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The months progressed without real incident. Mako continued to be distant and jealous as always. Only ever making any kind of contact when we would cross each other's paths. And even in that situation, the most I would get was a quick dirty look before he rushed off to wherever he was off to. Usually headed off to work, or back from. While it never truly bothered me that this post pubescent brat was angry that I was spending more time with his girlfriend then I was. What DID bother me was the effect it was having on aforementioned girlfriend.

Because of Mako’s jealous nature, it led to more then a few fights between he and Korra. The process was generally as follows:

-Korra and I would begin her daily training after he had left for the precinct.
-The two of us would train without issue for several hours.
-Mako would come back and find us training, would become frustrated and storm off.
-Korra would become distraught, so either I would cut the session short for her sake, or she would cut it short to go after him.
-She would argue with him, storm off mad. Practice her bending to ease her anger, then the two would kiss and makeup.

And the process would start all over again the following day. Frankly it was beginning to get tiring. And as much as I wanted to say something, I swore I wouldn’t get involved.Not only because it wasn’t my place to say anything regarding Korra’s relationships, but because the moment I did that little migrane of a voice would start insisting I tell her how I feel. And there was no way I was doing that.

As for the rest of my students, save Scarlett, they all seemed to disappear on me.

About two months ago, the Pro Bending league had started the new season. Bolin, being the only veteran member of the team, the ‘Fire Ferrets’ I think he called them, headed out to find new members for the league to play. As a result, the majority of his time was spent whipping the new members into shape rather then training with me. Not that I minded, I was happy he was getting out and living his own life rather then being tied at the hip to his older brother.

Asami was also having significant trouble at home. With the arrest of her father, that left Future Industries and the Sato fortune to her care, making her head of what I understood to be a multi-million yuan company. Trouble was, with her father’s recently acquired reputation as a domestic terrorist, business for Future Industries was taking a plummeting fall, leaving Asami to try and pick up the shattered pieces while also putting out fires left and right. As a result, like Bolin, she spent nearly all her time at the company headquarters. I offered my assistance as often as I could. While I certainly couldn't re-create a speeder per say, I was still decently handy with a wrench. As appreciative as she was for the offer though, she would always refuse. Citing that I had my own things that required my attention. Speaking of.

Scarlett had certainly become much more comfortable with her surroundings and the people within them. She had been spending more free time with the others among the temple. Playing with Pema’s children, or even Bolin or Korra if they were available. Asami was another she would spend time with, if the day allowed, and the same was could be said for Tenzin. But the one she spent the majority of her time with, was me. Not that I was complaining of course. Frankly, it was nice having a child to care for again, and Scarlett reminded me so very much of Ashara. We eventually began taking trips into the city together, once she felt comfortable enough to do so of course. Simply wandering the streets, people watching and eating together. It was rather pleasant all things considered. During one of the outings we even found her a little stuffed penguin seal. It was nice, the feeling of normalcy she gave me, and I could only hope I was giving her. But, the vision still haunted me.

Any time I could find for myself, I would spend meditating. Trying with every ounce of strength I had to will the vision forth, so I could see it on my terms. Yet no matter how much I would focus, it refused to come. As a result, all I had to go off of was the visual of Korra and her, wrapped in each other’s embrace, falling from some towering thing towards the streets of Republic City. And all I could do was watch as something cold wrapped around my waist and pulled me away from them. The meaning of this vision has eluded me since it first came to me. And no matter how much I would rack my brain over it, it would not become any clearer. As a result, I was worried that if Scarlett became attached to me, or vice versa, this vision would certainly come to pass. What I wouldn’t give for Yoda’s council right now.

There was thankfully, a major distraction on the way. After Korra and I’s last sparring match. I decided the best thing to do was to have her spar with someone closer to her experience level. That someone, was Scarlett. As the two had begun training at roughly the same time, it was an easy choice. And despite the fact that Korra was ten years Scarlett’s senior, the two were surprisingly evenly matched in terms of saber combat. With both consenting to it, so it was.

Everything seemed to move smoothly for the following months. And then, HE arrived

???: “Ahoy!!”

Tenzin: “Oh no.” I was sitting in the dining room with Tenzin enjoying an early lunch, discussing how best to separate Korra’s days so we could both train her effectively when we heard the call.

