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(Korra’s POV)

Korra: “Oh come on. It’ll be fine.” I held the door open, but Scarlett refused to budge, instead seemingly perfectly happy sitting in the snow outside the banquet hall. She just shook her head, pure dread painted across her face.

Scarlett: “To many people.” I sighed, letting the door swing closed as I walked over to her.

Korra: “Well you can’t just sit out here and freeze.” She shrugged, digging her feet deeper into the snow bank she was standing in.

Scarlett: “Like the cold.”

Korra: “Liar, I can see you shivering.”

Scarlett: “Nope. Shaking with Joy.”

Korra: “About what?” I cocked my brow, crossing my arms in anticipation at the answer she would come up with. Her face fell a bit as she tried to think of something, clearly to cold to think of something on the spot.

Scarlett: “.....Asami saving her business?” Weak. Asami had rushed to tell everyone about the deal she had made with this Varrick person that had sailed down with Unalaq. And I very vividly remember that Scarlett was rather disinterested at the time, instead to preoccupied with watching Bolin try and stuff an entire arctic hen down his throat.. Then having to save him when he started to choke.

Korra: “Are you asking me? Or are you telling me?” She stuck her tongue out as I called her bluff.

Scarlett: “Whatever. Still not going.”

Korra: “Why?” She sighed, finally giving up her cold shoulder and slumping into herself.

Scarlett: “Unalaq.”

Korra: “Still think he’s weird?” She shook her head.

Scarlett: “No…. well, yes. But not just that. Gives me a bad feeling. Something dark about him. And not just his kids.” I snorted at her little joke. Truth be told I wasn’t very fond of my cousins either.

Korra: “Well if it helps, you don’t have to sit next to him. I’ll keep him away from you.” She just slumped further, nearly sitting in the snow now. “Hey.” I walked over, coming to sit next to her as I wrapped an arm around her. She nuzzled in a bit, clearly enjoying the warmth. “I promised I’d keep an eye on you. And I promised you’d have fun on this trip. And if my uncle is going to keep that from happening then, well I guess I’m gonna have to do something about that.” She looked up at me, still a bit unconvinced. “Come on.” I stood, offering her my hand. “Let’s get something to eat. I’ll shake a few hands, say a few words, and after we can go to the fair and spend some real time together. What do you say?” She stood from the bank, but still did not take my hand. “I hear Varrick brought Wacky Wushu and his otter penguins.” That got her attention. If anything could excite Scarlett more, it was apparently animals, especially otter penguins. She rushed over, taking my hand and letting me finally lead her inside.

The moment we stepped in, it was like stepping into a completely different world. The hall was beautifully decorated. Dozens of tables set up all across the room, each capable of setting at least a dozen people in their own right. People had already begun eating as we walked from the end of the hall to the other, where a rather long table had been set up on a podium. My Dad was already sat on one end, my Uncle just a chair over from him. Apparently they had saved the one in the middle for me… wonderful.

As the two of us approached, Dad stood from his chair, greeting me with a tight smile.

Tonraq: “Your late.”

Korra: “Sorry, had to take a minute to convince someone to come inside.” I gestured to my side, where Scarlett was still holding my hand. Dad just chuckled.

Scarlett: “Don’t blame me. Was Perfectly happy outside.”

Tonraq: “Where you would have frozen to death.” Scarlett just shrugged.

Scarlett: ‘Would have died Happy, instead of in here with all of you.”

Tonraq: “You have a bit of a mouth on you don’t you?” He looked up to me. “Are you sure she isn’t yours?” He joked.

Korra: “Scarlett isn’t big on people, or crowds.”

Tonraq: “So I noticed.” He turned, pressing into the small of my back to lead me to the empty chair. “Come on, ‘Great Chief stick up his ass’ saved you a seat.” The Chief in question stood to greet me when he took notice, bowing slightly as he did.

Unalaq: “Avatar Korra. How nice of you to join us.” Despite his calm tone, I heard the pointed remark.

Scarlett: “Sorry. Busy.” Apparently Scarlett had as well. She stepped in front of me defensively, puffing out her chest in my defense. Unalaq looked down his nose at her, smirking lightly at the nine year old’s bravery.

Unalaq: “I was unaware the Avatar required a bodyguard. She must be quite the force to be reckoned with.” He reached down, rustling at her hair a moment before she pulled away, making a show of fixing what he had disheveled. “Unfortunately, I must ask that she be seated elsewhere, as I am afraid there is only ONE seat available at the table, and it is reserved for you Korra.”

Korra: “Well.. actually I need to keep an eye on her. It’s important because she’s not that comfortable around others without me..”

Unalaq: “I am certain you can keep an eye on her from here were she sat at one of the nearby tables. The one where elder Katara is sat perhaps?” He gestured out to the crowd, pointing to the table in question where Katara and her three children were sat. Kya and Bumi were laughing up a storm while Tenzin was sulking, as usual.

