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(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color


(Scarlett’s POV)

Katara: “You made it!” As Korra and I walked in the front door of her hutt, Katara immediately rushed us both. Moving surprisingly quickly considering in her age.

Korra: “Oh I don’t think we would have missed this for anything. Right Scarlett:?

Scarlett: “Right.” Katara smiled down at me, taking me by the hand and leading us to the back room of her home.

Katara: “Come, everyone else is already here.” She pushed through another door, leading us through a large open area with a healing pool like the ones back at the temple. Then pushed through another door behind that, where everyone was sat around a small fire pit. Everyone in this case being Tenzin, Pema, Ms. Kya, Mr. Bumi, Asami, Bolin and Mako. Everyone looked up to great us as we entered, then returned to enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Mako: “Korra.” Mako waved. “Saved you a seat.” Still rather miffed as she was with Mako, Korra chose to ignore him, instead taking a seat opposite him next to Asami. I took the space next to her, and Katara sat next to me.

Korra: “Won’t the tornadoing three be joining us?” Korra teased Tenzin with the nickname (F/N) had given his three eldest children, causing his already ever present scowl to deepen.

Pema: “The kids tuckered themselves out at the fair. They’re back at the hut asleep. This one was the only one that stayed awake long enough to come.” She nudged her chin towards the baby in her arms. AS she said, Rohan was wide awake, cooing as he looked around at the people around him.

Katara: “Well, as unfortunate as it is that they won’t be coming. It is still nice to have so much of my family together again.” Katara smiled, looking around the room at the people that were smiling back. “Now, what story should we hear first?”

Bumi: “Oo! Oo! Oo! Tell the story of the Eclipse!” Bumi threw his hand in the air, waving excitedly.

Kya: “Bumi, we’ve heard that thousands of times. Tell the one about how you met dad!”

Korra: “I think Scarlett should pick. “ I whipped my head around coming face to face with Korra’s sly grin.

Katara: “Actually, that is a wonderful Idea.” Katara nudged me in the shoulder, bringing my focus back to her.

Scarlett: “me?”

Kya: “Well yeah. Only makes sense after all, this is your first time here.” Kya smiled warmly at me.

Asami: “Go on Scarlett. What would you like to hear?” I pondered it a bit, trying to think of a story I hadn’t already heard from (F/N) or one of the others. After a second, I settled on one I know I hadn’t heard before.

Scarlett: “How did you meet (F/N)?”

Tenzin: “Well.” Apparently Tenzin wanted to go first. “I first met (F/N) after the Police had arrested (him/her) and dragged (him/her) to the air temple. After which (he/she) fought us all briefly before escaping… then coming back and freeloading in my home… OW!” Pema had slapped him across the back of the head.

Pema: “It’s not as bad as it sounds sweetheart.”

Mako: “I don’t know, that sounds pretty accurate to me….OW!” Mako jumped up, rubbing his behind as apparently a rather sharp rock had popped up into his seat. I don’t know who did it, but Korra had a rather smug look on her face.

Bumi: “I met (him/her) when (he/she) and Tenzin fell out of a closet together.” Nearly everyone in the room shot Bumi an odd look. “What? It’s true.”

Kya: “I haven’t had the chance to meet (him/her).”

Korra: “That’s all well and good guys, but I think she meant KATARA.” I nodded along.

Bolin: “OOOO! I want to hear that one too.”

Bumi: “Oh we’ve heard it LOADS of times! So it starts back when they were kids see…”

Kya: “Bumi. I think they want to hear it from mom.”

Bumi: “Oh...right.. Hehe.” He chuckled as he rubbed at the back of his neck. “Go ahead mom.”

Katara: “Your permission is appreciated Bumi.” She deadpanned. Katara cleared her throat, then began. “I was fourteen when I met The Dark One. Of course at the time, (he/she) was simply (F/N). The day before it all happened. Aang, Sokka and myself had been purising through a few shops for supplies. We came across a waterbending scroll that some pirates had ‘acquired’. We couldn't afford it… so I stole it.”

Korra: “You STOLE from pirates?” Katara shot korra a thin lipped look. ‘Let me tell the story’ written across her face. “Right. Not the point.” Katara sighed but continued.


