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(Korra’s POV)

Sato: “It is a glorious day, my Equalist brothers and sisters! Amon has torn down the tyrannical bending government! He has declared bending illegal!! And he has the Avatar on the run!” I scoffed beneath my mask, earning a soft ‘shush’ from Mako . He righted himself beside me before any of the equalists beside us noticed. Not like they would.. they were far to entrapped by the speech Hiroshi was giving. “Our great leader has a vision for the future! One day soon, bending will no longer exist and we will live in a world where everyone is finally equal!” The crowd in front of us cheered loudly, easily swayed by the poisonous words Hiroshi spewed..

Korra: “This is getting out of hand.” I mumbled, earning another hush from Mako, and an odd glance from the equalist beside me. Mako leaned in close, ensuring no one else could hear what he was about to say.

Mako: “Keep your cool, I know this is painful but we need to know if he’ll reveal anything of value.” I rolled my eyes behind the mask.

Korra: “This is an awful plan.. It’s been three days and we haven’t learned a thing.. much less DONE anything.”

Mako: “This was (F/N)’s plan.”

Korra: “And it’s a dumb one.”

Mako: “One you agreed to three days ago.” I elbowed him in the side, causing him to yelp.

Sato: “We must be vigilant though my brothers and sisters, for we have an enemy in our midst that would see that dream crushed! The legendary Dark One has returned! And has allied (himself/herself) with the Avatar against Amon and his crusade! But fret not.. for Amon is prepared for the monster’s power, and we will prevail!!” The crowd cheered again.. and I decided it was time to go, nodding to Mako, we both left. Heading into the park and through the secret hole Bolin and I made to get out from the Underground city while we were there.

Over the course of the last three days, (F/N) had effectively taken control of the operation.. having us first make several tunnels through the underside of the city so we could move undetected, then had us take a pair of equalists hostage to steal their uniforms. Not that the ideas were bad.. I just wasn’t too fond of dressing like the enemy. (F/N) however, had convinced me otherwise. Undercover surveillance (he/she) called it. After learning about the rally Hiroshi was holding today, (he/she) had us head up and listen in, figuring Sato would reveal some kind of idea about what Amon was planning, and to see if there were any weaknesses we could exploit.

Korra: “Can you believe Hiroshi?” I ripped the mask from my face, stuffing it in the pocket of my uniform as Mako did the same. “The Avatar’s on the run.” I quoted mockingly. “I’m not ‘running’ from anyone. Let’s go back up there and knock some heads. They’ll never know what him them.” I turned back around, fully intent on doing just that, until Mako stopped me by gripping my arm.

Mako: “Relax.. We stick to the plan and everything will work out.. then Amon will be the one running.” I sighed heavily.

Korra: “I hate this ‘being patient’ stuff.” Mako chuckled, then turned to lead me the rest of the way down the pipe, eventually making it to the Under City limits. Sitting just outside the opening was Bolin and Asami, currently playing with Pabu . As they saw us enter though, they both stood, coming to meet us halfway.

Asami: “You two were gone a while.” Her tone was rather dead, almost accusing.

Mako: “We were doing Reconnaissance.. like (F/N) wanted.” Not even a minute together and Mako was already on the defensive.

Asami: “Whatever.” She brushed Mako off, turning back to return to her seat. Bolin followed her, slightly confused.

Gommu: “WELCOME BACK!!” Gommu rushed up to us, bringing Mako and I into a tight hug. Mako still seemed perturbed by Asami’s actions, I at least appreciated the sentiment. “Hope you worked up an appetite cause dinner is gonna be ready soon!”

Korra: “Thanks Gommu.. have you seen (F/N)?” Gommu scratched his chin in thought for a moment before answering.

Gommu: “Last I saw (him/her), (he/she) was headed down the sewage pipe there.. that was a while ago too.” I looked down the pipe in question.. the same one we had walked up to get here when we abandoned the Air Temple.

Korra: “Thanks.. I’ll go get (him/her) for dinner.” I waved him off as I headed down the way..

Gommu: “Be back soon!! Soup won’t stay warm forever!” He called after me. I waved back over my shoulder, making sure he knew I heard him. Mako went off to change while I started down the pipe, looking for our force wielding master. It didn’t take long to find (him/her).

At the end of the pipe, just where you could see both Air Temple Island and Aang Memorial island was the Dark One (himself/herself), currently meditating and floating in the air. As (he/she) floated, (his/her) lightsaber floated alongside (him/her), one end activated and cutting streaks into the side of the pipe, tallying away something only (he/she) could know.

