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(Your POV)

I spent the past two days in an abandoned warehouse near the docks.. my leg constantly screaming in protest.. what little force energy I had regained was constantly pumped into my limited healing ability, trying desperately to calm the pain. I shouldn’t have jumped, I should have stayed and fought.

___:‘You’d be dead if you stayed.’ The little voice was right.. They could have obliterated me if I had stayed.. I was starving, exhausted and weak. The police force had been constantly patrolling the city, seems I was now public enemy number one.. I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t fight.. I had two choices now, either stay here and die of starvation, or go out there and be sent back to the prison realm. ‘What if they don’t know?’ That little voice spoke up again. ‘We knew Aang for so many years.. he wouldn’t do that to us.. the Republic Tricked him… Sidious tricked him.’ I growled.

You: “Aang is dead.” I responded out loud. “Even if he didn’t have anything to do with my imprisonment, these new people, this new Avatar might.”

___: ‘She didn’t seem like the kind of person to do that.’ The voice was quick to respond. ‘And have you seen any evidence of massive tech advancement?’ I paused… it was true. Far as this realm had progressed there was no indication that the advancements of the Republic had been given here. There were Air Ships patrolling the skies, not Star Destroyers. There were Metal Benders patrolling the streets. Not troopers, clone or otherwise. Still.. I had to be cautious.. this realm was aware of me, aware of what I had done during their war.. and now they knew I had returned.

(Mako’s POV)

Korra was pretty insistent that we find the Dark One soon.. Wasn’t even that we wanted to arrest (him/her) like Chief Saikhan did, she wanted to find (him/her) first to keep (him/her) OUT of jail. Made no sense to me.. (he/she) did attack us after all. Then again, (he/she) was being hauled around by the police force.

Right now, Asami and I were patrolling the docks, trying to pick up any trail (he/she) may have left when (he/she) disappeared.

Mako: “This is a waste of time..” Asami, who was currently walking ahead of me, shot a look over her shoulder.

Asami: “Korra needs our help, and if she thinks she can talk some sense into the Dark One then we should at least try.” I rolled my eyes.

Mako: “You did see the lightning that shot into the sky that day right?” She stopped and turned to me. “I can’t even make lightning that strong.” She smirked, patting me on the cheek.

Asami: “Sorry hun, but your lightning skills aren’t all that good to begin with.” I deflated a bit at that, earning a chuckle from her. “Don’t worry.” She leaned in and kissed me. “I still think you’re cute.” That brought me back; again she chuckled and turned back around to keep searching.  I followed, I still felt this was a waste of time but if it got me alone with Asami for a bit, I didn’t mind. I knew Tenzin did though. I really wish we didn’t find out about Hiroshi, staying at his estate was great.. and it would have kept us out of Tenzin’s rage. He was fuming when Korra told him what she was planning to do. Of course she just stood firm against him, refusing to take anything he said against finding the Dark One… I was torn from my thoughts when I bumped into Asami, she had stopped suddenly. Her head jolting around as if she had heard something.

Mako: “What is it?” I didn’t have to wait long for the response. Three equalists dropped from the roof of one of the warehouses. Asami took up her stance, I took up mine. And we engaged.

(Your POV)

I was woken from the uneasy sleep I was able to fall into by sounds outside. Grunting, panting and screaming.. At first I thought it was… no that sounds like fighting.. I took up my cane, balancing on it uneasily, and walked over to one of the holes in the wall. Outside were three of those gas mask people that had been on the ship. They were fighting… oh damn it’s the orange eyed fire bender and his raven haired friend.. They looked like they were struggling. I saw the fire benders arm go limp, seems these odd suited people were chi blockers… whatever, not my problem.

I turned back to go lay down again when that little voice in my head spoke up.

___: ‘Help them.’ I rolled my eyes, ignoring the voice. ‘Don’t turn your back on them.. they need help.

You: “They can fend for themselves.” I responded.. “If my back and leg have anything to say for it.. they can handle it.” I didn’t hear the voice talk back, smirking lightly I returned to my original position.

___: ‘If you say so Darth Vane.’ My eyes, previously closed shot open.. I stood again, grumbling as I made my way to the door of the warehouse.

You: “Damn stupid conscience.. bringing up old wounds.. making me go fight for…” I reached the door, a large heavy thing.. Summoning what strength, I had I telekinetically opened it, swinging it out.

(Asami’s POV)

We were being decimated.. Mako had already lost control of one of his arms and two of the three equalists that attacked us were focusing on me… I was tiring, and pretty soon these two were going to do to me wat they did to Mako.. That’s when it happened.