(Katara’s POV)

It was a long while before Aang and Sokka fell asleep, but eventually the two were snoring away. Letting me slip out of my sleeping bag and sneak off without waking them. I snatched the scroll from my pack and snuck off towards the river bank. I was mastering that water whip move if it was the last thing I did.
As I walked through the woods, looking up at the crescent moon above. I swear I caught sight of something large and black moving through the night sky. It blotted out my view of the moon for just a brief moment before disappearing into the forest. I couldn't quite make it out, but it was moving to fast and to silently for it to be any kind of bird. I followed it as best I could, watching as it landed silently somewhere in the forest. I was about to go and investigate it, but it soon shot back up above the tree line, returning to the night sky and disappearing among the stars. Shrugging it off, I continued my way towards the water bank. WHere I sat the scroll on a nearby bank and started to practice.

Katara: “Shoot! Come ON water, WORK with me here!” The only problem was that the water REFUSED to cooperate. “Ok. What if I just...Ow!” I ended up whipping myself in the face… again. “Stupid scroll.” I paused, taking a deep breath before trying again. “Ok Katara. Shift your weight through the stances.” Before i even had the opportunity to, the water dropped from my grip, causing me even more frustration. “Why can’t I get this?” Something broke me from my focus, the sound of grinding metal coming from farther down the river bank. When I looked, I found it to be one of the Fire Nation’s landing boats.

I tried to run, to get the scroll and make it back to the boys so we could leave. But I was stopped, by one of the pirates from the ship no less. He tried to grab me, but I was able to escape, right into Zuko’s arms.

Zuko: “I’ll save you from the pirates.” His words were hardly calming. “Tie her to the tree.” He shoved me back, two of his soldiers rushing me to tie me up, hands around the trunk of a small tree.

Iroh: “Is this really necessary Zuko?” As they tied me down, the elderly man Zuko often traveled with walked up the bank of the river to join us. The captain of the pirates following close behind.

Zuko: “Quiet Uncle.” His uncle sighed, joining his hands in front of his middle before taking a step back, relenting his argument. Zuko huffed, then turned back to me. “Tell me where he is, and I won’t hurt you or your brother.”

Katara: “Go jump in the river!” I spat back.

Zuko: “Try to understand.” His features softened, yet only mildly, as he approached me. Circling the tree I was tied to. “I need to capture him to restore something I’ve lost. My Honor.” As I twisted my head to follow his pace, I caught sight of something reflect the rising sun in the woods. Something black and metallic hiding behind the tree line. It disappeared before I could get a good look at it. “Perhaps in exchange I can restore something you’ve lost.” What? Oh right, Zuko was standing right behind me. He raised his hands to my neck, and for the briefest moment I thought he was going to strangle me, until I saw what he was holding.

Katara: “My mother’s necklace!” He circled back around, rejoining the group in front of me. “How did you get that?”

Zuko: “I didn’t STEAL it if that’s what you’re wondering. TELL ME where he is.”

Katara: “NO!”

Pirate Captain: “Enough of this necklace garbage.” Apparently the pirate had grown tired of Zuko and I’s back and forth. “You promised us the scroll.” In response, Zuko pulled the scroll out from behind his back, likely having hid it in his belt. Holding it up as he started a flame under it.

Zuko: “I wonder how much this is worth?” Every last pirate jumped forward, wanting to keep him from burning it. “A LOT apparently.” Zuko smirked. “Now you help me find what I want, you’ll get this back, and everyone goes home happy. Search the woods for the boy and meet back here.”

Pirate Captain: “Fine.” Relenting, the pirated marched into the woods looking for Aang. Not seemingly five minutes later coming back with both him and Sokka in nets.

Zuko: “Quick. Very impressive.” The pirates loosened Aang and Sokka from their nets, holding them both back until Zuko handed over the scroll.

Katara: “Aang I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”

Aang: “No Katara, it isn’t.”

Iroh: “Yeah, it kinda is.”

Zuko: “Give me the boy.”

Pirate Captain: “YOU give us the scroll.” Neither group moved. Neither wanting to give up what they had until the other did first.

Sokka: “You’re really gonna hand over the AVATAR for a stupid piece of parchment?” Now all eyes were on Sokka. His words hanging thick in the morning air.

Zuko: “Don’t listen to him. He’s trying to turn us against each other.”

Pirate Captain: “Your friend is the Avatar?” To late. And once again Sokka’s big mouth gets us into even more trouble.

Sokka: “Sure is! And I’ll bet he’ll fetch a lot more on the black market then that fancy scroll.”