You: “You’re not as quiet as you think you are Korra.” (He/She) called back, it didn’t surprise me.. I already knew (he/she) could sense me.. it’s how (he/she) found me while I was locked up by Tarrlok.. Still, it was an interesting challenge trying to sneak up on (him/her).. see if I could hide myself from (his/her) vast, mystical gaze. Today though, I wasn’t trying to hide.

Korra: “Wasn’t trying to sneak up on you.. Gommu wanted me to tell you dinner is almost ready.”

You: “I’ll be inside in a minute.. Amon is almost done for the day.” The saber cut into the wall again.. adding another tally to the already countless there. Each one a representation of the horror’s Amon was preforming on the island.

Korra: “How many today?”

You: “Forty…. Relatively small group for the day..” Another Tally. “Could be that he’s running out though.”

Korra: “We need to do something.. we can’t let him keep taking people’s bending away.” Another Tally.

You: “We will.. we just need to wait for the right moment.”

Korra: “I’m starting to think the right moment isn’t coming.” (He/She) sighed heavily, (his/her) saber cutting another tally before finally deactivating in the air. (He/She) floated to the ground before grabbing (his/her) saber and strapping it to (his/her) belt, then called (his/her) metal cane to (him/her) before turning to me. (His/Her) eyes were tired, dark circles surrounding (his/her) (E/C) eyes.. (He/She) hadn’t been sleeping well, if at all since we arrived.

You: “It’ll come Korra.. we just have to be patient.” I sighed, looking out over the water towards the Memorial island, a large copy of Amon’s mask covering Aang’s face while flags carrying the Equalist symbol fluttered off of the staff.

Korra: “That alone isn’t very comforting.” I pointed to the unseemly object in question. (He/She) didn’t turn, (he/she) already knew what I was talking about. “If anything.. it tells me Amon has already won.”

You: “An army is at its weakest when they believe they have won the war.. If Amon thinks he’s won.. then we have the upper hand.”

Korra: “How do you know?” I was getting frustrated. “How can you be so confident that we will win this? We’re it.. You, me, Mako, Asami, Bolin that’s it.. how can you be so sure that you can out smart Amon?” (He/She) didn’t flinch, instead taking slow purposeful steps towards me.

You: “Easy..” (He/She) smiled, squeezing my shoulder as (he/she) passed me. “Because Amon has never faced someone like me.”

(Your POV)

After we ate. (We being everyone but Asami as she was still not used to scavenging for food) The team huddled together to report on the day’s events.. I had been cultivating a plan to make a statement to the city.. one that would both show Republic City its Avatar was not hiding from the bending taker, but that he was weaker then he cared to admit.

Korra: “All he really mentioned was that Amon had driven me to into hiding.. and that they should be ready to face you.” I stroked my chin in contemplation, smirking all the while. “What are you thinking?”

You: “I’m thinking.. it’s finally the time to move.” Korra sighed in visible relief, happy to hear we’ll finally be making a stand. “If Hiroshi is using fear tactics to make the populace afraid of me.. I guarantee the same rhetoric is being used on the Equalist foot-soldiers.. chances are they’re more afraid of me than the general public is.. we can use that.”

Mako: “How?” I grinned..

You: “A show of force.. one that can be seen by the whole city.” Korra nodded, understanding crossing her soft features.

Korra: “Air Temple island.” I snapped my fingers.

You: “Exactly.. Amon’s been using it as his base of operations ever since they took it from us.. that, along with the Memorial island can be seen by the entire city. We take both down… We cripple Amon’s public image..”

Asami: “And we can draw him out.”

You: “You got it.” Bolin cut in, confused as ever.

Bolin: “Wait.. but doesn’t Amon basically LIVE on the island?” I shook my head.

You: “I’ve been watching his patterns.. he uses the island to take benders bending away.. but he doesn’t stay there.. No, he goes back to the city every night.. He does leave a multitude of soldiers there to guard whatever Benders hadn’t been ‘cleansed’ that day.. but he himself doesn’t stay.”

Mako: “But if he isn’t on the island when we take it then what’s the point?”

You: “The point is to show force.. that while we may be outnumbered.. we are certainly not outmatched. Amon has to be taken down publicly.. we take him out outside of the view of the populace and all it’ll do is make him a martyr.. we need to make sure any lingering followers won’t rise to the top to try and keep the movement going once we take him out.”

Mako: “So.. we’re doing this to make a political statement.”

