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300 spartans in phalanx

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Leonidas and his 300 royal guards await their persian enemies in phalanx formation. enjoy :)
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migisi123Student Digital Artist
looks cool... too bad it ain't yours, just a filter isn't enough dude, could b called plagiarism if you ain't careful
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Alonso9120Student Digital Artist
Good one!!
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PhoenixPrimeStudent Writer
Loved the movie, love this pic. :D Good job.
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"So solider, what did you do this weekend?"


"Meh, you'know..."

i love this, its brilliant
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Just imagine how much more devastating they would've been had they carried the Macedonian Sarissa and had had Macedonian Phalanx-training on top of their Spartan upbringing.. That would've been a killer Phalanx man! would love to see that O.O
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ramirezhateProfessional Interface Designer

nice work there...
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Not that I have anything against Photoshop creations. A lot of the things I see on this site have been modified with Photoshop or some other Photo Editing software, and still look really amazing. I just find it disappointing that people think ART is now defined as "ANYTHING".
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in most ways you're right.that's smtg that everyone can do it less than a minute,i agree with you!but i've never said that i painted this or smtg like that, i have no claim like that.i just wanted to make a wallpaper for my own use and also i wanted to share this with other people.that's all. if only i can make illustrations(i have a drawing tablet and i sometimes practice drawing) but unfortunately i can't make illustrations like professionals.i'm looking for tutorials for vector art or other things.i'm trying to improve myself.that's all i can.i admire people who work for hours and weeks and trying to be a little like them(not professionally,just for hobby).i do what i can do right now that's it.i havo no claim that my deviations are "art".of course you have right to critisize my deviations,everybody have.but right now that's all i can do and i just try to share with other people.thanks for your thoughts :D
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Well, sir, it's like I said. I was not mean to be accusing, I was merely expressing my opinion of what A LOT of people do nowadays. Believe me, I've seen horrid, HORRID things. *Gew... What you did with the Screen shot looks good, I never said it didn't. It DOES disappoint me however, some of the things I see on this sight. Not to mention other sites. People saying, "Look what I drew!" and people naive enough to believe that they drew the picture say, "AWESOME!!!" But I do appreciate the explanation, sir, and I'll be sure to check out some of your other works.
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No problem, friend! ^_^
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Don't mean to be a Troll-fag, but yeah. You, like MANY other people out there, take what you can do in Photoshop in less than a minute's time as "Art". Other people, including myself, try hard at what we do. Takes us hours, days, maybe even WEEKS to complete one of our works. Well, maybe not my Yu-Gi-Oh Card creations, but all my other work is pure, unadulterated HARD WORK.
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DireWulffHobbyist Traditional Artist
very cool :) like it
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lil-richoHobbyist Photographer
*gasp!* Awesome!!! I love it!!
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Elephantking89Hobbyist Traditional Artist
was a such a great film, i like this pic. now you have to wonder what it would be like if it was historically right?
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Nice touch with the blur it looks interesting
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and I thought a phalanx formation is like a you can see in the movie at the moment when the cavalry attacks.
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the formation that you talked about is delta can see it in the comic itself. this is phalanx formation ,when the infantry charges,hoplites stand side by side and locking shields together as a wall.
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