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(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color


(Korra’s POV)

Korra: “(F/N)?” (He/She) had fallen unusually silent. Staring at the saber in (his/her) hands with an intensity I had never seen. (He/She) handled it as delicately as someone would a newborn baby. “(F/N)?” I called again, trying to direct (his/her) attention back to me. “Are you ok?”

You: “I haven’t see this… in so very long..” (His/Her) eyes fell back towards the would be assassin. Still unconscious, still buried to his neck in stone. “And, that bastard….” (He/She) stood, marching forward towards the assassin, sapphire blade ignited in (his/her) hand. “DARES touch it. Like it’s Theirs.” (He/She) raised the blade above (his/her) head, posed to strike the assassin dead.  

Korra: “(F/N), (F/N) stop.” (He/She) didn’t listen. In fact, (he/she) ripped away from me when I attempted to hold (him/her) back. “(F/N) would Ashara want you to kill them?” That got (his/her) attention.

You: “Don’t you DARE use her against me!” (He/She) turned back, ignited saber still in hand. “This pathetic creaton tried to eliminate me! Using my own daughter’s blade to do it!” Despite the rage burning in (his/her) eyes, I could see (him/her) trying to fight back tears.

Korra: “And aren’t you curious who gave it to them? Who was it that gave them access to Ashara’s Lightsaber? To these?” I picked up the other two fallen sabers. “Until now, there was only one lightsaber on this planet. Yours.” (F/N)’s face had begun losing its anger, instead replaced with genuine interest. “Nobody but you knows how to make them. And nobody here can get to your world to go get them. So…?” (He/She) turned back to the assassin. The saber in (his/her) hand finally deactivating.

You: “Who gave it to them?”

Korra: “Exactly.” I walked over, placing a gentle hand on (his/her) shoulder. “I know this is
hard, but if you want to find out whoever the real mastermind is behind all this, you’ll need the pawn alive.” We looked to the assassin in question, still unconscious within the confines of their makeshift stone bindings. (F/N)’s shoulder was still shaking slightly, but significantly less so then before.

You: “Get this filth out of my sight.” With that, (he/she) turned away, calling the two other sabers to hand before storming off inside the temple. I sighed at the order, though I couldn't blame (him/her) for (his/her) current attitude. Given the situation and… sensitivity surrounding it. It was understandable for (him/her) to be acting a bit prickly. That being said, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about (him/her) giving me orders. I turned back to the assassin, then, opened the floor beneath them to send them to the basement of the temple. Once I was sure they was secure, I made my own way back inside the temple, finding (F/N) sitting at a table in the library, one of the other two sabers in (his/her) hand.

Korra: “Don’t tell me that was hers too?” I joked, trying to lighten the mood of the night. It didn't work. (He/She) turned to me, a tired, annoyed glare shot in my direction. “Just trying to lighten the mood.” I raised my hands in defense, to which (he/she) sighed.

You: “I know, I’m sorry.” (His/ Her) eyes fell from mine, coming to meet the table. “It’s been a long night.. And It’s only going to get longer.”

Korra: “How do you figure that?” (His/Her) finger extended, pointing to the doorway behind me.

Tenzin: “I found the dart!” Tenzin came swooping up behind me, his hand held out in front of him with the dart pinched between his fingers. He toppled me over, sending us both to the floor.

Korra: “Hey! Watch it!” The dart went flying as we fell. I hit the floor first, face up with Tenzin flying forward over me.  The dart came falling back down, aimed straight for my nose. I thought it would connect, until it stopped mere centimeters from my face. It hovered for a moment before flying off.

You: “Thank you Tenzin.” (F/N) called the dart to hand, setting aside the saber (he/she) had as (he/she) looked it over.

