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(Your POV)

As the months progressed, so did my students. Some as expected, others in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Mako, and his lightning bending had progressed rather impressively, to the point that he was able to produce an impressive amount of energy in an increasingly short period of time, then release it in a controlled stream, And while his training had progressed so seamlessly. His emotional state, had not.That cloud of Jealousy I had sensed during Korra and I’s first session had only grown over the months. So much so I could practically see it seeping from his every orifice. Each time we would train he would grow more aggressive, more spiteful. Even his comments became more… insulting. Eventually, rather then continue training with me. He simply stopped coming, taking a position as an Officer with Lin’s Police force to fill his time instead. The exact reason for his jealousy, I never found out. Though I assumed it was simply my spending as much time with Korra as I had. And if that was the case, his taking a job was only going to make that worse.

Speaking of Korra, Her meditation training had progressed far beyond any expectation I had for her. In the short three months since we had begun, her vision had expanded tremendously, now capable of sensing the individual energies of  those walking through the temple. Though if I was being honest, I shouldn’t have been at all surprised that the Avatar was capable of doing as such. As her training had become more intense, we had decided to add Lightning bending to the regiment, seeing as Mako had left and opened Monday’s up for it. That as well, had progressed beyond my expectations. In the short few weeks since Mako had left to start his job, Korra had met, if not exceeded the level of strength and control Mako had displayed when he left, Her precision with her lighting was incredible, as was her control. I swear she should have been born a firebender.
Then of course, there was the saber training. This had progressed a bit slower then the rest of her lessons, though that was due to the additional student. Scarlett had begun joining us on the Friday’s we dedicated to the Lightsaber practice, using her own, much shorter staff that I had made as promised. And while she did struggle with it at first, in fact she broke the first staff in half out of frustration while beating a nearby tree, she did eventually pick up the basics and beyond nearly, if not as quickly as Korra did. The girl was a prodigy, just like Ashara was. And I was certain that if she were force sensitive she would be just as powerful as Ashara was.

You: “You’ve been doing surprisingly well.” Currently, Korra and I were in the training arena, sans Scarlett for the day, as I intended to move her on to the next level.

Korra: “Glad you took notice.” As per usual, her sass shone through. Though, it was rather well earned. Over the course of the past three months since beginning her saber training, Korra would rarely, if ever, make a mistake in form. She had progressed in her sabar combat training so effectively, it would even impress the best duelists in the galaxy. Most take years, if not decades to learn and perform as well as she has  in the short amount of time we had been training. Then again, being Avatar was certainly han advantage no Jedi, or sith ever had.

You: "Difficult not to. You're a natural. I don't think anyone has learned to use a saber as quickly as you have. YOu may still have a ways to go, but, I think we the next step."

Korra: "Well thank you. What step would that be?" She asked. I reached out my hands, calling the ‘next step’ to my hands. After the.. ‘Incident’ at the bending arena and the Lieutenants unfortunate demise. I had decided to take those two blades of his as trophies. Turns out, the two were magnificently made. Lightweight and perfectly balanced. Perfect for practicing with a slightly more dangerous object then a pointed stick. When they arrived I caught them both in my hands, then tossed one to her. "Oh. Moving on to sharp pointy things then?” She asked, sounding quite excited. I nodded, smirking all the while.

You: "Yes. I think you’ve mastered the art enough to be allowed around sharp objects.” I teased. “This way you can get an idea of handling an actual dangerous weapon. Again the blade won’t instantly kill you, but a sword can still hurt.” She placed a hand on her hip, gesturing with her sword to the lightsaber on my own hip.

Korra: “You know, you’ve been training me on how to use it and how to make sure I DON’T touch the blade, but I haven’t seen it in action. What’s so dangerous about it?” It was a fair question; she’d only ever seen it active once, so I supposed I could give her a demonstration. After searching for the proper demonstration tool, I decided on a large rock sitting just a small ways away from the training arena would be a good place to start. I walked up to it and first took the sword, swinging at the rock, attempting to cut into it. Admittedly, the sword made a deeper gash than I expected, but didn’t even come close to cutting through. I then took my lightsaber and ignited the main blade, then cut through the rock.

My blade flew through it like butter. I turned and deactivated the saber, attaching it back to my hip. Korra still had her hand on her hip, looking at the rock behind me skeptically. I simply held up a finger, asking her to wait just an extra moment, and sure enough, the top half of the rock began to slide down off the bottom half. Her face grew wide in awe.

You: “That.. is what’s so dangerous about it.”

Korra: “How…how can it?” She was speechless.. well mostly speechless.

You: “The lightsaber utilizes the crystals inside to produce a blade made up of a superheated material called plasma. The Plasma blade can reach temperatures of near 1000 degrees, making it possible to cut through almost anything instantly, if it can cut through a stone this size with no issue; imagine what it could do to you.” Korra eyed the saber at my side with genuine concern.

