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(Your POV)

You: “Strap her down.” Azula was kicking and screaming as four of the royal guard strapped her to a table in the palace. Zuko and Izumi both sat off to the side of the room, watching with great concern as what turned out to be the Fire Nation's greatest secret was breathing blue flames in every direction. Young General Iroh was not allowed anywhere near the room, having been unaware of his great aunts existence.
Like I said. Greatest secret.

You: “Gag her.” Another of the guard stuffed a rag in Azula’s mouth. A damp one to stop the fire and muffle her screeching. Still she writhed, fighting against the straps as we bound her to the flat table.

Zuko: “(F/N)...”

You: “You had the chance to oppose this. You didn’t. Now let me do what must me done.” I stood behind Azula’s head, holding it still as she tried to fight away. I laid one hand across her chin, the other I placed my forefinger and thumb against the center of her forehead. Her eyes widened, her pupils dilating. “Show me. Show me what fogs your mind.”

The room fell away, leaving only us. Surrounded by empty blackness. Soon after the table she was strapped in faded as well, followed by Azula herself. I had entered her mind, successfully performing the mind meld with little difficulty, or so I believed.

The blackness began to brighten, a low light filling the space. I found myself in a room, the walls painted a deep burgandy, and a similarly colored door before me. I opened it, and was met with a hallway of doors, infinitely stretching before me.

___: “Wonderful… this is going to be tedious.” The voice, usually in my head, echoed through the hall instead. Interesting to say the least, though given that I was technically within my OWN mind as well as Azula’s, it was hardly surprising. “We haven’t the time to search every room.” Soon, a black, faceless shadow figure formed itself in front of me. Likely the ‘physical’ form of my usually disembodied friend. “The longer we are in here, the more likely her mind will fracture.”

You: “Her mind is hardly whole as it is.” I shot back. “But I know what you mean, as I know the risks. I don’t need to search every room, just those with the strongest presence behind them. Besides..” I walked past the figure, aiming to open the first of my chosen doors. “I have you to help me in here.” The voice groaned, but did not argue. Instead compiling as it began searching its own doors.

___: “What are we looking for exactly?”

You: “Her mind is foged, weighed down by...something. I can’t be sure what. But I do know that whatever it is is keeping her sanity at bay. We’re looking either Azula’s inner sanity, or whatever is trapping it.”

___: “Assuming we find either before the meld rips her mind apart… along with yours.” I rolled my eyes before shooting the figure a dangerous look. ‘What? Just saying, your mind isn’t exactly all there either. It’s a miracle we’re in here at all.”

You: “We’re being the key term here.” I turned back to the shadow. “You and I are two halves of the same mind. If We’re both here it means my whole mind is here.” I turned back, opening the next door to check inside before moving on to the next. “We, by which I mean I, will be fine.”

___: “And Azula?

You: “She may be insane, but Azula is strong. She’ll last much longer then Jeriah ever would have. Certainly long enough for us to find her consciousness.”

___: “And if her consciousness isn’t around to find?” I paused before opening what must have been my fifteenth door. My hand ready to push it open. “It’s not possible that we bypassed it and are looking for what’s already at the surface?” I sighed.

You: “Then we hope for the best, and find another way.” I opened the door, once again finding only blackness as I had with the others. This time was different however, something felt… off. “I think I may have found it.” The shadow moved to look over my shoulder.

___: “I sense it too. Something is inside, but what?”

You: “I don’t know, but it’s strong, whatever it is.” I turned to the shadow. “Stay here, I shouldn’t be long.” I walked inside, closing the door behind me. I was immediately wrapped in blackness. Not even the sound of my footsteps able to escape its vacuum.

???: “Welcome.” I turned, greated with someone’s face mere centimeters from mine. This person was a woman, rather tall. Her pale skin nearly luminescent in the dark. “It has been quite some time since I have seen you Dark One.”

