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(Your POV)

That night’s patrol turned out to be rather.. interesting. The Scanner had indicated there was an equalist rally going on in a well-known non-bender part of the city.. problem was that when we got there, a few things didn’t add up. Firstly.. the power to the entire area was out, not a light in sight. Hundreds of people were out in the street, demanding there power be restored. None of them looked like equalists. On top of that, Tarrlok and a good amount of the police force were already there, currently keeping the non-benders rounded into a single block.

Once Asami pulled the car around, we all headed into the fray, trying to figure out what the situation was. Some of the non-benders recognized Korra, begging her to fix this. After all, she was there Avatar too.

Korra: “Everyone please stay calm.. I’m going to put a stop to this.” She marched away, headed to the tent Tarrlok was currently standing inside. We followed, but unlike Korra I had a different idea on how to fix this. “Tarrlok! You need to turn the power back on and leave these people alone!” He turned to us, his eyes brushing quickly past me.

Tarrlok: “Avatar Korra you and your playmates have no business here.” Stubborn mule, I rolled my eyes at the backhanded comment. I turned to Mako and Bolin as he, Korra and Asami argued.

You: “You’d know where the power lines are right?” I asked Mako, he had mentioned he worked for the power plant from time to time. He shrugged.

Mako: “I’d have an idea.. maybe.”

You: “Good enough for me.. come on you two.” I waved the brothers away as Korra continued to argue with Tarrlok. Mako was thankfully able to find a general area for the power lines, and after having Bolin open up the streets. I was able to find it was the line to the entire neighborhood. I turned to the boys. “Stand back, this is gonna be a bit… bright.” I pulled my saber from my waist and cut the line open, revealing the wiring inside. Charging my power.. I extended my hand and aimed for the exposed wire. And shot my lighting.

(Korra’s POV)

Tarrlok was just being a jerk. He wouldn’t budge on this and wouldn’t turn the power back on. I couldn’t help but feel like this was only going to make things worse.. until something amazing happened. The lights all flickered back to life. The street lamps, the housing lights.. all of it. I couldn’t believe it.. and neither could Tarrlok.

Tarrlok: “Who authorized the power to be turned back on!?” He turned to the cop standing next to him who could only shrug. “What did you do!?” He turned back to me, I smirked.

Korra: “I didn’t do anything.. but I have a feeling I know who did.” I turned, and sure enough a little farther down the street was (F/N), kneeling over an open area of the street. (His/Her) lightning flowing down into the opening. (He/She) must have found the power lines. Problem was I could see the strain in (his/her) face, (his/her) power was fading and fast. I walked over, coming up behind (him/her) and placing a hand on (his/her) shoulder. (He/She) jolted a bit, but relaxed when (he/she) saw it was me. “You doing ok?” (He/She) nodded.

You: “Just dandy..” (He/She) turned back to the power line. “I’m trying to overload the power coupling that’s cutting the main power.. If I can do that then I can keep the power flowing.. but I’m running low.” I patted (his/her) shoulder.

Korra: “What do you need?” (He/She) looked up at me, then to Mako.

You: “Mako… light me up.” (He/She) put (his/her) cane down and extended (his/her) other hand. Mako and I both looked at (him/her) shocked. “Relax.. I got this.. Trust me.”

(Your POV)

It had been a long while since I had practiced my Tutaminis, but given the situation it was worth a shot. Korra still looked worried, but complied. Turning to Mako and nodding for him to do what I needed. He charged himself, then fired into my hand. I absorbed his lightning, though admittedly rather roughly. Thankfully though it was enough to give me the boost I needed. There was a spark of electricity within the tent Tarrlok was near.. Then an explosion of power.. Small as it was though, it was exactly what I needed to happen. The power was back on; I could feel it coursing beneath my feet.

You: “Close it up Bolin.” He did as requested and closed the street. I collected my cane, but found it hard to stand, most of my energy completely drained away. Korra and Bolin thankfully helped me up. Slinging my arms over their shoulders. I looked up, finding Tarrlok angry beyond belief.

Tarrlok: “Round up the Equalists!!” He turned to shout orders at the Police force, then turned back to me. “And arrest (him/her) for destruction of city property!” Two other officers came up to us as the rest used there bending to round up the Non-Benders. Korra left my side to reverse what the police were doing, while Mako came to stand in front of me.

