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(S/C) Skin Color


(Korra’s POV)

Bumi: “Alright, everyone know the course?” I nodded, turning to my left to see of the others had as well. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo all nodded in agreement, all ready and anxious to go. Bumi held the starting flag high above his head, his manic grin stretching his cheeks. “GO!” He waved the flag, and we took off. All four of us summoned air scooters and began, rushing down the island path to lap the temple before returning. Meelo had taken the lead early on, turning the first corner down the meditation garden and disappearing from view before the rest of us even made the first mark. Once we did, Ikki rushed ahead, taking the lead, with Jinora and I close behind. Ikki, now in the lead, was able to keep it for a good while after taking it. Only after we circled the spinning walls was I able to take if from her.

Now in the lead, I used as much energy as I could to keep it, pushing myself and my scooter as fast as I could to the finish. I hadn;t expected anyone to be able to catch up with me. But, to my surprise, someone did.

Coming down the stretch, ON FOOT no less, was (F/N). With Scarlett riding on (his/her) back. (He/She) was not only keeping pace with me on foot, but (he/she) was running BACKWARDS. I turned to the pair in disbelief, to which they both stuck out their tongues, blew raspberries, and then sped off in front of me. Not one to be outdone though, I decided now to be the best time to show off a bit. I willed myself into the Avatar State, and pulled ahead, now keeping pace with the master force wielder and the mute child riding on (his/her) back. Now it was their turn to look on in disbelief.

Refusing to lose though, (F/N) let go of more of (his/her) own power. Rushing forward as fast as (his/her) legs would carry to the finish line. We were neck and neck, teeth gritted, breath held, the finish line just within reach. Then I swung out, lifting one of the floor tiles up just enough, to trip (him/her) up.

You: “Mother Fu….!!” The pair when toppling forward and to the side, falling into the bushes just to the side as I sped ahead across the finish line.

Bumi: “The Avatar is the winner!” I took a bow, a cheeky grin stretching my cheeks.

Ikki: “NO FAIR! You can’t go into the Avatar state to win!” I just stood tall, sticking my tongue out in defiance. I’d won regardless, I wanted to savor the moment.

Tenzin: “You did what!?” And...moment gone. “The Avatar state is NOT to be used as a Booster Rocket!” Tenzin had marched down from his high tower, apparently to berate me, yet again. “You are toying with a dangerous power that you OBVIOUSLY don’t appreciate!”

Korra: “It’s the ‘Avatar State’, and I’M the Avatar. Who appreciates it more then me?”

Tenzin: “Clearly you need more training to grasp the depths of your spiritual connections. Not to mention that you're a LONG way from mastering Airbending.” I scoffed in disbelief.

Korra: “I HAVE mastered Airbending.” I turned out, kicking my limbs out to display just how well I had mastered the newest element in my arsenal. “See?” I turned back to the disgruntled teacher. “Mastered.”

Bumi: “Looks pretty good to me!” Tenzin’s palm met his face, as it often did whenever he felt his older brother was being… what’s the word he used? Right, annoying.

Tenzin: “Is it too late for you to UN-Retire?”

Bumi: “Paperwork’s already filed. From now on it’s 24/7 BUMI TIME!” Tenzin shook his head, deciding to ignore his brother’s antics.

Korra: “You’ve mastered Korra style Airbending. Now you must master REAL Airbending.”

You: “Now hang on a minute!” We turned, finding Meelo and Jinora attempting to help (Y/N) and Scarlett out of the shrubs. Once free, (he/she) Marched up to us, brushing away any lingering leaves that may have stuck to (his/her) robes or (H/C) hair. “You may not like to hear this, but there’s no such thing as ‘real’ Airbending.” (He/She) Punctuated the word with air quotes. “A fact your father agreed with admently.” (Y/N) came round, standing shoulder to shoulder with me. “Airbending mastery is similar to lightsaber Mastery, there is no CORRECT way. There are the basics, and then there is the way best situated for you.” (He/She) turned to me, a warm smile playing at (his/her) lips. “Far as I’m concerned she’s done just that.” (He/She) then punched me in the shoulder.

