Lin busted the three of us out.” I raised my eyebrow questioningly. “She was the gray haired lady that helped clean you up.” Ah.. “We met up with Tenzin and then we went to this underground Equalist hideout looking for Korra.. Obviously we didn’t find her but we did find some Metal cops that were taken about a month back.. After that we went to confront Tarrlok.. Turns out he’s a Blood Bender.” I nodded along to his story.. “After he knocked us out, we went out looking for Korra, that’s when we found you two on Naga.” I reached out and clapped his shoulder.

You: “I appreciate your help Bolin, Honestly. Now I think you and Pabu have worried about Korra and I long enough. Off to bed with you both.” I shooed him off to bed. I laid back again and was about to drift off, when the sound of sloshing water caught my attention.

Korra: “(F/N)?” I looked over, finding Korra sitting up, currently trying to get out of her own pool.

You: “Korra.. you shouldn’t be getting up. You should be..” I was attempting to sit up myself, stopped by the pain in my side. She stood, coming to sit next to my own pool.

Korra: “I’ll be fine.. you on the other hand..” She waved over my bandaged side, smirking lightly. Glad to see her sense of humor hadn’t taken a hit. I rolled my eyes in response. “Thank you… for getting me out of there. For keeping me from Amon.” I looked to her questioningly.

You: “You were awake?” She nodded lightly, her smirk forming into a smile. “Nothin to it. Just glad to see you’re ok.” I reached out and squeezed her hand. “Listen.. there’s something you need to know about Amon..” She put her hand up.

Korra: “Actually.. there’s something I wanted to talk to you about first.. please?” I relented, Amon being a Water Bender could wait for a few minutes. I waved her on, allowing her to continue first. “While I was in the box, I tried to connect with Aang’s spirit.. He showed me a vision about someone named Yakone. A water bender that could Blood Bend without the need of the full moon… turns out Tarrlok is his son.. But that wasn’t the only vision he showed me.” I cocked my head in question. “He showed me the night you fought Hama.”…uh..

You: “Who?” I honestly couldn’t remember anyone named Hama. She looked at me a bit concerned.

Korra: “The old woman that developed Blood Bending.” My eyes grew wide in realization. She rolled her eyes, but continued.. “I saw you.. a different you..” I squeezed her hand.

You: “Korra.. what you saw… it WAS a different me..” I was panicking a bit, concerned with what kind of person she had witnessed. However, again she stopped me.

Korra: “I saw how adamantly you defended the others.. Angry as you were when you were fighting her.. I saw how you treated Katara.. how you comforted her.. That.. with how you’ve been treating me and the others.. how you came to save me.. Fighting Amon on your own.. I just wanted to tell you.. I see why Aang trusted you.. and I trust you too.” That… that caught me off guard. “I may not know much about you before I met you. But I realized that it doesn’t matter .. what kind of stories they told about you.. because Aang knew the real you.. I know the real you.” She smiled at me, I could only look at her in confused awe.

You: “Korra.. my past.. it isn’t exactly a happy..”

Korra: “It doesn’t matter.” She stated firmly. Then unexpectedly.. she gently pulled me up, gripping me in a light hug. “I just wanted to tell you thank you.” I didn’t know what to say.. so I just hugged her back. Amon long forgotten from my mind. “Now get some sleep, we both have a long road ahead of us.” She pulled away, scooting back to her own pool.

You: “That we do.. goodnight Korra.”

Korra: “Goodnight (F/N).” I leaned back in the pool, a warm feeling overcoming me.

___: ‘This feels odd.’ The little voice commented, referring to the warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.

You: ‘No..’ I thought back. ‘This feels.. pleasant.’ That was the last thought I had before I finally drifted to sleep.

(Tenzin’s POV)

The following morning we collected Korra from the pools and moved her to her bed. The burns had thankfully mostly faded, leaving her to just be physically exhausted. Mako had refused to leave her side the entire time.. In fact I was almost certain that he was still there now. (F/N) unfortunately, was a different story.

(He/She) was alive, that was certainly a positive.. but (he/she) refused to wake. The damage to (his/her) side was still healing and (his/her) leg had been in worse condition than we originally thought. Apparently (he/she) had twisted it when (he/she) went looking for Korra. What was worse was that (he/she) had snapped (his/her) cane in two, so even if (he/she) did wake (he/she)’d have nowhere to go. Of course Asami or one of us could go and get (him/her) another, but thing’s had gotten rather busy recently. Asami herself would often check (F/N), ensuring (he/she) was breathing and healing properly. Bolin would join her on occasion, though more often than not would be found either practicing what (F/N) had taught him in the courtyard or staring intently at a bent spoon. I didn’t pretend to understand why nor did I ask.