You: “You really want to go toe-to-toe with me again?” Drained as I was.. I needed to stand for myself, I wasn’t going to let Tarrlok get the upper hand on me. I could see the fear grow in Tarrlok’s eyes. They darted around, coming to fall on Asami. He shot a tendril at her, encasing her arm.

Tarrlok: “You’re under arrest!” What!?

Mako: “What!? You can’t do that!” Yeah what he said!

Tarrlok: “She’s a non-bender outside curfew and her father is a known Equalist conspirator.”

Mako: “Let her go.” There was significant anger in his voice.

Tarrlok: “Arrest him.. and his brother.” What!? Metal rope shot from the two officers in front of us, wrapping around both Mako and Bolin. They were dragged off, leaving me to stand unsteadily on my cane. “Aww, looks like someone isn’t up to snuff today.” I scowled at him, my teeth barred.

You: “Still more than a match for you Pony Tail.” He scowled at me, preparing to strike.

Korra: “Tarrlok!” We both looked, finding Korra standing in front of him with two large sections of the street hovering over her.

Tarrlok: “Unless you want to join your friends in prison, I suggest you put those down.” She didn’t, instead looking to me. I nodded, unfortunately agreeing with the Councilman. She relented.. putting the street sections back on the ground. She came to stand next to me, calling to the others as they were pushed into the police trucks.

Korra: “Don’t worry I’ll call Tenzin!! He can get you out!” The doors closed, and the trucks drove off.

Tarrlok: “So sad to see your little ‘Team Avatar’ broken up.” He was smirking.

You: “Unless you want a repeat of last time.. I suggest you walk away Councilman.” He snarled at me.. but relented, turning to walk away with the remaining officers.

Korra: “This isn’t over Tarrlok!!” I put my hand on her shoulder, calling her attention.

You: “Let him walk away now.. Tenzin will get them back.” She was still rather miffed, but sighed and relented. She helped me back to the car, then.. rather roughly drove us back to the docks. I needed rest.. and I needed my bed at the temple.

The next morning I was woken rather roughly by Tenzin.

You: “This better be good..” I moaned, having discovered it to be rather early in the morning.

Tenzin: “Korra’s missing.” My eyes shot open..

___: ‘Think it’s a good reason to get up?’ I mentally smacked the voice away, standing to dress and collect my cane.

You: “Be ready to take off in five.. I’ll be out soon.” He nodded and turned to give me some privacy. Great.. three of them were in prison and the other was missing now. What else could go wrong? I dressed quickly, collected my cane and stormed out. Following Tenzin to Oogi to be taken to the city. On the way he filled me in.

Tenzin: “After Korra brought you back, the two of us returned to the police station to try and get the others out. Unfortunately Tarrlok had them under some kind of lock down and wouldn’t release them under due-process. I came home after figuring I could talk to him today at the council meeting. Apparently Korra had other plans.” I rolled my eyes.. of course she did. “According to the call I got this morning, Korra went back to the capital building to confront Tarrlok.. but they were ambushed by Equalists… Tarrlok is their now.”

You: “I’m going to want to talk to him.” He looked back at me.

Tenzin: “You’re not going to be able to. I’m bringing you along to help the investigation.. but he refuses to be in the same room as you.. Something about a choking hazard.” I scoffed lightly.. Wuss.

Eventually we did arrive at the capitol building.. finding the interior to be in complete disarray. Tenzin went to talk to Tarrlok while I looked around. The place was in shambles, craters along the walls and the floor. There was an Equalist mask, an electric glove, and a bolo… something was off. The evidence was to obvious.. someone fought here.. But it wasn’t the Equalists.. this was a plant. I didn’t have much time to investigate before Tenzin led me back out though. Hoping back on Oogi and headed back to the Air Temple before I was satisfied with what had happened there. On the flight back, I sat back in the saddle while Tenzin flew us.

You: “Somethings wrong.. and you know it.” He didn’t turn around to look at me, his head however did dip. He did know it.. he just didn’t want to admit it. After we landed on the island, he made his way back inside. “Where do you think you’re going?” He turned back, a look of defeat on his face.

Tenzin: “I’m going to start making some calls. See if anyone has seen anything.” The look I must have had on my face must have been of utter befuddlement.

You: “That’s it? Make a phone call and then just… wait?” He sighed.

Tenzin: “What do you expect me to do?”

___: ’Is he serious?’ I ignored the voice.

You; “Get on your flying Bison and get out there! LOOK for her! Do you have any idea how many times your father got lost in the time I knew him? You know what we did when we lost him? We LOOKED for him!” He sighed again.