Korra: “Ow..! What the hell!?”

You: “That was for the trip-up. You Cheat.” (He/She) Chuckled, and I couldn’t help but laugh along.

Tenzin: “As wonderful as it is that the two of you have bonded, not only as Master and Student, but as children.” He shot the both of us a look. “You don’t see me stepping in to back-seat teach during your sessions. I would hope you’d extend me the same courtesy. Master (L/N).”

You: “Children!?” (Y/N) raised a hand to (his/her) chest. An expression of mock offense crossing (his/her) features. “How dare you sir!” Tenzin wasn’t having any of it, his tired expression holding firm. (Y/N)’s hand fell, and a tired sigh escaped (his/her) lips before (he/she) threw (his/her) hands up in the air in defeat. “Fine.” (He/She) turned to me. “I tired.”

Korra: “I appreciate the effort.” (He/She) Only responded with a ‘mhmm’ before walking off a ways to chat with (his/her) newest buddy, (his/her) apparent nephew Bumi.

Tenzin: “Anyway.” Tenzin continued, calling my attention back to him. “I’m hoping our visit to all the Air temples will give you the inspiration you need to delve more deeply into your studies.”

Jinora: “Can we see where grandpa Aang was born?”

Meelo: “How many lemurs can I have!?”

Ikki: “I want to get tattoos! But instead of arrows, I want Lightning bolts like great (uncle/auntie) (F/N) can make!” At least someone was excited about this unwanted trip.

You: “I heard that! And it is still NOT welcome!” Ok, that made it a little better. After Bumi’s reveal that Aang had taken to calling (F/N) (uncle/auntie) in all of his stories to his kids. Tenzin’s children had decided it would be nice to call (him/her) great (uncle/aunt). A title (he/she) was certainly not fond of.

Jinora: “You can’t get lightning bolts, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Ikki: “You don’t make any sense!”

Meelo: “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Tenzin: “No one’s fighting!” Tenzi had to physically step in to separate his two eldest, keeping them separated in either side of his form. “Now that President Raiko is in office and the council had been disbanded, I can  finally relax with my family and give Korra the attention she needs.”

Korra: “Great, MORE attention.” I muttered. Thankfully Tenzin didn't hear, he ended up being to distracted by the hyena like laughter that had erupted behind him. Both (Y/N) and Bumi had broken into hysterical laughter.

Bumi: “Relax!?”

You: “You couldn’t relax to save your life!”

Bumi: “We should tag along to get a glimpse at ‘vacation’ Tenzin.”

You: “I’ll pack the snacks!” The two high-fived each other.

Tenzin: “You two aren’t invited.” I rolled my eyes, ignoring the bickering elders for a moment. A motion I noticed mirrored by one particular black haired little girl. Scarlett had decided to come stand next to me, her arms crossed and head cocked at the spectacle playing out before us. She turned to me, twirling her finger in  a circle around her ear. “Crazy” she was stating.

Korra: “Agreed. But that’s how old people get sometimes.” She chuckled. “Well, at least before Tenzin drags me away on some learning trip. We’re all going to have some REAL fun in my home town at the Glacier Spirits festival.” Scarlett's eyes lit up at the prospect. “They’ve got rides and games and all sorts of fried foods on sticks. How does that sound?” She nodded her head enthusiastically. Then stopped. She pointed towards (F/N), a questioning look on her face. “Well of course (F/N) can come. What kinda fun would that be if (he/she) wasn’t there to mess with the game masters?” She chuckled, then hugged me tightly around my middle.

You: “Not like you could stop me from coming anyway.” (F/N) had apparently overheard me, turning to us with a smile on (his/her) face. “Katara had actually radioed earlier to invite me along. Apparently she’s extremely excited for me to meet her daughter.” I couldn’t help myself.

Korra: “Don’t you mean your niece?” (His/Her) face fell immediately.

You: “Not appreciated. I know I’m old, I don’t need any reminders.”

Bumi: “Oh relax.” Bumi came up behind (him/her), wrapping an arm around (his/her) shoulder. “Not like you’re not excited to see mom again. Or to meet Kya.”

