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Princess Ashley, Assault on Giant Mountain Pt. 2Across the sea, far away from kingdoms of the Princesses, lay a land unexplored by the Princesses themselves. A long-hair blonde in her 40s wearing pink sapphire earrings docked a ship that she called her very own. The ship was named Erasmus. She had arrived at a port with passengers. People disembarked from the ship. One of them was a tall man who stopped and turned to the brunette. "My thanks for a safe journey, captain." He said formally. "Thank you too much, good sir." She smiled. "Denise, but call me Babs." "Sir Percival." He responded. "Oh, like, you are a knight?" Babs asked, curiously. "Yes, my lady. A wandering knight." Said Percival. "You don't serve in anyone's court, good sir?" Babs asked. "I'm afraid my former master was deposed by rebels. He is in exile. Same with those who remain loyal to him." "Oh, what a bummer. I am totally sorry to hear that." Babs said. "I haven't heard of any king being deposed." Percival was intrigued by this. "We're from across the sea. It is pretty far. I'm guessing news doesn't travel far." "Duh, that's because of the scurvy pirates." Babs stated. "All trips to the lands over there, like, have been cancelled. We haven't heard word from the distant lands in a long time, nor have we had new faces from there. Not since the pirates started making waves. Well, more than usual. Real downer, I want like to visit the distant lands, open trade with them." "That's true." Percival said, frowning. "One day, I hope we can end this pirate menace and restore my master to his rightful throne. Well, I should be going. Could you point to whoever is in charge of this area?" "Ah, the big cheese of this port is Mayor Oswald." Babs answers, then she frowned. "He is. . . experienced." She said in a matter that suggested she was using it in place of a more negative word. "He is in the town hall." She pointed to a large building at the center of town. Thank you kindly, captain. Farewell." He turned to leave. "Safe journey and safer returns, sir knight." Babs said. As Percival approached the town hall, he can see an old man dress in a suit engaged in conversation with a young woman and two men. The first was tall with a beard and the second was medium. They were both dressed like sailors. The young woman was similarly dressed and was a brunette. "Don't be ridiculous." The old man said dismissively. "As mayor, I can assure that there is no truth to the pirate threat. That is just gossip. All is well." "But there are talks of a queen-" The tall man protested. "Come, come, now, Alvin." Mayor Oswald interrupted. "No one can lead those thugs. They have no sense of decency." "Your Honor, we need to tighten security." The second man argued. "The pirates-" "Edgar, these good people are enjoying a lasting peace and I am not about to disturb it based on some ridiculous rumors about pirates!" Mayor Oswald said hotly. "I see no evidence of this alleged conspiracy. My career would be over if I alarmed them all with imaginary threat." "You want evidence?" The young woman asked. "A friend of mine has a ship. We can look for the pirates at no cost to you." "Now you listen here, young lady." Mayor Oswald said sternly. "There is NOT a pirate threat! I will not listen to this childish nonsense any longer. I order you cease and desist all talk of these lies at once! If I hear anything more, I will see to it you are arrested for disturbing the peace!" And with that, he stormed off inside the town hall. "Can he do that, Edgar?" Alvin asked. "I don't want to find out." The other man, Edgar shook his head. The two men left, leaving the brunette alone, who was too angry to say anything for a minute. Percival had seen everything and was intrigued. "Business as usual politics at its worst. That man has neither initiative nor vision. He buries his head in the sand over difficult situations, and his "That pompous idiotic son of a-" She muttered angrily. "He's going to get us all killed because he won't face the truth." She growled and then left as well. Percival smirked. 'Perfect.' He thought to himself. 