Zuko: “Shut your mouth you water tribe peasant!” Zuko was getting furious now. Sokka what are you doing?

Sokka: “I’m just saying, it’s bad business sense. Just imagine how much the Fire Lord would pay for the Avatar. You guys would be set for life!” Just about every member of that crew began to water at the mouth, dreaming of the amount of gold Zuko’s father would likely pay for Aang.

Pirate Captain: “Keep the scroll. We can buy a hundred with the reward we’ll get for the kid.” They turned their backs on Zuko and his soldiers, leading Sokka and Aang back to their grounded ship.

Zuko: “You’ll REGRET breaking a deal with ME.” Zuko and his men blasted fire pillars at the crew, to which in response the pirates began dropping smoke bombs to cover their escape.

Katara: “Ok this has officially gotten out of hand. Where’s Momo when I need him?” As I spoke, I felt the ropes around my hands loosen, Momo’s chittering ringing in my ear. “Oh there you are. Thanks Momo.” Momo then flew into view, landing before me. “Wait… but if your here… then..”

???: “You’re welcome dear.” An unfamiliar voice rang in my ear. “But my name isn’t Momo.”  The ropes loosened entirely, allowing me to pull away from the tree. “Now I recommend you leave with your friends.” The person dashed away, leaving only a black blur for me to follow as they disappeared into the smoke.

Katara: “Wait! Who are you!?” They didn’t respond. All I could hear from the smoke was the screams and grunts of the firebenders and pirates alike.

Sokka: “Aang!? Aang!?” Sokka must have been trying to find his way out of the smoke. “Are you there?”

Aang: “I’m here!” I caught sight of Aang’s head popping up from the cloud as he jumped to try and catch sight of Sokka. All the while Pirates were being strewn about. One was thrown directly at me, but missed as Zuko’s uncle pulled me aside.

Katara: “Thanks?” He just smiled and nodded, then walked off.

Sokka: “Aang where are you?”

Aang: “Hang on!” The smoke cleared, blown away by Aang’s airbending. And for the first time, I caught sight of my rescuer. Standing beside Aang, a pirate held high by the throat in one hand, while a fire bender was forced to the ground by a foot, was a black cloaked figure whose face was hidden underneath a heavy hood. Metallic black armor wrapped around their shoulders while a thick belt wrapped around their waist. Two small odd metal cylinders strapped to their hips. Their boots were as black as the shoulder armor, matching the gauntlets they wore over their gloved forearms. “AH!”

???: “....hi.” Aang screamed when he caught sight of the figure, to which they could only respond in confusion. “I’d go over there with your friend. This may get messy.” They gestured to me with their free hand. To which Aang quickly sprinted over. Once Aang was clear, the cloaked figure resumed beating the pants off of the soldiers and pirates, throwing them this way and that as if they were nothing.

Aang: “Who is that?”

Katara: “No idea.” As we watched the spectacle, Sokka could be seen inching along towards us on his belly.  He was stopped when Zuko stepped in front of him.

Zuko: “Where do you think you’re going peasant?”

Katara: “Sokka no!” Zuko raised his hand high, poised to strike down on Sokka, but it missed. Sokka was pulled back just before Zuko’s flaming fist met its mark. The mystery person now holding Sokka up by the collar.

???: “This is no place for children.” They then tossed Sokka towards us, allowing them free range to deal with the rest of their opponents. They turned back to Zuko. “Like I said, no place for children.” Zuko growled.

Zuko: “I’m no child.” Zuko attacked, firing a pillar of fire towards the person, which they expertly dodged.

???: “I must say this is truly unique, I’ve never seen the force grant such interesting abilities.” Zuko continued the onslaught, pressing the person back, keeping them on the defensive.

Zuko: “No one GRANTED me my bending.”

???: “Bending? Interesting concept.” As Zuko threw another fire fist, the person caught it in their own, pulling Zuko forward to knee him in the stomach. Zuko hunched over, trying to catch his breath, only to have his neck meet the persons elbow. Zuko fell to the ground, unconscious. “Interesting, but not all that impressive.”

Katara: “Behind you!” As the person hung over Zuko, the pirate captain rushed up behind them, sword held high and ready to strike.