You: “.... Fair. BUT!” (He/She) shot a finger into Bumi’s face, pressing deeply into his nose. “I will still NOT be referred to as (uncle/aunt) under any circumstances. I do not appreciate being reminded of just how old I am.” Bumi nodded as his eyes crossed to focus on the intruding digit.

Bumi: “Understood.” I couldn’t help myself.

Korra: “And JUST how old was that again?” (He/She) turned to me, feigned anger burning behind (his/her) (E/C) eyes. I played innocent, tapping my finger against my chin in mock thought. “Oh that’s right!” I snapped my fingers. “You’re 2..” (He/She) rushed me so quickly I barely registered it, slapping (his/her) hand over my mouth as (his/her) eyes flew open in panic.

You: “NO!” (His/Her) eyes met mine, panic having already set in. “Please, I don’t need anyone else knowing. I don’t need those kind of jokes in my life.” There was genuine panic in (his/her) voice, a tremor of fear flashing behind (his/her) eyes briefly. I took (his/her) hand in mine, slowly removing it from its place over my mouth.

Korra: “24. You’re 24.” The fear vanished, replaced with quick relief. “I wouldn’t do that to you. You know that right.” Again, (he/she) sighed, chuckling lightly as (he/she) reached to rub the back of (his/her) neck.

You: “Sorry. It’s just a sore topic for me.”

Korra: “Hey, I get it.” I pulled (him/her) closer, wrapping my arms around (his/her) waist in a tight squeeze. “Didn’t mean to scare you though.” (His/Her) own arms slowly crept around my middle, mirroring my embrace.

You: “It’s fine.”  There was a tug on the hem of my shirt. I looked, finding Scarlett looking up at us, concern evident in her face. She signed, eliciting a quick chuckle from (F/N). “Yeah, I’m ok Scarlett. Come on.” (He/She) reached down, taking her into (his/her) arms and picking her up. “Let’s go plan what we’re all going to do at the Glacier festival huh?” Scarlett nodded in approval.

Bumi: “Sounds like fun!”

Ikki: “I wanna come too!

Meelo: “Me too!”

Jinora: “Same!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at how easily swayed these children (Bumi Included) were. They walked off in unison, headed back for the temple. (F/N) stopped, turning back to me with a smile on (his/ her) face.

You: “Well? You comin?” I smiled back, and was about to answer.

Tenzin: “Actually.” The killjoy decided to jump in. “I think Korra is in need of another session with me today, to remind her of what is TRUE Airbending.” Tenzin came up behind me, placing a stern hand on my shoulder. He gripped firmly, making sure I knew he didn’t want me going anywhere. (F/N) on the other hand.

You: “Actually Tenzin. I was thinking of calling a session of my own. I feel Ms. Korra is in need of a lesson in strategy. And what better way then to plan ahead for a day of fun?” I could feel the irritation radiating from behind me. “Besides. You’ll be having her for weeks on that little temple hopping trip of yours, what’s one more day of goofing off?” At last, Tenzin released me, turning away in a huff to head off…. Wherever he went. I didn’t care, I was far to ecstatic that (F/N) had managed to get me out of a spite session with him. I jogged over, a smile as wide as could be across my face.

Korra: “My hero.” (He/She) chuckled, nudging me forward as best (he/she) could into the temple after the others. We all ended up ‘planning’ well into the night. Just laughing, talking, and swapping stories.

(??? POV)

We arrived in Republic City well after dark. The Air Temple where Lord Vane was last reported having been in our view. I piloted the Airship at the far side of the island, making sure to hide it below the cliff face. The three of us disembarked, and began our mission. Dressed in pitch black, with sashes across our mouths, we moved through the brush and trees of the island towards the temple, ensuring to avoid and guard there may have been. Surprisingly, there were spare, if none at all. Though I supposed it wasn’t necessary when there was a Sith Lord on the island. As we entered the temple, we took to the rafters, climbing through the halls, checking each room as we did in search of our target. As we were searching, there was noise. Someone was walking through the halls.