Tenzin: “I know this is frustrating.. but this is how things are done now.. we can’t just go banging on every door until we find something.” I scowled, then turned to leave. “Where are you going?”

You: “To do things old School.” That’s all the warning I gave him before I left. I headed to Korra’s room, finding Naga curled up near the bed. Her head shot up, her tongue panting excitedly from her mouth as I approached.  She got up, licking me in the face. Apparently she gained a taste for me.  “If I believed for one second that nose of yours wouldn’t be helpful, I’d take Asami’s car instead.” I led her outside before climbing on her back. I patted her shoulder. “Let’s go find Korra girl.” Pabu.. always the sneaky little thing, appeared on my shoulder, eyeing me expectantly. “Ok, ok. You can come to Pabu.” The Ferret wrapped himself around my shoulders. I took Naga’s reigns in hand. “First stop.. the Capital Building.” Naga swam me out to the city, then ran me to the building.. It was a bit difficult to find at first, but I found it none the less. Everyone else had effectively cleared out, leaving only those that worked there. I dismounted Naga and walked up the steps, she and Pabu tried to follow. “Ah, ah. Stay.. I won’t be long.” They complied. “And no eating Pabu.” Naga’s jaws snapped shut. Pabu sitting next to her unknowingly.

I walked inside. All the ‘evidence’ had been removed, but all the damage to the building had been left.

???: “Excuse me.” I turned, finding a meek little white haired man behind me. “Can I help you (sir/Ma’am)?” I turned fully, my hands folded over my cane.

You: “Which of these offices belongs to Councilman Tarrlok?” He pointed to the one with the hole in it, just above us on the second floor.

???: “That one there.. but he isn’t in right now. He was sent home to recuperate.” I arched an eyebrow, then began walking up the stairs towards the office. “Wait!! You can’t go inside!” The meek man attempted to stop me, but I waved my hand in front of his face.

You: “I may go where I like.” His eyes grew placid, glazing over.

???: “You may go where you like.” So glad the Mind Trick worked so well here.

You: “You’ll go about your day and forget you saw me.” He nodded, speaking as he walked back down the stairs.

???: “I will go about my day and forget I saw you.” I smirked, continuing up the stairs towards the office.. If you can call it that. Just like the main room, the office was just as ruined. Unlike the lobby though, there was clear evidence of bending.

___: ‘Pretty sure the point of Equalists was that they COULDN’T bend. That wall looks pretty bent.’ The little voice was right, the wall behind the overturned desk was bent at a hard angle.. Far to clean for anyone other than an Earth Bender to have done that. There were multiple slash marks along the wall opposite the desk. Signs of razor ice, So Korra was here.. she and Tarrlok got into a fight… No signs of any Equalist involvement in the office either. Tarrlok must have done something.. but how? And why? I left the office, heading back outside. Thankfully Naga hadn’t eaten Pabu, they actually seemed to be getting along just fine. I mounted Naga again, Pabu climbing onto my shoulder. I needed a quiet space to meditate on Korra’s energy. If I could sense her energy I could hopefully find her and whoever captured her.. and I knew the perfect place.. I led Naga back to the docks.. making way to the abandoned warehouse I had taken residence in when I first showed up in the city.

(Korra’s POV)

Korra: “Somebody!!! Help!!! Please…please..” I slid down the wall of the box, leaning back on my heels. Tenzin’s words rang in my ears. ‘I urge you to mediate on these visions. I believe Aang’s spirit is trying to tell you something.’ Maybe he was right. I breathed deeply, closing my eyes and focusing. Soon enough, I was able to see something.

I was on a mountain side, it was night and a full moon was in the sky.  I saw Aang, maybe no more than fourteen at the time, running alongside another teenager through the heavily wooded area. Ahead of them was a black robed figure, heavy black boots on its feet and heavy armor on its shoulders. Soon all three of them came to a clearing, finding a very young lady fighting an older one with water bending. I recognized the young one as Katara, which means the other teenager was her brother Sokka. So who was the black robed person?

Sokka: “We know what you’ve been doing Hama!”

Aang: “Give up.. you’re outnumbered!” Hama? I remember that name. Katara had told me it when she told me about blood bending.

Hama: “No.. you’ve outnumbered yourselves.” Hama turned to the three, away from Katara. Her old hands reaching out and gripping the three of them in her bending. Aang, and Sokka went down. But the third person, they fought the bending.. and hard.