You: “What? What is it?” Tenzin grabbed me by the arm, tugging me aside and away from my food. He dragged me through the halls, down one back corridor, and finally through one particularly small door.

Tenzin: “Hide me!” He shoved me in, then followed suit, cramming me further into the already cramped… broom closet, we were in a broom closet.

You: “Uh… Tenzin.” I shifted as much as I could, attempting force space for me to fit. “Not that I don’t enjoy your company...but.. Why am I in a broom closet?”

Tenzin: “We’re hiding. Shh.”

You: “Ok… from what exactly?”

???: “Tenzin!!” Tenzin cringed at the yell.

You: “Who is that?” He sighed heavily, highly unwelcome considering he had been eating a bowl of Onion and Banana soup.

Tenzin: “That.. would be Bumi. My older brother.”

(Korra’s POV)

Over the months (Y/N), Scarlett and I had been training in lightsaber forms, Scarlett and I had gotten surprisingly close. While she herself never actually talked to me, she did become comfortable enough with me to communicate with her visual cues. Otherwise (Y/N) would simply translate her Sign-language. Whether it was because she she felt a natural connection with me, or because I was the one she spent the most time with aide from (Y/N), I wasn’t sure. But I knew I wasn't going to abuse it. She was a sweet girl, but still timid enough that I didn't want to force anything.

Korra: “Ready?” She nodded, taking up her stance as I took up mine. “Go.” The one thing the two of us truly bonded over, was lightsaber practice. On our mutual off days, where neither of us were training with whoever would be normalling doing so, the two of us would get together to practice some standard combat. And I had to admit, after a couple months of nothing but saber training, Scarlett had gotten good. Her short stature and previous Chi-Blocking training had really helped her speed, allowing her to focus on quick strikes and dashes. I, as (Y/N) had put it, was more of a heavy hitter. Dependant more on strong swings and solid defense.

Bumi: “Ahoy!!”

Ikki: “Uncle Bumi!” We were in the middle of a sparring session when I heard the loud call. I signaled her to stop before walking out to the courtyard. Scarlett followed close behind, hiding behind me as she normally did when around anyone she didn't recognize. And to be honest, when it came to HIM, It’s probably best to be cautious. I’d only met Commander Bumi once before, back when the United Forces had sent him as back up against Amon. And my impression of him was…. Eccentric.

Bumi: “Kids!” He was certainly a kind man, proven now as he ducked down to wrap his nieces and nephew into a bear hug. And I had no problem with him personally. But I could see how someone would find him a bit, much. Especially someone as normally timid as Scarlett was. “Well hello Avatar Korra!” After wrestling himself away from the kids, Commander Bumi came up to me, a wide, manic grin on his face.

Korra: “Commander Bumi, it’s good to see you again.” I stuck out my hand for him to shake, which he immediately bypassed to wrap me in a back breaking hug.

Bumi: “Oh there’s no need for that! We’re all friends here! And it isn't ‘Commander’ Bumi anymore. Didn’t you hear? I’m Retired!” I patted him on the back as best I could, all the while trying to catch my breath.

Korra: “Congratulations. Um.. if you wouldn’t mind.. Putting me down?”

Bumi: “Oh! Of course.” He released me, a sheepish smile replacing his manic one, if only for a moment. His manic Smile returned once he took notice of the small child hidden behind me. “And who’s this mysterious little person?” He kneeled down, shooting out his hand in offer. “Bumi’s the name, but you can call me Uncle Bumi!” As Expected, Scarlett hid herself behind my legs, her eyes narrowed dangerously at him. “Bit shy huh?”

Korra: “Her name’s Scarlett. She isn’t exactly fond of new people. She’s mute, so she doesn't really communicate, save with sign-language.”

Bumi: ‘Sign-Language huh?” Bumi stroked at his large beard. “Well I’m a bit rusty, but i could give it a shot.” He scooted a bit closer, then began moving his hands in odd ways, forming odd shapes and motions. As he did, Scarlett began to slowly creep out from behind me legs, her eyes wide in surprise. After a moment, she began motioning back.

Korra: “You know sign-language?” Bumi chuckled.

Bumi: "Yep. Had to learn it back when we were stationed near this little village just outside of Ba-Sing-Se. Not a single one of ‘em spoke, but they all knew sign-language!” He signed again to Scarlett, to which she chuckled and nodded.

Korra: “What did you say to her?” He stood, meeting me eye to eye.

