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(???  POV)

There was rumbling, the floor beneath me shaking, waking me from my uneasy sleep. I looked around, the other kids had felt it too. The older ones stood as they rubbed their eyes, some turning to console the now crying younger ones while others went to bang on the metal door, demanding to know what was going on. I just scooted into my usual corner, hidden away in the shadows. The rumbling grew louder, and screams could be heard through the metal walls. I balled myself up, bringing my knees to my chin, then burying my face between them. The rumbling grew louder still, now joined by banging and thumping. I heard it grow closer, closer, closer still.

The door to the room was ripped open, the shining light of the sun filling the room.

???: “Told you there were kids here.” I looked up over my knees, finding two adults standing in the now open doorway. One was a dark skinned woman dressed in blue, her blue eyes wide in shock as she stared over the group of kids. The other, the one that had spoken, was a (man/woman). (S/C) skinned with (H/L) (H/C) hair, wearing layered gray and black robes with thick knee high boots.

???: “I can’t believe they would do this. Any idea what they wanted with them?” The dark skinned woman spoke.

???: “No idea, frankly I don’t care why. What matters is getting them out.”

???: “Right.” The woman walked into the room, waving her arms out towards the door. “Come on kids, we’re getting you out of here!” Many of the kids shot up, rushing for the doorway immediately. I stayed still, hiding myself in the corner I knew the light wouldn't reach. The Dark skinned woman didn't notice me as she ushered the rest out, following the group when what she thought was the last of them left. The (man/woman), on the other hand.

???: “I know you’re there little one.” (He/She) stood in the door, (his/her) hands folded behind (his/her) back. “No need to hide, we’re not gonna hurt you.” (He/She) kneeled down, (his/her) gloved hand extending out to the shadows. (His/Her) smile was warm, inviting. (His/Her) tone friendly. A far cry from the usual anger that came from the masked men. I slowly unfolded myself from my knees, standing, then slowly walking over to him. All the while (he/she) never moved, (his/her) smile on (his/her) face, and (his/her) hand outstretched. “That’s it, it’s ok.” Once my face met the light though, (his/her) expression changed. (His/Her) eyes grew hazy, (his/her) smile falling slightly, as if (he/she) had just relived a memory. Nonetheless, it was gone as quickly as it had come. (His/Her) expression returning to one of warmth. I took (his/her) hand, and (he/she) walked me out. The room we had been kept in was part of a larger building, the men in masks littered the floor as we walked, some groaning, some silent. But none of them stood in our way. (He/She) led me down a hall, windows lighting the way as the sun shined in the sky. As we approached that entrance to what I assumed to be a warehouse. We met with the dark skinned woman in blue again. Along with three more adults, Two more men, one shorter than the other that looked oddly similar, and another woman with cream skin and long black hair. They were all smiling as the (man/woman) led me to the open door behind them.

The (man/woman) stopped suddenly. (His/Her) head darting around rapidly. The others faces falling into confusion. Then, the (man/woman) pushed out (his/her) hand, the other four were sent flying out through the open door. There was an explosion above us. (He/She) wrapped (himself/herself) around me, (his/her) hand extended towards the ceiling as it came crashing down on top of us.

(Korra’s POV)

Mako: “Chief Beifong says this should be the last hold-out Equalist Chi-blocking school.” Asmai had pulled the car up alongside an older looking warehouse. From the outside it didn’t look like much. In fact it looked almost abandoned. But that’s why we bring along the (grandpa/grandma).

Korra: “(F/N)?” I turned to (him/her), (his/her) eyes already closed and (his/her) hand outstretched towards the building, focusing on finding the energies inside. Team Avatar had spent roughly the week after we returned from the South Pole weeding out whatever was left of Amon’s Equalists. While Amon himself had disappeared and most of the Equalists had either been arrested or disappeared along with him, some still remained. Factions that continued to operate out of small, seemingly ordinary buildings across the city. This warehouse was one such one. Over the week, we had systematically taken down each remaining faction. This one hopefully being the last.