Korra: “Yeah, thanks Tenzin. For nearly snapping me in two.” I stood, rubbing my now sore back as I attempted to massage out the bruise that was definitely forming. Tenzin stayed on the ground a moment longer, his jaw on the floor and his backside held in the air. He grumbled something under his breath before standing himself. Something about ‘not standing in the doorway’. (F/N) paid us no mind, instead completely absorbed by the dart held between (his/her) fingers. “So what's the analysis?” I brushed past Tenzin, moving to sit in the chair opposite (F/N). (He/She) held the dart out, then released, allowing it to float in mid air between us, spinning lightly.
You” The dart itself is nothing extraordinary, small, steel tipped. It’s a standard blow dart. It’s the poison that concerns me.”

Tenzin: “What about it?” Tenzin sat himself beside me.

You: “Most poisons attack the internal systems. Some are designed to attack the heart, the digestive tract, some will even attack the muscular system. But this one didn't, this one attacked my sensory system, eyes first.”

Korra: “Is that uncommon?”

You: “For lack of a better term.. In ‘primitive’ cultures… yes.”

Korra: “Primitive?” I cocked my eyebrow.

You: “In comparison to my dimension.” (He/She) turned to me, an apologetic look on (his/her) face. “By comparison my culture is millennia more advanced then yours technologically speaking. That's why we can make things like starships and lightsabers. Don't get me wrong the tech here is impressive considering not 70 years ago the most advanced thing there was, was the airship. But….”

Korra: “Yeah we get it..” I waved (him/her) off. A bit miffed that (he/she) was effectively dissing my home. “What does that have to do with the poison?” (He/She) rolled (his/her) eyes before continuing.

You: “The poison, like the sabers couldn't have come from this world. Which means whoever it is providing it, has to be from my world too. Which means the Empire knows I’m here.”

Tenzin: “What makes you think it’s the Empire?” The dart shifted, moving off to the side as the two other sabers were given precedence.

You: “At the end of the Clone Wars, Sidious enacted what was known as order 66. Order 66 was the complete obliteration of every Jedi within the Jedi order at that time. Not surprisingly, quite a few of them survived. However, those that didn’t had their lightsabers collected, and along with any artifact even suggesting the existence of the Jedi were moved into a vault on the planet Pillio. Even after I took control of the Empire and the Order was reestablished, that vault was never found or known by anyone other than Sidious or myself. Far as the rest of the galaxy was aware, the artifacts and sabers were destroyed.” (He/she) took one of the floating sabers in hand, activating it to show an emerald blade. “This, belonged to Master Kit Fisto. Fallen on Coruscant during Order 66.” (He/She) deactivated it, released it, then took and activated the other. Another green blade. “This one belonged to Master Cin Drallig, who also fell on Coruscant during Order 66.”. (He/She) deactivated and released the saber. “Since they are here and not in the vault. Chances are it means Sidious opened the vault and distributed the sabers. To who and why, I don’t know. But it means the Empire is here, and that’s a problem for everyone on this world.”

Tenzin: “So what does that mean now?”

You: “It means..” (He/She) stood from (his/her) chair, calling the dart to (himself/herself). “I have to go find the hole this rat crawled out of, and shut it down. I can’t risk an Imperial Invasion. And that’s assuming the Empire doesn’t already know I’m here. If they do..”

Korra: “We’ll stop them.” I cut in. “Together.” (F/N) sighed, shaking (his/her) head in exhaustion.

You: “This isn’t something we can handle by tackling it head on. None of you are ready for what could come.”

Korra: “You’ve been training me how to use a lightsaber. Let me take one of these and…” I reached for one of the still floating sabers, but they snapped and crumpled before I could even touch them. (F/N) had crushed them.

You: “You’re not ready for this.” Now I was fuming.

Korra: “What? You don’t believe in me? You think I can’t handle myself?”

You: “Korra…”

Korra: “What? You think I can’t do this? That the AVATAR can’t protect her home?”

Tenzin: “Korra that’s enough.”

You: “No..” We both turned to (him/her). “No.. she’s right. Tenzin could you give us the room please.”