Bumi: “I asked her if she would like to come help me find my prude of a brother.” He extended his hand, and to my utter astonishment, Scarlett took it with a smile. And so the two began wandering the temple with Bumi shouting. “Tenzin!” I followed, if only out of odd curiosity.

(Your POV)

You: “Tenzin move over, your elbow is in my face.”

Tenzin: “I’m against the wall I can’t move any further.”

You: “Well you need to, or I’m going to shove you through that wall.”

Tenzin: “No you won’t.”

You: “You really want to make that bet?”

Tenzin: “”

You: “I thought so. Now move over.”

Tenzin: “I really can’t.”

You: “Well then let me out at least.”

Tenzin: “No! I need you to hide me!”

You: “Me sitting in here with you isn’t going to help hide you.”

Tenzin: “It will if you keep quiet.”

You: “What is your deal with your brother anyway?

Bumi: “His deal.” The door to the closet rushed open, the hall lights flooding the confined space. “Is that he thinks I bug him constantly.” In the doorway, stood a rather tall man, roughly as tall as Tenzin did. He wore a red military jacket with tan colored pants. His brown hair hung past his shoulders, and his beard wrapped around his chin from ear to ear. “Hello little brother.” Tenzin sighed heavily.

Tenzin: “Hello…. Bumi.”

You: “Oh! So YOU’RE Bumi.” Bumi’s eyes darted from Tenzin’s to my own, a question forming behind them.

Bumi: “Yes (Sir, Ma’am). And you are?” I maneuvered myself roughly in the confined space, allowing my hand to jut out.

You: (F/N) (L/N). Pleased to meet you.” Bumi took it, his eyes widening as his jaw dropped.

Bumi: “No way, (F/N) (L/N)? As in the Dark One (F/N) L/N)?” I nodded.

You: “The one and only.” He bellowed in laughter, pulling on my arm quickly. I popped free of the closet, followed closely by Tenzin. He fell to the floor as Bumi pulled me into a hug.

Bumi: “This is amazing! Dad used to tell us all stories about you! I never thought I’d ever be able to meet (Uncle/Auntie) (F/N)!” My eyes shot wide in confusion.

You: “I’m sorry, (UNCLE/AUNTIE)?”

Korra: “That’s precious.” I shifted my neck in Bumi’s bear hug. Turning as best I could, I found myself face to face with a rather amused looking Korra, little Scarlett standing next to her with a confused look of her own. “And here I thought (gramps/granny) was funny. Now I find out you’re an (uncle/aunt).” Oh no.

You: “.....That’s just wonderful.”I turned back as best I could. “Uh… Bumi, would you be so kind as to… release me?”

Bumi: “Oh! Of course.” He did, and after quickly brushing myself off, I turned to Tenzin, still on the floor, a light red in his cheeks.

You: “(Uncle/Auntie)?” I asked. The red deepend. He stood, clearing his throat before answering.

Tenzin: “Yes.. well, whenever my… our father mentioned you in one of his stories. He referred to you as our…(Uncle/Aunt.)”

You: “Wonderful.” I turned back, noticing that Scarlett had joined the group at some point, currently giggling to herself. “And what are you laughing at?” She snorted at my annoyance, then replied.

Scarlett: (“He called you (Uncle/Auntie), and Korra called you (Gramps/Granny).. You’re old.”) I gasped, and I swear I could hear my heart stop.

Bumi: “Don’t be to hard on (him/her) little one. After all, (he/she) isn’t THAT old.”

You: “Exactly, I may have been around for a while, but I’m no….. Wait.. You read sign language?” Bumi stood tall, a proud look on his face.

Bumi: “That I do! Tenzin would to, IF he let me teach him.”
Tenzin; “I still believe there is nothing of value you can teach me with one of your long winded war stories brother.” Now it was Bumi’s turn to look offended.

Bumi: ‘My stories are NOT long winded.”

You: “War stories huh?”

Bumi: “Oh yeah. You don't get to be commander of the United Forces without earnin’ your stripes! And believe you me, I EARNED those stripes. Like the time I fought off a vicious Shark Squid with nothing but a Teaspoon!.”

Tenzin: “And here we go…” Tenzin palmed his face, his eyes growing tired. I on the other hand.

You: “A Shark Squid? With a Teaspoon?” Once again, Bumi jutted his chin out with pride.