Faster then I had seen anyone move, the hooded person turned on their heel, pulling the metal cylinders from their waists, and moved to counter the strike. I thought they were mad, trying to fight back with something so small, but the pirates sword never made contact with them. Instead, it fell apart, falling in three distinct pieces to the floor.

Pirate Captain: “What in the…?” Held at their sides, the metal cylinders now sported two red lights, humming loudly and glowing bright. “What.. what kind of witchcraft is this?” The person shrugged, then kicked their foot out, connecting with the captain's jaw and sending him flying back. The remaining pirates sat grouped together, staring down the hooded figure with uncertainty.

???: “Boo.” The pirates scrambled, some taking the time to pick up their unconscious captain before rushing back to the ship. “In any world, pirates are utterly stupid.” The red lights disappeared into the cylinders as they clipped them back to their belt. As they did, we all watched as the pirates struggled to get their ship back into the water, pushing as hard as they could to get it off the bank. “Please, allow me.” The hooded figure lifted their hand into the air, and as they did, the pirates lifted along with it.Screaming and some even crying as they were thrown to the deck. Then, they lifted their other hand, and the very SHIP began floating into the air. “Enjoy your flight!” The ship flew, thrown down the river by an invisible force only they could see.

Iroh: “What in this world did you do?” We all turned, the hooded figure included, finding Zuko’s Uncle standing nearby. His mouth hanging wide open in astonishment at what had just occurred. To be honest, I’d be more surprised if our own faces didn't reflect.

???: “Would you like to find out?” The elderly man bolted, leaving only a trail of smoke behind. Then returned instantly, collected his unconcious nephew. Then ran off again. However not before practically throwing the waterbending scroll at me.

Iroh: “This is yours. Good luck.” And he was gone with barely a trace.

???: “Interesting man that guy.” We all turned back to the hooded figure, just standing there with arms to their hips. “All this fighting over that?” The scroll in my hands fought itself free from my grip, flying over to their own hands.

Katara: “Hey! That’s ours!” They opened it, looking over the drawings. Turning the scroll this way and that, trying to make sense of it.

???: “This is no force technique I’m aware of. What are these symbols?”

Katara: “They’re WATERBENDING Techniques. Not… whatever it is you think it is.”

???: “Really? Then I have no use for them.”  They crumpled the scroll, snapping the case in two before tossing it over their shoulder, then walking away back towards the forest.

Katara: “Hey!” As they walked away, I tried to water whip them, successfully smacking them in the back of the head and pulling down the hood.

???: “Ow!” They turned back, revealing themselves to be a (Man/Woman). (He/She) looked to be a maybe a good ten years older then us. (He/She) had (S/C) skin, with (H/L), (H/C) hair framing their face. A pair of (E/C) eyes staring us down, rather aggressively. “That was hardly necessary.”

Katara: “You didn’t have to tear up the scroll!”

Aang: “Yeah, we could have used that!”

???: “Clearly not. You’ve clearly mastered the technique without it.”

Katara: “Wait… you actually read the scroll?”

???: “I’m a fast study. And from what I can sense. You seem to be a rather powerful… what did you call it? Waterbender?”

Sokka: “You still didn’t have to be a jerk about it!”

???: “Oh? And just what are you going to do about it little boy?” Sokka’s face screwed up in anger, his eyes bugging out more so then I’d ever seen.

Sokka: “Go Boomerang!” Sokka reached behind himself, taking his boomerang in hand and throwing it at the (man/woman). To no one’s surprise, (he/she) caught it.

???:  “A boomerang? Really?” Sokka took off in a mad sprint, his club held high. Once he was in range though, the (man/woman) simply tripped him, sending him face first into the dirt. “Your stance needs work. You wave your weapon wildly without thinking and, bit of advice, don’t shout out what your going to do before you do it.” (He/She) bent down, (his/her) hand reaching again for Sokka’s collar.

Katara: “Don’t touch him!” I moved, causing a wave of water the flood from the river over (him/her). (He/She) turned, then dashed forward, dodging the wave as it splashed down and rushed towards Aang and I. In response, Aang pushed out his hand, causing the wind to pick (him/her) up and send (him/her) flying back into the air. (He/She) recovered, landing on (his/her) feet, arms folded behind (his/her) back.

???: “Impressive. And here I thought there were no force wielders here.”

