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(Your POV)

I was in the Temple Library the day after Korra’s Birthday when Lin had walked in looking for me. I was reading the morning paper, a photo of myself and the ‘vision’ child as I had come to refer to her as on the front page. The caption? ‘Heroic Dark One rescues lost children.’ Apparently these kids had been missing for months. The Equalists kidnapping them to promote fear while also training them in Chi-Blocking. Two birds with one stone I suppose.

It was odd being considered and called a hero. Sure it was a good thing to have found all those children and freeing them. But it wasn’t heroic. It was the right thing to do. Then again… letting a building fall on my head to save one of them may have been pretty heroic… or stupid, one of the two.

You: “Am I under arrest chief?” I looked up from the paper, having sensed Lin walking in, something weighing heavily on her mind. “Charged with letting public property fall on my head?” I smirked at her, to which she smirked back.

Lin: "We need you down at the station.” I  cocked my brow. “You’re not under arrest. I just need your help with something downtown.”

You: “I find my confidence greatly diminished.” I joked, still I stood from my chair, setting the paper down to follow her out. “So what’s happening down there that you need my help of all people?” She didn't respond, instead leading me out to the police airship she had come here on.
Only when we arrived at the station did she start to explain her reason for asking me along.

Lin: “We spent all of yesterday identifying nearly every kid you pulled out of that warehouse. Got them with their families or foster parents. All of them, save one.” She lead me to a wall, then opened a small window to allow me to look inside. Inside the room, was the girl. Her black hair cascading around her face as she buried it between her knees. She sat in the corner of the room, unmoving. I could feel the fear radiating off her in droves. “No name, that she would give us anyway. She refuses to speak to any of us.” I turned to Lin as she continued to explain. “She’s aggressive, wouldn’t let any of my boys near her.” Deja Vu.

-Flash Back-

-Planet Eriadu-

???: “General (L/N).” I turned, finding the source of the voice that called me.

You: “Captain Rex.” The clone captain approached me, helmet in hand. “Something the matter?”His face was screwed up into one of uncertainty.

Rex: “There’s something I thought you should look into General.” I nodded, motioning him to lead the way. He turned, leading me towards one of the AT-TE’s we had in the battalion.

It had been two years since the beginning of the Clone Wars. I was currently stationed with the 501st clone battalion along side General Skywalker and Commander Tano. The Jedi in question were currently assisting with the clean up of the downed droid battalion that had been occupying Eriadu before we arrived. Rex and I entered the walker, upon which I immediately sensed a powerful presence. There was great fear and sadness radiating from the front of the walker.  Rex led me further in, directing me towards a small Togruta girl that sat at the far end. Her face buried between her knees. “She won’t talk, and any trooper that comes close to her is… choked near to death.” She was certainly strong in the force, I could feel that much. It was untrained, wild. But strong nonetheless. I turned to him.

You: “I don’t interrogate children Rex.” He shook his head.

Rex: “I’m not asking you to interrogate her General, but given your… unique position. I figured you the best candidate to talk to her.” It was no secret to the Republic I was a force wielder, nor that I was independent from the Jedi Order. It was just my alignment that had been kept secret from them. More often then not, I would butt heads with the Jedi Council on a multitude of issues. Save mabe Masters Kenobi, Skywalker and Vos, the Order hated me. Not that it mattered, I hated them too. I only suffered them to get close to Sidious, or as they knew him, ‘Chancellor Palpatine.’ When the time was right, I’ll end him, and the Jedi Order right alongside him.
To the matter at hand though. I don't know what resonated within me. But the Togruta girl… intrigued me.