Mako, as previously stated was found either by Korra’s side or training in the Arena. Often practicing the motions for his lighting bending or teaching Korra what (F/N) had taught him. Speaking of which. The following day after Korra had woken, she too had taken to a kind of daily regimen. Spending the mornings in the healing chamber with Asami looking over (F/N)’s sleeping form, practicing the healing techniques she had learned from my mother on (his/her) leg. The afternoons were spent with Mako and Bolin, practicing with them what they themselves had learned.
Lin had decided to remain on the island to help where she could, watching over all of us as a kind of silent guardian. She had even offered to watch the kid’s on occasion, taking over (F/N)’s role as Thursday babysitter while he slept.

Even asleep, the Dark One’s influence was all over the island. (His/Her) training, (his/her) mentorship, (his/her) presence. In a way it was oddly comforting. Knowing that while (he/she) may be asleep, (his/her) spirit was with all of us.

Today though, three days after Korra had been taken, I had to head into the city. A Council meeting scheduled for the remaining council members. That’s when I was attacked. Three equalist members posing as window washers attempted to take me hostage, I was thankfully able to fend them off, but learned that the other three councilmen had been kidnapped. With Amon bombing the city in his Air ships I had to do something drastic. I rushed to the police station as quickly as I could, hoping I made it before any more damage could be done.

Tenzin: “Chief Saikhan!!” I burst into the wire room, finding Saikhan and a handful of others already dealing with issued of their own.

Saikhan: “Tenzin!! Thank goodness you haven’t been captured. Amon has launched simultaneous attacks across the city. My metal benders are trying to regain control of the city but we’re spread too thin..”

Tenzin: “I need to send a wire.” One of the operators turned to me.

Operator: “To whom Councilman?”

Tenzin: “The General of the United Forces.” If anyone could help it was him.

Operator 2: “Sir the phone lines have just gone down!” The power cut. We had no light, no resources and now….. no reinforcements.

(Lin’s POV)

Lin: “Alright kids.. Time to go inside.” I shooed Tenzin’s children back into the temple, just hopping they would actually listen. As they rushed in, Korra and her friends rushed out. I noticed the (man/woman) I had helped fix up was absent, likely still knocked out in the pool.

Korra: “We heard explosions, what’s going on?” I pointed out to the city, directing there attention to the Equalist Air Ships currently bombarding the city.

Lin: “Republic City is under attack.” The all stared at me dumbfounded, until Mako snapped out of it and took charge.

Mako: “Come on.. we need to head in and help where we can.” He rushed to the docks.

Lin: “Tenzin was headed for the Capital building. I’d start there, see if he can’t help you all out.” I called after them. Mako rushed on, his brother and Asami in tow. Korra however stayed, her eyes directed back at the temple. I gripped her shoulder, trying to gain her trust. “I’ll keep an eye on (him/her). Not like (he/she)’s going anywhere.” She looked back at me, a small smile on her face.

Korra: “You don’t know (him/her) all that well. One minute (he/she)’s face down on the floor, the next (he/she)’s up cracking jokes.” I smiled reassuringly. I rather doubted this mystery (man/woman) could actually get up given the amount of damage (he/she) sustained, but I wasn’t about to burst Korra’s bubble.

Lin: “Go.. defend the city.” I shoved her lightly, directing her to follow her friends. As they disappeared, I looked into the sky. Two of the Air ships bombarding the city had broken rank, and were currently heading toward us. “Well damn.”

(Bolin’s POV)

There was tension everywhere. Not because the Equalists were attacking though that was certainly a problem. But because Asami and Mako were pretty much at each other’s throats. She made Mako sit in the back of the car.. and while we were driving to try and find Tenzin, nobody talked to each other.. Asami looked ticked off the entire ride. Mako looked like he just lost the Pro Bending tournament. And Korra looked like she was anxious, probably because everyone around her was arguing. I couldn’t blame her, I was pretty anxious myself.

We found Tenzin at the Police station surrounded by seven of those Mecha-tanks Hiroshi had built. We fought them off pretty quickly, making sure Tenzin and a handful of others weren’t taken away by the Equalists. Problem was our moment was pretty short lived.

Mako: Uh guys.. look.” Mako pointed out to the bay. We had a really clear view of the Air Temple.