You: “...Ursa? Or do you prefer Noriko now?” I was not scathed by the sudden appearance of Azula and Zuko’s mother. Or, more accurately, this mental creation or Ursa within Azula’s mind. I was surprised however to find her at all. She chuckled lightly, her orange eyes glowing along with her skin.

Ursa: “I am as my daughter makes me. Ursa, Noriko, it makes no difference.”

You: “So… you aren’t here to stop me from penetrating her mind?” I questioned. It had been quite some time since I had last penetrated someone’s mind from the inside. Usually the Mind Trick was enough. And the Mind Probe was easiest when I hardly cared about the mental state of the victim. But the Mind Meld. It was not only best for delicate situations such as this, but it but it put me and the victim at a VERY high risk of permanent damage. Mental guardians were not uncommon within a person’s subconscious. And they were almost certainly quite powerful in the mentally strong. Coming across one was never fun.

Ursa: “I am not. I am here because Azula put me here.”

You: “So, you are a guardian then.”

Ursa: “Just not from intruders.”

You: “A prison guard.”

Ursa: “Of her own making.” She turned and began walking away, her flowing robe dragging across a non existent floor. I followed closely as she continued to speak. “Even after confronting me, the true me alongside her brother and yourself. Azula could never bring herself to forgive Noriko. Or Ursa as her children knew her. As a result, I remained within her mind. A constant voice of reason. Much like the voice you chose to leave outside.” I whipped my head to meet her, unsure how to take the knowledge that Azula’s mind was already aware of my own fractured one. Ursa just smiled away, innocent as always. “A voice, she adamantly chooses to ignore. In her avoidance, her own consciousness retreated into the depths of her mind, leaving only madness in its wake.”

You: “And now you come to me, the voice of reason asking me to bring her back out.”

Ursa: “Exactly.”

You: “Well lucky you, that was exactly why I came in here.” She smiled again, that warm motherly smile I’d seen before.

Ursa: “Then I will leave you to it.” She turned away from me again, this time to fade into the blackness around us. “It was good to see you again (F/N).”

You: “As it was you… Ursa.” She nodded, then faded. Leaving me once again alone in the dark. Soon though, the blackness turned to blinding light, then memories flooded my vision, her memories. They were jumbled, mixed together in a wild, tangled mess. One flooding into another without an end or beginning. A voice soon joined the visions, melding together as the memories did.
Azula: “I never did feel like I was really here. Always just on the outside, looking in. Like I was on one side of a glass wall looking inward to myself.” I turned, finding a younger woman looking to me, regal robes hanging from her body. Her gray hair pulled back into a tight bun with twin tails framing her face. This must be how she sees herself, or how she looked the last time she saw her own face. This must have been her inner consciousness. Her sanity trying to dig itself out of the madness.

You: “There you are.” I stood to face her, my arms crossed behind my back. I thought she would try and attack me, I was ready for it. But she didn’t, instead she turned to face the mess of memories, standing with me shoulder to shoulder. “Wait.. We aren’t fighting?” She chuckled, turning to me with her brow arched.

Azula: “What good would that do? This isn’t the real you. We are both still in that room. Me strapped to a table with you hovering over me, penetrating my very subconscious.”

You: “I’m impressed. But then again you always were one of the most intelligent people I’d ever met.” Again she chuckled, that unnerving chuckle she used to throw her enemies off their game. She turned back to the memories, her smile fading away. “You can’t make sense of it either, can you?”

Azula: “If I wanted to I certainly could.” I shook my head.

You: “Same old Azula, always so insistent she can do things on her own.” She scowled at me, but after a moment, that also faltered. “Let me help you.” She chuckled again.

Azula: “Do you remember when we first met?” I cocked my head. “I do.” The memories stopped their constant motion, instead parting like the waves as a single one came into view. I watched as the memory played out before us.