You: “Leave us. I’ll see what I can do.” Rex saluted me, then left, Leaving me and the girl alone for the time. Her head remained in her lap, but if she was as strong as I anticipated, she already knew I was force sensitive as well. “What’s your name?” She didn't move, she just kept herself crouched in the corner. I sighed. “Look, I want to help, but unless you…” I was cut short, my breath leaving me for a brief moment. The Togruta’s hand had shot out, reaching through the force for my neck. I took a moment to rebuild my my defenses, taking into consideration the surprising amount of power this girl had. “Impressive. No one has ever broken through my defenses like that before.” I continued forward as her eyes grew in shock. Realization that her power wouldn’t affect me as it had the others crossing her mind. She quickly retreated back into her ball, almost as if she expected me to retaliate. I sat opposite her, waiting for her to realize I wouldn’t. Slowly, her blue eyes peaked out from behind her knees. I sat still, waiting for her to open up on her own. When she looked up at me, I smiled lightly, my own brown eyes meeting hers. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk… You do speak basic right?” She shook her head. Hmm… Seems I needed to take a different approach. “Can you at least understand me?” She nodded slowly, indicating that she has some semblance of Galactic Basic. “What do you speak?”

???: Chua ni wanga pa lo mi chi copa.” Ah, Huttese. Easy enough.

You: “Chuchawa nichi lo chi pa lo cha.” Her eyes shot open wide.

???: (Translated from Huttese. “You speak Hutt?”) I chuckled.

You: (“I do, among other languages. Why do you speak it?”) She looked down at her lap, her legs having fallen over the chair she was in.

???: (“It was the only language Master taught me.”) She was a slave. Probably wasn't even aware of the power she had.

You: (“Where is your Master now?”) She looked back up, her eyes filled with fear.

???: (“Master is dead. Those metal people killed him.”) To bad, I would have loved to have gotten to him first. (“It wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t protect Master. Please, don't punish me.”) Her head fell to her lap again, tears streaming down her face. I stood, approaching her slowly. Kneeling down on my right leg, I cupped her face and lifted her eyes to meet mine. She flinched, but when she felt no pain, she complied and met my eyes.

You: (“No one is going to hurt you anymore. I promise that.”) Tears welled in her eyes, then she did something unexpected. She jumped from her chair, wrapping her arms around my neck, crying into me armored shoulder. I hugged her back, slowly and unsure. I don’t know what possessed me to help this girl. I was Darth Vane, Sith don’t act this way. Lord Plagueis was going to be pissed.

???: (“Thank you… Master.”) I rubbed her back lightly.

You: (“Don’t call me that. I am not your Master. I do not own you. You are your own person now.”) She pulled away, confusion in her eyes.

???: (“So… what do I call you then?”) I wiped the tears away from her face.

You: (“You can call me (F/N). What’s your name?”) She smiled. It was small, but it was there.

Ashara: (“My name’s Ashara. I’m eleven years old. How old are you?”) I chuckled, picking her up into my arms.

You: (“Older then I look. I can tell you that.”)

-Present Day-

Lin: “Anyone who gets near her, she chi-blocks. She’s pretty good too.”

You: “I don’t interrogate children Lin.

Lin: “I’m not asking you to. I’m only asking you to talk to her. She trusted you, I figured you’d have a better chance of getting her to open up.” I looked back through the window of the holding room, then sighed.

You: “Open it up, I’ll see what I can do.” Lin opened the door, allowing me to walk inside. I stood opposite the girl, hands folded behind my back. Unfortunately, due to the size of the room, I was still in rather close proximity with her. Thankfully it wasn't one of the metal interrogation rooms. After all I’m not a fan of small metal spaces. She never stirred, not even when the door slammed behind me. I stood there, waiting a moment for the girl to acknowledge me, Her head never left her knees.

You: “What’s your name?” Her head perked a bit, but she still refused to look at me. I walked up to her slowly. “If you're worried that I’m going to hurt you, you don’t have to be. I just want…” I didn't get to finish. As soon as I was within range, she shot from her chair, arms out in front and aimed for my right leg. Her fingers jabbed expertly, pinching every nerve in my leg in the wrong way… or right way depending on how you looked at it. I fell to my knee, clutching my shin in pain. Still, I smiled through it. “Impressive. That’s pretty good for someone so young.” I jabbed my middle and forefinger into the back of my knee, rather painfully undoing what she had done. Her eyes grew wide in shock when she saw how easily I undid her work. She rushed back to her chair, balling up to make herself as small as possible, as if she expected me to retaliate. I stood, folding my hands behind my back again. I could sense the fear in her mind. “I’m not going to hurt you. I actually commend you. Not many can get the drop on me like that.” She looked up. Crystal blue eyes looking into my (E/C) ones. Confusion crossed her face at the sight of my smile before retreating back into her knees. I needed something to bring her out… damn, what do kids like? “Would you like to play a game?” Her head perked up a bit. When her eyes met mine again, she nodded slowly. I smiled, then went to the door to call Lin. I knocked once and the door opened. “Are there any games in the building?” SHe looked at me confused.