Korra: “Well… I..”

Unalaq: “As I understand it, little… Scarlett is it?” He looked down at her for confirmation, to which she begrudgingly nodded. “Scarlett, has grown rather fond of Elder Katara and her two sons. Perhaps getting to know her daughter would benefit her as well.” I looked down at her, unsure of what to do. She met my gaze, uncertainty heavy in her eyes. I kneeled down, coming to her eye level.

Korra: “Would you be ok sitting with Katara and Tenzin?” She looked at me, clearly hurt. She looked out to the crowd and sighed, nodding slowly in response. “I promise this will be quick. Then we’ll go play some games after dinner. Ok?” Again she nodded. “Come on. I’ll walk you down.”

Unalaq: “Actually.” again Unalaq cut in. “I think it would be best if you remain here. Others have already taken notice of your late entrance, it would be rude of you to leave the table so early now.”

Korra: “But..”

Tonraq: “I’ll take her.” Dad laid a reassuring hand on my shoulder. When I turned to meet him, his gaze was fixed on his brother, cold as Ice. “No one would notice if I left after all.”

Unalaq: “It’s settled then.” Unalaq returned to his seat as Dad took Scarlett’s hand, walking her away from the table and towards Katara’s. “Take your seat Korra.” I did. Still staring out into the crowd as Dad lead Scarlett to an empty seat at the table, making sure she was comfortable before walking back.

Thankfully though, things turned around when Bumi and Kya began talking with her. Likely cracking jokes with her because her frown was soon replaced with a small smile. Thank the spirits kids were so easily swayed.

Korra: “This is a wonderful feast in your honor uncle.” I decided the best thing was to strike up a conversation with Unalaq. Diverting his attention away from the small debacle.

Unalaq: “This is nothing.” Apparently that was a bad Idea. “When this festival was founded, the tribal elders would comune with the spirits.” I should have known he’d have an opinion about this. Not two hours ago he’d already voiced his distaste about how the festival had devolved into little more then an excuse to throw a carnival. “People would watch the brilliant display of light as spirits danced in the sky.” That actually sounded rather beautiful.

Korra: “Wow, I’ve never seen that.”

Unalaq: “And that is a shame, since the Avatar is the bridge between the material world and the spirits. That is why I want so badly to teach you. To help you fulfill your destiny.”

Tonraq: “I thought I had made it clear that TENZIN is teaching her.” Dad had returned, managing to sneak back into his chair without my notice.

Unalaq: “Every Avatar before you traveled the world to learn. It was Tenzin and your Father who kept you secluded at the south pole.” I felt a chill run down my spine at this revelation, unsure how exactly to process this new information.

Korra: “I thought Aang ordered the White Lotus to keep me down here?” I turned back to Dad, his face stoic as ever.

Tonraq: “We all did what we thought was best for you.” That got me fuming.

Korra: “Who I train with should be MY decision Dad, not yours, or Tenzins.”

Unalaq: “Very wise worlds Korra. You should be choosing the master that best benefits you.” His words rang true enough. I should be choosing my own teachers, just like I had with (F/N). Afterall, (he/she) gave me multiple chances to decide against (his/her) tutelage, and even more to back out of the training, saber and otherwise. :”This is nonsense.” Unalaq had taken to looking over the crowd, distaste evident on his face. “I must say something.” What he saw that turned his mood sour, I don’t know, but I do know he was about ready to speak his mind…. Again. He stood, then began to address the crowd. “As your chief, it is my honor to speak at this festival. Which was founded to bring our tribes together, and restore the ancient balance between our world and that of the spirits. But I am saddened to see what it has become. A cheap carnival, that celebrates greedy and trivial humans. I fear the time is fast approaching when the North can no longer stand idly by  while our southern brothers slip into total, spiritual decay. Angry spirits are already attacking ships in your waters. I only hope we are not too late to change course.” Murmurs could be heard echoing in the hall as Unalaq sat back down, his words weighing heavily in the atmosphere. It was quickly evident that Unalaq despised what the festival was, and was only here because he wanted to change things. I was going to comment myself, but then this… odd looking man in a blue suit was a pencil mustache stood. From the description Bolin had given me, I assumed this was that Varrick person Asami had made her deal with.

Varrick: “Chief Unalaq everybody, always great to have him in town. Now! Let's have some fun with Wacky Wushu’s dancing Otter Penguins!” Upbeat music began playing as Wushu, in heavy clown makeup, began dancing on stage. His Otter Penguins close behind. I could see Scarlett’s face light up at the sight. I believed this was the first time she’d seen a real life otter penguin. I was just glad she was enjoying herself.