(Azula’s POV)

We’d been chasing them for days in that ridiculous train. That bison of theirs shed wherever it went. I’d sent Mai and Ty Lee after the others, but the Avatar was mine. He had made a trail of bison hair for me, leading me straight into the square of an abandoned town. It was rotted, old, musty. Far worse then anything someone of my stature should be subjugated to. There he sat, right in the middle of the street, his staff lying across his knees. He had bags under his eyes, he was tired from running for so long. Perfect, it would make it that much easier to capture him.

Aang: “Alright, you’ve caught up with me. Now who are you and what do you want?”

Azula: “You mean you haven’t guessed? You don’t see the family resemblance? Here’s a hint.” I covered my left eye with my hand, then gruffed up my voice a bit to sound like my brooding older brother. “I must find the Avatar to restore my honor.” A spot on impersonation. Though he didn’t respond as I would have hoped. “It’s ok, you can laugh. It’s funny.”

Aang: “So what now?”

Azula: “Now? Now it’s over. You’re tired and have no place to go. You can run, but I’ll catch you.” He stood, his legs shaky from the exhaustion.

Aang: “I’m not running.” I had to admit, he was brave for such a young kid. But foolish bravery is still foolish.

Azula: “Do you really want to fight me?” There was the grunt of an ostrich horse coming through the alley way, followed by said ostrich horse and my brother on its back.

Zuko: “Yes. I really do.”

Aang: “Zuko.” Clearly the Avatar was surprised. Brave, but perhaps not the smartest.

Azula: “I was wondering when you’d show up ZuZu.”

Zuko: “Back off Azula, he’s mine.” Zuko took up his fighting stance, standing between me and my prize. Two for one? I was just fine with that.

Azula: “I’m not going anywhere.” I took up my own stance, ready to beat my brother like a drum just as I always had. I was ready to take the first strike, but something odd happened. A gust of wind flew by my brother, and he fell to the floor unconscious. At first I had thought it to be the Avatar’s work, but he seemed just as astonished as I was. Then, an imposing, black robed figure appeared behind the Avatar, striking him in the neck and knocking him out as well. Unlike with Zuko though, (he/she) caught the Avatar and laid him down gently.

You: “Apologizes. You may not be leaving but, we certainly are.” (He/She) looked at me, this twisted grin plastered across (his/her) face. “Interesting, you’ve seen my speed, yet I sense no fear from you.” I huffed.

Azula: “So you can move quickly, that’s nothing new to me.” I never faltered from my fighting stance. I didn’t know this person nor what (he/she) could do. “Who are you? And what are you doing standing between me and my prize?” (He/She) began to chuckle darkly.

You: “My apologies, where are my manners?” (He/She) took a low sweeping bow. “(F/N) (L/N), at your service Princess.” (His/Her) tone was mocking.

Azula: “Azula. And I can do without the sarcasm.” (He/She) stood upright again, (his/her) hands crossed behind (his/her) back.

You: “I’m not a huge fan of royalty.” (He/She) Eyed me up and down. “Are you sure you want to do this child? I guarantee you won’t enjoy the outcome.” My stance never faltered. I was intent on collecting the Avatar, no matter the hurdle.

Azula: “Oh I think the outcome will come into my favor, thank you for the warning though.” (He/She) huffed, (his/her) grin never falling away. Then, (his/her) eyes changed from (E/C) to burning yellow as (he/she) pulled a small metal cylinder from (his/her) belt. There was a short hiss, and a crimson light sprouted from the end.

You: “Your regret will not last long.” (He/She) moved so quickly I hardly had the chance to register it before (he/she) was standing right in front of me. (He/She) swung the blade across my neck, but I moved to dodge. Spinning into a cartwheel to gain some distance. As I righted myself though (he/she) was standing before me yet again, posed to strike with that device. Again I dodged, this time the devices light cut through the support beam of the building behind me, toppling the awning and setting it ablaze.

Azula: “Interesting toy you have there.” I tried to stall, giving me a moment to try and find a strategy to beat (him/her).

You: “Like it? We call it a lightsaber. A very powerful blade.” (He/She) gestured to the burning building. “As you can see.”