Lin: “What?” I rolled my eyes.

You: “You were born a grownup weren't you?” Her face fell into unamusement. “Games? You know, backgammon, mahjong, Pai-Sho?” She nodded and disappeared, returning quickly with… a Pai-Sho board. “Really? I meant that as an example.”

Lin: “Well it's the only game in the precinct so you’ll have to make do.” She shoved the board into my hands and slammed the door closed. I sighed, turning back to the girl.

You: “I don't supposed you know how to play Pai-Sho?” To my surprise, she nodded yes. I sat on the floor, gesturing for her to do the same as I set up the board. We sat in silence, playing multiple games. The first I let her wn, but the second, third and fourth she won on her own. It amazed me how well this girl played. Each game she won her smile grew, the sadness in her mind fading. In the middle of the fifth game, I blurted out my first question. “Just how old are you?” I was rather exasperated. In her excitement, she waved her arms. I almost missed it, but I recognized the movements. It was sign-language.

???: (“I’m nine”) Her eyes shot to mine, sadness creeping in again. (“Not like you can understand me anyway.”) She sighed, her eyes falling back to the board. I reached over and cupped her chin, gently lifting her eyes back to mine.

You: (“You might be surprised by what I can understand.”) Her eyes lit up in shock at my movements.  

???: (“You know sign-language?”) She signed quickly. I almost didn't catch it.

You: (“I do, among other languages. Though I have to admit it’s rather rusty. Sorry to ask but i’ll need you to slow down dear.”) She nodded. “Now..” I returned to vocalizing. “Clearly you're not deaf. Are you mute?” She shook her head no. “WHy sign-language then?”  She sighed, the answer weigh heavily in her mind as sadness once again crept in.

???: (“It’s what HE taught us, while he taught us to Chi-Block. Said it helped us practice our hand movements. He would hurt us if we spoke.”)

You: “He who?” I had an idea who she was talking about, given what warehouse I had pulled her from.

???: (“The man in the white mask.”) Noatak. I knew it.

You: “You don’t have to be afraid of him anymore, he’s gone now.” I spoke softly, trying to convey the truth as best I could.

???: (“Did you stop him?”) She asked.

You: “I didn’t. But a friend did.”

???: (“Then how do you know he’s gone?”)

You: “Even if he isn’t. I promise, he’ll never hurt you again. If he comes back, I’ll hurt him worse then he hurt you.” And I meant it. If Noatak EVER showed his face again. I’d finish what I started in the stadium. She smiled lightly, then did the unexpected. She jumped up, knocking the board aside and wrapped her arms around my neck, crying into my shoulder. “Shh, Shhh it’s ok. Now, where are your parents?” She pulled away, signing slowly.

???: (“The man in the white mask did something to them when he took them from me.”) Poor girl.. They were likely dead.

You: “What’s your name sweetness?”

Scarlett: (“Scarlett.”)

You: “Scarlett.” I repeated. “Such a pretty name for a pretty girl.” She giggled a bit. “Scarlett, would you like to come stay with me and some friends for a little bit? Until they can find your parents?” I didn't have the heart to tell her what I figured to be true. A child that young shouldn't have to deal with that kind of pain. She nodded, her smile growing a bit wider. “Ok, stay here a sec. I’m going to go talk to Lin and get you out of here.” Again she nodded. I stood, making my way to the door. As I was about  to knock, it slid open, an armored hand grabbing my shirts and pulling me through before it slammed closed behind me. When the hand released me, I was met with an angry Lin Beifong.

Lin: "What do you think you’re telling her?” Her hands fell to her hips, an angry crease in her forehead.

You: “You know you have the same crease your mother got whenever she was pissed?”