Off to the side, there was this screeching of metal against stone.. One of the larger warehouse doors were opening, as if on its own. The dust and dirt kicked up, distracting all five of us, turning our attention to the being on the other side of the door. As the dust settled.. The Dark One strolled out, cane tapping against the floor rhythmically. (He/She) was grinning rather widely, (his/her) yellow eyes glowing in the darkness.

You: “What fun… what fun.” (He/She) chuckled rather darkly.. it sent a chill down my spine. When my eyes connected with (his/her) though, (he/she) winked at me, as if to say.. was (he/she) going to help us? “Seems someone’s been teaching chi blocking lately.” The Dark One looked over the three equalists, all standing ready to fight against (him/her). “It has been such a long time since I fought a chi blocker.” (He/She) lifted his cane into both hands, pulling the odd looking metal piece at the top out of the wooden part. (He/She) pulled the metal piece behind him, holding the wooden piece out in front. With a flick of a switch, something oddly awe inducing happened. Two crimson red light blades shot out of both ends of the metal thing. “What say you three and I dance in the moon light?” (He/She) jumped into the air, bringing one end of the metal bit down on top of one of the equalists. The equalist moved to defend, pulling a short blade from their pocket, but upon connecting with the red blade, it was cut cleanly in two. The Dark One kicked out (his/her) foot, connecting with the stunned equalists’ chest. Then quickly turned to engage the other two. I rushed over to Mako’s side. His face in just as much awe as mine was.

Mako: “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” His eyes were focused on this living legend, currently jumping around with this blood red weapon in one hand, and a stick in the other. More often than not the Equalists would dodge the red blades, only to be smacked around by the stick. All the while, the Dark One was smiling.

Asami: “This is amazing.” I breathed lowly, Mako could only nod his head. Then a thought jumped to mind. “If (he/she) can do all this.. why didn’t (he/she) back at the temple?” Mako’s confused eyes met my own before returning to the short battle before us. The Dark One was currently knocking around the last of the equalists. The last one was good, jumping, dodging and trying hard to connect one of their shots with the Dark One, but they just couldn’t. Every punch, jab and kick was easily and seamlessly dodged by (him/her) and quickly countered by a kick or slash of (his/her) own. Soon though, the equalist slipped up, earning a swift shot to the face by the stick in the Dark One’s hand. With all three down, the red blades retracted into the metal piece. (He/She) then turned to us, reattaching the metal bit to the stick, reforming (his/her) cane. The Dark One limped over to us, breathing rather heavily.

You: “You two ok?” There was genuine concern in (his/her) voice, but Mako failed to read it. He stood quickly, readying to fight himself. (He/She) shot (his/her) hands up in surrender. “Hey, hey!! It’s cool, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Mako: “How do we know that?” Mako had an angry look on his face.

You: “If I wanted too I could have taken you both out alongside these three.. No point in saving you just to hurt you.” (His/Her) eyes, yellow as they were, had a genuine look in them. I reached out, gently taking hold of Mako’s arm.

Asami: “Mako… it’s ok… (He/She) does have a point.” Mako looked at me, his face softening before finally putting his hand down. The Dark One smiled lightly, continuing (his/her) approach. (He/She) pointed to Mako’s limp arm.

You: “I can fix that… If you’ll let me.” Mako was still skeptical, but I was more willing to trust. I motioned (him/her) over and (he/she) knelt down, taking Mako’s arm gently. “Fair warning.. this may hurt a bit.” (He/She) jabbed two fingers into the crux of Mako’s elbow, he jolted in pain. But as he pulled his arm away, he was able to move it again. The Dark One smiled before standing shakily.

Mako: “How do you know how to do that?” He was rolling his arm in his socket.

You: “Spent some time with a Chi Blocker named Ty Lee last time I was here.. Good kid, very happy go lucky.” (He/She) chuckled lightly, then hunched over in pain, gripping (his/her) right knee. I rushed over to (his/her) side, attempting to help (him/her) to his feet. I motioned Mako to do the same, and he thankfully complied. “That fight did more damage than I thought it would.” (His/Her) voice was laced with pain, gritting (his/her) teeth viciously. I pulled (his/her) arm over my shoulder.

Asami: “Come on, We’ll get you somewhere someone can help.” (He/She) was still breathing heavily. It sounded like (he/she) was trying to say something, but it was lost to the groans of pain.

(Korra’s POV)

Bolin and I had searched most of the inner city, thinking the Dark One wouldn’t have stuck around the water after (his/her) escape.. I certainly hope Mako and Asami’s search went better than ours.. Bolin is a great guy, but he spent the search either cracking to many jokes.. or keeping Naga from eating Pabu.. I at least looked, and couldn’t find anything. It was pretty late when the four of us came up on the dock at the Island.. That’s when I spotted three people trying to climb up the stairs. I immediately recognized Mako and Asami, and as soon as I got closer I noticed the Dark One slung over their shoulders. (He/She) looked ready to collapse.