Round a corner, came a small child, with hair as black as a starless night sky, and eyes as blue as the weapon on my hip. She carried a small penguin seal close to here chest as she walked the halls, though unlike us, she seemed to understand her way around. I signaled to the others to follow her. Making our way to find out who or what she was headed for. It was clearly the right choice.

As she entered a particular room, I took notice of the form asleep within. While (his/her) features were hardly out of the ordinary. The way in which (he/she) slept is what caught my attention. (He/She) slept on (his/her) back. Hands folded over each other across (his/her) chest. The sheets of the bed were thrown back, unneeded in the warm night. On the night stand next to (his/her) head, sat a small cylindrical object, similar to the one I had latched to my side. This was our target.

The child woke Lord Vane, poking into (his/her) shoulder until (he/she) stirred. (He/She) turned to her. (E/C) eyes struggling to open as (he/she) ran a hand through (H/L) (H/C) hair. The communicated silently. The child motioning with her hands while Lord Vane responded hoarsely. Eventually Lord Vane adjusted (himself/herself) in the bed, allowing the child to slip in next to (him/her). I was astonished at the sight. The storied told to us had always told of a ruthless warrior. A war leader capable of unspeakable things. This.. this (man/woman) was hardly that.
Despite my own misgivings. (He/She) was still our target. Once sure (He/She) had returned to sleep. I signaled to my sisters. They pulled their own weapons from their hips as I prepped the dart the Master had given us. I loaded it into the blow gun, took aim, and fired.

(Your POV)

Someone was poking me in the shoulder, rather roughly at that.

You: “What… who…” I rolled over, coming face to face with.. “Scarlett. Everything ok?” I muttered, my voice still heavy with sleep. She shook her head, hugging her stuffed seal penguin closer to her chest. “What’s wrong?” She maneuvered her toy under her arm before answering.

Scarlett: (“Nightmare.”)

You: “Oh… well… um.” Her eyes began to water slightly. And I could sense the fear in her mind was still present, though diluted. “Alright, come here.” I scooted over, lifting the sheets so she could climb in. She did, laying on her side facing away. “Comfortable?” She nodded. “Do you want to talk about it?” She shook her head no. “Ok, just try and sleep sweetheart. Everything’s gonna be ok.” I stayed awake a moment, waiting for her to fall asleep before I fell asleep myself. Soon enough, her breathing slowed, and I could see her body move ryhtmiclly with her breathing. Once I was certain she wouldn't wake again. I layed back down on my back, allowing my eyes to flutter closed once again. They just didn't stay like that very long. Whether it had been only a moment or an hour, I did not know. But I was once again woken by a pinch in my neck. I gasped, rolling quickly out of bed as I reached for whatever had stung me. My other hand immediately reached out, calling my lightsaber from the nightstand to my hand, activating its main blade in defense. I felt something sticking out of the side of my neck. When I pulled it, I noticed it to be some kind of dart. “What in the hell?” I tossed it aside, turning this way and that as I attempted to find whoever had shot me. I sensed Scarlett wake, worry clouding her mind. “Scarlett stay in bed.” She obeyed, fear now replacing the concern. I turned a final time to the front of the room, where I saw three, shadowy figures fall from the ceiling. As they approached me, they began to fade, my vision began to cloud. “My… my eyes.” I rubbed them, but my vision did not return. Then, I heard it. The tell tale sound of a lightsaber. Three of them activating. “I do not need my eyes to dispatch of you assassins.”

Refusing to let some coward gain the upperhand over me. I attacked first. Flipping through the air to bring my own crimson blade crashing down against one of theirs. It connected and pushed them back a ways. As the first attempted to recover, another came up behind me, slicing at my back. I turned and countered, trading a few slashes before kicking them against the wall. The first recovered and joined the second on their onslaught. As I dodged and countered the strikes from the first two, I was reminded of the third when one called out to them.

???: “Kill the child!” I could feel Scarlett's fear spike in that instant, watching as the third assailant raised their saber to strike her. Before they had the chance, I knocked the two others aside, then force pushed the third against the wall. Hard. After which I reached out, calling Scarlett from bed into my arms.