Lin: “Don’t change the subject. What makes you think I’ll let you walk out of here with that girl?” I shushed her, Grabbing her arm and tugging her farther away from the room before explaining.

You: “She’s a mute, not deaf. Keep it down would you?” She huffed, but complied. “Her name’s Scarlett. And her parents, if I’m right, were killed my Amon.” Her hardened features softened, understanding and pity replacing her anger. “She doesn’t have anyone else, she trusts me. And unless you know anyone else that knows sign language…” She didn’t answer. “I didn’t think so. Look, maybe I’m wrong, maybe her parents survived. But I’d rather her be with someone she trusts then here while we find out if I’m right or not. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Lin: “... Alright fine, I see your point. But what about the others?” I waved her off.
You: “Don’t worry about Tenzin and the others, They’ll be fine with it.” She rolled her eyes, but didn’t say anything, instead walking off to fetch the release forms for Scarlett. After signing them off, Lin opened the door for a final time.


-Planet Lehon-

Plagueis: “Lehon is no place for a child. You were a fool to bring her here.” My master was currently berating me for bringing the Togruta girl, Ashara as she was known, back home with me. I was able to slip her away from the eyes of the Republic. To them she’d be little more then a ghost story, just another slave girl that died during the war.

You: “Where else was I supposed to take her? No way in hell I was taking her to the Jedi Temple. Give someone as powerful as she is to them?” We were currently within the walls of the Temple of the Ancients on the planet. Ashara just outside, playing along the beach. “You can't tell me you can't sense her strength Master.” The Muun shook his head, his brow furrowed.

Plagueis: “The girls strength is impressive to be sure. But if that were the reason for your decision, then what else am I to believe except that you are taking on your own apprentice and plan to do away with me?”

You: “Our plan has and remains to be to bring down Sidious together. That has not changed.”

Plagueis: “Then you have softened as a Sith.” He turned to me, his lanky form towering over me like a vulture. “You brought that child here because you pitied her. You have allowed kindness into your heart, and so have weakened yourself.” My mask fell, the yellow of my eyes shining in the darkened room.

You: “Do not dare assume my power has weakened. I did not spend centuries traveling across the realms training, so you of all people can call my strength into question.” His own eyes shined in anger.

Plagueis: “Do not forget your place apprentice. Who was it that trained you in the ways of the force?”

You: “Had I not saved you that day on Coruscant you’d not be alive today.”

Plagueis: ‘If not for my power you’d have no connection to the force to begin with.” He pressed forward, forcing me back.

You: "You need me. You need me to destroy Sidious.”

Plagueis: "I need an apprentice. That doesn't have to be you. I have the Star Gate. With it I could train another just as quickly as I had trained you. Rid yourself of the child, or I will rid myself of you.” I sighed, feigning acceptance of my Master's orders. He turned from me. A huge mistake.

You: “Always two there are, no more, no less.” He turned back to me, his eyes narrowed.

Plagueis: “Yes,,, a Master and an Apprentice.”

You: “One to embody power, the other to crave it.” I met his hardened gaze, my hand reaching for the saber at my side. “But I no longer crave your power.” Before he could react, I rushed him, activating my crimson blade and burying it in his chest. “You craved mine.” I took the second saber from my other hip, activating that blade as well. “Our mission will proceed as planned. But you will no longer be a part of it. Goodbye Master.” I swung,finishing what Sidious could not, and ending Darth Plagueis once and for all. “No one stands in my way. Not even you old man.”

-Present Day-

Though she didn’t return with us, Lin was gracious enough to get an airship to fly us back to the temple. Scarlett refused to let go of my hand the entire ride. Huddled as she was against my side. Whenever she looked up at me, I smiled at her, trying to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. Once we landed at the temple and walked out, things took an… interesting turn.

Tenzin: “Where have you been?” We walked out, hand in hand down the boarding ramp onto the courtyard. Tenzin and his three eldest children were standing there expectantly. “Who is she?” He gestured to Scarlett, causing her to hide herself behind my leg.

You: “Her name’s Scarlett, she’s going to be staying with us for a while.”

