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(Korra’s POV)

It wasn’t long after we departed the Air Temple that everyone had settled into their quarters and began roaming about the ship. Everyone effectively had their own room, save Tenzin, his wife and their kids and Scarlett and I. As attached as she was to me, Scarlett had wanted to room with me. Not that I minded of  course. Scarlett was a sweet kid, and when we weren’t training together she tended to keep to herself.

Korra: “I think I’m gonna go let Naga out for a walk around deck, do you want to come?” I looked across the room to the quiet child, currently laid across her own bed. She looked up from the book Tenzin had lent her to shake her head no. “You gonna be ok in here on your own?” She nodded, a small smile on her face. “Are you going to talk to me at all this trip?” She rolled her eyes.

Scarlett: “Not used to it…. Struggle.”

Korra: “Oh..” I realized what she meant. Having gone so long without vocalizing it was difficult to get back into the swing of it. I’d have to make due with simple yes or no questions until she became more used to speaking… or find us a sign-language translator. “Ok, well I’ll be back in a little bit ok?” Again she nodded, returning to her book. I left, closing the door behind me.

Scarlett: “Take key.” I popped my head back in, finding her pointing to the room key I had left on the nightstand. “Lock door.” She didn’t even look up.

Korra: “Right. Thanks.”

Scarlett: “No problem. (F/N) not here.. Have to cover for (him/her).” I shot her a look, finding her smirking at her own joke. Great…. She’s becoming a mini (F/N). I closed the door, locking it behind me before I went down to the cargo hold to let Naga out. Of course, once I opened the door, she bounded at me, knocking me to the floor and began lapping at my face.

Korra: “Ok, ok! Naga, get off!” I laughed. Still she wouldn’t budge.

Mako: “Naga come on. Wanna go for a walk?” Mako had come out of nowhere, tugging at Naga’s reigns as he tempted her with a walk. Finally she conceded, trading my face for Mako’s as he tugged her off me. “Need a hand?” He offered me his free hand, which I happily took for him to hoist me to my feet.

Korra: “Thanks.” I smiled, brushing some of my hair behind my ear. He smiled back/

Mako: “No problem.” There was something in his eyes, I could see it… or.. Sense it? I was still struggling with my new abilities, and as much as I had practiced with (F/N) I was still having trouble distinguishing certain things. I could tell Mako was in front of me, and I could feel this radiating heat from him, telling me he was a firebender. Just like I could feel this mass of cool air coming from  a few halls away where Tenzin and his family were. But sensing people's inner thoughts… that had been something we’d only just touched on.. And I wasn’t really catching on with. “Isn’t that (F/N)’s ring?” He knocked me from my haze with his question. I followed his eyes down to our still joined hands where he had twisted them to get a better look at the ring on my finger.

Korra: “Oh.. yeah it is.” I answered, unusually flustered. Why did it embarrass me to answer. “It’s actually more then a ring, it’s… kinda hard to explain.”

Mako: “Try me.” He seemed miffed, and I was unsure as to why. He turned, leading Naga out from the cargo hold out onto the lower deck of the ship. I followed, trying to explain what the ring was.

Korra: “So.. (F/N) calls it a holocron. Which is kinda like a mini library.” He shot me a questioning look.

Mako: “You have a library, on your finger?”

Korra: “Kinda? See the prongs pop up, and then this blue light appears and then this little person that looks like (his/her) daughter Ashara shows up in the light, and I can talk to her.”

Mako: “....Like… a spirit?”

Korra: “I guess? But.. not really. Like I said, it’s hard to explain.”

Mako: “I’ll take your word for it.”

Korra: “Well here, I’ll show you.” I stopped him and Naga, she decided to take the moment to lay down, and I sat down against her side, and Mako did the same. “See, you take this crystal.” I pulled the crimson jewel from my pocket. “And you.. Set it… in.. here…” I tried to set the crystal in the ring, but it wouldnt fit. “Come. On. You. Stupid. Crystal.” It wouldn’t budge.. “Wait.. ADJUST.” The ring reacted, opening slightly to allow room for the crystal to slip in. “Ah Ha!” Mako just sat astonished as I slipped the crystal into place… only to have it fall out the other end. “Wait, hang on.” Now, instead of the crystal refusing to fit, it refused to stay in place.

Mako: “Uh.. would you like me to..”

Korra: “No, I got it.” I tried holding it in place, then waved my hand over the gem as (F/N) had, but the ring would not react. “Forget it!” I huffed, I was half inclined to throw both the ring and crystal over the side. But I thought better of it. “Why couldn’t (he/she) just teach me how to open it!?” I pocketed the crystal again, then slipped the ring back on my finger. “ADJUST.” The ring tightened itself around my finger as I pulled my knees to my chest.

