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(Your POV)

I could feel myself being lifted into the air, the whirring of gears ringing in my ears as a sudden burst of light flooded my eyes.

Amon: “Tonight, I rid the world of the Dark One!” Dark One? I haven’t heard that name in so long. My vision cleared, revealing me to be on a stage of some kind. Hundreds of people gasping at my appearance. I looked around, men I did not recognize stood by me, masks I had never seen before hiding their faces. What was this? Where was I? Where were the usual Inquisitor’s that guarded my cell and why was I here?

Korra: “Amon, let (him/her) go!” Amon? What an unusual name.

Amon: “You’re welcome to come down here and try to stop me.” This Amon turned to me, his own mask, white and plain, a red dot at the center of its forehead. It looked so familiar, something was tugging at my mind, begging to be released.

___: ‘You know this!’ The voice shouted in my head. ‘You are not in that world anymore! You have power here!’ An obvious lie had I ever heard one. But to hear it from my own mind? Truly unusual.

Amon: “The Avatar had to be reminded of the power I possess.” Avatar… Aang.. no, not Aang. Aang had long since passed. But how could I know that? This Amon, walked up beside me, pressing something that forced me to my knees. He leaned down, whispering in my ear. “Now, I prove I am even stronger then you. After I take your strength. I will take hers as well. Say goodbye to your precious Avatar Korra.” Korra.. I.. I remember.. He pressed his thumb against my forehead. I felt something pulling at me, the blood in my head swirling, white hot agony forcing itself through my veins. I recognized this, blood bending. Avatar, Benders, Korra.. Korra. Korra! “The Dark One is no more!” There were cheers to be heard all around me, the audience to this spectacle rejoicing. The contraption I was bound to righted itself, lifting me back into an upright position. Again my vision cleared, only now did I realize where I was. Amon was speaking to his audience, his people. And Korra.. There, up in some box, her eyes wide with fear. She thought he had gotten me too. Too bad my strength wasn’t so easy to take.

You: “No.. no (he/she) is not.” The audience fell silent, Amon himself spinning on his heel to stare at me. I began to chuckle… no, laugh at his folly. “You.. you think it is so easy to bring me down? To take MY power? I. Will SHOW you POWER!” I focused, gritting my teeth as I forced not only my bonds, but the very stadium to shake. The stadium rumbled, metal creaking and moaning as it bent and buckled.

Amon: “That’s not possible…” I felt my bonds cracking, crumbling under the weight of my power. The audience fled, screaming loudly as they forced themselves out the exits. “I took your power away, you shouldn’t be able to do this!” I looked him dead in the eye, my own (E/C) ones fading away into the yellow underneath.

You: “The force, cannot be taken away. The force, is all around us.” With one final roar. My bonds were broken, the force had set me free. Metal shards were sent flying everywhere. The equalist guards, Amon, and his goggle-wearing lackey sent flying off the stage.

Korra: “(F/N)!” I turned, finding Korra and Mako had joined me on the stage, relief in her eyes. I quickly re-formed my mask, hiding my yellow eyes as she rushed forward, hugging me tightly.

You: “It’s good to see you to. Now go, I’ll handle this.”

Mako: “(F/N), you need our help you can’t..” I shot him a hardened glare, silencing him instantly.

You: “I’m stronger then you think. Now go, both of you. I’ll deal with them.” The equalists had regained themselves. The five of them and goggles re-mounting the stage, ready to fight me. “As your Master, I’m TELLING you to go. Now go!” I shoved Mako away, forcing him to take Korra’s hand and run into the stadium. After watching them leave through a pair of doors. I turned back, pulling my saber from my waist and activating both ends. “Round three goggles.” He huffed, pulling his swords from his back and charging me, the five others rushing around us to attack as well.  Goggles was the first to strike, flipping through the air to bring both blades down on me. I simply lifted my saber up, expecting his swords to connect and be cut through. But they weren’t, instead, they crashed into my crimson blades and rebounded, sending me to the floor as he flipped over me. I flipped back to my feet, keeping my eyes trained on him as he grinned.