Tenzin: “What!? And who said she could!?” I rolled my eyes, then kneeled down to Scarlett’s ear.

You: “I need to talk to Mr. Tenzin for a little bit, do you want to meet some new friends, or stay here?”

Scarlett: (“Stay here.”) She signed. I nodded, releasing her hand to walk the rest of the way. She sat on the end of the courtyard, her arms wrapped around her knees. I took Tenzin’s arm, dragging him aside as his children eyed her curiously.

You: “I did.” He frowned. “Don’t give me that look. She’s one of the kids from the Equalist warehouse, Lin couldn’t find her parents, so I offered the temple as a place to stay while she tries to find them. Though if I’m being frank, chances are they’re dead. She told me she saw Amon hurt them the last time she saw them.” His frown dissipated, replaced with sympathy. “She doesn’t speak, except with sign language. She doesn't have anyone else, I mean what was I supposed to do Tenzin? Leave her at the precinct?”

Tenzin: “No, of course not. But perhaps an orphanage might be… “

You: “She’s been trained in Chi-Blocking. Anyone that get’s to close she strikes. She’s scared, she’s lonely, she needs someone that understands…”

Meelo: “OOWW!”

(Korra’s POV)

Korra: “Heroic Dark One saves lost children.” I read aloud, the paper in my hand showing a rather flattering photo of (F/N) and that little girl (he/she) saved. (He/She) had (his/her) arms around her as (he/she) carried her away from the rubble of the warehouse. (His/Her) eyes, in a rare moment of compassion were soft, delicate, yet protective of the child (he/she) carried. (He/She) looked so brave, so kind, so...

Mako: “Something interesting?” Mako snuck up behind me, causing me to yelp lightly and toss the paper aside. “You ok? Your cheeks are burning.” I touched my cheeks, Only now realizing the heat that radiated from them.

Korra: “Yeah I’m fine, nothing to worry about.” I gave him a toothy smile, hoping he would drop the subject. He narrowed his eyes, as if he was going to question me further.

Mako: “Have you seen (F/N) today?”

Korra: “Me? Nope, haven't seen (him/her), not today, nope, why?” That may have come out far more rushed then I had intended. In fact it caused Mako to take a step back, as if he expected me to jump right out of my skin.

Mako: “... It’s Monday, and I was supposed to meet (him/her) on the training grounds for practice, but (he/she) doesn't seem to be around anywhere.” Odd, (He/She)’s never just disappeared on us before.

Korra: "I haven’t seen (him/her) since last night.”

Meelo: OOWW!” We both turned, shocked by the sudden scream of pain. We rushed out of the library, finding ourselves in the courtyard. Meelo on the floor holding his arm while crying. Tenzin, Jinora and Ikki standing over him in shock. (F/N) on bended knee trying to fix the arm, and a little black haired girl huddled into herself behind (him/her).

Korra: “What happened?” They all looked up at me. Tenzin, especially, looked absolutely furious.

Tenzin : “That girl ATTACKED my son!” He pointed harshly at the huddled girl, causing her to shudder.

You: “It was an accident Tenzin, Meelo rushed her and she retaliated. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed.” He jabbed lightly at Meelo’s arm, causing him to once again yelp. He stood, his arm flailing madly. “See?” Meelo immediately rushed behind his father, an accusing finger pointed at the girl.

Meelo: “She’s mean!”

You: “No, she’s just afraid. I should have told you three to not jump at her.”

Tenzin: “She should know better then to attack defenseless people!” The two began arguing, all the while that child shuddered and quaked. I approached her, slowly, my hand extended in peace.

Korra: "Hey, are you ok?” Her eyes peaked out from behind her knees, ice blue meeting my own. She shook her head violently, then retreated back to her knees. “You don't have to be sacred, i’m not gonna hurt you.” I sat next to her, slowly wrapping my arm around her shoulder. Her shuddering began to slow, jolting only once as my arm closed around her. “You’re not dangerous are you?” I joked, trying to lighten the mood. She didn’t respond to me. Maybe she didn't find it funny, or maybe she didn't hear me. But she did nuzzle closer to me, her head burying itself into my side as her tears stained my shirt.