Tenzin: “(F/N) i don’t think…”

You: “Please.” (He/She) repeated more firmly. (His/Her) eyes pleading. There was an argument rising in Tenzin’s eyes, but it fell away as quickly as it had come.

Tenzin: “I… uh.. Good night then.”

You: “Thank you.” Tenzin left, his footsteps echoing down the hall. (F/N) remained silent until (he/she) was certain Tenzin had left. I all the while kept my hand on my hip, and a scowl on my face. Once I could no longer hear Tenzin’s steps, I spoke up.

Korra: “Well?” I snapped. Again (F/N) sighed.

You: “Korra, how much have I told you about my world?”

Korra: “Not much. You’ve told me about how you met Ashara,  about some of the planets you’ve traveled to, a bit about the Clone Wars, the Cold War you were involved in after taking the Imperial throne and about how you were arrested. Not much else after that.”

You: “So I haven't told you about the Empire, about how it goes about taking a planet and.. Shall we say ‘appropriating’ it.” (He/SHe) airquoted.

Korra: “No, you haven't.” (He/She) motioned for me to sit. I sighed, but obliged.

You: “You have a pretty good idea about how big Republic City is right?” I nodded. “Alright, now imagine something roughly twice the size, with enough power to not only turn Republic City to dust, but about the entire Earth Kingdom’s size worth of surrounding area as well in a matter of minutes.” I could feel my features soften, the blood drain from my face. “That is what a Star Destroyer is. And a Standard Imperial invasion fleet, consists of ten Imperial Class Star Destroyers.” (He/ She) pulled a chair up behind (him/her). Taking it before continuing. “Each Destroyer carries roughly ten thousand heavily trained troops. Each carrying a blaster of some kind. And what a blaster shoots, you can't bend, you can't manipulate. It’s pure plasma, fired at a rate of 7 bolts a second. That’s 100,000 troops. An invasion force of that size could take the planet in a matter of days. And that’s assuming they don't deem the planet big enough to justify the use of Walkers, or Fighters.” (He/She) reached over, taking my limp hand in (his/hers). “Korra. You know, I above all else believe you are capable of amazing things. But you and the team struggled with a small army of non benders that only took the city. Even if the whole planet was united, and it isn't. It wouldn’t stand a chance against an invasion force that could wipe the surface clean if so inclined.” One of (his/ her) fingers tucked under my chin, lifting my eyes to meet (his/hers). “ I need you to trust me. And this isn't because I don’t trust you, but because this is my fault, my burden. If anything happened to you…” (He/She) paused, the words choking in (his/her) throat for a moment before spilling out. “… to this world. I couldn't live with myself. Please. Please understand.” I took (his/her) hand from my chin, cupping it between both of mine.

Korra: “....I don’t.. I don’t know much about how this all works. I can’t even fathom something that large, or that powerful. I can’t imagine an army that big. Or what a blaster could do… whatever that is.” (He/She) smirked a bit at my naivete. “And I can only believe that with you and Sidious’s history, he would do anything to bring you back to your hole. Which likely means he would bring an even bigger force to bear on us.” (His/Her) smirk fell away, replaced with a small, slow nod. “I don’t know what you need to do. But, if you need me… I’ll be here, like you have been for m…. For us.” Our eyes met again, the intensity in (his/her) (E/C) was evident. And just like last time, I could feel the heat rushing into my face, but had no want to turn away from it. Something about this, felt right. So why did I feel so guilty? (He/She) slowly lent forward, and I felt myself leaning in as well. My eyes fluttered closed, my lips, as if acting on their own, puckered lightly. And then (He/She) hugged me, (his/her) hair brushing across my face as (his/her) chin came to rest on my shoulder.

You: “Thank you.” It took me a moment to even register that I had attempted to do… what I just tried to do. I just hugged back, attempting to salvage any face I had left. I couldn't even imagine what (he/she) must think of me.

(Your POV)

___: ‘Did she just…’

You: ‘Don’t even think about it.’

___: ‘But she was about to..’

You: ‘No she wasn’t now stop.’