Lieutenant: “Weren’t expecting that were you?”  

You: “How?” He spun them, electricity running the length of the sharpened metal.

Lieutenant: “A gift from Hiroshi Sato. Something about heat resistance and polarizing the metal? Science wasn’t my thing. All I know is that fancy red sword of yours can’t cut through these.” I huffed, then charged him. Rushing forward as I slashed at his middle, he parried and cut across my neck, I ducked, sliding under the blade as another equalist attempted to side swipe me. As he did I cut across his leg, severing the limb, then pushed him away and off the stage. Another two charged me in unison, I threw my saber, cutting the arm off one as it flew away, then the leg off the other as it flew back. Three down, three to go.

Goggles charged again, swinging his blades wildly. I blocked, swinging back just as wildly. Block, swing, parry, slash, cut. Back and forth as we crossed the stage. My own blades burning marks across the floor and wall. The other two equalists hung back, waiting patiently for their own moments to strike. It wouldn’t come. As goggles, swung down, I blocked, then spun my saber to knock his sword away, spinning with the momentum to connect my foot with his face. As he was sent flying, I turned to the other two, extending my hand and firing lightning at them. It connected, and sent them flying across the stadium. Goggles recovered quickly, using the moment when my back was turned to try and take me by surprise. As he once again swung both his swords at me, aiming to take off my head. I spun around, spinning my saber, and cutting off both his hands. He roared in pain, falling to his knees before me as he stared at his now smoldering stumps.

Lieutenant: “What have you done to me!?”

You: “Nothing you wouldn’t have done to me, or any bender had you had the chance.” He looked up to me, tears behind his goggles.

Lieutenant: “Please… I was only following orders.” I pressed the emitter of my saber against is forehead, my finger on the activator.

You: “I know.” *hiss*

(Korra’s POV)

You: “As your Master, I’m TELLING you to go. Now go!” (He/She) shoved Mako away, he took my hand and pulled me aside, through a pair of doors near the end of the stage.

Korra: “Mako let me go!”

Mako: “(He/She) told us to leave, we’re leaving!” I ripped my hand from his grasp, digging my heels into the floor and stopping instantly. He turned back to me. “Korra we don’t have time to argue, we’re going.”

Korra: “I’m not leaving (him/her) there alone! I don’t care how strong (he/she) is we have to help (him/her)!”

Mako: “Korra this isn’t…” He stopped suddenly, his eyes widening in fear at something behind me. I turned, my own eyes widening as they fell on Amon, having burst through the same door we had. “Run!” Before we did, I set the hall on fire, hoping to at least slow him down as we escaped. Mako led me through another pair of doors, into the training gym of the stadium. He rand further inward, hiding behind some of the spare water pipes while I hid underneath a table. All fell silent, until the doors burst open again, Amon’s boots stomping inside. Moments passed like hours, the sounds of his steps echoing through the small room as he paced through. I held my breath as best I could, praying what little air there was in my lungs would be enough. He stopped, right in front of me, pausing for uncountable moments, then continued walking, heading deeper into the gym.

I breathed a sigh of relief, then was torn out from under the table, lifted into me air by his blood bending.

Mako: “LET HER GO!” Mako had come out from hiding, throwing fire fists wildly at Amon. He dodged effortlessly, then caught Mako in the same bending grip. He lifted us both, then threw us to the ground. Pressing Mako into the floor, while forcing me upright on my knees, my head slung back.

Korra: “NO!”

Mako: “KORRA!” He pressed his thumb against my forehead, and I could feel the blood rushing around, cutting me from my bending. He released me, my body falling limp to the floor.
Amon: “I told you I would destroy you. Finally, you are powerless.” I tried to stand, calling my fire bending to attack, but it wouldn’t come. Earth, water, nothing came. He’d cut me off. He bent down, gripping me by the neck, then lifted me up, crushing my windpipe in the process. “No Dark One to save you this time Avatar.”