You: “There are … fifty energies in there.”

Korra: “Fifty? Not terrible, at least we’ll get a good workout out of it.” The others chuckled, (F/N) did not. (His/Her) eyes opened as (his/her) hand fell to (his/her) side.

You: “Only ten of them are Foot-Soldiers. The other forty are children.”

Asami: “Kids? We need to get in there and get them out then.” I nodded. Leading the team up to the large metal doors of the warehouse.

You: “Wait.” I stopped, turning to find that the Master Force Wielder had not moved from (his/her) place near the car. (He/She) turned to Bolin, a smirk on (his/her) face. “Bolin. Rip down the door.” We all sighed, Bolin included.

Bolin: “(F/N), no offense but, Metal Bending training hasn’t been going all that well.” He reached into his pocket, pulling out his now infamous metal spoon. “See? I still haven't been able to bend the spoon back.” He waved the bent spoon in (his/her) face. (F/N)’s smirk never faded, (He/She) reached out, (his/her) hands latching onto Bolin’s shoulders.

You: “I know, but I realize the reason why is because I haven’t given you the proper motivation.” (He/She) pointed to the door, pressing in close to Bolin, going so far as to press cheek to cheek. “There are kids in there. Poor, defenseless children, with no one to help them, no one to save them. They need someone to save them Bolin. They need YOU Bolin, to rip down that door.” Bolins face grew certain, his chest puffing out with confidence as he marched up to the door. “Rip it down Bolin!”With his head held high, and chest puffed up. Bolin shot his hands out in front of him, his face contorting with focus as he willed the door to rip open. His breathing stalled, his veins popping as he struggled, and….

Mako: “Nothing.” Bolin deflated, panting lightly as he tried to catch his breath. (F/N) patted his shoulder.

You: “That’s ok Bolin. You’ll get is someday.” Bolin shot (him/her) a thumbs up, a weak grin crossing his face before he stepped back. (F/N) (himself/herself) reached out, (his/her) hand lifting up, then quickly shooting back down as (his/her) palm closed into a fist. The door reacted instantly, crumpling down and off the hinges. The metal creaking and groaning as it fell away. “Ten men inside, that’s two to a teammate. Everyone have fun.” Asami and Mako rushed in instantly. Bolin, (F/N) and I followed after. Mako immediately took down his two equalists with a single sweep of his legs. A fire sweep connecting with both of them. Asami took hers down nearly as quickly. Electrocuting the first with her glove, then throwing him into the other. Bolin rushed ahead as (F/N) led me down a hall towards the additional energies, trapping his two in the stone floor. (F/N) was next, simply waving (his/her) hand to the side, sending one flying out one of the windows to the hall, and slamming the other against the ceiling, then against the floor. Finally, it was down to my two.

Having recently unlocked my airbending, I had begun using it to the fullest. First slamming my first Equalist into the ceiling with an air-jab, then sending the other down the hall with a kick.

Korra: “Clear.” (F/N) walked up behind me, (his/her) eyes narrowed as (he/her) looked around the area, feeling around for the kids (he/she) thought were here. (He/She) led me farther down the hall, stopping in front of one particular door. Like the front door, (he/she) ripped it down, allowing the sunlight to flood the small room.

You: “Told you there were kids here.” I looked over the group, all blinking and squinting against the sudden cascade of light.

Korra: “I can’t believe they would do this. Any idea what they wanted with them?” My mind rushed in a million different directions, racking my brain to try and find a reason behind the Equalists entrapping children.

You: “No idea, frankly I don’t care why. What matters is getting them out.”

Korra: “Right.” I walked in, stepping aside and motioning towards the door. “Come on kids, we’re getting you out of here!” They all shot up, rushing for the doorway immediately. Once the last of them rushed out, I followed. (F/N) however, stayed still, (his/her) eyes trained on a specific space in the room. I was about to ask why, but (he/she) waved me off. I shrugged, following the children out. As the group was ushered out. Asami and Bolin helped direct them outside towards the waiting Police Trucks. Outside, Mako was talking with newly reinstated Chief Beifong, currently staring wide-eyed at the wave of children washing out of the warehouse. He turned, smiling widely when he noticed my presence, then followed me back inside.