Tenzin: “Oh no.” Hovering above the island were two of the Air Ships with the Equalist logo on it. They looked like they had been there a while too. “We have to get there Now! My family…” I didn’t understand why he stopped. His face growing into one of confusion.

Bolin: “Tenzin? You ok there… oh my wow..” I had looked back to the island, seeing what had made Tenzin stop. The Air Ships were moving again, though it didn’t look like someone was piloting them. One of them was swaying to the side, ramming hard into the other.. Both went falling into the water. Then, a huge bolt of lightning flew into the sky..

Asami: “Only one person I know can do something like that.” I looked, finding Asami smiling. Korra was smiling too while Mako had the same face Tenzin did.

Korra: “(He/She)’s awake.. and (he/she)’s kicking ass.” I grinned, realizing who they were talking about. I started running, waving the others to follow.

Bolin: “Come on! (He/She)’s gonna need our help!”

Tenzin: “Bolin!!” I stopped and turned around, finding Tenzin pointing to the Air Bison that had just landed. Right.. we could fly there. I rubbed the back of my neck, laughing kinda nervously.

Bolin: “Right… Air Bison.”

(Your POV)

Here I was yet again, in my office at the senate building. Sitting at my desk with Ashara on the couch off to the side. The doors to my office slide open and at least fifteen Jedi just strolled in lead by Master Windu. This was not unusual, the Jedi would always barge in, ready to accuse me of breaking the truce my empire held with their Republic. But this time was different. I felt a shiver crawl down my spine, and I knew Ashara felt it too when she stood and walked towards me. Then HE walked in. It was impossible for him to be here. Yet there he stood, black robe and all. He looked just as decrepit as the last time I saw him, that twisted smirk on his face. How he came to be here I did not know. All that I knew and cared about was that he was here. And he was strolling to the front of the group, without any of the Jedi interfering. Sidious began to explain that my truce with the Republic was over, and that he had formed a new one. One that would remove me from power over my Empire and give him control, he had apparently agreed to not only cease the political encroachment on neutral and republic systems, but to also pull back into another dimension. Of course I spoke out against it. Calling Windu a fool for even considering this, but he stood firm. Simply stating I was under arrest for crimes against the Republic. Sidious cackled and explained the terms of my imprisonment, he had figured out how to use the star gates, and he planned to send me to a dimension devoid of the force. Cutting me off from anything and anyone, for eternity. He cackled again and that’s when she struck. Ashara, ignited lightsaber in hand, moved to strike at Sidious. ‘Ashara DON’T!’ I yelled, but it was too late. Every Jedi in that room pushed out with the force, shoving her away. Like a blaster bolt she hit the window and shattered the glass with ease, and fell out. I jumped out after her. Only this time was different. When I jumped out, it wasn’t Coruscant’s busy city scape I saw; it was Republic City, devoid of any life. I was no longer falling out of a senate room window, but some towering thing towards the streets of Republic City. And it was no longer Ashara I had jumped out after, but Korra. She was holding something to her chest, something I recognized as a child. I couldn’t see the child’s face, but I knew I didn’t know them. Yet somehow they felt.. familiar. Again I reached out, my fingers barely grazing hers, when something grabbed me and pulled me back. The look of terror in Korra’s eyes as she continued to fall. I could hear Sidious’ cackling, mocking me and my failures. No, not again. I will not allow it to happen again. ‘Korra! Korra!’

You: “Korra!!” I shot up, roaring her name. I was in the healing chamber again. The dream felt so real, but was it a dream? It was so vivid, almost like…was it a vision? But was it the future or a possible future? I didn’t have time to think before I heard a loud bang, then followed by grunting and screaming. Both from within the temple and out. I recognized both immediately. Inside was Pema, she had likely begun giving birth. I could feel that new baby boy’s energy radiating from here. But on the outside it was.. the Kids..

___: ‘What the hell are those little wind brat’s doing!?’ I didn’t have time to respond to the voice. Without thinking I jumped from the pool, rushing out the door and down the hall. I briefly noticed that my leg felt surprisingly strong.. Though I didn’t have the chance to question why. I could only assume I had been out for several days and the rest helped my leg a lot.

As I approached the archway leading to the courtyard, I noticed a thick cloud of smoke. I couldn’t see anything, likely the equalists. I closed my eyes and reached out. I sensed Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and someone I didn’t know, all surrounded by far too many equalists. In a fair fight they would be able to handle this easy. But this wasn’t a fair fight.

