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The main focus of The-Asterismos is to celebrate and provide exposure for your excellent literature deviations. Each Sunday, I will be taking the time to feature a number of outstanding pieces submitted to the group during the past week. I encourage you to browse through the work below! Each deviant featured is very worthy of your support.

Held in Your TeethI thought you were a god
but I was looking at you in a mirror.
You were just a trick reflection,
skilled in deception.
We stared at each other
in the [dis]honest glass      
                                    as you held me in your teeth
            and I held my breath
Trained by Pavlov's daughter
with censers burning incense
on a nightstand altar;
patchouli soaked deep in
heavy drapes and light linen.
She had pictures on her mirrors of
Elvis shaking his hips
and Betty Page pinups,
James Dean smoking cigarettes
and Mr. Mojo Risin'
in leather and sex.
It’s the temple of Aphrodite
with golden apples and whips.
She led you by the leash
and you learned to fashion collars.
You are a dog,
and a common one,
who learned a trick:
and upon reflection
I should have seen through,
but the illusion was enhanced
by my eagerness to love you.
I am still your favorite toy
and I can’t make you leave
but at least you keep my bed warm
on the nights you come home.
unfound                                                     i am petra, i am the rose city
                                                     half as old as history can behold
                                                     bedouin music serenades the night
                                                     as candlelight burns the dimming
                                                     apparitions of our mortal plight
                                                     i am buena queen of the adriatic
                                                     where my po arms and piave legs
                                                     lead folk to a trance as i dance
                                                     honoring venus as she floods her
                                                     lovedrunk venice in vineyard fools
                                                     i am the khmer prasat angkor wat
step outside the solar systemmoon in her eyes as she slips on her space boots 
- and i, i am halfway to Orion
there are constellations stitched into my irises
there are asteroid belts twisting 'round my legs
dust in the spaces between her fingers 
and her helmet is shining in the too close sun
i can feel the cold on my neck
i can feel the all consuming space touch me
(touch me like gentle fingertips
on a sunday afternoon
when you were knitting mittens from the clouds)
oh, darling
i passed by a supernova just this morning 
reminded me of your soul
rings on saturn are child's play
teething rings, if you will
moon in her eyes as she slips off her space boots
- i think she'd rather stay here 

AstrologistLet me love you when the night is darkest.
I will paint the stars on your lips and link them to the galaxies that reflect in your sad eyes.
My fingers will trace each rib and I will show you that the sun is living,
Just beneath your skin.

See you next week for Showcase 012!
- Jessie
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Thank you very much for the kind feature along with such great works. I really appreciate it.
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It's my pleasure! :love:
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Thank you so much for featuring me. I'm so honored to have my work placed amongst these fantastic writings. :heart: 
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You're welcome! :) :heart:
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thank you for featuring my humble piece alongside such wonderful works of art and by such beautiful people, too. :love:
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It's my pleasure. :heart:
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thank you again for the feature, i'm honoured :heart:
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