Korra: “But, any wound could be healed right? I mean it may need more than your average day in the healing pools, but.. It could be done right?” I sighed, I truly wish I could have just told her that was the case and moved on. But that wasn’t the case.

You: “Korra, any wound a lightsaber inflicts is instantly cauterized, meaning it is instantly sealed closed. In a way, the wound technically heals itself. But this could do so much more than simply cut you. It can easily sever your limbs, and though I myself have never experienced it, being stabbed by one is possibly the most painful thing you will ever experience. Unless proper treatment is administered, it is very unlikely you would survive.” I looked at her seriously; I sighed and prepared myself for the question I had to ask her now. “Knowing all this I know can change how you view the weapon, and if you don’t want to continue your training, I would not blame you.” She looked to the floor for a time. Considering the option I had given her. I honestly expected her to back out now. And Asami had spent so much good money on these blades too. But I should have known Korra would surprise me, she always did. She looked up at me, more determined than ever.

Korra: “We were moving on to the swords right?” She stood and took her normal stance. I chuckled and followed suit.

You: “That we were. Move to first position.” And so she did, taking up her usual stance at one end of the arena. I followed suit, taking up mine on the opposite end. “Remember, while similar, the sword will have a different center than the staff. Adjust your grip, and adjust your own strength to make up for the additional weight.” She nodded, her stance never wavering. “Begin.” Korra moved swiftly, rushing across the arena in a dash to bring her sword down on my head. I moved to counter, causing the blades to meet with a clear ‘clang’. I was immediately put on the defensive as Korra pressed her attack. Her blade cut through the air as she swung this way and that. Each attack precise and quick. I defended myself successfully against each strike, yet was still impressed at her movement. Each strike, while a bit slower then normal given the added weight of the blade, was still surprisingly fluid. One followed quickly by the other as she moved.

I remained on the defensive. Only countering and dodging swings rather then actually retaliating with attacks of my own. I wanted to be sure she could handle the new weapon, being able to control it and move with it in attack before needing to defend.

Korra: “Why won’t you fight back?” Apparently Korra had taken notice of my lack of opposing action. And had apparently taken offense to it.

You: “I want you to first learn attack before we practice your defense. YOu need to learn how to attack your opponent without possibly leaving yourself open for counter.”

Korra: “That’s exactly what I’m doing. Fight back, I’m ready.”

You: “No Korra, you’re not. You’re still leaving yourself open.”

Korra: “No, I’m ready. Fight back.”

You: “Korra, I said no.”

Korra: “Fight back.”

You: “Korra…”

Korra: “Come one hit me!” Korra swung, her blade flying clear above my head. Her strike was so hard, it nearly threw her off balance. I took the opportunity to kick out my foot, pulling her exposed leg out from under her. SHe fell to the ground, and as she did I ripped her blade from her hand. As she rolled onto her back, she was met with the end of her own sword, and a tired, annoyed look from me.

You: “You left your side wide open. If I had been anyone else I would have taken your leg clean off.” I flipped the blade, allowing her to take it by the hilt. Her face fell in embarrassment as she took it. Mumbling a quiet thank you as she stood. “Are you gonna start listening to me when I say you aren't ready for something now?” She nodded, refusing all the while to make eye contact. “Good, return to first position.” She did, returning to the opposite end of the arena, all the while with a look of embarrassment. Once at the end, she turned, sword at the ready. But she refused to look me in the eye. “If you don’t look at me, you won't see me coming.” Still, she refused to look up. “Alright.” I sighed. It was easy enough t call up my force speed. Using it to rush her, avoid her suddenly attentive eyes, and move behind her. She looked around, trying to find where I had gone. “Told you.” She jolted, spinning around with her blade out in front. As the sword made way for my neck, I lifted my own sword, countering the strike, then kicking out my foot to knock her back. Her blade once again in my hand. She landed on her back, again.

Korra: “That wasn’t fair.”

You: “Life isn’t fair.” With another sigh, I sat down next to her. “That’s why I want you to be ready before we move on. So you don't HAVE to defend. So you can end it before they even have a chance to retaliate.” She sat up, that same embarrassed look on her face. “You don’t have to be embarrassed that you made a mistake. You just need to learn from them.”

Korra: “How many times did you have to tell that to Ashara?”

You: “...More often then you think.” She turned to me, the question still burning in her eyes. “I told you, you and Ashara are so alike. Maybe more then you originally thought.” FInally, a smile broke across her face.

Korra: “Is this how you’re master taught you?” I froze, silence falling over us like a thick blanket, only broken by Korra. “You must have had one, right.” I turned away from her, my eyes finding the stone floor before me.