Katara: “We’re not… whatever you keep saying.” I rushed forward, calling on the water again to whip around (his/her) ankles. When (he/she) jumped to avoid it, a forced the water to chase, wrapping around (his/her) leg and pull (him/her) back down to the ground. Aang then continued by calling a whirlwind, spinning the mystery (man/woman) and slamming (him/her) against a nearby tree. (He/She) just brushed it off like it were nothing.

???: “You’re both certainly impressive. But untrained.” (He/She) Took a step forward, then disappeared into the wind.

Aang: “Where did (he/she)...?”

???: “You’re ability to manipulate the energy around you is impressive boy.” We both turned, finding the mystery (man/woman) standing directly behind Aang. He tried to attack, but (he/she) caught him by the wrists. “But.. you depend to much on distance to give you the advantage. In close quarters your powers are useless.” (He/She) picked up Aang, flipping him in the air before tossing him in a heap on top of Sokka.

Sokka: “Ow! Rude!”

Aang: “sorry.”

???: “And you..” (His/Her) focus now turned to me. “Manipulating the invisible energies and summoning fire.. I’ve seen that before. Nothing new. But to manipulate the very WATER? Now THAT is to be commended.” I smirked. “However…. You clearly still have much to learn.”

Katara: “I would have if you hadn’t torn up that scroll.” Again, (he/she) only shrugged. A sly smirk inching across (his/her) face.

???: “I saw that scroll. It wouldn’t have taught you much that you don’t already seem to know.”

Katara: “That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have been good for practice.”

???: “If you want practice, get a teacher. Or one of your friends here to help.” (He/She) gestured behind (himself/herself) towards Aang and my brother, still trying to untangle themselves from each other. “Though perhaps they may not be the best choice. Now if you’ll excuse me… I have business.” Again (he/she) turned towards the forest, walking away from us without another word.

Katara: “Wait… you’re not here to hurt us?” (He/She) turned back, confusion and insult evident in (his/her) features.

???: “What? Of course not. Why would I free you and stop those brutes, just to damage you myself?”

Sokka: “I feel pretty damaged.” I just rolled my eyes.

Katara: “So you’re not here for the Avatar?”

???: “What’s an Avatar?” I pointed behind (him/her), where Aang had finally made it back to his feet. He smiled sheepishly, waving his fingers.
Katara: “He is. The Avatar is the one person in the world that can master all four bending elements?”

???: “Which are?”

Sokka: “Water, Fire, Earth and Air… duh.” A look of realization crossed this mysterious person’s face.

???: “Oh… you weren't manipulating the energy. You were manipulating the AIR. That explains why your energy is so unique.” I was going to ask what (he/she) meant, but (he/she) simply shrugged us all off. “Well, to answer your question, no. I’m not here for the boy. I have… other business in mind.”

Katara: “Which is?”

???: “Well, I suppose I see no harm in telling you. I am a traveler of sorts, and I find myself intrigued by this world. I wish to explore it. Though to be frank, I’m not familiar enough with it to roam it without getting lost.”

Aang: “We could help you.” Aang, always wanting to help. “We’re traveling the world too. You could come with us.”

Sokka: “Of course..” Sokka cut in, a sly look on his face. “You’d have to do something for us in return.”

???: “Oh really? And what pray tell would I have to do?”

Aang: “Why not teach us?”

Sokka: “Aang!” Sokka whined. But we ignored him.

???: “Teach you?” I stepped in. I agreed with Aang actually.

Katara: “Why not?” You seem to know your way around a fight. Not to mention you seem to be able to pick out flaws in our own styles. You could help us improve. We have a lot ahead of us and to be frank, we could use all the help we could get.” (He/She) rubbed (his/her) chin, pondering over the deal we had made.

Sokka: “You guys! I was gonna see if (he/she) had any money!”

???: “Deal.”

Sokka: “What!?” (He/She) shoved past Sokka, extending (his/her) hand for myself and Aang to shake. “Consider me your part time trainer.”

Katara: “Thank you.”

???: “Now.. I believe introductions are in order.”

Aang: “I’m Aang. Good to meet you.”

Katara: “My name’s Katara. And the guy pouting near the river there is my brother Sokka.”

Sokka: “I’m not pouting.” We all ignored him.

Katara: “And you are?”

You: “ (F/N). (F/N) (L/N). A pleasure to…”


(Korra’s POV)

Katara was cut short by a sudden howl outside. We all turned to listen, I for one believing it was the wind. Until it came again, then again. It almost sounded like.