___: ‘....but.’ I had no choice but to slap it down. This inner argument distracting from the matter at hand. Whether I saw what I thought I was or not was irrelevant. The Empire was here. And I needed to find out what they were planning and who was involved.

Korra: “No problem.” We seperated, and the blush that had risen in her cheeks was still there. I was certain there was one on my face as well, but it wasn’t my main concern. “So. Now what?” I scratched the back of my neck, racking my brain as to my next move.

You: “Well, given the situation, I think it best this be handled as soon as possible. I’ll need to interrogate the assassin, find the location of his base, then tear it down. Problem is I don’t know how long it will take. Could be months before I find it.”

Korra: “Months? What about Scarlett? What about our training?” I smirked, turning to her with pleading eyes.

You: “I don’t suppose, you, would be willing to look after her while I’m gone?” Her eyes widened in response. The color draining from her face.

Korra: “ You’d trust me with her?”

You: “Well, yeah. I mean of everyone on the island you’re the one she trusts the most. Aside from myself that is. Not to mention you are the one she’s spent the most time with.” Korra was speechless, unable to even gather the air needed to mumble incoherently. “So? What do ya say? Do me this favor?” Still nothing, not even a nod. “Hello? Earth to Korra?” I waved my hand in front of her face, snapping my fingers a few times until she reacted. Eventually she did.

Korra: Uh.. yeah.. Yeah sure. I’d be happy to look after her until you’re back.”

You: “She was planning on spending most of the Glacier Festival with you anyway.”

Korra: “True.”

You: “Good. Now, about your training. You’ll have to take over Scarletts Saber training for the time being. Nothing too fancy and you don’t have to do much else but sparr with her. However yours will be a bit more…. Interesting.” I reached down, taking my black ring off my finger and presenting it to her. “Your abilities have grown quite a bit since we started, but you still have much to learn. This will help.” She stared at the ring, a questioning arch to her brow.

Korra: “.... Your ring?” I nodded.

You: “I was going to give it to you when you left for Tenzin’s Air temple vacation. But given the circumstance I think now is likely the best time.”

Korra: “.....To give me your ring.” She stated flatly.

You: “Oh!” I smacked my forehead. “Right, I haven't told you about this yet. See, this isn’t an ordinary ring.” I took my saber in my free hand. Willing it open and exposing the crystals inside. One of the Red power crystals floated free before the saber reassembled itself. I took it, and held it out along with the ring. “In my world, we have objects, hand held libraries if you want to think of it in certain terms, called holocrons.” She nodded, still rather unsure. “Ok… you know of Wan Shi Tong right?”

Korra: “Sure, the knowledge Spirit with the massive library.”

You: “Yeah, that prick.” She snorted.

Korra: “Prick?”

You: “I had a run in with him when I was running around with Aang. Wasn’t the greatest experience.. Story for another time. Anyway, Imagine that Library, but in the palm of your hands.”

Korra: “That sounds pretty useful.”

You: “That it is. Now, Most Jedi use something about the size of your fist, in the shape of a box to make their holocrons. Sith used pyramid shape, again about the size of your fist. But, if your clever enough, and strong enough with the force, just about anything could be a holocron.” She nodded in realization.

Korra: “Like this ring.”

You: “Like this ring, exactly.” I held the ring out, allowing it to float in the air between us. Then, with a wave of my hand, the ring reacted. The band began to open wider, tiny gears could be heard whirring as the mouth of the band opened. Once wide enough, the crystal floated inside, settling neatly into place. “Now, like a lightsaber, holocrons need a power crystal. But, they also need what is known as a Knowledge crystal.” The black crystal’s setting began to whir to life, the prongs holding the crystal down popped up, and small holo-projectors blinked on. “Now the knowledge crystal is what is truly important, as it is made, not found, by the one who made the holocron. The holocron in simplest terms, takes on the knowledge and personality of the one who made it.” The ring then spoke for itself.