You: “Yes.. and to take our home back.” Korra punched her own palm.. determination crossing her face.

Korra: “Let’s do it then. When do we start?” I chuckled, then stood.

You: “Tonight” I stood.. walking towards the pipe leading to the islands in question. “Gommu!”

Gommu: “Yeppers!” He appeared instantly.. as if standing just outside my field of view waiting for me to call.

You: “Are they ready?” He nodded vigorously.

Gommu: “Got them just this mornin.. ready to be sailed away to any destination.” I smirked.

You: “Round up whoever you think you’ll need and get them ready to go.. we’re leaving now.”

Gommu: “Yes (Sir/Ma’am).” He saluted me, then scurried off to collect who he needed.

Korra: “What is he getting exactly?” I turned to her, my smirk still in place.

You: “Not all of us are Water Benders Korra, we can’t all just swim to the islands.”

(Korra’s POV)

I was a bit skeptical, but I followed (him/her) all the same, the others following close behind. Once we were out of the sewers, I noticed there were already two boats floating just out of reach, likely for us.

Korra: “Two? I thought we were taking the islands back?” (He/She) turned back to me, (his/her) smirk still in place.

You: “We are.. but we need to take them simultaneously. You four will be headed to the Memorial Island to clear it of any Equalists, then you’re going to cut down the flags Amon hung and get rid of the mask. Gommu and I are going to be headed to the temple to clear it out and get any radio equipment ready for you.” I felt my eyebrows shoot up.

Korra: “Me?” (He/She) smiled, then patted my shoulder before turning to the first boat.

You: “Better start writing that speech, tonight you’ll be speaking to the whole city.” (He/She) turned again, following Gommu to the first of the two boats without another word. I was about to follow (him/her), until someone put a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

Mako: “(He/She)’ll be fine.. we have our mission.. Let’s go make a stand.” I sighed, but relented, following Mako and the others to the second boat as (F/N)’s took off.

As the boat sped through the water, the four of us prepped ourselves for any resistance we may find. No words were shared, just looks. Asami refused to look at Mako, instead focusing on the island ahead of us. Mako would steal glances at her, sadness in his eyes. Then he would look at me, a small reassuring smile on his face that I would give back. Bolin looked between the three of us, confused as always.

Asami: “We’re here.” I looked back, finding Memorial island closer than I had thought it was. The vagabonds that had sailed us here jumped out tying the boat to the small dock. The others leapt out, I stayed, turning my gaze across the water to the other island.. I could faintly make out the outline of (F/N) and Gommu’s boat pulling up to the island. I just hoped (he/she) was ok.

Mako: “You ok?” Mako was crouching down, holding his hand out to me to help me out of the boat. I smiled tightly as I nodded, taking his offered hand. “Come on.. we have a long climb up.” He helped me  up, earning a light scoff from Asami. He, I could only assume didn’t notice because he didn’t turn. She walked ahead of us with Bolin, heading inside the Memoriam first.

Bolin: “Guys?” Bolin called out to us, we walked in, finding them both to have walked right into an Equalist hive. “We may have a problem.” Two Equalists were holding Asami and Bolin respectively, gloves inches from their faces.

Equalist: “Memoriam to tower.. the Avatar is attempting to infiltrate.. need back-up.” A large foot-man was talking into a radio, and now we had a time limit.. Great.

(Your POV)

Gommu: “Two minutes (F/N).”

You: “Remember to stay in the boat until I give you the all clear.. then follow me at a distance.”

Gommu: “Righty-O.” Gommu was driving the boat as I sat in the back, checking over my lightsaber and mentally preparing for what I was about to do. I didn’t want to.. but we needed to make a point. This was for the best.. for the city.. for Korra. “We’re here.” I looked up, finding the Island looming over my head. There were a few small lights, likely from whatever patrols the Equalists performed on the island. Two of them were at the end of the staircase, currently walking down the dock towards the boat.

You: “Get down Gommu, I’ll handle this.” He did as I jumped on the dock, walking to keep pace with the approaching guards. I had left my cane behind, it would only hinder me right now.

Equalist: “Identify yourself.” He couldn’t see me through the darkness, good. I didn’t respond, instead I just continued to press on. “Halt! Or we’ll….” They started choking.. I barely squeezed my hand and already they both fell to their knees. I flicked my wrist, and their dying bodies fell into the ocean beside me, sinking into the crushing depths. I met no further resistance as I climbed the stairs, until I made it to the courtyard. All the lights had been extinguished, an attempt to hide themselves from me, a poor one at that. I could sense them, dozens, nearly a hundred foot-soldiers hidden in the darkness.. I let them have their little moment though and continued onward, pretending as if I could not feel all their eyes on me. Once I was deep enough into the area though, flood lights from the floating Airships sprang on, enveloping the area and all the men around me.