___: ‘Well’ the voice in my head spoke. ‘Suppose now is as good a time as any to introduce yourself.’ There were two Equalists within my close proximity. I reached out, taking both in my grip. Then pulled back, launching them both against the walls to the sides of the entryway. I smirked; they had no idea the mistake they made touching those kids.

(Lin’s POV)

I watched as both Air Ships hovered above the island. As there bay doors opened and the cables shot into the ground, anchoring them down. I Watched as dozens of Equalists came sliding down the cables. And I watched as the overwhelming numbers took down the few White Lotus guards that were stationed at the temple.

Lin: “Everyone needs to hide inside and remain calm.” Funny considering I was sweating internally myself. If there was one thing mom taught me though it was to always look calm on the outside while screaming on the inside.. Apparently Pema didn’t get the memo. She screamed, hunching over and clutching at her stomach. “Pull it together Pema! Didn’t I just say remain calm?”

Pema: “The babies coming!” You’re kidding me. Children have the worst timing. Pema was led inside by the Air Nomads, her children thankfully in tow. I just stood there waiting for the inevitable. And soon enough, Amon’s Lieutenant came rushing up the stairs. He had some new toys too. Instead of those electric batons of his, he had a shiny new pair of electric swords. Swords, batons, they were all the same. Cheap gimmicky weapons to try and distract you. I took down two of the foot soldiers with my whips early on, then another three with my bending. The Lieutenant was a bit more difficult. I launched my whips at him to try and catch him off guard. He caught them with his blades and electrocuted me, sending me to my knees. He walked up, ready to cut me down when..

Jinora: “Stay away from my dad’s ex-girlfriend!” Jinora came gliding out of the sky, knocking the lieutenant away. Her brother and sister both came as well, fighting off some of the soldiers rather valiantly. But soon we realized there were to many for the four of us.  At first it didn’t seem all that difficult; we were doing pretty well, until they dropped those smoke bombs on us. After that we just lost ground. I was separated from the kids and while I did try to put up a fight, I was forced to back against the wall. The group parted, allowing the Lieutenant to walk ahead, his swords still in hand.

Lieutenant: “Gotta hand it to you. You and those kid’s put up a hell of a fight. But you’re just not tough enough.” He stood at the ready, electricity running the length of those swords. “Don’t worry, I’ll try to make this as painless as possible. I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable, until the unexpected happened.

The two Equalists standing at my sides suddenly began hovering in the air, both pulled back into the smoke and out of sight. The Lieutenant was no longer looking at me, and it seems the screams had caught the attention of many around us. At first I thought it was Korra or maybe Tenzin, but then I remembered no bender could just hover people in the air. There was a dark chuckling echoing through the fog. A pair of yellow orbs glowing through the smoke, Like two lanterns in the night. Everything fell deathly quiet at the chuckle. The orbs soon vanished, as if they had never been there at all.

Then, the (man/woman) from the pool walked through the smoke, still only wearing (his/her) pants and bandaged from waist to neck. (His/Her) arms folded behind (his/her) back and a wide twisted grin plastered on (his/her) face. (He/She) looked to the Lieutenant. I took the distraction and rushed over to where the kids were standing. Oddly, no one tried to stop me.

When I reached the kids, they were all wearing a grin on their faces.

Ikki: “they’re in trouble now.” I looked to her confused.

Lin: “Why? Who is (he/she)?”

Jinora: “That’s (F/N) L/N)… The Dark One.”

Wait, the Dark One? As in the legend my mother told me when I was a kid? I never believed it; it just wasn’t possible for someone like that to exist. I looked and heard (him/her) address the Lieutenant.

You: “Well look who was able to scrape himself up off the floor. Looks like you got yourself some fancy new toys too.”

Lieutenant: “You got lucky last time Dark One.. This time.. I’m ready for you.” He spun his blades, letting the electricity run the length. The ‘Dark One’ Chuckled again.

You: “Are you so sure about that goggles?” (He/She) reached for (his/her) hip, stopping short of grabbing (his/her) own waist. (He/She) looked, as if expecting to find something there. There was a flicker of realization in (his/her) eyes before the grin returned. “Seems I forgot to bring my toy to the play date.” (He/She) reached (his/her) hand out. “Let me borrow one of yours.” Suddenly the Lieutenant jerked forward, the sword in his hand fighting to free itself from his grip. At the opposite side, (F/N)’s grin began faltering, confusion filling (his/her) eyes. Now it was the Lieutenant that was grinning.