(Scarlett’s POV)

Despite Unalaq’s insistence to keep us apart, Korra was as good as her word. Collecting me from Katara’s table to go out to the fair. However not before Katara reminded me of tonight's bonfire.

Katara: “Remember, tonight my family is gathering in my home for the story fire. I expect to see my niece there.” She winked at me. I’d heard Mr. Bumi and Ms. Kya both refer to (F/N) as (uncle/aunt). And while it was funny I never thought they meant it seriously. Now, hearing Katara call me her niece. It was… odd. Did (F/N) consider me (his/her) daughter? Did I even consider (him/her) a (father/mother)? I didn’t have long to dwell on it before Korra dragged me to the first ride. A small spinning chair that spun on a spinning platform along with several others.

It took one spin for me to learn I wasn’t a fan, and that I was thankful I hadn’t eaten much at the banquet. Afterwords Korra took me to the ferris wheel to calm down a bit, and I was thankful I wasn’t afraid of heights.

Mako: “Korra!” As we got off, Mako came rushing towards us holding a light pink puffy looking thing. Bolin was right behind him, gripping something else. “Korra, Hey.” As he finally came to us, Mako held out the pink fluffy thing, offering it to Korra.

Korra: “Aww, your sweet.” She pinched at it, and ripped a bit off before sticking it in her mouth. It must have been good because she made this odd face of enjoyment before ripping off another piece and giving it to Mako. I tugged at her sleeve, and when she looked down, I gestured to the odd fluffy thing. “This?” I nodded.

Scarlett: “What is it?” Mako’s face screwed up.

Mako: “You’ve never had cotton candy?” I narrowed my eyes at him in annoyance. “Oh… right… Equalist training.” Korra just rolled her eyes, ripping off another piece and offering it to me.

Korra: “Here, try some.” I took the piece. It was sticky to the touch, yet soft as a feather. I opened my mouth and set the piece inside, but the moment it touched my tongue, it vanished, leaving only a trace of sugar.

Scarlett: “It’s gone!” Korra chuckled.

Korra: “But it tasted great right?” I nodded. “Here, have some more.” She tore another piece and handed it to me, which i gratefully took.

Bolin: “Having fun Scarlett?” I nodded. “I knew you would.” He turned to look out over the crowd, where something caught his eye. He smirked. Once I caught sight of what he’d seen though, I blanched. “Wish me luck.” He nudged me in the shoulder, then handed me the odd fried food he had in his hand. “I’m making my move.” And he took off, his hands stretched out wide as he rushed towards Korra’s cousins Eska and Desna.

Scarlett: “Good luck?” I looked to the fried food in my hand, then handed it up to Mako to take. He and Korra both had taken notice of Bolin’s leave, their own eyes following him in confusion.

Korra: “Those two always creeped me out. They smell like a.. A grandma’s attic.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the joke.

Scarlett: “Dusty, old, and no one wants anything to do with it?” Korra laughed in return, reaching down and ruffling my hair a bit.

Korra: “Exactly. Your pretty perseptive you know that?”

Scarlett; “ It’s a gift.” She turned, taking notice of one booth in particular.

Korra: ““Come on, let’s win some games.” She led Mako and I towards the booth in question. Those that were playing it held these fish looking things that spouted water, and they were shooting the water at this outline of a boy with an arrow on his head and a hole in his mouth. “Ever play?” I shook my head. “Here, I’ll show you.” As the group ahead of us left, She led me to one of the fish, setting it in my hands and pointing to the outline. “So you shoot the water at the Aang cutout, aiming for the hole. Then the Lemur goes up, and when it hits the bell it dings. First one to hit the bell wins. Got it?” I nodded, though skeptically. “Don’t worry, there's three of us, so that’s three chances for one of us to win.” She winked down at me as I looked at all the stuffed toys hanging around the booth. As I did, the game master rang a bell. “Go!” And Korra and Mako began shooting their own fish. I started myself.

Mako: “So did you guys like the banquet?” Mako asked.

Scarlett: “Ok.. I really like the Otter Penguins. Wushu let me hug one!” He chuckled in response.

Mako: “Must have been a great moment for you. What about you Korra?”

Korra: “It was fine. Unalaq offered to train me. He says he can teach me about the spirits and my connection to them.”

Mako: “Sounds good. Though, wasn’t (F/N) already teaching you about your connection to the spirit world?”

Korra: “(F/N) taught me as much as (he/she) could considering (his/her) limited interaction with the spirit world. (He/She) has mostly been teaching me about how to call on the natural connection to amplify my bending and to sense living energies. By (his/her) own admission though, (he/she) doesn’t know much about the spirit world outside of what Aang taught (him/her). Besides, (he/she) isn’t exactly the biggest fan of spirits after (his/her) encounter with Wan Shi Tan.”