Mako: Beifong said the press is gonna be here any minute. We should probably get moving if we don’t want to get stuck answering questions. Where’s (F/N)?” Speak of the Devil, (F/N) came around the corner, (his/her) hand wrapped around the hand of a small, black haired girl. Her Blue eyes darted around, uncertainty clear within them as they looked upon the four of us. I nudged Mako in the side, asking him to smile so the young girl didn’t freak as much. The others thankfully, didn’t need prompting. A small smile did cross the little girl's face briefly as she and (F/N) approached us.

(He/She) stopped, (his/her) head darting around. (His/Her) eyes fell on something, widening in panic. (He/She) turned to us, extended (his/her) hand and pushed the four of us out the door. There was an explosion, and the entirety of the warehouse collapsed inward. Mako had caught me as we slammed against the floor, dust blowing through the air over our heads. There was ringing in my ears, And I could faintly hear Lin ordering her men to get back.

When I opened my eyes, I looked up to see open sky where the roof of the warehouse once stood. Looking further down, I felt the color drain from my face when all I saw was a good six feet worth of rubble, metal and broken stone lying still on the ground, partially in flames.

Asami: “What are you all standing around for!?” Asami was the first to rush back, slamming down onto her knees to start moving away the stone. “We have to help them! We have to…” There was rumbling, the sound of shifting stone and groaning metal filling the air. The rubble began to shift, no, lift into the air, as if on its own. As mounds of the rock shifted off. One particularly large piece of what was once the ceiling lifted into the air, a gloved hand following close behind.

(Your POV)

You: “I know you’re there little one.” Though I could not see the child through the darkness. I could sense her presence, hiding in the shadows of the corner of the room. There was definite fear radiating from her, as if she expected me to harm her in some way. “No need to hide, we’re not gonna hurt you.” I kneeled down, my gloved hand extending out to the shadows. I smiled as warmly as I could, trying to coax her out from the shadows, away from this horrible place. I felt her shift, coming to walk slowly towards the door and into the light. “That’s it, it’s ok.” Once her face met the light though, I couldn't believe what I saw. A small girl with pitch black hair and sapphire blue eyes. She couldn't have been older than ten. But it was her, no doubt about it. This was the child from my vision. The child that was wrapped in Korra’s embrace as they fell to the Republic City streets. She looked at me oddly, and I realized I had been staring intently for too long. I shook it off, bringing my smile back as she reached out and took my hand. I stood, walking her back towards the front door of the warehouse.

We met with Korra and the others, all smiling just as warmly as I had when they saw the child. Then it hit me, a pang, like a bolt of pain shooting through my mind. I searched around, my eyes falling on what had caused it. One of the Equalists had awoken, pulling a small object from his pocket. A large, red button in the center. A detonator. I pushed out, sending the others flying back through the door to safety. The Equalist engaged the detonator, and I could hear the bombs rocking the building and bringing the ceiling down on my head. I wrapped myself around the girl, bringing my palm up to create a force shield around us. The weight of the building crashed down, putting significant strain on me. But it was nothing I couldn't handle. Not now that I had been healed.

Once I was sure the bombs had stopped and the last of the building had fallen. I checked to make sure the child was unharmed. I could sense her, the fear in her mind having reached new heights. But there was no pain. No damage. Once assured that she was alright, I began lifting the rubble from on top of us. I could hear the stone and metal shifting and groaning, pushing against me as it attempted to stay put. I heard voices, previously screaming, silence in awe as the stone moved as if on its own. Soon, the light of the sun peaked through, blinding me slightly as I shifted the stone away.