Azula: “I can. I can only imagine what that would do if it were to touch me.”

You: “Oh don’t worry, you won’t have to imagine long. It will be just a moment before I am splitting you down the middle. Thankfully, with this you wont make that much of a mess when your intestines spill all over the floor.”

Azula: “Well aren’t you a dark one.” (He/She) paused, (his/her) jaw twisting in thought, as if tasting the phrase.

You: “ Dark one… Dark. One. Not a bad moniker. Perhaps you were useful for something after all.” Again (he/she) prepared to strike. “Unfortunate you have to die now.” Again (he/she) moved impossibly quickly. Forcing me once again on the defensive. It was everything I could do to just keep out of range of that Light saber, as (he/she) called it.

With every strike, (he/she) managed to push me back further. Any free shot I had was just deflected by that blade, then countered with a strike. Eventually I led (him/her) inside one of the buildings, forcing (him/her) into something more close quarters. I dodged the blade, striking at (him/her) where I could. But (he/she) just kept coming. Blocking my own strikes while slashing at me constantly. I did notice however, the strikes were wild in nature, almost teasing. Like (he/she) was toying with me. But I also noticed that (he/she) was cutting down the buildings support beams more then anything. And that was an advantage I meant to take. With a smile on my face I fell back to just dodging, forcing (him/her) to continue (his/her) onslaught. (His/Her) own grin never wavering. I heard the structure begin to creak, and as it did I started making for the door, kicking out the last one myself while shooting out a few fire fists to block the entry way. WIth that kick the building collapsed immediately, this (F/N) trapped inside.

Azula: “And that’s that.” I dusted off my hands, then turned to the still unconscious Avatar. “Now just to collect…” There was more creaking. I turned, finding the fallen structure shifting and groaning. “How.. how is that possible?” Like a shot, all the fallen wood and stone burst out, some nearly slashing through me. There (He/She) stood, arms held out wide. That grin never faltering once.

You: “You didn’t really believe I didn’t know what you were planning did you?”

Azula: “Just what kind of bender are you?” I had to fall back on the one thing I KNEW would work. Again I stalled, pooling the energy silently.

You: “Oh. You misunderstand child. I’m no bender.” I shot out my hand, my fingers extended as the built up energy fired out as lighting. All my strength shot at once. But it never connected with its intended target. (He/She) just held out (his/her) own hand. THe lightning connected with (his/her) palm, and (he/she) just ABSORBED it.

Azula: “But.. but how?”

You: “As I was saying. I’m no bender.” (He/She) held out (his/her) other hand, all fingers extended. “I’m Sith.” Lighting shot from them, and connected with my body. The pain was excruciating, and it was all I could do not to scream. My skin felt like it was boiling. Every muscle in my body contorted as the raw power coursed through them. I thought it would be quick, but it wouldn't stop. No fire bender could keep up a lightning strike for this long. “I could end this now. Burn you to a crisp and leave your corpse for the buzzards to pick at. But where’s the fun in that?” It stopped, finally the lightning stopped, but the pain didn't. I became numb, left on the floor in a mess, until (he/she) took my neck in hand, and lifted me to (his/her) face with ease. “You’ve intrigued me princess. It is truly unfortunate that I have to end your life. It would have been interesting to see how things might have played out with you still around.” I could feel (His/Her) grip tighten, squeezing the life from me. I was fading, my breath leaving as my lungs contracted. Then… (He/She) released me. Dropping me to the floor. I coughed as I fought to catch my breath as (he/she) turned (his/her) head this way and that. “The others are coming…. Seems you have been spared. You are very lucky princess.” (He/She) leaned down, taking my chin in hand and jerking it up to meet those yellow eyes, now returning to (E/C). “Do not mistake this as mercy. I just can’t be caught being this vicious around the others. Next time, you may not be so lucky.” (He/She) tossed my head to the floor, turning to collect the still unconscious Avatar. With the boy in (is/her) arms, (he.she) turned to me one final time. “Until next we meet Princess.” And (He/She) was gone, nothing but dust in (his/her) wake. I coughed a bit more as the sound of a bison roar filled the sky, lifting myself to my feet.