Korra: “Woah…” Korra was awestruck, amazed that the tiny device was able to do what it was, and now actively speak. I couldn't help but smile.

You: “I know right.” I then cleared my throat. “User ID, (F/N) (L/N).”


You: “Now, each holocron comes with what is known as a gatekeeper, which is a little holographic projection of the person who created it. The gatekeeper will answer any questions you may have and can relay information about any techniques you may be struggling with.”

Korra: “So… when I use this… I’m going to be talking to a mini you?” I sighed.

You: “Actually…. No. I didn’t make this holocron. She did.” I pointed to the small space sat right above the knowledge crystal. We looked, and there sat a small holo projection of a young, blue tinted togruta woman, with Crystal Blue eyes smiling up at us.

Ashara: “Hi (Dad/Mom).” I had to hold back the tears. It had been so long since I had heard her voice, or seen her face.

You: “Hello Ashara. I want you to meet someone. A new user for the holocron.” The projection turned, now facing a very awestruck Korra.

Ashara: “Hello, My name is Ashara (L/N). I am the gatekeeper to this holocron. And you are?”

Korra: “I’m...uh..”

You: “It’s ok. The holocron can understand your every word, and will react as if it were an actual person.” Korra nodded, though I could still feel the uncertainty in her mind.

Korra: “My name is Korra. I’m the Avatar. Do you know what that is?” The projection chuckled.

Ashara: “Yes I do Avatar Korra. I am quite familiar with the realm of the Avatar and the unique bending abilities granted to its residents.”


Ashara: “There, now you have access to this holocron and all of its information. Everything this Holocron knows, you can learn.”

You: “Very true. Just remember you can't leave it open. This is still sensitive and highly advanced information. Whenever your finished just tell the Holocron ‘Information acquired’.”

Holocron: “COMMAND RECOGNIZED. GOODBYE.” The projection disappeared as the holocron released the red crystal, returning to its normal state as a ring.

You: “And it’ll turn back into a regular ring.” I palmed the ring and crystal, holding both out for Korra to take. She did, pocketing the crystal while slipping the ring on her own finger.

Korra: “Doesn’t really fit right.” I chuckled.

You: “ADJUST.” I stated clearly, and the ring reacted almost instantly. “Better?”

Korra: “Much . Thank you.” She smiled up at me. I smiled back.

___: ‘Kiss her.’ Oh for the love of…

You: ‘I am NOT going to kiss her.’

___: ‘Go on, you know you want to. KISS HER.’

You: 'She’s not even interested.’

___: ‘How do you even know?’

You: ‘Because I do. Now zip it.’ I brushed the voice aside. Instead taking the moment of silence to feign a yawn. Once Korra reflected. “I think it's time for all of us to head to bed. We all have an early morning.”

Korra: “Yeah, that we do… Goodnight then.”

You: “Goodnight Korra.” She turned, leaving me alone in the library once again. I returned to my seat at the table, pulling Ashara’s lightsaber from my pants pocket. I held it out, rotating it slowly between my fingers.


-Planet Lehon-

Ashara: “Chu cha lingi no ti pasa?” I rolled my eyes.

You: “Ashara… language.”

Ashara: “Sorry.” That’s better. “But you know I always slip back when I get nervous.”

You: There’s no need to be nervous dear. This is a special occasion.” We were walking up one of the hills on the far side of the planets main island, headed away from the temple the two of us had called home for the past 3 years.

Ashara: “So then where are we going?” Ashara, now 14 years old, and as inquisitive as ever.

You: “It’s a surprise.”

Ashara: “You know how I feel about surprises.” I turned on my heel, feigning shock with a hand to my chest.

You: “Even from your dear old (Father/Mother)!?” I gasped. Ashara just rolled her eyes at me.

Ashara: “(Dad/Mom). She crooned. I chuckled, opening my arms wide to let her embrace me. She did instantly.

You: “You know I only do it because I care.”