Equalist: “Stop!! You’re surrounded Dark One! Lay down your weapon!” Though I could not see the one that spoke, I could hear the shakiness in his voice. I chuckled as I reached for my saber.

You: “All I am surrounded by is fear.” *Hiss* “And Dead men.”

(Korra’s POV)

We fought our way up the small staircase quickly, knocking Equalists down the empty void below. Soon enough, we reached the hatch that lead to the top of the statue’s head, springing it open in a burst of flame. I jumped out first, followed quickly by the others, all ready to fight whatever Equalists were up there… but there were none.

Bolin: “…Well that was easy.”

Mako: “That’s what concerns me.” I looked out over the water towards the city, half expecting dozens of airships to be flying right at us.. but none came.

Korra: “I know they radioed that we were here.. so where’s the reinforcements?”

Asami: “It was a short range radio.. chances are it could only reach the temple.”

Mako: “Then there should still be someone coming after us. So…. Where are they?” I walked to the edge of the statue, looking out to the temple island. The Air Ships were still there, floodlights beaming onto the island.. but they weren’t moving.. why?

Bolin: “Maybe (F/N)’s got it handled?” We looked back at him, his head buried between his shoulders in a shrug.

Korra: “Maybe…” Mako scoffed.

Mako: “Korra come on.. (he/she) can barely walk on (his/her) own without that cane.. there has to be at least a hundred Equalists on that island.. knocking them all out would take way more energy than (he/she) has.”

Bolin: “Anyone else smell something burning?” Bolin was sniffing the air experimentally, so was Asami.

Asami: “I smell it too.. What is that?”

Bolin: “Smells like… burnt… wolfbat hair.” I shook it off.

Korra: “Enough distractions.. we’ve got a job to do here.” I walked up the front end of the statue, toes just grazing the top-most edge of the mask Amon had installed. “Mako, give me a hand.” He walked up, and we both set to work melting the bolts that held it in place.

(Your POV)

I flew right through them,. Cutting, slashing, hacking away as they scrambled to avoid my saber blades.. They couldn’t hope to move fast enough.. not when I let go, truly let go. I felt the mask fall away a while ago, but I didn’t care. The natural yellow of my eyes only added to the effect, amplifying the fear they felt.. That they should have been feeling all this time. Two, four, six fell to the crimson blades at a time as I flipped and spun through the air, the smell of their burning clothes and skin filing my nostrils. I ignored the stench as I pressed forward, sensing out each one as they tried to hide like rats. Their screams were cut short as I dug the ends of the plasma blades into their chests or cut them across their necks. It was short lived.. it was a pathetic defense… it was wrong. I shouldn’t have been doing this, slaughtering these people like cattle.. yet, here I was, flying across the island at speeds I hadn’t reached in so very long. Acting like the (man/woman) I was so very long ago.. This was the (man/woman) I wanted to leave dead in the cell. Yet here (he/she) was, cutting down lives in an instant, at least (he/she) wasn’t smiling.

The last of the lifeless bodies fell to the ground, the glowing light of singed clothing burning across the freshest of my strikes fading away in the cold night air. I panted, calming myself as I looked around at my handiwork. I felt disgusted with myself, yet at the same time all I could think of was how this wasn’t a bad thing. Because I didn’t do this for myself, for the thrill of it. I did this for my friends.. to help them.. to bring an end to the madness.

___: ‘It was the right thing.’ I agreed, but it wasn’t over.

Reforming the mask around my eyes, I began walking back down the stairs, waving my hands to the side to clear the… mess.. away from the island. Then I made sure to cut the cables anchoring the Air ships to the island, sending them floating off into the horizon.

You: “Gommu.. it’s clear.” I called out to my bearded friend. As he stood from the boat and walked up to me with my cane in hand, he had an odd look on his face. His nose turned to the air, sniffing heavily.

Gommu: “You smell something burnin?”

You: “NOPE not a thing come on we have work to do.” I wrapped an arm around his back, shoving him up the steps and towards the temple as I took my cane from him.