Lieutenant: “Not this time Dark One.. new toys come with new accessories.. like magnetic gloves that just refuse to let go.” (F/N)’s hand dropped and with it the sword in the Lieutenants hand stopped fighting to free itself. “Get (him/her).” The Equalists all around us suddenly sprang to action, running forward to take down (F/N). They didn’t get far.

(F/N) quickly responded by jabbing and kicking at every Equalist that came into range. Unconscious bodies began flying around. Thrown either by (his/her) own two hands or by an invisible force I could only consider Air-Bending. Didn’t look like any Air-Bending I had ever seen though. (He/She) moved fluidly, especially surprising when you consider the state (his/her) leg was in not three days ago. I did notice that (he/she) favored that leg, constantly keeping it up in the air as to not put much weight on it.

Ikki: “Come on!! We got this!” Ikki hoped into the fight, taking out two Equalists herself. She was followed closely by Meelo.

Meelo: “Taste my fury!!” Meelo began bending.. through his behind. Farting in the direction of any equalist that came close. I shook my head. For some reason, this just about summed up my week. I felt Jinora grab my shoulder.

Jinora: “(He/She)’s good but (he/she)’s still hurt. (He/She)’s gonna need help.” Then she herself ran into the fray. It took me a moment to register.. but I soon joined in myself, bringing two Equalists down with my whips. I fought my way into the circle the Equalists had formed, finding (F/N) in the center, currently fighting off the Lieutenant. (F/N) dodged the swings of the Lieutenant’s blades, returning the attacks with swings of (his/her) own. Both seemed evenly matched, except (F/N) was getting noticeably tired.  Slowly but surely, (F/N)’s movements slowed in pace, weakened in strength. (He/She) was staggering and that leg of (his/hers) was flaring. I could see the pain in (his/her) hardened face. The Lieutenant took advantage, swinging his blades much more swiftly then before, cutting into (F/N)’s skin twice. One on the arm and once on (his/her) left leg. He knocked (F/N) to (his/her) knees, bringing the swords down on (his/her) head. (F/N) reached up, catching the swords in (his/her) fists. Blood began dribbling from (his/her) grip. The Lieutenant just smiled, sending electricity through the swords length. (F/N) grit (his/her) teeth in pain, but held fast, absorbing the electric attack like a trooper. Still though, eventually the pain got to (him/her). Forcing (him/her) to release the blades and drop fully to the floor, panting lightly.

Lieutenant: “Looks like someone’s all tuckered out.” The Lieutenant chuckled, eyes on (F/N)’s fallen form. He kneeled down in front of (him/her), gripping (his/her) chin and jerking (his/her) head up. I noticed (F/N)’s eyes were no longer (E/C), but were glowing yellow.

Most of the fighting around them had stopped, everyone coming to look at the scene play out in front of them. I was tired, thankful for the brief reprieve. But just like everyone else I was shocked at the sight before me. (F/N) had a look of pure rage painted across (his/her) face, the intensity of which was only added to by the color of (his/her) eyes.

Lieutenant: “Amon wanted you to himself.. but I don’t think he’ll mind if I bring just those
pretty yellow eyes back.” He stood, readying the swords above his head. “Once I’m through with you, I’ll be taking those Air-Brats along with me.. Good Bye.. Dark One.”

You: “ENOUGH!!” (He/She) roared. (He/She) raised (his/her) hand into the air, gripping at the sky like (he/she) was holding something.. What truly surprised me though was that all the Equalists just… stopped. They all began floating in the air, gripping at their necks as if trying to free themselves from some invisible rope. They were all choking. (F/N) raised (his/her) other hand, directing it towards one of the Air ships tethered to the Island. As (his/her) hand moved, the Air Ship moved with it, coming to crash into the other and sending them both into the water below.

Lieutenant: “What… what.. are.. you?” He was struggling to speak, coughing up words between attempts to breathe. (F/N)’s yellow eyes fell to the Lieutenant, anger radiating off of (him/her) in droves.

You: “I’m the Dark One.” Both (his/her) arms shot out, (his/her) fingers directed into the air. Lighting shot from (his/her) hands, connecting with every Equalist hovering above our heads. I collected the kids and wrapped myself around them as the storm raged above us. They were all screaming, writhing in agonizing pain. (F/N) pushed (his/her) hands out again, sending the hovering mass over the side of the cliff and into the water below.
So we've officially come to the beginning of the end of Book 1, and with it the start of Amon vs the Dark One. How's it gonna play out? Keep reading to find out!
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
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