Mako: “Well, what was this… holocron?” I nodded. “What was this holocron supposed to do?”

Korra: “It was supposed to keep my training going while (F/N) was taking care of that assa….. The.. the city. While (he/she) was taking care of the city.” I caught myself before revealing the truth of the matter. Mako sat a bit confused, but said nothing. “It’s not like I ever stop training anyway. I mean don’t get me wrong, (F/N) tries to make it as fun as (he/she) can. But, I guess sometimes I wish I was out in the world more often, like you are. I mean you want to be a detective, that’s so amazing. And I’m just stuck in the temple all day.”

Mako: “Well, why don’t you ask (F/N) to give you a break?”

Korra: “(He/She) does, (he/she) gives me plenty of breaks. (He/She) wants to make sure I’m not training all day and actually have time to be with you.” Mako blinked, surprise crossing his features.

Mako: “(He/She)... (He/She) wants you to spend time with me?”

Korra: “Yeah? Is that such a surprise?” I cocked my brow at him.

Mako: “No… I mean I guess it kinda is but..”

Korra: “I knew it.” I huffed, turning to him “You’re jealous of (F/N).”

Mako: “What!? No I’m not!”

Korra: “I can’t believe this, six months we’ve been together and you STILL think I’m going to leave you for someone else. I’m not even INTERESTED in (him/her) that way!”... right?

Mako: “That’s not what I..”

Korra: “I’m taking a walk.” I stood, marching away from him and Naga both. I needed a minute, and he clearly wasn’t going to give it to me. It took longer then I expected, or maybe it felt like that because I circled the ship a few times, but I eventually found myself back in my room, slamming the door behind be before locking it. “I can’t believe him!”

Scarlett: “Hey!” I looked up, finding Scarlett sitting up in bed, her book on he nightstand, she was rubbing her eyes. “Sleeping!”

Korra: “Oh.. Scarlett I’m so sorry I..” I slumped back against the door, sliding down until I was sat o the floor. Scarlett looked at me with a touch of concern, slipping out from under her sheets to come sit next to me.

Scarlett: “Ok?”

Korra: “Yeah, I’m fine Scarlett.” She took hold of one of my hands, tugging at it until I turned to face her, she was unconvinced. “Ok fine. No, I’m not ok. You wouldn’t understand though.”

Scarlett: “Mako again?”

Korra: “ do you..”

Scarlett: “When your quiet. No one notices. People talk around you.”

Korra: “You’ve been watching us?”

Scarlett: “Observing.” She stated. “Learning.” She looked into my eyes. “Don’t like him much.”

Korra: “Who? Mako?” She nodded.

Scarlett: “Nice man but, Jealous. Over protective. Can be problematic.”

Korra: “Are you sure you’re nine? I joked. She just shrugged her shoulders.

Scarlett: “Learned to read people. Amon, awful man but, good teacher.” I sighed, rubbing the balls of my hands into my eyes.

Korra: “Can I tell you something? And you promise not to tell anyone else?” I looked to her, finding she had cocked her brow at me. “Right.. Sorry.” She just brushed it off, motioning for me to go ahead and speak. “Some days, I wish I could talk to him openly and he just sat there and listened. Mako tries to help but… he always seems to say the wrong thing. I know he wants to be there for me but sometimes I just want to vent.”

Scarlett: “Like with (F/N)?”

Korra: “Exactly.”

Scarlett: “Do you… like (F/N)?”

Korra: “Well yeah. (He/She) has been a fantastic teacher, a great friend, (he/she)’s always there for me and…” She shook her head, touching my arm to stop me.

Scarlett: “Do you LIKE (F/N).” I didn’t have an immediate answer for her, honestly I didn’t know how to.

Korra: “....Well… no?”

Scarlett: “Asking me? Or telling me?”

Korra: “I don’t know.” She sighed, then stood, taking my hand and tugging me to my feet, then she pushed at my back, leading me toward bed.

Scarlett: “Sleep, can’t think when your tired.” I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Korra: “You sound just like (F/N).” She shoved me until I met the side of the frame, then jumped back into her own bed.

Scarlett: “If (F/N) were here, (he/she)’d say… uncertainty in anything can cause doubt in everything. Find clarity in one, you find clarity in all.”

Korra: “Ok.. now you REALLY sound like (F/N). What does that even mean?” She shrugged, burying herself into her sheets.

Scarlett: “Think about it tomorrow. Sleep now.” Then she switched off the table lamp.