You: “I wouldn’t be so sure.” He turned, finding (F/N) had snuck in silently. (His/Her) saber in one hand, something else in the other. “The next time you want me dead and gone.” (He/She) tossed the thing in (his/her) hand at Amon’s feet. “Take me out yourself.” The thing rolled, the Lieutenants head. Amon released me, dropping me to the floor.

Amon: “You’re too late Dark One, her bending is gone. I’ve won.”

You: “Is that right? Because the way I see it. There’s still one more thing standing in your way.” There was a short hiss, followed by a low hum.

Amon: “Just like you, cowering behind your weapon, while I am defenseless.”  I tried to turn myself over, but found I could barely move. All I could see was Mako’s body, writhing in pain against Amon’s blood bending.

You: “We both know you’ve never been defenseless. Just afraid you’d out yourself. But what use is that fear when there’s no one around that doesn’t already know your secret Noatak?”

Amon: “So.. my brother told you.” I heard (F/N) chuckle.

You: “More like I.. pulled the information out of him.” The humming stopped, the sound of the blade deactivating echoing through the room. “Come on Water Bender. Show me what you got.”

(Your POV)

He of course did, immediately falling back on what he did best, blood bend. I could feel his grip all over me, willing me to fall to my knees. But I fought, taking slow, struggling steps towards him.

You: “You’ll… have to do… better then.. that.” He did, releasing Mako in the process so he could bring the full force of his bending against me. Fool. Mako stood immediately, summoning his own lightning to strike Noatak in the back. Electrocuting him and sending him flying across the room. “Mako get her out of here.” He didn’t waste time. He scooped Korra from the floor and immediately dashed out.

Amon: “That.. was a mistake.” Noatak had recovered, standing from the wreckage Mako’s lightning had thrown him into.

You: “No.. it was exactly what I wanted.” My turn. I reached out, calling the force to crush against Noatak’s body, causing every limb and muscle to contract and concave against itself. He groaned in pain as I lifted him into the air, slamming him against every surface I could. The floor, wall, ceiling, every last one. Finally, when I thought he’d had enough, I brought him in, calling him closer to me as his body collapsed in on itself. “I normally wouldn’t act this way but.. no witnesses gives me a bit of an extended leash.” As he drew closer, my hand wrapped around his neck, now crushing his throat along with his body. “How does it feel? To know that there is something so much more vastly powerful then you? To know you came so close.. yet failed?”

Amon: “I… didn’t… fail.” He struggled to speak. “The Avatar’s bending… is gone… the city… still bows… to me… and..” I noticed too late he had pulled something from his sleeve, a dagger. He stabbed me, driving the blade deep into my middle, then shocked me into submission. “.. like you said, I am never defenseless.” The electric current from the dagger drove deep within me, electrocuting me to my very core. “Good bye Dark One.”

Korra: “NO!” Noatak was knocked away, back through the doors on the opposite side of the room and into the hall beyond them.

Amon: “Impossible.” I looked up, gripping the end of the dagger still in my side. Korra had burst back through the door, looking at her own fists in surprise.

You: “You.. can air bend?”

Korra: “I can air bend!” And so she did, knocking Noatak away from me, and eventually through the window on the opposite side of the hall. As she fought him, Mako came up to me.

Mako: “You ok?” I eyed him dangerously

You: “I have 4 inches of steel in my stomach… What do you think?” He chuckled, shaking his head lightly.

Mako: “You’re ok.”

You: “Go… go get Korra so you can help me up.”

(Korra’s POV)

The crowd outside burst into an uproar at the revelation of Amon’s bending, his eyes wide in shock as he hovered high above them on his whirlpool tower. He turned to me, meeting only my hardened gaze. Then he disappeared, falling into the bay and dashing off to only he knew where. Mako came up behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder; I turned, squeezing him tightly. It was over, finally over.

Korra: “Wait.. (F/N)!” I tried to rush, but Mako caught me by the arm.