Korra: “I think that’s Naga.” I stood from the circle, followed closely by Scarlett, Mako, Bolin and Tenzin. We rushed out into the night, running towards the huts that were set up for the Fair. Outside mine and Scarlett’s shared one, was Naga, howling at the falling snow. Naga, Naga Calm down! You’ll wake up the whole village!” I took Naga by the neck, trying to calm her down. As her howling quieted though, something else caught my ear. I looked out into the snow, the glowing lights of the fair reflecting off the banks, when the wind began to swirl wildly over one specific area. “What. Is. That?’ In the whirlwind, formed a black figure. Tall and imposing, A long tail sprouting from its back, and bright yellow eyes glowing in the night. I looked at me, took one step. Then, as if the wind itself, it rushed at me, kicking me straight in the face and knocking me back. My back connected with another snowbank a good several feet away. And just as I began to regather my senses, I felt it’s cold hands wrap around my wrists. Before I even saw it move, it was face to face with me. It’s eyes fixated on mine. I struggled to free myself, but its grip was just too strong. “What are you?” In response, it formed a mouth. Opening wide to likely try and eat me.

It would have too, if a fire blast hadn’t connected with its side. It dropped me immediately, turning its attention to its assailant. As Mako continued his birage, Bolin rushed forwards, causing the ground to shoot up and around the creature, trying to smack it as Mako had.

Bolin: “Got it!” Only the creature flipped out of the way, using its very impressive speed to dodge all of both Bolin and Mako’s attacks. It closed the distance between then, and smacked them away as it had me. “Don’t got it!” Finally, I was able to stand, watching as this thing began to tear us all apart. It was impressively fast. But it wasn’t the fastest we’ve seen.

Korra: “Mako, Bolin! Tag team!” Both looked up at me, nodding along as they understood what I meant. The three of us rushed the creature at once. Trying to confuse it as we attacked from multiple angles.  The creature was moved into a corner, forced to attempt to dodge all our incoming attacks. Still, it was fast enough to dodge the onslaught, but at the very least we were keeping it on the defensive.

Tonraq: “Korra!” My father, having heard the battler, came rushing to my side. A look of concern on his face. “What can I do?” Behind him, I was both Tenzin and Scarlett rushing up.

Korra: “Keep Scarlett out of this!” He nodded, then turned back to Scoop Scarlett up and rush her away. At this time, the creature had grown tired of simply dodging, shooting its arms and tail out to swing at the three of us at once, knocking us all back before rushing off after dad and Scarlett. Dad moved to defend, sliding out of the way on a wave of ice, but was still tackled by the creatures tail swinging behind it. Both he and Scarlett were sent flying. Dad connecting with the side of one of the huts while Scarlett was shot back towards us.

Mako: “Got her!” Mako jumped, using his flames to project himself towards her. He caught her, then landed in a roll in one of the snow banks.

Tenzin: “Spirit!” Tenzin had moved in as close as he could to the spirit.. If you could call it that. Deciding to take a more diplomatic offensive to the rampaging beast. “Why are you angry with us!? What have we done to offend you!?” Whatever it had been, it was apparently enough to cause the creature to lash out at Tenzin, knocking him back and bouncing him off the floor. Then, it turned its sights back to me.

Korra: “Lovely… this again.” It rushed me again, but this time I was ready. I entered the Avatar State and jumped to evade the charge. Then called up a water tower to keep me in the air while I assaulted it from above with a few Fire fists. The creature retreated, bursting through the fence to the carnival while I kept in pace with it. More then a few of the booths were destroyed, either by it, or.. Admittedly by a few missed shots of my own.

This went on a moment longer before it again reached out with one of its spindly hands and ripped me out of the sky, slamming me back to the ground. As I shook away the fog from the head rush, I looked up to find it once again standing over me, posed ready to strike. Only, It couldn't.

Water began to form around the creature in a delicate flow. Wrapping around the creature as it almost immediately became docile. It looked away, and I followed its gaze to the waterbender causing it.

Unalaq was found standing at the foot of the destroyed gate, his arms flowing through the air in conjunction with the water spinning around the creature. His eyes closed in focus. As he moved, the water began to glow a bright gold, and as it did, the spirit became more docil. It’s posture shifted as its eyes widened in wonder. Soon after, the spirit itself began to glow the same golden shade as the water, completely at peace.