Bumi: “Yes indeed.”

You: “That’s cute.” He deflated, his narrowed eyes meeting mine.

Bumi: “What?” I chuckled.

You: “Oh no, no. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rather impressive… for a soldier.” He frowned.

Bumi: “Well… I’m SO sure you have plenty of ‘stories’ to tell us from the hundred year war huh? That is, if dad hasn’t told us them all yet.” I checked my nails, that much more patronizing considering my hands were gloved, before rubbing them against my robed chest.

You: “Oh, I’m sure Aang told you all the stories about my time… here.” I met his eyes again, a smug grin across my face. “But he didn’t tell you any from MY world… did he?” Bumi stood at full height, his brow arched and arms crossed across his chest.

Bumi: “Dad did mention you're from some other world. So tell me then, what’s YOUR greatest achievement?”

You: “Well I was in charge of a galaxy wide space armada. But you don’t earn the title of Grand Supreme Admiral without earning a few scars. Like the time I fought and killed a Krayt Dragon on my own.” Bumi’s arms relaxed, and his brow came down from its high horse, if only a bit.

Korra: “Wait, you took on a Dragon?”

You: “KRAYT Dragon.” I specified. “Much worse. Dragon’s breathe fire and fly. Krayt dragons can’t fly, but they’re force resistant, and their skin is lightsaber proof. Major pain to kill. Thing was a monster. Had eight legs and could swim through sand dunes. Must have been at least sixty feet long.”

Bumi: “Lightsaber? That’s that fire sword Dad said you always carried right?” I pulled my saber from my hip, activating the main blade and allowing the red hue to fill the small space.

You: “Indeed. Can cut through near anything. Korra can attest to that.” Korra nodded in agreement. “And event still, that Dragon was more then willing to fight back.” The blade retracted as I clipped it back to my belt. As I did, Bumi smirked.

Bumi: “Well, well. Maybe you are the (Guy/Gal) Dad went on and on about after all.”

Tenzin: “And on, and on, and on, and on….” Ignoring Tenzin’s comment, I smirked back, a mutual respect growing between us. He stuck his hand out to me again.

Bumi: “Commander Bumi of the United Forces. Retired.” I took it, shaking it firmly.

You: “Grand Supreme Admiral (F/N) (L/N) of the Galactic Empire. Forcibly Retired.” We shook.

Tenzin: “Wait… Retired?” Bumi grinned.

Bumi: “That’s right little brother, from now on it’s round the clock Bumi!” Tenzin groaned, and everyone around laughed. “Well. (Mr. Ms.) Grand Admiral Supreme whatever. Care to join me in the kitchen? I’m starving and I’d love to hear more of those stories of yours.”

You: “Gladly.” I turned, extending my hand out to the smallest person in the hall. “Well come on. I know YOU want to hear these.” As expected, Scarlett nodded wildly in agreement. Taking my hand enthusiastically as we headed off down the hall.

Korra: “Well wait up, I want to hear these too.” Korra followed after us. The only one that didn’t was the still enthusiastic Tenzin, mumbling something about ‘Round the clock headache.’


(??? POV)

As I watched over the massive training arena, where most, if not all of my Master’s disciples were training. I found I could not bring myself to chose the best two of the dozens here. Each one sparred with a partner, most evenly matched, incapable of beating their opponent thoroughly.

Master: “Have you found your two followers?” The Master had come up behind me, his own yellow eyes now falling on the best of his students.

???: “I am afraid not my Master, they are all so well trained. I find it difficult to choose just two.” The Master scoffed.

Master: “You find if difficult because you do not see.”

???: “Master?” He pointed out.

Master: “Look there.” I looked, finding one set of sparrers in particular. “The female, notice the ferocity in her movements, the viciousness in her attacks.” As I looked, I began to see what he meant. “And her opponent. Notice how he uses his size to his advantage, his strength to keep her off balance.” He turned to me. “Fighting against one another, they are evenly matched, but fighting together, they would be a force to be reckoned with.”

???: I understand Master.”