Mako: “Korra, wait, wait relax. (He/She)’s ok. (He/She)’s breathing, (he/she)’s ok.” I breathed, slowly coming down from the rush I had just felt. He walked me back to the room, finding (F/N) flat on the ground, (his/her) hand wrapped around the hilt of the dagger. I walked over, kneeling down to look (him/her) over. As (his/her) eyes met mine, (he/she) smiled as much as (he/she) could through what I could only assume was a dangerous amount of pain.

Korra: “You ok?” (He/She) chuckled.

You: “Takes more than an electrically charged dagger to stop the Dark One.”

Mako: “Oh sure, for her your all smiles.” We all laughed, (F/N)’s eyes never leaving mine.

You: “You did it.” I shook my head.

Korra: “WE did it.” (His/Her) eyes fluttered, (his/her) head beginning to fall back against the ground. “Hey, hey, stay with us (F/N).”

You: ‘I’m.. I’m ok, just… just gonna rest a little while.” (His/Her) eyes closed fully as (he/she) drifted off to sleep.

Mako: “Let (him/her) rest. I think (he/she)’s earned it.” I nodded, watching as (his/her) breathing slowed. Something hit me, as I watched (him/her) drift off. As (he/she) laid there, almost peacefully. I swear, I felt my heart skip a beat. “What is it?” Mako had caught me staring.

Korra: “Nothing it’s just, this is the first time I’ve ever seen (him/her) sleep.”
We found Lin hidden away in one of the rooms below the stadium. After freeing her, she helped us remove the dagger from (F/N)’s side, and once again, patch (him/her) up. (He/She) was breathing normally, but (he/she) was going to need a healer, and soon.

Lin: “I can’t believe Amon got you too.” As we carried (F/N)’s unconscious form back towards the temple, Lin apologized over and over that she wasn’t there to help.

Korra: “It’s alright Lin, you did what you had to do. And after all, we weren’t alone.” I looked to her arms, my friends unconscious form slumped in them. I couldn’t help but smile. Had (he/she) not been there, who knows what Amon could have done. If it wasn’t for (him/her), Amon could very well still be in charge of the city. I could barely stand to think about it. What would things have been like had the Dark One.. My friend not fallen into my life? Mako wrapped his arm around my shoulder, bringing me in close.

Mako: “Look.” He pointed skyward, directing me to the flying bison currently carrying Bolin, Asami and Naga. Tenzin leading Oogi down towards the ground before us.

Korra: “Didn’t (F/N) tell you to stay put?” Once Tenzin landed and came within ear shot, he jumped forward, wrapping me in a tight hug of his own.

Tenzin: “(He/She) told me to keep my family safe. I couldn’t think of a better place than with my mother, and something tells me (he/she) would agree.” He looked from me to Lin, then to her arms. “Perhaps going to see her would do (him/her) some good as well.”

Bumi: “AHOY!!” He turned out to the bay, finding a United Forces battle cruiser had made its way into the bay, a tall, long haired man bouncing around along the bow. Eyes wide and wild in excitement.

Tenzin: “Wonderful… they sent my brother…” I felt my eyes roll instinctively at his comment. Just happy to hear his constant state of negativity again.

Once everyone had re-gathered, Bumi of course cracking jokes with his younger brother and annoying him to death. We set off for the south pole, hoping not only could Katara heal our fallen friend, but… fix me, as well.

(Your POV)

That vision/memory began flashing before my eyes again. Starting in my Coruscant office and ending with me reaching out to Korra and the child in her arms. Each time it played though, I always seem to notice something new. Sidious’s cackling had begun fading away, replaced with deafening silence. The sensation of being pulled back through the air away from them replaced with something cold wrapping around my waist. And now, I could see the child’s face. It was a girl, couldn’t have been any older then twelve. Her bright, sapphire blue eyes wide with fear, tears welling within them. Her black hair enveloping her face as she fell, her arms wrapped tightly around Korra. There was something else I couldn’t see, some small detail I kept missing. ‘Korra! Korra!’