Korra: “You guys found (him/her)!!” They stopped and turned to me, looks of confusion, wonder and anxiousness on both their faces. “What happened?” I grew lightly concerned.

Mako: “We were ambushed by equalists. We tried to fight them off but.. well..”

Asami: “We were getting trashed, one of them even managed to chi block Mako’ arm.” Mako’s face fell in what looked to be embarrassment. “But out of nowhere.. (he/she)..” She gestured as best she could to the form between them. “..comes along and starts beating the three equalists like it was nothing.. (he/she) helped un-block Mako’s arm.. and then (he/she) nearly collapsed.. (His/Her) leg seems to be in pretty bad shape.”

You: “Understatement of the year.” The sleepy form hanging off of my friends shoulders spoke up, a sarcastic tone laced with the words. “I just need some rest.. then I’ll be on my way.. no trouble.” (He/She) was gritting (his/her) teeth pretty roughly. I rushed up on Naga, helping to lay the Legend’s body on her back. Once (he/she) was on, I had Naga rush up the stairs, wanting to get (him/her) to the healing pools in the temple as fast as possible. Of course though, once I was at the top of the stairs, I was greeted with a very angry Tenzin. Pema and the three kids were behind him, all looking rather sleepy.

Tenzin: “And where have you been all night long?” He was fuming, and it wasn’t helped when his eyes fell on the form sitting behind me on Naga’s back. “What is (he/she) doing here!?” I swear I could see steam flowing out of his ears. I calmly jumped off Naga’s back, Bolin, Mako and Asami helping the Dark One down.

Korra: “Asami and Mako found ( him/her). (He/She)’s in really bad shape and needs help. (He/She) needs to be taken to the healing pools.” I turned back, seeing Mako and Bolin had slung the Dark One over their shoulders. (His/Her) eyes had grown wide, realizing where we had brought (him/her). Tenzin was still yelling.

Tenzin: “(He/She) is a threat to this world and to anyone in it!! I will not have (him/her) resting in my home!!” I shot him a look.

Korra: “You’re the one that wanted me to find (him/her) and talk (him/her) down!!”

Tenzin: “Yes!! Away from the Temple!! Away from my Family!!” He marched up, rushing right past me. “I’ve had enough of this.. if you won’t take (him/her) somewhere else then I will.” I turned after him, wanting to tell him off. But before I could, Tenzin was flung back, an invisible force pushing him to the floor a few feet away. He stood in shock, his eyes trained on something. I turned to see what he saw, and found the Dark One, balancing on (his/her) left leg with (his/her) left arm outstretched. Hand open wide, and panting heavily.

You: “You want… me.. gone? I’ll gladly leave..” The others had spaced themselves from the legend, opting to give (him/her) some room rather than try and stop (him/her). Leaving (him/her) to balance on (his/her) cane and left leg. “Just give me the gate key… and I’ll go.. I don’t want to fight. I don’t want… I.. just.. want to.. go..” (He/She) fell to the floor, face meeting the ground rather hard, effectively knocking (him/her) out.

No one moved after that. Tenzin eyed the body harshly, as if expecting it to jump right back up and attack all of us. It was only after I noticed the blood pooling around (his/her) head that I walked up to (him/her). Bolin and Asami both took my lead. Mako, defensive and skeptical as ever, went to stand by Tenzin.

Tenzin: “Korra, get away from (him/her). (He/She) could be waiting for you to get near before attacking.” I looked at him with as much sarcasm as I could muster. Trying to get my thought of ‘really?’ out as strongly as possible. Bolin grabbed up a nearby twig and, leaning down next to the body began poking at (his/her) side. Never once did the Dark One move, not even a shudder.

Bolin: “I think you killed (him/her) Tenzin.” Bolin continued to poke until Asami ripped the branch from his hand.

Asami: “Then why are you still jabbing at (him/her)?” She swatted Bolin away then went to check for a pulse. “(He/She)'s alive, but barely. Poor (man/woman) must be completely drained. I can hear (him/her) breathing, but it’s extremely shallow. (He/she) needs to be healed and soon.”

Korra: “Here, help me get (him/her) to the healing pools, we may not be able to do much but we can at least make (him/her) comfortable.” I went to help Asami lift (him/her) off the ground but Tenzin stepped in front of me.

Tenzin: “Korra you can’t, this (man/woman) is extremely dangerous. (He/She) just made a move to attack all of us. I’m convinced the only reason we are all alive is BECAUSE (he/she) was exhausted. (He/she) needs healing but not here, I will not have (him/her) in this Temple.”

Korra: “(He/She) only lifted (his/her) hand against you because you went after (him/her) first. (He/She) was defending himself.” I argued, than Asami spoke up.