???: “You… will not… control me.. old witch.” There was so much anger in that voice.. The person reached for their hip, pulling a small metal object from it. There was a short hissing sound as a red blade extended from the end. I realized then I had heard this voice before.. It was (F/N). (His/Her) face was hard, cold and frightening. (His/Her) lips down turned in an angry scowl. A far cry from the (man/woman) I met just a month ago. Hama turned Aang and Sokka on (F/N) while she fought off Katara. Forcing (him/her) to deactivate (his/her) lightsaber and defend (himself/herself) against (his/her) friends.

Hama: “You cannot stop me demon!! The Fire nation must pay for what it did to me!! What it has done to all of us!!” Soon Hama turned the other two against Katara, deciding to engage (F/N) herself. They fought, Hama's water bending against (his/her) Force abilities. This (F/N) though wasn’t crippled by a bad leg. (He/She) was agile, ferocious, deadly, (his/her) attacks precise and lethal in intent. Soon, however, Hama was able to break through (his/her) defenses, bringing (him/her) down with her bending as she had the others. Soon (his/her) body lifted into the air, (his/her) hand igniting (his/her) saber. “What an interesting toy.. let’s see how it works..” She rushed all three of them against each other, intending to use them to kill one another. When suddenly they all stopped.  Hama was unable to move, her face in pain. The vision showed me a teary eyed Katara, using Blood bending against Hama.. Bringing her to her knees.

As a little girl I could only assume was Toph Beifong came into the scene with a handful of others to take Hama away. (F/N) approached Katara, currently on her hands and knees, crying into the ground. (He/She) kneeled down and brought her into (his/her) chest, letting her cry into (his/her) shoulder.

You: “It’s ok.. you did good.. it’s ok.” (He/She) was whispering lightly to her.. comforting her as best (he/she) could. (His/Her) eyes filled with sympathy.  

I woke from the vison rapidly.. unsure of how to interpret it.. It didn’t look like any of the flashes I had had beforehand.. The flashes showed me Aang and his friends when they were older, after Republic City was built.. what was Aang trying to tell me.. why was this moment with (F/N) the first thing to come to me? I resumed my state, calling forth another of Aang’s memories.. This time, I was presented with something more familiar.. something about a man named Yakone.

(Your POV)

It thankfully didn’t take me long to locate Korra’s Energy signature.. Her being Avatar did give off a unique one to look for. The one problem I had was that she was up in the mountains just outside the city.. and it was snowing… and it was very, very cold out. I really needed to get a hold of some warmer clothes when this was all over.

Naga ran up the side of the mountain, opting to take the shortest route up rather than the semi-paved road. When we arrived at the top I found a small cabin overlooking the side of a cliff. Korra’s energy was radiating from inside.. and unsurprisingly, so was Tarrlok’s. I knew he had something to do with this. I dismounted Naga, telling both her and Pabu to stay hidden in the forest until I came back out. I went inside, finding nothing but a handful of furnishings and a door leading into a basement. I could hear Tarrlok talking.. ranting to himself about someone named Yakone.. I was about to head down.. when a new set of energies caught my interest. Almost all of them were non-benders.. almost. I was admittedly intrigued by what was going on, so I decided to hide myself in the rafters to watch this play out. What followed didn’t disappoint.
Three Equalists entered the cabin silently, led by an odd looking man with a fu-man-chu moustache and another man wearing a mask. His energy was repressed, as if he was attempting to keep it a secret. The mask was rather plain, save for the red circle in the forehead. A hood wrapped around the rest of his head to better hide his features. Soon Tarrlok came up the stairs, a look of surprise crossing his face when he saw the five.

Tarrlok: Amon!” This was Amon? Huh.. kind of expected more.

Amon: “It is time for you to be equalized.” The other four pulled weapons, the odd goggled one with the moustache pulling a pair of batons. Tarrlok grinned, chuckling slightly.

Tarrlok: “You fool… you’ve never faced bending like mine.” To my surprise, Tarrlok began to Blood Bend the five Equalists.. I hadn’t realized the technique had gotten out.. I thought Katara and that old bat were the only two that knew how to.. It wasn’t even a full moon tonight.

The surprises didn’t stop there.. While the other four were forced to the floor, Amon fought the bending off. Taking slow, struggling steps towards a shocked Tarrlok.

Tarrlok: “What.. what are you?” Tarrlok intensified his bending, attempting to stop the Equalist leader.. still Amon persisted.