Gommu: “Oooo! Fancy digs you got here bud!” Gommu took in the sight of the temple grounds, eyes wide in astonishment. As he began sight-seeing, I looked out over the water towards the Memorial island. As I did, the mask Amon had attached swung off, falling to the statues feet with a heavy clang. It shattered on impact. And as smug as I was to see it fall, It made me realize just how little time I had in this moment.

You: “Come on Gommu.. We’re on a clock.” I grabbed his arm and led him through the temple, hoping to come across what I needed sooner rather than later.. The longer it took the less time I’d have before the team came back. “Where is it?”

Gommu: “What’re we lookin for (F/N)?”

You: “Radio.. I know Amon had one set up here I just don’t know… never mind.. found it.” I shouldn’t have been surprised, He set it up in Tenzin’s office. “Ok.. you know how to operate one of these right?” I looked to him as he looked over the large metal thing. He scratched at his gray hair. “…right?”

Gommu: “….well….” I sighed.

You: “Damnit Gommu.. You said you were an operator for the United Forces.”

Gommu: “I said I was a TELEGRAPH operator for the United Forces.. Radio’s what cost me my job.”

You: “Well here’s your chance to expand your resume.” I shoved him to the thing. “Figure it out.” He shot me an annoyed look over his shoulder before timidly walking up to the hulking piece of tech. He poked it experimentally, circled it a few times, then poked it again. “For the love of… It won’t EAT you.” He shot me another look before finally sitting down in the chair in front of it. He flipped a few switches, turned a few nobs.. then smacked it on the side before it finally jolted to life.

Gommu: “Got it!” He turned to me with a toothy grin, his hand in the air with a thumbs up.

You: “Great job Gommu really proud of you.. now find me Amon’s private channel.” He turned back to the machine, turning another of the knobs this way and that slightly.

Gommu: “You mean the one he used to broadcast to the city?” I shook my head.

You: “No.. that one you’ll be finding later. I need the one he uses to communicate to his subordinates.” He nodded, then adjusted the knob one last time.

Gommu: “You’re on the air.”

You: “Fantastic.. go greet the others.. I’ll only be a minute.” He nodded and left, closing the door to the office behind him. Once I was comfortably convinced he was out of hearing range, I sat in front of the radio myself, breathing deeply before beginning to speak. “Amon.. I know you can hear me.. and I know your listening.. If the mask falling off the Memorial statue, or your air ships floating off to who knows where wasn’t clue enough.. I wanted you to know we took back both islands…. And it’s only the beginning.” I grinned.. knowing he was likely staring at his own radio, just absolutely fuming right now. “They’re dead Amon.. all of them… by my own hand… but that’s not what you care about right now is it? No.. you’re concerned that I have a radio that can broadcast to the city.. and that I have VERY delicate information regarding you… You shouldn’t be though.. Yes.. I could tell your secret.. I could broadcast it to the whole city and effectively cripple your entire operation but… I won’t.. because, just like when I was killing every last one of your men on this island.. I’m just having too much fun with this.. I’m having far too much fun toying with you.” I chuckled darkly for effect. “In just a few short minutes.. the Avatar is going to be broadcasting her own message across the city.. I suggest you let it happen.. because If I hear you disrupted it in any way… well.. you and I will see each other MUCH sooner than either of us planned.. Enjoy the program Amon.”

(Korra’s POV)

Gommu: “Ahoy!!” Gommu was waving wildly at us as our boat pulled into the dock, his usual wide smile plastered across his face. “(F/N)’s upstairs gettin the Radio ready for something big, wanted me to come greet you while (he/she) took care of some business.” Right… the ‘speech’ (he/she) wanted me to make. As we docked, Bolin and Asami both immediately jumped out.

Bolin: “Oh Air Temple Island.. I missed you so..” Bolin got on his knees and began kissing the floor while Asami immediately headed up the stairs.. likely just wanting to get some ‘real’ food.

Mako: “Bolin.. come on man get up this is embarrassing.” Bolin ignored his brother, continuing to hug the floor of the dock instead.

Korra: “Let him be.. he’s missed it.. just like we all have.” I grabbed Mako’s arm and half dragged him up the stairs with me towards the temple, followed closely by Gommu. “So where exactly is (F/N)?” Gommu rushed up beside us to point out the directions.

Gommu: “Down the hall, fifth door to the left.. the big office lookin room.” Tenzin’s office.. figures Amon would set the radio up there.

Korra: “Thanks Gommu.. for everything.” He smiled as he gave me a thumbs up, then quickly headed off into the temple. I myself headed inside, finding(F/N) sitting in front of the oversized radio. (He/She) was speaking into it, and from the sound of it, (he/she) was sending a message to Amon.