You: “Korra!”

I woke with a start, ripped away again from this nightmare. Or was it a Vision, I had never had visions of the future before. That was something the Jedi did, not the Sith. I rubbed my eyes, attempting to help them focus on the surrounding area. I was in a pool, again. My pants where gone, again. Only this time, I wasn’t in the healing chamber at the air temple. No this time I was in some hut. I thought I was alone until I heard someone speak to me.

???: “You keep screaming like that and you may wake the whole south pole.” I looked and saw an elderly woman crouched over a table. I couldn’t see her face, though her energy seemed familiar.

You: “I’m in the south pole? It’s been decades since I was here last. I can’t imagine how much it’s changed.” The old woman chuckled at me.

???: “It certainly has, unlike you Dark One.” I sat up, given how long I had been in this world it didn’t shock me that she knew who I was. What did shock me was how strong I felt. All my pain was…gone. All of it gone. Even the pain in my leg was surprisingly missing. I looked down, finding a decent sized scar in my side where the dagger had been, pink and read, but healed over. How long had I been out? “You did some surprising damage to yourself over the years huh? I wouldn’t walk around too much just yet, but after I’d say two weeks, you should be able to walk without that cane of yours nearly all the time (F/N).”

Ok that surprised me, So many people knew ‘Dark One’ but last I heard the legend didn’t mention my actual name.

You: “That’s a rather optimistic diagnosis. The last healer I met that was that optimistic was when I saved her from…”

???: “The pirates trying to capture Aang for Zuko?” No way.

You: “Katara??” She turned to me with a grin on her face.

Katara: “Hello (F/N) I launched myself out of the pool and rushed to hug her. My god finally a familiar face!!

You: “You have no idea how good it is to see you!” I gripped her tightly.

Katara: “I have an idea. As excited as I am to see you too (Y/N), I’m not as young as I used to be. You’re crushing my back.” OH SHIT!! I let her go immediately.

You: “Katara I’m so sorry. My god I can’t believe it’s you…. You have a child!?” She laughed at me.

Katara: “As observant as ever.” She patted my head. “I actually have Children.”

You: “Children?? As In plural??”

Katara: “I take it you haven’t met them yet. Yes I have three actually.”

You: “Hahaha!!! Katara that’s fantastic!! I truly wish I could have been there when they were born.” Her smile faltered.

Katara: “(F/N). I don’t know how much you know about what happened. But when Aang accepted the gate key..”

You: “Katara…Don’t.” I held her shoulders firmly, looking her dead in the eye. “Tenzin explained what happened.  I don’t blame Aang, You, Zuko, Toph or Korra…Korra.” I stepped back, the memory flashing through my mind. “Her bending.. Amon had..” I looked to her, and she looked back, confirming she already knew what I wanted to say.

Katara: “I tried to unlock it for her. But I couldn’t. She has her connection to Air Bending but, the others are gone. She’s not taking it well.”

You: “Not surprising, poor Korra. Is she ok? Did everyone else make it out ok?”

Katara: “She’s alive, she’s understandably depressed, but at least she’s alive. Everyone is here in the pole, there actually waiting to see you.” She finished.

You: “I should go see them then, make sure they see I’m breathing.” I rushed to the cloth door opening.

Katara: “Wait!” I paused and turned back. She was holding up a pair of pants, rather familiar pants. I looked down at myself. Right, clothing may be a good idea. I rushed back to her, and grabbed my pants. “Before you try to rush out again.” She handed me a pile of clothing and my boots. “I think the rest of this is yours.” I took them and began putting them on. “I think you may want this too.” She held out my lightsaber. After dressing fully, I took that from her as well.

You: “Thank you Katara.” I hugged her again, much more gently this time, and she hugged me back. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Katara: “We’ve missed you too. Aang would have loved to have seen you again.”

You: “I wish I could have seen him too. We really need to catch up, but right now there are some friends I need to congratulate on a battle well fought.” I made to walk out the door.