Tenzin: “She’s leaving!” I jolted up, finding Tenzin marching right for me. I was about to stand myself and defend her. But someone else beat me to it. With speed I had never seen before, (F/N) appeared in front of me, moving so quickly it appeared as if (he/she) had teleported from behind Tenzin.

You: “She’s just a child. She isn’t dangerous she’s scared.” (F/N)’s tone was firm, strong. “You don’t have to watch over her, I will. But she’s staying here.” From behind (him/her), I could see Tenzin. His face was as hard as (F/N)’s tone was. His eyes trained on (F/N)’s own.

Tenzin: “... If she attacks…”

You: “She won’t.” (He/She) didn't even give Tenzin a chance to warn (him/her). Tenzin huffed, then turned to leave, brushing past Mako with Meelo in tow. Jinora and Ikki stayed, their curious eyes still trained on the girl in my arm. (F/N) sighed, then turned back to me and the girl, a soft smile on (his/her) face. “Well, look who made a friend after all.” The girl looked up to him, a small smile on her face. (He/She) kneeled down, (his/her) smile never fading. “Do you like Ms. Korra Scarlett?” She looked up at me, that smile widening slightly as she did, then turned back and nodded. “Good.” (He/She) turned, waving the others closer. As they approached, she shied back into my side.

Korra: “It’s ok, they’re friends, like me.” (F/N) leaned over, taking Scarlett into (his/her) arms before standing. She wrapped her arms around (his/her) neck, her face half hidden by the curtain of her hair. Ikki and Jinora were the first to walk up. “This is Jinora, and this is Ikki.” They waved, small smiles on their faces, and she waved back. “And this is Mako.” He decided to be a bit braver, sticking his hand out to shake. She hid herself in (F/N)’s shoulder as he did,

Mako: “Apparently she doesn’t like me.” (F/N) chuckled.

You: “She just hasn’t gotten used to you yet. But she will. I’m gonna go settle her in. Why don't you start practicing what we’ve gone over and we’ll continue when I get back.” Mako nodded in agreement, heading back to the temples training grounds as Ikki and Jinora followed after their father. I decided to follow (F/N) inside, helping (him/her) set up a room in the girls dormitory for Scarlett.  As we walked, I couldn't help but notice the little things (he/she) did, whispering in her ear to make her laugh, or screwing up (his/her) face to get her giggling. I couldn't help the smile that crossed my face, nor the warmth that filled my heart. It surprised me how naturally being a (father/mother) came to (him/her), then I realized, this wasn't the first child (he/she) had taken care of. “Alright, bed, wardrobe, sheets, and absolutely no personal touches.” (He/She) set her down on the bed. Looking around the empty room with distaste. “We’ll have to do something about that.”

Korra: “That we will.. Question is. With what money?”

You: “... Asami is gonna have to do something about that.” I shook my head.

Korra: “I thought you said you didn't want her paying for your things?”

You: “I don’t, but this is for Scarlett. Totally different situation.” (He/She) turned back to her. “You can go anywhere you like on the island. There are plenty of friendly people, and no one is going to hurt you. If you’re still not up to meeting people you can stay here, or you can come to me, ok?” Scarlett nodded, a small smile across her face. (F/N) mirrored it, leaning in to hug the child close. “I promise, nothing will hurt you anymore.” With a final squeeze, (he/she) left the room, leaving Scarlett to settle in.

Korra: “That was really sweet of you.” I was following (him/her) out towards the training grounds, my comment giving (him/her) brief pause.

You: “It was the right thing to do. Poor girl doesn’t have anyone else. I couldn’t just leave her alone.” There was a fog in (his/her) eyes, the flash of memory as (he/she) said those words. As if (he/she) had said them before.

Korra: “Does she remind you of someone?” (He/She) looked at me, the haze fading away as (he/she) forced himself to smile.

You: “A bit… someone I cared for very deeply, many years ago.” (He/She) turned again, brushing the comment aside as (he/she) made (his/she) way to the training grounds.
There's quite a bit of back story here. ANd as the story progresses, there will be a lot more.
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own The last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, the images used, or you.
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