Amon: “I.. am the solution.”  Amon reached out, gripping Tarrlok by the arm and flipping him over. He brought him to his knees, then pressed his thumb against the center of his forehead. Tarrlok screamed, then fell to the floor, unconscious.. I don’t know how he was doing it… but it was true.. he was taking people’s bending. Amon slung Tarrlok’s fallen body over his shoulder as the other four lifted themselves from the floor. He left with Tarrlok, ordering the others to get Korra. As they descended the stairs and Amon left. I dropped from the ceiling, taking this as my cue to get involved. I heard the sound of electricity flowing then Korra screaming in pain. I peeked through the door, finding the goggled one using his batons to electrocute a large metal box. Korra was likely inside.

You: “Cute..” He stopped, all four Equalists turning to face me. “Let me show you mine.” I shot my hand out, lighting shooting from my fingers to connect with all four of them. The three lackeys writhed in pain, soon falling to the floor unconscious. The goggled one however had used his batons to absorb the lighting.. surprising. “Impressive…” I descended the stairs. My cane tapping along the steps. He just stood there, his batons at the ready. I reached my hand out, calling the batons from his hands and into my own. Then reached out again to electrocute him. I crushed the batons with the force, letting the crumpled things fall to the floor with the unconscious group. Again I reached out, this time forcing the door to the box open. On the floor in a crumpled mess, was Korra. My heart ached, seeing her in such a vulnerable state. I used my belt as a kind of sheathe, slipping my cane into it before leaning down to pick Korra’s unconscious body off the ground. It was murder on my leg.. but I didn’t care. I just wanted her safe. I walked up the stairs again and out the door into the cold. There, just outside loading Tarrlok into a truck was Amon. He took notice of me, then the unconscious body in my arms. He turned fully to me, his arms crossed behind his back.

Amon: “Now this is a surprising turn of events… I must say I hadn’t calculated the Dark One into this little… meeting.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

You: “When it comes to me… you should always expect my involvement.”

Amon: “So it would seem.” I whistled.. calling Naga and Pabu from the trees. She rushed out, Amon seemed unsurprised at her appearance, but made no move to attack me. I set Korra on Naga’s back. Shooing her back into the trees, then turned back to Amon.

You: “So I guess the question now is.. are we going to talk like civilized people.. or are we going to pound each other into the ground?” I certainly hoped the former.. I was cold, my leg hurt.. and the storm I caused back in the basement had drained a bit to much energy from me.

Amon: “I suppose that depends on your willingness to cooperate.”

You: “Cooperate with what exactly?”

Amon: “Call the animal back and hand over the Avatar.. and I won’t involve you any further in my fight.” I stalled the conversation… my hand reaching for the saber at my hip.

You: “Pounded into the ground it is then.” I pulled the saber and activated both ends. He rushed me with surprising speed. I threw the saber, which he dodged expertly.. thankfully though I wasn’t aiming for him. He attacked with a few quick jabs and a swift kick to my bad leg. I blocked all but two of the jabs and avoided the kick, retaliating with a few jabs of my own. I tried using his own moves against him, attempting to Chi-block his arm. Unfortunately it was rusty and at best I maybe pinched a few of his nerves.. Deciding to stick with what I knew worked I extended my hand, force pushing him back to the truck. My saber flew back to me, having completed its work.  I reached out, calling the large tree trunks the saber had cut down to me. Slamming them hard and embedding them into the ground around Amon. “Our true fight will come soon enough.. until then I suggest you ready yourself to use what you REALLY know.. until we meet again.. Water Bender.” I rushed into the forest after Naga, not registering the look of surprise that filled his eyes.

Running through the forest though turned out not to be the greatest idea, as I found myself falling head over heel down a steep slope of snow.. Coming to a stop only when my side connected with a tree at the very bottom. I groaned in pain, clutching at my side. It was wet, sticky, like I had fallen into a decent amount of tree sap. I tried to whistle, but couldn’t find the energy to do so.. I was cold, in pain, had bent my leg the wrong way and Naga was likely rushing back to the city with Korra on her back.. That’s it.. I was as good as dead.. At least.. at least Korra was safe.

___: ‘Why does her safety matter so much to you?’ That little voice was back.. The last thing I may ever hear in this life… and it was that annoying little pain in the ass.. I answered out loud.. using the last bit of consciousness to sass my own mind.

You: “I was going to ask you the same thing.” I smirked weakly, finally blacking out.
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