Katara: “And an Avatar you need to tell how you feel too.” I paused; turned turned back a bit confused. “(F/N), I spent seven years with you watching over all of us, I got to know you really well. I know what you’re thinking better than you do.” I looked at her, unmoving. “You love her (F/N), admit it.” I sighed deeply.

You: “…..Is it that obvious?” She shook her head, a smile on her lips.

Katara: “You’ve spent the last two days in that pool.” She pointed to the pool of water I had just been occupying.  “Mumbling two names, Ashara and Korra. Now I remember you talking about your adopted daughter Ashara, but, I’m sure there is only one reason you would be dreaming of Korra.” She gave me a sly smirk.

I sighed, a full two days out of commission and apparently all I could do was out myself. Fine, I cared for her, maybe even loved her. But she loved Mako, and even if I wasn’t training her I wasn’t going to get in the way of that. Then again.. she and Mako weren’t together, and if I told her.. maybe… I lifted my finger to Katara.

You: “This doesn’t leave this hut.” She raised her hands, signaling me that she wasn’t going to tell anyone. I opened the curtain to the outside and was met with a small, simple village. And she said this place changed. "Anyone alive!?” I called.

???: “(F/N)!! Your awake!!!” I turned to see Ikki rushing towards me, followed closely by Meelo and Jinora.

Ikki jumped at me and I caught her in my arms. Soon after Jinora jumped at me, wrapping herself around my neck. I held fast. Then Meelo jumped and climbed on my head.

You: “It’s so good to see all of you!!, I then felt something fuzzy crawling up my leg, then Pabu’s little face popped into view. “Pabu!” I exclaimed, smiling widely, which then faltered when I heard a heavy thumping. I looked past Pabu and saw Naga, rushing toward me, tongue waging freely. “No, no, no, no Naga wait!!!” Too late, Naga jumped and knocked us all to the ground. Everyone else was knocked to the snow, out of reach. Lucky kids, I was stuck under Naga, her tongue lapping over my face time and time again. “HELP!!! Cripple in need!!”

Tenzin: “Afraid you can’t claim that anymore can you? Naga get off (him/her), (he/she) just woke up.” I was saved; once Naga got off I looked and saw my savior. Tenzin bent over and reached out to help me up. I grabbed his hand and he helped me up off the ground. I saw Pema with her newborn baby, Asami and Bolin behind her, all smiling. “My mother told me about your leg. Congratulations.”

You: “I’m just glad your mom is an even better healer than I remembered. Thank you for bringing me here, it was good to see her again.” He simply nodded and step aside so I could get at the others. After some time talking with everyone, I noticed that Korra was missing from the group. I pulled Asami aside. “Hey where’s Korra? There’s something I need to tell her.”

Asami: “She’s on the cliff just past that hill over there.” She pointed toward a particularly small hill and I rushed over. If I was going to tell her I needed to tell her now while I still had the nerve. As I passed the cliff I saw her, bending all four elements at once, her eyes glowing bright white. She had unlocked her own bending. I was about to rush over as I saw her release the Avatar state, but stopped when I saw Mako walk up to her. He reached out his hand and she took it, looking into his eyes. Then, ever so slowly, her lips crashed against his. Asami came up behind me, her own somber look reflecting mine. “So… I guess that’s it then. Maybe it’s for the best that they got together. It obviously wasn’t gonna work out between Mako and I anyway.” I didn’t answer. “What was it you were going to tell her?” Still I didn’t answer. “(F/N)?” She tapped me on the shoulder, breaking me out of my haze.

You: “Huh, what? Oh, I was going to congratulate her on her victory over Amon. It can wait, let them have their moment.” I forced a smile for her sake. I had no reason to be jealous, I knew how she felt about Mako, I had to accept that and move on. Besides, I was there teacher, it wouldn’t have been appropriate anyway. “Come on.” I said as I reached for Asami’s hand. She took it and I lead her back towards Katara’s Hut. “I want you to meet an old friend of mine.”