You: “Hang on to me.” As she wrapped her arms around my neck, crawling onto my back as best she could. I backed us out of the room, the three assassins recovering and following me out. I kept them in front of me, backing out down the hall as two of them continued the assault. Their sabers flew through the air as they attempted to cut me down. Slashes and blows countered and parried with attacks of my own. The third, to my surprise, had attempted to come around the back, having crawled across the wall in an effort to cut me off. It failed.

As the first two continued to press me back, the third jumped to strike, only to have their saber meet my own. Then for their stomach to meet my foot as I kicked them through one of the windows. They fell out, and I jumped out after them. I landed on bended knee, the other two following after me. Two of them kept to my flanks. But the third, one I assumed to be the leader, kept themselves in front of me. I stood, facing my assailant, my saber re-ignited in front of my face in salute. I heard the leaders blade do the same. I smirked, and they took the first strike. Again I was placed on the defensive, not only because of the child I had slung across my back, but because whatever had caused me to loose my sight was now taking a toll on my body, draining me of energy. They pushed me back, all three striking in conjunction with each other in an effort to cut me down. They were well trained. But I was still their superior.

Eventually they had managed to push me into the temple garden. As I began to lose breath, one kicked into my middle, sending me back. Scarlett toppled to the floor as my back connected with a pillar. I could hear the ocean waves splashing below us, we were near the cliff face. I reached for my fallen saber, but one of them had kicked it out of my reach. Another, stood before me in arrogance. I could sense the pride fill their mind as they rose their saber high to deliver the killing blow. I never waivered. Even now, I refused to submit. I heard the blade cut down through the air. Then.

Scarlett: “NO!” The sound of a lightsaber activating, then crashing into another.

???: “What!?” Scarlett had not only managed to collect my fallen saber, but activate it, and counter the assassins blow. “Step aside!”

Scarlett: Ow!” i heard a kick, and someone falling to the floor. They had struck her. My head filled with rage, and new found power. I roared, my hands extending, summoning forth my lighting to strike those that dared to hurt my Scarlett. Their pained screams filled the night, the smell of charred flesh intermingling with the sea air. Two of them, I sent hurdling over the cliff, thrown to the waiting rocks below. But the third, the one I assumed to be the leader, I dropped to the ground before me, unconcious. Finally, with my would be assailants unconscious, or dead. I allowed myself, to succumb to whatever was in my system, and fall to the ground. “No, no, no, no.” Scarlett walked over to me, falling to her knees before me, her mind filled with worry. “Ok?” I nodded.

You: “I’m fine. I’m fine. Just need to rest. Don’t worry about me.” She took my hand in her own, squeezing tightly.

Scarlett: “Scared.”

You: “I know. I know. But you were so very brave. And I am so very proud of you.” I could feel her smile at that..

Tenzin: “What happened!?”

Korra: “Are you alright!?”

Bumi: “Where’s the fire!?” Apparently, my little skirmish with these would be assassins had woken some of the others.

Scarlett: “Assassins. Tried to kill us.” Silence. “What?”

Korra/Tenzin/Bumi: “You can speak!?” I sighed.

You: “Yes. She can speak. Can we PLEASE focus on the priority now? Assassins? I’m blind over here dammit!”

Korra: “What the hell happened?” Korra jolted over to me, prepping herself to heal my lost eyesight.

You: “Like Scarlett said, assassins. Three of them tried to kill us. But I’m certain she wasn’t one of the targets. I’m certain I was the only one.”

Tenzin: “What makes you so sure?” I could sense Tenzin hovering over us, concern wavering in his mind as the cool of water rushed over my eyes. I reached out, pulling one of the fallen sabers to my hand.

You: “What do you see?” All fell silent, a collective astonishment falling over the group.

Korra: “That’s… that’s a lightsaber.”

You: “Exactly.”

Tenzin: “But… but how?”

You: “I have a few theories but… BUMI! Get away from them!” Bumi had wandered over to the fallen body of the assassin leader.

Bumi: “I thought you were blind!? Nearly gave me a heart attack!”