Finally, standing at full height, I dropped the stones behind me, standing tall and proud as the crowd stared in awe. The child beside me wrapped her arms tightly around my middle, her face buried into my side. Suddenly, I was barraged by camera flashes. Apparently, the press had arrived, and witnessed my little show of power. They surrounded me, asking me questions I couldn't hear over the ringing in my ears. I picked up the child, her arms wrapping around my neck, and forced myself through the crowd towards the team. I noticed that as I approached, Lin and a handful of metal benders were forcing the reporters back, making a clean path for me to get the child to safety.

Lin: “Here, let me.” Lin approached me, her arms outstretched to take the child from my arms. I tried to hand her off, but she wouldn't let go.

You: “Seems she’s grown attached to me.” Lin chuckled lightly. “Where are we taking them? I can bring her there.” Lin hooked her thumb over her shoulder, directing me to the police van currently housing some of the other children.

Lin: “We’re bringing them down to the station, gives us a place to find out their names and who they belong to.” I nodded.

You: “Give me a minute, and I’ll bring her to the truck when I can.” Lin nodded, turning to walk back to the truck while her Metal police forced the press to leave. “Hey, look at me.”The girl pulled back, her own tear stained eyes meeting mine. “This nice woman is gonna take you home ok? She’s gonna find your parents, and make sure to take you to them, ok?” She looked back at Lin, then back to me. Nodding slowly. “There now.” I walked her over, handing her to Lin before turning back to the team. All of which rushed me the moment they had the chance. Korra, of course, was the first. Wrapping her arms around my middle and lifting me in the air. Squeezing the life out of me in the process.

Korra: “You have a death wish don’t you?” She joked. I tried to laugh, but it came out more like a wheezing cough given she was currently crushing my lungs.

You: “Korra… air… vital... “ She released me immediately, an embarrassed blush crossing her face as she shyed away. Asami then replaced her, squeezing my middle as tightly as she could. She however, lacked the strength to lift me up.

Asami: “Korra’s right. You do have a death wish.”

You: “Nah… you all make life far too much fun for me to die.” They all chuckled, Asami finally releasing me to punch me lightly in the shoulder. I was laughing along, until I turned back to the police trucks. Now loaded up and driving off. I noticed that little girls blue eyes fixated on me through the rear window. It unnerved me to see her. Honestly I had expected it to be a dream.
Following my ‘revelation’ regarding my feelings towards the Avatar. I and Katara had sat down and talked. We reconnected, sharing stories of life after I had separated from Team Avatar 1.0. She told me stories of Aang and the others, of how they came to form Republic City. I told her stories of the other worlds I had visited and the realms I had crossed before arriving here. She was still apologetic about Aang’s part in my imprisonment, but I had forgiven him for some time now.
The most tragic news though was her telling of Sokka’s passing while locating some gang that called themselves the ‘Red Lotus’. We visited his grave together, and I was able to wish him a goodbye. I certainly hoped he found peace. Of course she teased me on occasion about my feelings for Korra; old as she looked, she was still the same 14 year old girl I had met all those years ago.

Anyway, I opened up to her about it and the vision I had been having. Her understanding of my abilities was greater than most in this realm, and like me she simply passed it off as a dream, knowing that someone like me did not generally have access to force visions. It was refreshing discussing my abilities with someone without having to explain each and every single one.
Before long, Tenzin had decided it was time to return home to the temple. The kids all hugged there grandmother goodbye before climbing up on Oogi. Korra, Mako and Bolin had left on a fleet ship with Tenzin’s Brother Bumi, who I did notice to carry some resemblance in spirit to his namesake. When I asked Katara about it she just shrugged. Citing that he had been a handful as a child, but that was probably because of the stories Aang told him about King Bumi. I laughed, but deep down I felt sorry for her. It’s never easy raising a kid, especially one that was as nutty as Bumi once was. That old crackpot.

Before I left I did have to bring up the subject of my imprisonment one last time, asking Katara if Aang had told her anything regarding where he might have hid the Gate Key. Unfortunately she said no. It was a blow for sure, but, thanks to her healing, my power had been steadily increasing. And without having to expend any major energy, (Save for maybe the occasional airbending vs. force power snowball fight with the kids) I was finally able to begin healing properly.