Azula: “Until we meet again.. Dark One.”

-Present Day-

(Your POV)

Azula: “And it was all downhill from there.” The memory faded from around us, returning to the swirling wall of endless memories. “Now you tell me.” She turned to me, that same wicked smirk she always wore on her aged face. “What part of that would make me trust you?” I couldn’t look at her. I’d always been ashamed of my dark past. And to see it so vividly, it only added to the weight I felt.

You: “Azula, I…”

Azula: “I thought so.” She turned her back on me, retreating into the endless white. “You may run along now.” She waved her hand, dismissing me. “And when you see my brother be sure to tell him I said hello.” I sighed… she had every right to be angry with me. After all, this was only the first time we had met. It never got any better with every altercation between us. But.. no, I needed her to help me. And now, I felt I needed to help her.

You: “So that’s it then.” I turned to her, back still to me. “You dismiss me so easily, an opportunity to escape this madness, and you turn your back on me?” She did not turn, nor did she respond. “Are you telling me your happy here? Retreated into this small corner of your own mind? Surrounded on all sides by the echoing voice of your mother?”

Azula: “You get used to the voices. They can be quite nice when your locked in a room all alone for a few decades. Not that you would know.” I walked over, placing a hand on her shoulder and gently turning her to face me.

You: “I know better then you think.” She cocked her brow. “I spent countless years in a cell myself. Cut away from anything or anyone. I know what that can do to a person, the kind of damage it can do to your mind.” I turned to the door of the room. “Just through there, the other half of my mind is standing watch. Waiting for me to come back through. I’ve had countless conversations with it, as if it were someone else in my head. Like some spirit from the afterlife, or some demon inhabiting my body. But it isn't. It is me. It’s always been me” I turned back to her, taking notice of the form that had appeared over her shoulder. “Just like she is just you.” I nudged in the direction of the form, and Azula turn, her face freezing when she came face to face with her mother.

Ursa: “Hello Azula.”

Azula: “No.. no, you shouldn’t be in here. I locked you out, I locked..” She paused, then turned back to me in a rage. “YOU let her in here!” I shook my head.

You: “Azula. You have to understand that this ISN’T your mother. This is your mind, fractured, just like mine. You can run from it, retreat, but it will always be there, just over your shoulder.” I turned her again to face the creation. Lightly shoving her towards it. “Your mother, your true mother, is dead. Dead for many years now. This is only an illusion, one you must face.” As we walked towards it, Ursa opened her arms, ready to embrace her daughter.

Ursa: “Come to me Azula. Let me hold my daughter.” Azula fought, struggling to push away from the vision.

You: “Or will you let this defeat you? Let this vision force you from your very mind?” Azula paused at the word defeat, her fearful face contorting into one of defiance.

Azula: “No one defeats Azula. No one defeats me.” She pushed away from me, but did not try to run. Instead she walked towards the visage herself, but stopped short of touching it. “You’re not my mother, your just some.. Something I made to cope with her being the bitch she was.” Ursa just smiled, unmoved by the hurting words. “Your not real. And you don’t scare me anymore.” Ursa’s hands fell to her sides, her eyes closed and she dipped her head.

Ursa: “Well done Azula.” And it faded, disappearing into the white. Azula sighed, then turned back to me, her cocky smirk across her face.

Azula: “I suppose you think I owe you now?” I just shook my head.

You: “I just came in here to help let you out.” She scoffed.

Azula: “Please.. I may not be all there on the outside, but I still heard you ask for help. So what is it?” I sighed, chuckling at her bluntness.

You: “Same old Azula.” I looked up into her eyes, that orange fire burning bright as ever. “We have an end of the world situation, and I need you to help put a stop to it.”