You: “I did, but he wasn’t what you would call… patient.”

Korra:” (F/N)? YOu ok?” I didn’t immediately answer. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have….”

You: “No.. no it’s alright. My master just wasn’t exactly the kindest person to apprentice under.” She reached over, cupping my face and gently maneuvering me to meet her gaze.

Korra: “Do you want to talk about it?” I sighed, turning back to meet the floor before deciding.

You: “His name was Hego Damask the second. But I knew him as Darth Plagueis.

(Flash Back)

-Planet Lehon-

Plagueis: “Again.” I panted heavily, the frustration building inside me as he asked me to once again fight for my life. The training droids stood from the heap, activating their own lightsabers. “Begin.” The five of them rushed me. A rainbow of blue and green plasma blades came rushing for me. I barely had the time to activate my own crimson one to counter. I cut, slash, dodged and countered everyone. FIghting all five droids as once. My rage boiling just below the surface, pushing me faster, making me stronger. I moved swiftly, attacked ferociously. And I cut down each and everyone in a rage. With all five downed for the seventh time today, I turned to my master, seated in his stone throne, and kneeled, panting heavily. “Again.” My head shot up, exasperation evident in my face. “You are hesitating. You refuse to allow your anger to flow. You could easily dispatch all five of these droids in an instant, yet refuse to allow yourself the power to do so. Again.”

And again the droids stood. Attacking me, over, and over. Again, and Again. With each fight, I grew slower, more exhausted, and far more enraged. By the fifteenth time I had downed the droids. I was ready to drop to my knees.

You: “......satisfied?” I turned to my master, my shoulder heaving as I fought to stay standing. Lord Plagueis’ yellow eyes simply stared down at me through the shadow of his hood, and with a wave of his hand, he said.

Plagueis: “Again.”

You: “You’re insane.” The droids stood, but they did not attack. Instead, they backed away into the far corner of the room. Lord Plagueis himself stood from his throne, walking down the stone steps, lightsaber in hand to stand before me. He activated his saber, and repeated himself.

Plagueis: “Again.”

You: “I cannot fight you, much less beat you. I am bound to lose. You’ve tired me out.”
Plagueis: “That is the point.” and he attacked. His saber flew through the air as he swung at me. Aiming for my leg, my arm, my chest, my neck. Any part of my body he could damage he attacked. It was by sheer miracle I was able to defend myself at all. “Will the soldiers of war give you mercy when you have tired on the battlefield? Will the Jedi? Will Sidious?” With a final strike, he knocked my saber from my hand. Then took my neck in his free hand, and lifted me to his face. “I sense your anger. I feel it boiling in your mind. Release it, let it fuel you.” I could feel my breath leaving me, I struggled against his grip. My hands digging into his own. But he wouldn’t release. “Let go (boy/girl)! Let your rage give you strength! Let it save you!” In that moment I could feel it. I could feel the cold. Like Ice seeping into my spine. A shadow swallowing me whole. I stretched my body, and I could feel the raw energy explode from me, sending Lord Plagueis back. The strength of the repulse was enough to crack the walls, to shatter the throne upon which my master sat. The droids in the room were sent crashing into the wall behind them. All I could see was black, and all I could hear was a shrieking roar emanating from my own throat. After what felt like hours, the energy drained from me, leaving me near lifeless on the floor. I curled into myself, panting in pure exhaustion. “Well done.” Lord Plagueis had recovered, coming to stand over me. “You may be Sith yet, you certainly have the eyes for it.” I looked to him, confusion weighing heavy on my mind.

You: “What?” I asked, my voice raspy and hollow. He chuckled, taking my hand and hauling me to my shaky feet.

Plagueis: “See for yourself.” He pointed across the room, a mirror hanging on the opposite end. I approached it. My limbs screaming in protest with each step, but I pressed on. Once there though, I saw what he had referred to.

You: “My… my eyes.” In place of my (E/C) eyes, sat a pair of burning yellow jewels. It unnerved me to no end, yet I could not look away.

Plagueis: “Do not fret, in time you will learn how to hide them. But until then. Wear them with pride.” He walked up behind me, his hand reaching for my shoulder. “You are not the youngest to earn their eyes. But you are the first not born of the force. I ever expected our experiment to be a success. But you child have proven me wrong.” I barely heard him, instead focused on the thing in the mirror. The thing with yellow eyes.

-Present Day-

You: “That was the day this happened.” I let my mask drop, letting the yellow eyes shine through for a brief moment before reforming it. “The Sith will do anything to push themselves, to gain ultimate power. Even if it means the possibility of killing yourself.”

Korra: “That’s horrible.” I shrugged.