Korra: “Yes Ma’am.” I mumbled. It wasn’t long before Scarlett drifted back off into sleep, I on the other hand had a much harder time. Bad enough I had Mako’s jealous doubt in my mind, not to mentions (F/N)’s fortune cookie saying in my head. ‘you have to be at one with yourself before you can open yourself to the possibilities.’ But now I had Scarlett’s saying, of all people, and the idea that maybe.. I had something more with (F/N) then I thought.

Eventually I did drift off, someone’s smiling face lulling me to sleep. I just couldn't tell if it was Mako’s, or (F/N)’s.

Jinora/Ikki/Meelo: “GRAN GRAN!” The following morning, as we disembarked at the southern docks, the tornadoing three as we’d all come to call them rushed to greet their grandmother, who immediately bent down as far as she could to hug her hyperactive grandchildren. Tenzin, Pema and Bumi followed close behind as I followed behind them. Scarlett gripped my hand tightly, still rather unsure of new people. Not that I blamed her after all. I made a promise to keep an eye on her, one I intended to keep.

Katara: “Oh, you’ve all gotten so big!” Standing next to Katara, was her daughter Kya. A wide smile of excitement at seeing her nieces and nephews.

Jinora: “We missed you aunt Kya.” She wrapped her arms tightly around her aunts middle. A gesture Kya happily returned.

Kya: “I missed you too. Your father doesn’t bring you to visit nearly enough.” She turned to the aforementioned brother, currently standing behind her. “He’s probably scared I’ll beat him up, like when we were kids.” She joked, punching him lightly in the shoulder.

Tenzin: “I’m not scared of you…… anymore.” He rubbed the spot she had hit. Either she punched harder then she let on, or Tenzin was softer then I believed.

Katara: “Korra!” I turned, finding the little elderly woman approaching me, her arms wide in anticipation. I met her in the middle, hugging her back. “It’s so good to see you. How’s the city?”

Korra: “It’s great to see you to Katara. The cities great, especially now that everything’s calmed down.” She chuckled, then took notice of the small child hiding behind my leg.

Katara: “And who’s this young pretty girl?” Scarlett immediately dug into my leg further. I kneeled down, pulling her out from behind me.

Korra: “It’s ok, this is Katara.” I gestured to the kindly elder. “Remember? The Katara (F/N) told you about?” At the mention of (F/N)’s name and Katara’s association with (him/her). Scarlett relaxed, taking a few steps forward before sticking her hand out politely for Katara to shake.

Scarlett: “hi..” She whispered meekly. Katara just smiled on, taking the offered hand in hers.

Katara: “It’s good to meet you Scarlett. (F/N) has told me a bit about you. (He/She) mentioned you like stories?” Scarlett nodded. “Well, after we get you all settled in how about I tell you some about (F/N) and I from when I was a little older then you?” Again Scarlett nodded, a bit more enthusiastically. “Where is (F/N) anyway?” Katara looked over our shoulders towards the ship, eyeing for her old friend to come down the ramp.

Korra: “Actually…” I rubbed the back of my neck. “(He/She) couldn’t make it.”

Katara: “Did something happen?” She wore a look of concern.

Korra: “Unfortunately.”

Kya: “Aww, (Uncle/Aunt) (F/N) isn’t coming?” I turned, finding Kya wearing a false face of disappointment. “And I was so looking forward to meeting (him/her).”

Korra: “I’ll explain later.” I whispered to Katara. “But it’s best to keep it quiet for now.”

Katara: “Panic Inducing?” I nodded. “End of the world situation?” Again I nodded. “Of course it is.. It always is with (him/her).” She shook her head. “I’m sure (he/she) can handle it though.” She shrugged. “I’ll keep this between us. No need to send the whole south pole into a frenzy.”

Korra: “Thank you.”

Katara: “But I expect to know why the moment you can.”

Korra: “Deal.” We parted as she went about greeting her sons. I turned, finding both my parents waiting for me at the opposite end of the dock. “Mom! Dad!” They turned to me, wide smiles crossing both their faces as I approached them, Scarlett closely in tow.

Tonraq/Senna: “Korra!” They both wrapped their arms around me.

Tonraq: “It’s so good to see you.”

Korra: “It’s great to see you too.” As we hugged, I could feel Mako disembarking from the ship himself, keeping a distance. The way we had left things last night, I didn’t blame him. I looked, and waved him over, a small smile on my face to assure him things were fine. He smiled back, and began jogging towards me.

Senna: “Korra dear.” I turned back to my mother, finding her staring at the small child hiding behind me. “Not that I would ever judge but.. She isn’t... yours?” She shot me a look, causing a heavy blush to cross my face.