Bolin: “Can we go home now?” Bolin dragged me back to reality with his whine, forcing me to realize that the truck was already long gone. The child along with it. “I wanna get back and start celebrating!” Right… Korra’s birthday.

Mako: “Yeah, let's get back to the Temple. I think Tenzin has something ready for when we get back.” The others started forward, hoping in Asami’s car.

Korra: “You comin?” I looked up, finding Korra’s Cyan eyes staring down at me with a smile. I shook my head, a small smile on my own face.

You: “I’ll catch up, you guys go ahead.” Her smile fell a bit, almost as if she was disappointed I wasn't coming. But she nodded nonetheless, riding with the others back to the Air Temple. I watched as the car disappeared into the distance.

___:‘You should tell her’ Oh wonderful. The voice was back.

You: “Tell her what?” I swear I heard it roll non-existent eyes.

___: ‘That she’s the Avatar… what do you think?’ Sassy today.

You: “I’m not telling her how I feel. It isn’t my place.” I started walking after the others, making my way towards the docks.

___: ‘How is it not your place exactly? You love her, you should tell her.

You: “For one thing, I’m her master.”

___: ‘There have been plenty of relationships between master and apprentice.’ I scoffed.

You: “Name one.” I shouldn’t have asked.

___: ‘Revan and Bastila Shan, Jolee and Nayama Bindo, Aang and Katara, Suki and Sokka.

You: “I said ONE. Besides, I’m far too old for her.”

___: ‘I refer you back to Aang and Katara.

You: “I can’t bring her with me.” That got it to shut-up. “I find the Gate Key, I can’t bring her with me. That wouldn’t be fair to her, her family, her friends, not to mention effectively leaving this world without it’s Avatar.” Silence fell within my head. Allowing me peace as I walked the final stretch to the docks. The voice was silent the entire boat ride to the temple, and was silent as I climbed the stairs. It remained silent as I wandered the temple, and remained silent as I entered the temple’s dining room. Only when I entered, finding Korra and the others sitting around it, her smile wide in a laugh, did it speak up again.

___: ‘Shouldn’t you let her make that decision?’ Her laugh softened as she turned to me. The warmth of her smile radiating like sun above. Her eyes flashed with excitement, and for a brief moment, I believed it was because she was happy to see me.

Korra: “Finally made it (gramps/granny), we were getting worried you’d fallen down somewhere and broken something.” My eyes rolled, almost automatically at the now common nickname. I had been called many things over the years. (Gramps/Granny), was certainly the most annoying. “Come on, saved you a seat.” She patted the spot next to her, inviting me to sit. I did, smiling all the while.

Soon after, we were joined by the resident Airbenders. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo of course rolling around on their air scooters until someone stopped them. That someone of course, ended up being me. With a quick wave, I dissipated the scooters out from under them, catching the three mid-air as they flew off.

Meelo: “No fair! We can’t do that to you!”

You: “It’s not supposed to be fair Meelo. You think I find it fair that you can make Air Scooters and I can't?”

Bolin: “I certainly don’t think it’s fair. I’d love an air scooter.” Ignoring Bolin’s childish comment, I continued.

You: “My abilities in the force are the universe's way of compensating me. Now calm down, the three of you.” I set them down, each huffing and crossing their arms as they were forced to sit at the table. “Now sit down and stay, I’ll be right back.” I stood, making my way to the door.

Jinora: “Where are you going?”

You: “To figure out why I’m the one berating you and not your kill-joy of a father.” I slid the door closed behind me. Walking down the hall, I heard two things, the giggling of a child, and the faint clacking of… marbles? Turning a corner, I found out why. The room in question was the new baby boy’s. Rohan, as he was named, was currently in his crib. And standing over him was his father, performing the spinning marbles trick. He even had the same smile on his face that Aang did whenever he did it. “Like father like son.” Tenzin righted himself immediately, the marbles flying off in random directions. He turned to me, finding me smirking as I leaned against the doorway.