Master: “Be sure you do when choosing your two. There will be no second chances.” With that, he turned to leave, the end of his robe dragging along the floor.  I kept my focus on the disciples. I walked through the crowd, taking in every detail I could as I passed each pair of sparrers. Many caught my eye. Men and women, all with the viciousness and anger needed for this mission.  Eventually, as I found myself nearing the back end of the arena. The pair weren’t fighting each other, but they were certainly decimating their opponents. They were both light skinned, likely pulls from the fire nation, and both female. The first, was rather thin, black cropped hair with long, lanky limbs. She was quick, capable of rushing in close quarters, attacking with surprising strength, then retreating to a safe distance before anyone could process her movements. The second. A blonde haired one, tied back in a bun, was stronger then the first, muscle tone evident on every limb. Her strength lied in just that, her strength. Her opponent's strikes barely registered, and she retaliated with surprising speed, nearly knocking her opponent unconscious with each swing.

But what truly dre me to them was their eyes. Within them was held the look of pure enjoyment. They ENJOYED tearing their opponents apart. The pure ferocity in their eyes, along with their impressive skill, solidified my decision. I walked up to the first, gripping her shoulder twice, then turned to the other and did the same. They both looked to me, then stopped their exercises to follow as I walked back towards the front of the arena. The three of us walked in silence, all the way to the Master's quarters. As we walked through the sliding door, and as it slid closed behind us, we all kneeled.

???: “Master, I have chosen.” He turned to us, hood still up.

Master: “So you have.” He strode over to us, his eyes taking in the two I had chosen. “And you are certain, these two are up for the task at hand?” I turned, first to me left, then right.

???: “I am.”

Master: “Very well. Rise, all of you.” We did, he turned away from us, heading back to the cabinet he kept in the back of his chambers. Opening it, and producing two more of the weapons from it. “I trust, you have not explained the situation to them as of yet?”

???: “I have not., I did not believe it my place.”

Master: “As it was not.” He turned back to us. “You two have been hand selected to undergo an assassination mission. Only he.” He nodded toward me. “Is aware of the target, and will remain as such. These weapons, are how you will perform this task.” He handed them the blades. “Be warned, while you have been trained to handle these, your target is vastly superior. Which is why you will also require this.” From the sleeve of his robe, he produced a single dart. “This, is a neurotoxin. It isn't enough to kill your target, but it will dull (his/her) senses. Take this, and your weapons, and you will succeed. Or you will die trying.” I took the dart, pocketing it before kneeling before him once more, the other two followed suit.

???: “We will not fail you Master.”

Master: “Be sure you don’t. And if you do, be sure you do not return. It would be unwise to return unsuccessful.”

???: “Yes, My Master.”

Master: “Leave.” We stood, filing out of the room quickly before the door slid closed behind us. As we let, one of the others, the black haired one, spoke up,

Sister 1: “Who is this target?” I eyed her over my shoulder, leading them both towards the Academy's Airship.

???: “That is not your concern sister.” The other spoke up.

Sister 2: “If we are to be ready to perform as the Master wishes, we must know who it is we are to end.” I sighed, stopping mid way down the hall before turning to them.

???: “Alright, you both are aware that the Master is not of this world. He hails from a realm of power we cannot comprehend.” The both nodded. “Our target is another such person, one that hails from this realm of spirit like power. One the Master has spoken of, one he as warned us of.”

Sister 1: “Lord Vane.” I nodded.

Sister 2: “And he expects us to not only challenge, but kill (him/her)?”

???: “Lord Vane is merely human. Even (he/she) can be killed. And with this.” I held the blade weapon the Master had given me. “And the toxin we have an opportunity. This is what he has trained us for, and we will succeed.” They looked to each other, a look of uncertainty shared between them. “Or would you prefer to return and tell the Master you are unfit for this assignment?” The uncertainty faded as they shook their heads. “Good. Now let us go. Time is of the essence.” We continued they way without interruption. Only after we boarded the Airship and we were underway for Lord Vane’s last known location did one of the sisters speak up again.

Sister 2: “Is it true (his/her) power is comparable to that of the Emperor?” I sighed, though not out of annoyance. I’d heard these rumors too. The Master had on occasion mentioned that Lord Vane was the first leader of the Empire of this other realm, overthrown by the current Emperor Palpatine. And we had heard that the two were near equal in power. Though who among the two was the more powerful, was commonly vague. A such, I found myself just as concerned as this sister did.

???: “We shall see.”
And with Bumi's introduction, we have officially caught up with the true beginning of Book 2. How wil things play out? Who is this mysterious Master that has lightsabers aplenty? Stick around and find out!
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, the Images used, or you.
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