You: “Blind in the eyes. Not the mind. I can still ‘see’ in a sense of the word. Now keep away from them. If they had a lightsaber who knows what else they may be carrying.”

Tenzin: “Then we need to bind them. You said there were three? Where are the other two?”

You: “Dead. I threw them over the cliff.”

Tenzin: “You shouldn’t have done that. They could have had information as to why..”

You: “Tenzin.” I stated firmly, cutting him off. “I appreciate the concern. But this isn't the first time I’ve dealt with an assassination attempt on my life. I KNOW what I’m dealing with. So for ONCE would you just SHUT UP?” Silence once again crept of the group. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap.”

Tenzin: “No.. you’re right.”

Korra/Bumi: “What?”

Tenzin: “(He/She)’s right. This isn’t exactly something I’ve dealt with. Whoever these assassins are, they are obviously aware of who (he/she) is and where (he/she) comes from. If they have weapons from (his/her) would then clearly they have knowledge I don’t. However, I think i can be of some use.” He leaned down, taking my free hand in his. “Let me help you.” I ‘looked’ at him, Korra’s healing water still working away at my eyes.

You: “In my room, there’s a small dart. I need to to bring it here. Be careful, the poison on it’s tip is what did this..” I waved over my face. “To me.”

Tenzin: “Right.” He left without another word.

You: “Bumi.”

Bumi: “Yeah?”

You: “I need you to take Scarlett back to her room. Stay with her until she falls asleep. Please.”

Bumi: “Of Course.”

Scarlett: “But….”

You: “No buts.” I turned towards her general direction. “You have been VERY brave today. And I couldn’t be more proud. But you need rest. Please, for my peace of mind. Go with Bumi and try to sleep.” She still clung to my hand, refusing to remove her own from mine.

Scarlett: “Ok?”

You: “I am.”

Scarlett: “Promise?”

You: “I do. And I NEVER break a promise.” Finally, with an assurance that I wasn’t going to keel over on her, Scarlett let my hand go. Trading it for Bumi’s as he led her back to her own room. “Korra?”

Korra: “Hang on. I should have your eyes fixed in a sec.”

You: “Korra.”

Korra: “Hang on, just a moment longer.”

You: “Korra.” I reached up, taking hold of one of her wrists. “It’s ok. I need to to make sure our would be killer doesn't get away first though.”

Korra: “Oh. Right.” She turned from me, motioning to the area around the unconscious assassin, causing the ground to swallow them up to the neck. “There, that oughta hold them.” She turned back to me, continuing her work. “Who are they?”

You: “No clue. I didn’t get a good look before they blinded me.”

Korra: “With those saber though. They must be from your home right?”

You: “That’s the prevailing theory, yes. But. I can’t sense the force in them. If they were from my world. Even if they weren’t force sensitive, I should be able to feel some inkling of the force within them. No, they’re empty.”

Korra: “You mean… like a non bender?”

You: “No… like… they don’t  even exist.” Silence again fell between us as Korra finished her healing work. My eyesight slowly returning to me as she did.

Korra: “Better?” I blinked, my eye sight finally returning in full. Korra’s face the first thing to fill my view.

___: ‘Great view to see after getting eyesight back huh?’ I  ignored the voice. I didn’t have the time to deal with that conversation right now.

You: “Much.. thank you.” She sat back, letting me sit up and look around. My eyes finally fell on the assassin leader, then to the weapon discarded to their side. “No.”

Korra: “What?” I ignored her, reaching out to call the weapon to me. As I took the hilt of the saber in my hand. I looked it over, handling it as delicately as I possibly could. “What is it?”

___: 'It can’t be.'

You: ‘It is.’

Korra: “Hello? Earth to (F/N). What’s so special about this Lightsaber?” I looked to her, a grave look in my eye. I lifted the saber up, activating it and allowing the sapphire blade to illuminate our faces.

You: “This… This was Ashara’s lightsaber.”
Holy... What the hell is going on!?
I mean obviouly I know, but isn't this exciting!?
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I don't own The Last Air Bender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, the Images used, or you.
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