Azula: “And I would help you why?”

You: “If that world is destroyed you get destroyed with it.” She cocked her brow, crossing her arms over her chest. I just sighed again. “I could convince Zuko to guarantee your freedom.” Still nothing. “I’ll let you deck me in the nose.” She nodded.

Azula: “Well what are we waiting for?” Of course that’s what gets her attention.

You: “Shall we?” I gestured to the door. She crossed her arms behind her back, her chin held high as she brushed past me.

Azula: “Lets.” She opened it, then faded away. The room once again fell into blackness. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, I was once again in the room with Zuko, Izumi and the guard, Azula still strapped to the table. But this time, she wasn’t fighting, she was perfectly still. I looked around to the others, seems they all had their breaths held.

Zuko: “Well? Did it work?” I removed my hands from Azula’s head, and with a quick wave, all the straps holding her down flew off. Azula sat up, closing her eyes and taking a deep refreshing breath. Her arms held above her head as if she had just woken from deep sleep. When she opened them again, they fell on her brother and niece.

Azula: “Hello ZuZu.” Everyone released their pent up breaths, clearly relieved that she wasn’t currently trying to kill anyone. “Ugh, what AM I wearing?” She looked down on her self, picking away at the gray prison shirt and pants she was currently wearing. “You.” She thrusted her finger into the face of one of the guards. “Find me something to wear more suited to me stature. You.” SHe pointed to another. “Fetch me someone to help me freshen up. And you.” She pointed to me, then balled her hand and struck me in the nose, breaking it. “THAT’S for invading my mind without permission. Insanity isn’t consent afterall.” I pinched my nose, blood dribbling out between my fingers.

Zuko: “She’s back ladies and gentlemen.”

Azula: “And I am not going anywhere anytime soon.” Izumi came to my side to help me with my nose, but I waved her off, I’d be able to heal it on my own soon enough. “Why is everyone still in here? I gave you orders, carry them out.”

Izumi: “So this is my aunt?”

You: “That it is.”

Izumi: “She seems…. Precise.”

You: “Oh you have no idea.” Everyone began clearing the room as Zuko attempted to lead Azula to her old room. Before she left though, she turned to look at the corner of the room, her eyes narrowed in anger at the empty corner. I turned to look at it myself, unsure why she would do so, at first. To my shock, I saw a brief flash of a tall woman with pale skin, pooling black hair around her face and glowing fire orange eyes.

Ursa: ‘I love you Azula.’ And she was gone. Azula only huffed, then followed her brother out of the room.

___: ‘The mind meld. You don’t suppose it may have created a link between you and Azula.. Do you?'

You: ‘I can’t be certain, but I will be sure to look into it later. For now, we have other issues to deal with.’

(Jeriah’s POV)

Jeriah: “Hello!? Anybody!?” I had been locked in a room who knows where by those royal guards. At least, I believe it was them as I had woken in here. I was unsure how long I had been out or how long it had been since I had woken. I had to make a note to pay (L/N) back for knocking me out the way (he/she) had. I was sat against one the wall opposite the door when I heard murmuring, then the sound of metal banging as the tumblers of the door opened. The door followed, flooding the room with light. As my eyes adjusted, I was met with an old woman, her white hair pulled tight into a bun, with a pair of tails framing her face. She wore an loose fitting fire nation robe adorned with blacks and golds. Royalty by the looks of her. She certainly carried herself with an eir of royalty as she strode into the room.

Azula: “You must be Jeriah. (F/N) has told me quite a bit about you.” She held out her hand, palm up. Though something told me it wasn’t to help me stand. “(He/She) tells me you have some information regarding a secret training academy that could bring the end of the world.” Her finger opened, and a powerful blue flame burst to life in her palm. “My name is Azula, and I have a few questions of my own for you.”
And the Return of the Last Airbenders second greatest villain. (The first being Ozai.. obviously)
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own The Last Air Bender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, The images used, or you.
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