Unalaq: “Go in peace.” As the water fell away, the spirit vanished, returning to the spirit world. I couldn't help but stare, watching as Unalaq walked toward me. His hand outstretched to help me to my feet. “Are you alright?” I took his hand. Still in shock.

Tonraq: “Korra!” Dad, Tenzin and Scarlett all ran up to me. “Are you alright?” I ignored him, instead kneeling down to check on the young girl.

Korra: “Scarlett? Are you hurt?” She shook her head no. Shooting me a small smile and a thumbs up. “Thank goodness. (F/N) would kill me if anything happened to you.” She cocked her brow. Unconvinced. “Ok, not KILL me. But you know my point.” She conceded, lazily nodding along as I stood back up. Turning back to Unalaq in question. “How were you able to control that spirit when no one else could?”

Unalaq: “As your father could tell you, I’ve spent my life studying the spirits and learning their ways. Any water bender, beg pardon, ANYONE could learn this with enough dutiful study. Even your young non-bending friend here.” He gestured down to Scarlett. “But all of this knowledge is lost in the south. But, I could teach you everything I know.”

Tenzin: “Chief Unalaq, clearly you are very knowledgeable. But Korra still has much to learn about airbending. And I hope that going to the Air Temples will help her connect with the past Avatars.” I sighed.. Not this again.

Unalaq: “The Air Temples will teach her nothing. Only I can give her the training she needs to be a complete Avatar. That is, Unless you know of someone else that holds this knowledge?”

Tonraq: “I’ve TOLD you that will not happen. I have enough problems with my daughter training under the Dark One. I will not have her training under you as well. Certainly (He/She) can teach her everything you could. After all, (he/she) spent much time with the previous Avatar.”

Korra: “Hey! I’m RIGHT here! Anyone want to ask me what I think?”

Tenzin: “Korra please. Listen…”

Korra: “No. You listen!” I roared. I’d had enough of this and frankly it was time I said something. “I’m tired of listening to you. To BOTH of you.” I looked between Tenzin and dad. “You’ve kept me locked up, telling me you know what’s best. But both of you were powerless against a spirit attack. The only thing that kept us alive was (F/N)’s team training. Not your Airbending training Tenzin. (F/N)s.” His head fell a bit as he turned his eyes away. “And Yeah, If (he/she) knew anything about spirits you can bet (he/she)’d be my first choice. But (he/she) doesn’t. Unalaq is the best option I have.”

Tenzin: “What are you saying Korra?” I sighed.

Korra: “I think it’s time I had a new teacher.”

Tenzin: “Korra please.” He pleaded. “I understand you’re angry, but we’ve come so far together.”

Korra: “I’m sorry.. But this is as far as we go.” I heard Tenzin take a sharp breath. Though whether it was out of anger or frustration I couldn’t say. Eventually though, he sighed, bowing low in respect.

Tenzin: “It has been a pleasure serving you. Avatar Korra.” And then he left, without another word. We all watched as he retreated back to his family hutt. Scarlett even took a few steps forward, unsure whether to follow after him or stay.

Unalaq: “ You’ve made the right choice Korra.” Unalaq however took that choice from her, catching her by the shoulder. “It may be best to leave him be little one. Let his family console him if needed.” She shot him a hard stare, ripping her shoulder away from his grip.

Scarlett: “I am family.” She ran off after him, wrapping around his middle in a tight embrace. One he quickly returned.

Mako: “Are you ok?” Mako came up behind us a reassuring hand laid on my back.

Korra: “I don’t know yet.” I sighed. “Do you think I did the right thing?” I turned to him, pleading that he would give me an answer I needed to hear. He just sighed, rubbing at the bride of his nose.

Mako: “I don’t know.” He turned to me. “I’m sorry, but I’m not good at this Avatar counseling stuff. I really wish I was. That I had been around as long as (F/N) had so I could give you decent advice. But I haven’t. All I know is that I know your heart is in the right place. You’ll just have to trust it.” He smiled.. And for once I didn’t barge off. It wasn’t the best advice. But it felt right.

Unalaq: “I know this was a hard decision Korra. But it was the right one. Now it is time to put it behind you and begin your new training.” He was right. It was time to start this new path. Problem was. My old one wasn’t finished. I looked to my hand. The black crystal staring back, almost mockingly. “I have great plans for you.”
Problems have arisen, and things have been set into motion. What will become of Korra now?
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
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