Asami: “(He/She) saved us.” She motioned between herself and Mako. “Had no reason to step in, yet (he/she) did anyway. Then even went as far as to fix Mako’s arm without anything in return. Someone so dangerous like you say wouldn’t do something like that.. especially when they think we could be trying to imprison (him/her).” Tenzin was surprisingly speechless. Unable to come up with a ‘logical’ response to Asami’s words.. Then, surprisingly Mako spoke up.

Mako: “(He/She) may not be in the best place right now, but we’ve all seen what (he/she) can do. And if the legend is even half right.. (he/she) could have obliterated us just as easily.. what truly surprised me though.. (He/She) didn’t kill anyone, those equalists may have a few broken bones.. but they’re all alive.” Pema walked up behind her husband, their children following close behind.

Ikki: “Is the (man/lady) gonna be ok daddy?” Ikki gave Tenzin those wide eyes.. unyielding in there cuteness. He looked down to his daughter, his placid face never cracking.

Tenzin: “(F/N) (L/N) will be fine.. once we take (him/her) to the police station they can get (him/her) a proper medic and send (him/her) on his way.” I scowled at him.

Korra: “You know just as well as I do that if you send (him/her) there, Saikhan will have (him/her) strung up.” He never flinched.. but I could see his resolve weakening. His eyes drifting to the fallen body of the Dark One. Asami had rolled (him/her) over, lying (his/her) head in her lap.. the bleeding had thankfully stopped, but some blood still stained (his/her) face. “We need to help (him/her), we owe (him/her) that much. And this way when (he/she) wakes, we can try and explain what happened. Get our side of the story out before (he/she) has a chance to shut us down. You said it yourself, Avatar Aang trusted this (man/woman). Shouldn’t we?” Tenzin’s face dipped, finally cracking from its usual harshness. He turned from me and headed back into the temple.

Tenzin: “I’ll see if there is anything we can use to help (his/her) healing process. Take (him/her) to the healing chamber and we’ll see what we can do.” I sighed in relief and then rushed to Asami to help carry (his/her) body. Bolin scooped up the discarded cane and brought that along with him. Mako followed behind Tenzin and Pema started talking with her three kids.. trying to explain what had just transpired.

As we carried (him/her) to the chamber I could hear (him/her) mumbling something to (himself/herself) in (his/her) sleep. I couldn’t quite make it out at first, but eventually I could make out what sounded like ‘Ashara’. (He/She) just repeated it over and over again. We made it to the healing pools and began stripping (him/her) down without removing (his/her) decency. Nearly naked, we noticed (he/she) was toned, but was definitely malnourished. Just like (his/her) face, the bones poked out where they could from (his/her) (S/C) skin. I also took notice of the scar on (his/her) right leg. No wonder (he/she) needed the cane. It ran the entire length of (his/her) calf and seemed to spread out wide. Poor (man/woman) has probably been riding on just (his/her) will for who knows how long.

We set (him/her) down in the pool. (His/Her) body seemed to relax a bit as the water ran over (him/her), (his/her) strained face fading into one of contentment. Footsteps coming up from behind us caught all our attention. We turned and saw Tenzin come through the door.

Tenzin: “Best to leave (him/her) for a while, (he/she) may not wake up any time soon.” We nodded and he then looked to Bolin, who was still holding the cane. Tenzin reached for it. “I may have agreed to let (him/her) heal but I’m still a bit weary. I’m going to take the cane and put it somewhere safe.” We all looked at him confused.

Korra: “Why? It’s a cane.. How much damage can it do?” Tenzin looked to me and replied.

Tenzin: “Mako told me (he/she) used the odd metal thing at the top as some sort of weapon. I may not understand it, but if (he/she) could use it as a weapon I feel it best to keep it safe for the time being.”

Asami: “How is (he/she) supposed to walk when (he/she) wakes then? This pool may help (his/her) muscles heal but (his/her) leg is still terrible.”

Tenzin: “Pema is already working on making a cane (he/she) can use once (he/she)'s strong enough to walk. But until then, I just feel it’s best to keep as many weapons away from (him/her) as we can. (He/She)’s already effectively a living weapon. I see no need to add to (his/her) arsenal.” I made to protest, but I knew he had a point. I looked back at the body floating in the pool.

Korra: “Alright, Bolin give him the cane. As long as you promise we have something ready for (him/her) to use once (he/she)'s ready again.” Bolin offered the cane to Tenzin who took it into his arms.

Tenzin: “I promise Korra.” Then he left.
Keeping with the weekly updates so far.. Chapter 3 is up and ready to go.
As always let me know what you think!
I don't own Legend of Korra, The last Air Bender, the images used, or you.
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