Ashara: “I know.” I released her, returning to walking up the hill. “So seriously, where are we going?”

You: “Fine, If you must know, it’s your next lesson.” I lied, seamlessly.

Ashara: “I thought today was a day off?”

You: "It was… until you kept badgering me to find out where we’re going.” She scoffed.

Ashara: “Is that the lesson? Don’t bug you or you’ll teach me?”

You: “It is A lesson yes.. But not THE lesson.” At last we reached the top, finding what I had set up the night before. “That is the lesson.” There before us was sat a set of stone slabs, piled against each other in front of a small cave. A cave that just so happened to house a small colony of Gizka. “I believe you are familiar with this cave?”Ashara, being the Animal lover she was, immediately responded.

Ashara: “Poodoo! The Gizka!”

You: “Yes.” I rolled my eyes. “The poor, defenseless Gizka. Whatever will they do? Trapped behind those massive stones?” Personally I couldn’t care less about the annoying little things. They were loud, disgusting, reptile creatures with little to no use that you constantly tripped over and multiplied faster then anything I had seen. But Ahsara, despite my best efforts, loved the things. So I used her affection for them to my advantage. “Perhaps YOU should help them?” I prodded.

Ashara: “Me!?” She turned to me, eyes wide in exasperation. “I can't move those! They’re massive!”

You: “yes. You can.” I kneeled down, hands rested firmly on her shoulders. This was exactly what I wanted her to do. To push herself beyond what she thought she could do. And her reward was waiting for her on the other side. “You are so much stronger then you think you are Ashara. You are capable of amazing things, you just have to BELIEVE you can. And you will.” She turned her head, looking between me and the blocked of Gizka cave. “You can do this. I have faith in you.” She nodded, determination filling her head. She turned from me, extending her hand out. “It’s just moving a bunch of rocks. That’s it.” I stood, taking a step back from her. Her eyes closed as her focus sharpened. All fell silent, not even the breeze flowing through the grass could be heard. Then, the sound of stone crumbling against each other filled the void. The rocks began to creak as they were separated from each other, floating into the open sky as they were. I could feel the strain this put on her, but I made no move to help or stop. I knew she could do this, she had the strength. The rocks shifted further, parting to reveal the mouth of the small cave hidden behind them. Soon, the Gizka began to pour out. And as the rocks moved aside enough to reveal the entire cave, the last of the Gizka were freed.

Ashara: “I did it.” Ashara released the rocks, setting them down along the sides of the cave. Then turned to me, a look of astonishment painted across her face. “I did it!” She bounded toward me, nearly tackling me to the floor as she threw her arms around my neck.

You: “Yes! Yes you did!” I couldn't have been prouder in that moment then I already was. She had proven herself capable of great things. Those four stones I had places, each weighing half of the 7 ton Muntuur stones in the Jedi Temple. And she moved all four of them at ONCE, at the age of FOURTEEN. “And, because you did it. There is something waiting for you inside.” Her head popped into view. “Go into the cave, and see.” She didn't, instead she reached her hand out again, and called the object from within the cave to herself. “Or you could go the easy route.” She didn't respond, instead far to astonished at what she was holding.

Ashara: “Is… is this…”

You: “It is. I think you’re ready.” She hit the activator, and a shining blue blade extended from her brand new lightsaber. She deactivated it, then flung herself at me again.

Ashara: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

You: “You earned it. And here.” I took the saber, turning it in her hand. “Look.” She read the inscription aloud.

Ashara: “Chilo Pala.”

(Present Day)

On the final turn, I saw it. There, branded into the side near the emitter, in Huttese. ‘From (Dad/Mom)’. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. To be perfectly frank I don’t think I had truly allowed myself to accept it. My daughter…. my baby girl, was gone. The saber dropped from my hands, landing with a thud onto the table, as I palmed my face with both hands, and cried.
Chapter 20.
Normally I'd have something semi clever to say.. but I'm flat out of ideas. So... here you go.
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, The images used, or you.
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