Korra: “No, NO! No, this is Scarlett.” I nudged her out from behind me. “This was the little girl we rescued from the Equalist training building. Remember? I swear I mentioned it in one of my letters.” My mother sighed in relief, while dad wiped at his brow.

Senna: “Right, you mentioned that (Mr./Ms.) (L/N) had taken her in. And where is Master (L/N)?”

Tonraq: “Yes, I was hoping to meet this ‘living legend’ myself and discuss what (he/she) had been teaching my daughter.” My dad the overprotective chief. As always. Whenever I mentioned (F/N), I’d always get a response back somewhere along the lines of ‘(he/she) better not be trying to teach you any evil magic.’ It was pretty ridiculous, and wasn’t helped by the fact that I would always edge him on. It was funnier when you considered that both my parents were very close friends with Katara, and had grown up on the ACTUAL stories of the Dark One, rather then the legends the fire nation had spread during the war.

Korra: “(He/She) couldn’t make it. (He/She) had to stay behind and keep an eye on the city. It sucks cause I really wanted you both to meet (him/her) too.”

Senna: “Maybe next time then sweetheart.” My mom just smiled away, the optimist. At this point Mako had finally caught up with us, smiling away as if blissfully unaware of anything bad.

Korra: “You guys remember Mako?” Mako stuck out his hand in offer to dad, still smiling.

Mako: “Sir?” He greeted politely, dad didn’t take the offered hand.

Tonraq: “I hope your not getting my daughter into anymore trouble up in the city.” Yeah, dad wasn’t very fond of Mako. Apparently a common opinion

Mako: “uh… I uh… no I...uh.. No.”

Korra: “Knock it off dad.” Despite his misgivings though, dad did take the offered hand in the end, smiling and laughing as he shook it.

Bolin: “Wow!” Bolin had finally sauntered out, taking in the sight of the crowd that had gathered at the docks. “Look at all these people that came out to greet us!”

Korra: “Uh, no.” I had to unfortunately disappoint him. “They came to greet them.”  The crowd around us cheered as a massive ship, larger then ours pulled into port, the symbol of the northern water tribe imprinted on the side.

Tonraq: “The ‘Great’ Chief of the Northern Water Tribe comes to grace us with his presence…. Hooray.”

Senna: “Just relax Tonraq. He’ll be gone soon enough.” Dad could only grown in response, clearly still miffed about the chiefs arrival.

As we stood waiting, the man in question disembarked his own ship, followed closely by his two twin children.

Bolin: “Woah, who are the lovely ladies?” Bolin extended his neck over my shoulder, a sly smile stretching across his face.

Korra: “That’s Eska and Desna, the Chiefs children… Desna is a guy.” Bolin immediately recoiled in embarrassment.

Bolin: “Oh! No, sure I knew that.. Hehe….. And which one is Desna?” I brushed him off, if he was that dedicated to talk to Eska he could figure out which one was which on his own.

As the three approched, Scarlett once again hid herself behind me, though this time, it felt as if it wasn’t out of shyness.

Korra: “What’s wrong?” I looked down to her, finding her eyeing the chief in particular through narrowed lids.

Scarlett: “Bad feeling.” I looked back, and could understand why she may have gotten that sense. The chief was rather imposing at times.

Korra: “Don’t be afraid, when you meet him you’ll see he’s a nice guy.” She shook her head.

Scarlett: “Not afraid, weary.” I didn’t have much more time to argue before they finally met with us. All I could do was introduce them, and hope for the best. Once the three arrived, the chief first turned to me, and bowed.

Unalaq: “Good to see you again, Avatar Korra.” I bowed back respectively.

Korra: “Good to see you too.” He righted himself, then turned to meet my dad.

Unalaq: “Tonraq.”

Tonraq: “Brother.”

Mako: “Brother?”

Korra: “yeah.. The chief of the northern water tribe, is my uncle.” The two just stared each other down, neither one ready to relinquish to the other. Until my mother stepped in.

Senna: “Chief Unalaq, it is always a pleasure when you come to visit.” Finally Unalaq broke from the stare off, meeting mom’s eyes with a gentle smile.

Unalaq: “As it is always a pleasure when I visit. Good to see you Senna.” Again he bowed respectfully. Then turned to his children. “Desna, Eska, greet your uncle and aunt.”

Eska/Desna: “Hello Uncle Tonraq. Hello Aunt Senna.” The two greeted in unison, their tones as flat and uncaring as ever.