You: “…In just a few short minutes.. the Avatar is going to be broadcasting her own message across the city.. I suggest you let it happen.. because If I hear you disrupted it in any way… well.. you and I will see each other MUCH sooner than either of us planned.. Enjoy the program Amon.” With (his/her) own message finished, (he/she) slumped back in the chair, rubbing the balls of (his/her) hands against (his/her) eyes.

Korra: “Getting sleepy?” (He/She) shot up, falling clean off the chair in the process. As (he/she) laid on the ground, (he/she) gripped at (his/her) chest in panic. I walked over to help (him/her) up, snickering lightly as I did. When (he/she) saw it was me that startled (him/her), (he/she) narrowed (his/her) gaze.

You: “How many times do I have to tell you, I’m too old for surprises.” I rolled my eyes as I stuck my hand out to (him/her).

Korra: “Quit complaining (Gramps/Granny)..”

You: “Quit complaining neh neh neh.” (He/She) mocked as I helped (him/her) up. “Gommu!”

Gommu: “Yeppers!” Gommu appeared in the door as if from thin air, skipping over to us ready to help. (F/N) pointed to the radio.

You: “You’re up.”

Gommu: “Right-O.” Gommu took a seat in front of the radio, adjusting a few knobs before standing and gesturing to the chair. “Your chair M-Lady.” He bowed lightly to me as (F/N) rolled (his/her) eyes.

Korra: “Yeah.. uh about that..”

You: “Korra..” (He/She) turned me, holding me firmly by the shoulders as (he/she) looked in my eyes. “You can do this.. If it helps, don’t even think about it like making a speech, think of it as just talking to me.. and Gommu.” The man in question waved. “You can do this.” (He/She) released me, taking a step back to give me some space. I sighed, then took the seat in front of the chair.

Korra: “People of Republic City…..”

(Amon’s POV)

Korra: “People of Republic City.. This, is Avatar Korra. Many of you may believe that I have gone into hiding, that I am running from the Equalists. That is not true, and tonight, we proved that. I, and a small group took back both Aang Memorial Island and Air Temple Island from Amon and his men. Proving that not only are we not afraid, but that you shouldn’t be either. The Equalists have lied to you, they have fed you these poisonous ideas that benders and non-benders cannot and should not live together, that somehow just because some of us have been born different, they are treated better than the rest of the world. That isn’t true.. Everyone DOES have a right to be treated equally, everyone DOES have a right to be treated fairly. But that goes both ways.. How you’re treated does not depend on whether you’re a bender or a not, but on who you are. And as Avatar I am taking a stand. Because I am YOUR Avatar, whether you are bender or non-bender. It is my duty to protect all of you, and I make a promise right now, that I will. The islands are only the beginning. Soon we will take the city back, for everyone, for all of you. I promise that.” The broadcast ended, the Avatars speech finished.

Lieutenant: “Sir?” It took everything I had to not lash out in a rage.. that’s what (he/she) wanted.. For me to out myself as the bender I was.. I wasn’t going to fall for it.. (He/She) wanted to play games? Fine.. I had more than a few pieces left to play.

Amon: “Tell Mr. Sato to get the aircraft ready for deployment.” I turned away from the Radio, the Avatar’s broadcast having finished..

Lieutenant: “Sir?” I sighed.. sometimes.. sometimes this man was a complete idiot.

Amon: “At first light tomorrow, bomb the island.”
I posted this late, and I'm to tired to come up with something clever so.... Chapter 11 everybody, enjoy!
As Always let me know what you think in the comments!
I don't own Legend of Korra, The Last Airbender, Star Wars, The images used, or you.
MichaelG1914 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017
So the plot thickens. Great Work as always, I really like the quote from the Darth Vader comics "All i's surrounded by is Fear and Dead Men." That was great. Anyway I wonder if you'll conclude the Season next chapter, or will you take a few more. I would highly recommend doing seasons 2-4 to expand the story. Again Great Work and I look forward with great anticipation for Chapter 12 and anymore chapters you put out. 
The-Authors-Library Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017
I'm glad you liked the nod! 
I'm not sure when exactly this is ending, whether next chapter or another but I am planning on continuing. There is quite a bit of stuff I've set up that I haven't touched on yet, plus I think it would be great to delve deeper into the reader's history as Darth Vane and how they are still dealing with being a former sith. 
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