(Korra’s POV)

Korra: “I love you too.” Our lips met, Mako’s warm breath mingling with my own. His arms wrapped around me as he kissed. When he pulled away, he had a delicate smile on his face, and love in his eyes. Then they turned, finding something behind me interesting. I turned, and saw Asami, walking away hand in hand with (F/N). For some reason, something inside me panged, a stone falling into the pit of my stomach.

Mako: “Think they’ll be a thing?” Somehow, his words only added to the pain inside me. I shook it off, turning back to him with a small smile.

Korra: “Guess we’ll have to wait and see.” And I kissed him again.



(??? POV)

I walked through the heavy metal door as it slid open, disappearing into the ceiling above. As I entered my Master’s chamber, I kneeled before him, bowing my head as he turned to address me.

Master: “Report.”

???: “The reports we intercepted from the equalists.. seem to have been correct. The Dark One of legend, is as you believed.” He hummed, turning away from me and approached the small cabinet he kept in the back of his chambers. The end of his robe dragging along the floor.

Master: “Then it is as I believed. If (he/she) has returned.” He opened the cabinet, pulling a small, cylindrical piece of metal from it. “Then you will require this.” He held it out, allowing it to float from his palm into my own waiting hand. I stared in aww of the device, unable to believe he believed me ready to wield it.

???: “Master.. I will not fail you.” He looked down at me, his yellow eyes burning into my skull.

Master: “No, you will not. Select two others of the academy, they will assist you in your mission.”

???: “Master?”

Master: “(He/She) will not be defeated easily, you will need assistance, if you are to capture Lord Vane.”

???: “Yes, my master.” I stood, bowing deeply before leaving the chambers. As the door slid closed behind me, I marveled at the weapon again, and activated it, a sapphire blade appearing before me.
Chapter 13: The final chapter of Book 1.

So this is the last chapter of the story that started my page. And personally, I'm rather proud that I stuck with it. That I was able to finish it. And it excites me that so many of you have enjoyed reading it along the way. Yes, there will be Books 2-4 written. But as with UMH, I'm gonna be taking a little break before continuing. I'll still be writing, but this is so I have most, if not all of the next book finished before I start posting on that week to week basis again. Before I sign off. I'd like to give a special thanks to for inspiring me to write this in the first place. If you haven't checked out his KorraXReader story yet. (I doubt it but hey) Please do.

Anyway, as always let me know what you think in the comments below!

I don't own the last airbender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, the images used, or you.
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That's actually a question that is going to be directly answered in the book, because there is a bit of history behind Lord Vane and their apprenticeship to Lord Plagueis.
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Oh. I'm sorry, sometimes I forget reader inserts aren't so coming place. 
Im happy this is going to be your introduction into it!
Kenliano Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yazmarohma42 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 17, 2017
I don't get it can you enlighten me please?
In the first part their this First Name, Last Name, Hair length etc...
Should I write my name?
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017
So that first part is gonna be your Index basically. It tells you what those abbreviations mean as you find them in the story.
(F/N) being your first name 
(L/N) being your last name, so on and so forth. These are places where you'll fill in your own information. Being your First and last name, your skin color, hair length and so on.

While you may not see all of them in a single chapter. I prefer to just give the entire index at the beginning of every chapter to make it a bit easier. 
Yazmarohma42 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017
I see... So is like I'm one with the team Avatar right?
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017
Exactly, it's a reader insert story.
Yazmarohma42 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017
Thank you for clearing that out.
If I'm one with the Team Avatar I would like to play cupid for Mako and Korra hehe :D (Big Grin) 
I'm a Makorra shipper. 
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017
Well you may not like this then. This is a Reader Korra romance fanfiction
Yazmarohma42 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 17, 2017
Oh don't worry I like it.
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017
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MaimaiKawaii29 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Student General Artist
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Glad you liked! 
TornadoofNL Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017
Sorry bud, gotta wait till the next chapter to see! 😁
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