You: “It’s in the past. I don’t follow that ideal anymore, it’s just the results that ended up being lasting.” SHe took my hand, silently asking my attention. I turned, finding concern filling her eyes.

Korra: “Is there a way to fix… them?”

You: “....not that I’m aware of I’m afraid.”

Korra: “oh.” I shrugged.

You: “It isn’t the worst thing that could have happened. I’ve seen the Dark Side do terrible things to people. There was one Sith in History, Darth Sion. He was so consumed by the darkness that his very body calcified. A living corpse, decaying as it walked.”

Korra: “Thank you for the nightmares.”

YOu: “You’re welcome. Yeah if the worst thing to happen to me is some discolored eyes I’m fine with it. Besides, just means I can do this.” I turned to her, making sure her focus was on my eyes. Then, using the mask, I began changing eye color. “I can change them on a whim.”

Korra: “Woah, that’s awesome.” Her face grew ecstatic as my normally (E/C) eyes flashed every color in the rainbow before returning to their usual (E/C). “Can you teach me to do that?” I chuckled, reaching up to brush away a strand of hair from her face.

You: “I don’t know why you’d want to. You have beautiful eyes.” I froze, heat rising into my cheeks at the realization of what I had just said.

(Korra’s POV)

There was a tint of red rising in (his/her) cheeks after the comment escaped (his/her) lips. (His/Her) hand stayed frozen where it hung, just barely brushing at my face. (He/She)’d said I had beautiful eyes. Not even Mako had complimented them before. I could feel the heat rising in my own cheeks at the compliment. And for once, I didn’t feel the need to turn away and hide it.

You: “I… uh..” (His/Her) hand moved, falling from my face, and falling straight to my lap. “Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t mean…” I caught (his/her) retreating hand. Smiling as reassuringly as I could.

Korra: “It’s ok, just an accident.” (His/Her) face relaxed, but only briefly before (his/her) eyes found something behind me.

You: “He may not see it that way.” (He/She) Nodded (his/her) head. I turned, finding Mako standing just outside the ring, a scowl stretching across his face.

Korra: “Mako.. I..” He turned and left, walking back inside of the temple.

You: “You should go after him.” I turned back to (Y/N), a regretful look painted across (his/her) face. “Besides. I have another session.” Again (he/she) nodded, and I turned to find Scarlett standing at the edge of the ring, staff ready and waiting in her hand.

Korra: “Yeah, seems so.” I stood, making to walk off after Mako before a thought struck me. “(Y/N).” I turned back to (him/her), finding (him/her) standing (himself/herself). “I’m sorry.” (He/She) waved me off.

You: “It’s no issue. Go, spend some time with him. You’ve earned some rest.” WIth a final smile, (he/she) turned to (his/her) other student, who was currently waiting eagerly to get started. I wanted to say something else, but I thought better of it. Instead following after Mako to make sure nothing happened.

(Your POV)

___: ‘You're an idiot.’ For the first time in months, the voice spoke up. And it did it to berate me… wonderful

You: ‘Tell me something I don’t already know. I should have never commented on her eyes.

___: ‘No not about that. Because you didn’t DO anything.’ I shook my head, all the while slowly making my way towards Scarlett, who was patiently waiting on the opposite side of the arena, staff in hand.

You: ‘I'm not arguing you on this right now. I have a child to teach.’ before the voice could argue back, I shoved it away. Forcing a smile for Scarlett's benefit. “Hello Scarlett, ready for your lessons?” SHe nodded, then pointed towards Korra.

Scarlett: (“WHat were you two talking about?”) I turned back, finding Korra’s retreating back disappearing into the temple.

You: “Nothing, just telling some stories from before I met everyone.” I shouldn't have mentioned that.

Scarlett: (“Can you tell me some of them? I want to know more about you.”) Damn. I walked right into that one. Suppose telling her some of the more light hearted storied couldn't hurt.

You: “Well… I suppose…” I strokd my chin in mock thought, all the while watching her from the corner of my eye. SHe was pleading, and her eyes were widening to the size of saucers.

Scarlett: (“Please?”) I chuckled.

You: “Well how can I turn down a face like that?” She yipped, reveling in her small victory before rushing to the center of the arena and sitting down. She looked to me, patting the spot next to her. I couldn't help but chuckle as I walked after her. Once I sat down, she rolled her wrist. “Well give me a second. I need to think of one first.”She rolled her eyes, but obliged, dropping her hand into her lap. I tapped my head a few times, wanting to draw up at least a few decent stories to tell. Then it hit me. I snapped my fingers. “Let me tell you the story of myself, three friends, and how the four of us met the most maddening, annoying man you’ll be thankful you never met. A man-child by the name of King Bumi.”
A day late. but better late then never right?
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I don't own The Last Air Bender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, The images used, or you.
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I would read that. No question
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