Tenzin: “Sometimes I regret letting my mother fix your leg. I swear your quieter then a cat without that cane.” I shrugged.

You: “Natural gift.” I opened my palm, calling the discarded marbles to my hand and spinning them lightly myself. “Everyone’s gathered in the dining room. I figured you’d want to know that since your three other children are running wild in there.”

Tenzin: “What!? Not for long they're not!” He stormed out, rushing down the hall, and leaving the fourth one behind. I sighed, setting the marbles aside before picking up the still giggling Rohan myself.

You: “How Tenzin managed three children before you i’ll never now little man.”

Pema: “He didn't, I did.” Now it was my turn to jump. Somehow, Pema had snuck up behind me, scaring me near to death. I turned, finding her chuckling, her arms spread wide to accept her new born baby.

You: “And Tenzin says I’m too quiet, you need a bell or something.” I handed off the child, walking with her side to side back to the dining room.

Pema: “It’s a gift. How’s your leg holding up?”

You: “Even better then expected.” I shook said leg for emphasis. “Katara is truly an amazing healer.” She smiled, patting me on the shoulder as I slid open the door. It grew as she caught sight of what was on the opposite side.

Korra: “... so (he/she) pushes the four of us out of the warehouse, and as soon as I can even begin to wonder why, a bomb goes off. The building comes crashing down in a ball of flame and steel, and all anyone can see is this mountain of what used to be a warehouse piled on top of him and that little girl.” Korra was currently regaling Tenzin and his kids with what had happened earlier this afternoon. The four of them all sharing faces of either extreme shock or interest. “So, brave Asami goes rushing forward, not care for her own safety to start digging the two out, when it happens.” ‘Brave Asami’ was currently standing in the corner, her own eyes a mix of pride and resentment, and trained on the back of Mako’s head. He was currently sitting side by side with Korra, and arm wrapped around her waist as she told the story. His brother, next to the airbenders, reacting to the tale as if he himself had not been there.

Asami, while stating she had accepted that Mako and Korra had gotten together, wasn’t exactly
processing it well. Understandable given that they had effectively broken up not one week ago. I’ve attempted to talk to her about it, but she’s mostly kept to herself, waving me off with an ‘I’m fine’ whenever I asked her about it. I let it go, figuring when she was ready to talk about it, she would reach out to me.

Korra: “The rubble starts to shift and moan, groaning as it was forced to move away, lifted into the air as if by itself. And who is it that moved it?” She turned to me, a wide grin on her face. “None other then (Grandpa/Grandma) Dark One!” The kids (Bolin included) cheered as everyone else began to chuckle. I shook my head, trying to keep my own grin from crossing my face. “Oh come on… “She grabbed my hand, pulling me down to her level and wrapping me in a hug. “You know I’m only teasing. We care about you, and I’m happy you're ok.” I could feel the heat rising in my face. My heart beginning to pound louder in my chest.

___: ‘Tell her, tell her now.’ I pulled myself away, beating the voice back as I smiled for her benefit.

You: “I know, I care about all of you too.” I looked around, smiling at each face I found. “You’ve all accepted me so easily. You’ve given me a home, friends, and in a way, a family. I can never thank you enough.” Their smiles warmed. Some (Bolin) even went so far as to begin tearing up. Korra herself squeezed my hand, her own smile radiating. “Hey now, I didn't want to bring down the mood. It’s a party remember? We have a birthday to celebrate!”
And so we did. The party was rather standard, cake, presents. And an annoying chant of a song that everyone was forced to sing as Korra made a wish. I learned that Korra had turned nineteen, which shocked me somewhat. She was surprisingly mature for someone her age. The question ended up floating around, and I learned that Mako was also nineteen, Asami was twenty, and Bolin had only recently turned eighteen.

Asami: “What about you (F/N)?” I should have expected this.

You: “What about me?” She rolled her eyes.

Asami: “How old are you?”