Senna: “So. Shall we?” Unalaq again met my mom’s gaze, and nodded in agreement.

Unalaq: “Yes, lets. I am eager to see the state of the southern tribe since my last visit.” Dad huffed, but did not respond to the blatant jab, instead turning to lead us all into town and to the visitor huts that had been made on the opposite side of the festival. As we walked, Unalaq came to my side. “It is good to see you again Korra, you have grown much since I last saw you.”

Korra: “It’s only been a year uncle, but thank you.” He shook his head.

Unalaq: “Not of body, but of mind and spirit. I see great spiritual growth within your eyes. Has your training as Avatar progressed so much?” I blushed lightly at the compliment, brushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

Korra: “I guess, in a way it has. I’ve spent the last several months in Republic city with Tenzin and his family, they’ve taught me airbending.” He turned to look at the master in question, currently wrestling with his eldest son. He chuckled, though rather forcefully.

Unalaq: “I see. However I seem to feel as if training with the Airbenders is not the only thing to have occured since I last saw you.” He cocked an eyebrow at me. “There is something you are keeping from me.”

Korra: “Perspective as ever.” I chuckled. “Yes actually, someone else has actually joined with us and is living on Air Temple Island with us, along with my friends here.” I gestured to the group around us, Mako, Bolin and Asami all gesturing back in respect. “In fact, (He/She) has been training all of us. And I think we all agree it’s been really beneficial.” The others nodded in agreement.

Asami: “Definately. I know for a fact that (F/N)’s training has really let me keep up with these guys.” SHe gestured to Mako and Bolin. “Which says something considering i’m not a bender and they are.”

Bolin: “Might as well be, with that glove of yours.” Bolin joked back.

Unalaq: “(F/N)?” He questioned. “And what bending art is this Master (F/N) a master of?”

Mako: “Oh, (he/she)’s not a bender. Though (he/she) can really fight with the best of them.” Unalaq’s brows met his hairline.

Unalaq: “I apologise, I mean no disrespect but, you are being trained by a NON-bender?” I chuckled.

Korra: “not exactly.” I rubbed the back of my neck. “(He/She) is… well..”

Scarlett: “(F/N) (L/N). The Dark One.” Unalaq paused in step, taking his first notice of the girl clutching to my hand. He smiled, though tightly.

Unalaq: “And who is this young… delightful child.” He kneeled down, coming to eye-level with Scarlett. Despite her usual shyness though, she didn’t shy away.

Scarlett: “Scarlett.”

Unalaq: “Scarlett. Well it is a… pleasure, to meet you young lady.” He stood again, turning his gaze to me. “Is she yours? I was unaware you had… adopted.”

Korra: “Oh, no. Scarlett isn’t my daughter. She was kinda adopted by the air temple.”

Tenzin: “Against my better judgement.” I heard Tenzin mumble. I was about to turn to throw him a nasty look, but Pema had beaten me to it by slapping him upside his head. “Ow!”

Unalaq: “I see. Well, I’m sure she provides an eir of wonderment with those fantastical stories. Dark One indeed. There is no such thing.” My smile, which I had kept since we first met, faded.

Korra: “I mean no disrespect uncle but, there is a Dark One. The Legend is very much true.” His own smile faded.

Unalaq: “You mean to tell me, that there not only exists a (man/woman) who’s power can match, if not exceed that of the Avatar, but that this (man/woman) is currently alive, and lives at the temple with you?” I nodded.

Bolin: “Oh yeah!” Bolin charged in, his usual grin stretched across his lips. “There is Definitely a Dark One. And (he/she) is like the coolest (guy/gal) ever! And (he/she)’s got this thing called a lightsaber that goes woosh and voom and soosh! And (he/she)’s training Korra and Scarlett to use one!”

Korra: “Ok Bolin, I think he gets it.” I had to have Mako physically restrain Bolin. Unalaq looked about ready to burst a blood vessel at the surprise Bolin had thrown at him.

Unalaq: “So… there is not only a Dark One after all but, (he/she) is training you and this… girl, in the ways of that mythical weapon (he/she) possesses?”

Korra: “Yeah… that pretty much sums it up.”

Unalaq: “That is… very… interesting.” He turned, continuing up the path to meet up with the others. All the while he had this look of uncertainty on his face. As if this new knowledge had unnerved him. He certainly radiated uncertainty. And, something else, something dark.

Scarlett: “Weird.” I looked down, noticing Scarlett had been following his leave to.

Korra: “Yeah.. weird. Come on.” I tugged on her hand lightly. “We still have a long way to go today."
Unalaq's concerned... can't imagine why.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, the Images used, or you.
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