Mako: “Makes sense I guess. What about Tenzin? What does he think about this?”

Korra: “Tenzin thinks i’m his prisoner, or one of his kids. I’ll never finish training with HIM in charge.” Apparently the mention of Tenzin got Korra frustrated. So much so that she decided to take it out on the Aan cut out. Her fish shot out so much water the little lemur shot up, clean past the bell and nearly burst through the roof. “Oops.” Despite breaking the game though, the game master still gave Korra her choice of prize. She picked a stuffed Air Bison. As we walked off, she continued her conversation with Mako. “I mean, you heard what Unalaq said. The south is spiritually unbalanced, and it’s the Avatar’s job to fix it. My Dad wouldn’t even let me THINK about Unalaq teaching me.” She looked to Mako, an expectant look on her face. “Well?”

Mako: “Well what?” Oh no… I know where this is going.

Korra: “What do you think I should do?” There it is.

Mako: “I guess you should do what you think is right.” oooh.. Wrong answer. “I support you in any decision you make.”

Korra: “Oh THANKS. That’s a BIG help.” Korra rolled her eyes so hard I could swear I heard them rolling in their sockets.

Mako: “I thought you wanted me to be supportive? Now you want me to tell you what I think? Make up your mind!” Korra didn’t respond, instead shoving the stuffed bison into his face. Silencing him.

Korra: “Just forget it. Come on Scarlett let’s go have some fun.” She took me by the hand, dragging me along rather roughly. I turned back, mouthing a silent sorry to Mako. I wasn’t his biggest fan but I still felt sorry for him. “I can’t believe him.” She mumbled under her breath.

Scarlett: “Not his fault.” I responded. She stopped, turning to glare at me.

Korra: “Oh, so your taking HIS side?” She stared down at me. I just stared back. Avatar or not, Korra didn’t scare me. After a moment Korra realized her tone, sighing heavily as she palmed her face. “I’m sorry Scarlett. Mako can just get under my skin sometimes.” I sighed, the tugged at her arm, pulling her behind one of the booths and out of the way of others. I motioned for her to kneel down. And as she did, I hugged her. “What’s that for?”

Scarlett: “Looked like you needed it.” She chuckled, hugging me back.

Korra: “I did. Thank you.”

Scarlett: “Mako’s trying, but he’s your age. He’s not a Master like Tenzin or (F/N). He doesn’t know as much as them.”

Korra: “I know.. It’s just…”

Scarlett: “You’re lost. I know. Wish (F/N) were here to help.” She sighed, looking down at her hand. It was then I realized she had been wearing (F/N)’s ring.

Korra: “Yeah… me too.”

Scarlett: “That (F/N)’s ring?” She nodded. “Why’d (he/she) give it to you?” SHe chuckled.

Korra: “If I ever figure out how to open it.. I’ll show you.” I ddin’t immediately understand what she meant. But I’m sure she’d explain when she could. “Come on.” SHe stood, offering her hand once again. “Let’s get in a few more rides before Katara’s Story fire.”

Scarlett: “NO Spinning thing!”

Korra: “I promise. No spinning thing.” She crossed her fingers over her heart.
Korra seems to be struggling quite a bit. And of course Mako is absolutely no help at all. Maybe Scarlett wil be able to provide some piece of mind?
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!!
I dont own The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, The images used, or you.
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TheRealOhmar Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
Awesome chapter! I have been wondering if Korra's force training could tell her what's up (or foreshadow it). I really love this story, so keep it up!
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
It’s definately a thought I’ve had. Really by giving Korra access to the force it opens a lot of avenues for where the overall story could go and what she could learn. It could very well give her insight into Unalaq’s intentions, but it could also hinder her if she were to delve into the darkness. Who knows where it could go
MichaelG1914 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018
Great story as usual, i really enjoyed Scarlet's interaction with Korra, I also wonder what happened after when we were in the Spirit Library. One last thing at the end you said about Katara's story, is that about her and the Gaang about meeting us for the first time like I suggested in the last chapter, if so then i'm absolutely pumped for the next chapter. As always keep doing the amazing work that you have always put out this far. Keep up the Great Work Man!        
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018
Actually yes. I've been meaning to write the beginning beginning for a while now and your suggestion actually gave me an idea to write it out. 
It wont be next chapter cause I have something else planned for that. But it will be in the future.
And Remember, Jinora does meet Wan Shi Tan later in Book 2. Could bring back some bad memories for that old owl if she mentions the Dark One. 
I'm always glad to hear that people are enjoying the story and that people like you are always excited to read along. THank you
MichaelG1914 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
You're always welcome for the good work you put out, i'm also very happy I have gave you some form of an Idea for use meeting, i really happy i could help you in such a way. As always I look forward for the next chapter!
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