You: “Twenty Four.” Was my automatic answer,. In truth, I hadn’t the slightest Idea how old I truly was. I was twenty four physically. But Mentally speaking. I hadn’t the slightest clue.

Korra: “Liar. How old are you really?”

You: “Twenty Four.” I hunkered down, refusing to answer with the last known recorded number they wanted to hear.

Tenzin: “The last time you were in this world was over seventy years ago. You can’t possibly be twenty four.”

You: “Physically speaking, I am Twenty Four.”

Pema: “So then what are you actually?”

You: “Twenty Four.” They all sighed.

Korra: “Would you tell me? For my birthday?” Her eyes widened, her lip bobbing as she gave me the best ‘Please’ face she could. I could feel myself cracking. My resolve dissipating.

You: “As a gift, I will tell you, and only you. But not right now.” She deflated a bit, her lips morphing into a pout. “Well you can't expect me to give away ALL my secrets now can you? I have to keep some heir of mystery.”

They dropped the question eventually, instead opting to keep the celebration going well into the night. Eventually, it was down to Korra and myself. Sitting outside and watching the stars.

Korra: “So… are you gonna tell me how old you are?” I sighed, I knew she was gonna ask me that.

You: “Before I tell you, you need to understand one thing.” She nodded, her smile widening in anticipation. “I am, truly, Twenty Four years old. I have experienced more years then that and am therefore mentally older.” Again she nodded. I sighed, “Two Hundred and Fifty three.” She coughed, nearly choking on her own breath, “No please, tell me how you REALLY feel.” She beat her chest, attempting to regain her breath as she attempted to find her voice.

Korra: “What… you… how?”

You: “It’s a bit long winded to be honest. Like I said, it's the difference between how many years I have AGED and how many years I have EXPERIENCED. Physically speaking I have only aged twenty four years. But I have experienced over two centuries.” And so I explained it to her. How I had been born to a world where time moved slower then others. And how by traveling to the other worlds, I was able to experience time as those worlds did without aging.

Korra: “Wow… um… So you're twenty four, and two hundred at the same time?” I nodded. “And as the years go by, you’ll still be twenty four?”

You: “Yeah, pretty much. At least until my own world has aged its respective year.”We fell into silence. Though perhaps only because Korra was unsure of what to say at this point. “To be frank… I may be… older.”

Korra: “... The prison realm.”

You: “Yeah… I have no idea how quickly that world aged. And because I don’t know how long I was there, I’m not sure how old I really am. I only know how old I was before I went in.”

Korra: “.... Thank you.” I turned to her, confusion heavy in my mind.

You: “For what?” She looked back, a small smile on her face. She leaned over, her hand coming to rest on my thigh.

Korra: “For trusting me enough to tell me. It couldn't have been easy to admit that.”

You: “I suppose if anything, it gives you even more reason to call me Grandpa.” She laughed, and I couldn't help but feel it was the loveliest sound I had ever heard. Our eyes met, and as they did, I felt the heat rise in my face again. I turned way, but as I did, I could swear I saw a blush form on her own face. “I suppose it’s time to get some sleep.”

Korra: “Yeah, I think it is.” She stood, walking back into the temple.

You: Korra?” I called. She turned back.

Korra: “Yeah (F/N)?” I wanted to tell her. I wanted to be honest and open.

You: “Happy Birthday.” But I couldn’t. Despite what I wanted, what I felt. It wasn't my place to. She smiled warmly.

Korra: “Thank you, good night.”

You: “Good night Korra.” I decided in that moment, I wouldn't tell her. Ever. There was no point to. No reason to. My feelings aside. Besides, she deserved something so much better than me.
It's back everybody! Book 2 on the way!
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danielck117 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017
Great to see the series back up! Great chapter and I can't wait to see how the story progresses now with the little girl involved.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017
Glad to hear you're still reading!
Stick around and find out how she plays a part in the Dark One's story
MichaelG1914 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017
Great to See you Back!!!
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
Great to be back!
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