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Here Be Auracorns

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This is a CLOSED species available only through adoptables!
This group is for sharing and adopting my personal closed species, Auracorns! Here's some helpful links to get you started!

Species Information
Adopt TOS
The Masterlist (out-dated, most Auracorn tracking is now being done through Toyhouse)
Available Auracorn Adopts
Approved MYOs

Gallery Folders

A warm treat for young and old alike by K-A-Karma
Trick or Treat by KaiTheSwordsman
Tricks or Treats by HollyBearWishing21
Spooking Spook by CaptainTigglesworth
Species info and Lore
Auracorn Seasonal Traits, Mist hair + Lycanthropy by Crow-Faced
Auracorn Traits Quickguide by Crow-Faced
ANIMATED - How Auracorns change to feral form by Crow-Faced
Auracorns, Gem Ailments by Crow-Faced
Available Auracorn Adopts
.:[AURACORN] Soft Details Set [CLOSED] :. by BritishMindslave
Free First Time Owner Auracorn Raffle - CLOSED by Crow-Faced
Auracorn GA Batch [2/3 OPEN] by Empxleon
.:AURACORN: Chibi December Batch CLOSED]:. by Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS
CLOSED adopts
.:[RINGOX] Cold Nights and Nightmares [CLOSED]:. by BritishMindslave
Mint Champagne Celebration -CLOSED- by CheapJumpscare
.:[AURACORN]: Whimsical Fairy Auracorn [SOLD]:. by BritishMindslave
(CLOSED) Green With Envy Auracorn by fox2210
Character Refs and Bios
Auracorn: Ronan Reference by Lycandeer
Cires Ref by Loyaldis
Briar Rainfall by fox2210
Xilun by fox2210
Auracorn Art
[ 398 ] by BOX-Of-Lulz
[ 397 ] by BOX-Of-Lulz
[ 400 ] by BOX-Of-Lulz
Halloween prep by WolvenMonarch
YCHs and Collabs
[OPEN END] YCH by Luzebel

Mature Content

Valentines YCH- CLOSED by CheapJumpscare
Leggy YCH [Open] by Agent-Cheshire
YCH EYYY (CLOSED) by Ashlynneatscookies
Auracorn Seeking Journals
Art and Writing Challenge and Contests
Surprise Attack! by Loyaldis
Group NPCs
Meet the Mascot, Alpha Centauri by Crow-Faced
Auracorn Masterlist
Auracorn #294 by The-Auracorn-Dex


Have an original species of your own? Feel free to affiliate with us~! We're always happy to promote other species, both Open AND Closed!
Due to Eclipse's arrival, I've found it more and more difficult to keep up with my groups and comunities and the like on Deviantart-though to be fair I also tended to be more active with them on Discord and Toyhouse before Eclipse. Considering Eclipse the final push, I'm officially switching the main activity for the Auracorns-and all other CS I manage to Discord and my Toyhouse until further notice. You can join the Discord through this link here:
The Discord had originally started out to be mainly for Auracorns, but has since recently been converted to include some of my other species as well, so I hope that doesn't get too confusing~! BUT I also have regular FREE Adopt Raffles in the Discord, too every so often~!
I also post updates and events more often on my Toyhouse here: My Toyhouse
If you don't yet have a Toyhouse account, I can try and do my best to get some invites out to members interested in joining~! Toyhouse also makes it easier for me to transfer and track transfers of adopts I've created to keep a better eye out for scammers.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to comment below.
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