'His Majesty was right. Now to do a little surveying. . .' X-X-X The brunette approached the Erasmus, still angry, but she felt more as she stepped up to the ship. "Hi, Babs." She said. "Hey, Jessica." Babs greeted her. "Like, what's gotten you all steamed up?" Jessica pointed her thumb back toward the town hall. "Mayor Moron over there won't hear me out. He's thinks that 'all is well'." She made quotes with the last three words in a mocking tone. "Oswald refused to listen again." Babs said. "Are we surprised?" Jessica asked. "No." Both women said flatly. "But he can't say I didn't warn him." Jessica said. "Politicians." Babs sighed. "What are you gonna do?" "And you know, even he if CAN be convinced of the inconvenient truth, he is not even close to being able to handle the something this." Jessica said matter-of-factly. "Negative, girl." Babs agreed. "But forget about that pompous buffoon. I got you those new shoes." "Oh, that's great!" Jessica sounded excited. "Alvin and Edgar will be along shortly. You think they will come with us if we went on this mission?" "Certainly." Babs said confidently. "Those two haven't let me down yet. They'll be in the groove for it. We'll need to find some others, though." "Like where? We need more than a single ship against the pirates. We'd need a freaking Amazon army!" Jessica grumbled. "Wait, you just gave me a eureka moment, Jess." Babs in thought. "The Amazon Ashley! The Barefoot Princess! Could we ask her for help?" "Aw, won't work, she's across the sea, it'd take weeks to get there." Jessica groaned. "Maybe not, girl. Babs said. "I just had a total recall. A man came off my ship claiming he was from across the sea. If he came from there, like, we can surely get there." X-X-X At that same moment, up in Giant Mountain, from inside the Fire Giant's fortress, Nostrosh, the king of the Fire Giants, observed the Ice Giant's fortress surrounded by its big walls, gates, and the small mountain ranges the partially surrounded it along with the walls. He stood fully armored wielding a mighty hammer. "SO THE RUMORS ARE TRUE." Nostrosh spoke in his very deep voice. "THE HUMANS MEAN TO INVADE OUR HOME. THEIR CHAMPIONS ARE PRESENT. THE SPELLWEAVER CREBOS FAILED TO STOP THEM WHEN HE WAS LIVING AMOUNG THESE HUMANS. HIS SCHEMES AND MAD EXPERIMENTS DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD. THE ICE GIANTS LACK TRUE STRENGTH. LET THE PRINCESSES COME. THEIR WEAK CASTLES WILL CRUMBLE BENEATH MY HAMMER AND THEIR LANDS WILL BE CONSUMED BY THE FLAME!" Meanwhile, from inside the Ice Giant's fortress, the Ice Giant sorcerer Crebos looked at the Fire Giant's fortress in the distance. Crebos had been in disguise as a human named Cee and attempted to destroy the smaller races from inside. "THAT OVERGROWN THUG NOSTROSH THINKS THE ANSWER TO EVERY PROBLEM IS BRUTE STRENGTH. MY POWER IS BEYOND THE IMAGINATION OF THOSE FIRE GIANT BRUTES. THEY CAN SIMMER DOWN WHILE WE ELIMINATE THE PESKY PRINCESS AND THE REST OF THE HUMANS ONCE AND FOR ALL!" The Giants had a common enemy in the humans, Gnomes, and all the other little races, however, fire and ice were polar opposites and therefore natural enemies. The Giants were no exception. The Fire and Ice Giants had a long-running feud, but they had agreed to a nonaggression pact to fight their common enemies. Nevertheless, tensions continued mount groom inside both fortresses. For the Fire and Ice Giants had different approaches on how to handle the human problem. X-X-X Princess Gwen nocked an arrow and fired at a target. She hit the outer bullseye. "You are getting good at that, huni." Said her wife, Morgan. "I used to do it when I was younger, but my father thought it was 'unladylike', not that I cared what he said about it." Gwen said reflectively. "I think the Heavy Horse knights were upset that I was making them look bad. Glad to see I haven't lost my touch. It wouldn't do much good against the Giants, but if I hit one in just the right spot, you never know." After eliminating the guards at the massive gate of the Hill Giants' fortress, the Gnomes sent in their diggers to tunnel underneath the gate. The Gnomes worked quickly. Other Hill Giants had replaced the guards, but Morgan used a spell to conceal the tunnel. The Gnomes left in the cover of night and returned to work before dawn. The guards simply didn't notice. The Hill Giants were baffled that their brethren had simply fallen off their posts to their deaths. They were no wounds, magical or physical, on their bodies excluding those that were caused by their falls. Once the tunnel was complete, under the cover of night, Ashley, Paula, Morgan, and Gwen crawled through the tunnel. Ashley, who was claustrophobic, was visible uncomfortable with the idea of being in a confined space. Gnomish Prince Woralduur remained behind to command the base. She was relieved when they emerged from the other side. The fortress stood right before them! It was so vast, it could function as a city for smaller races. Morgan used a spell that provided light for only the princesses. The massive doors to the Hill Giant's fortress were firmly closed. "Blast." I snapped my fingers. "How do we get in? I didn't see how to do that in the Oracle's vision, but the fortress looks just as I saw it." "Anybody got a giant skeleton key?" Gwen asked in a joking matter. "Hey, look over there!" Paula pointed to the left. A giant cart was being pushed by a Hill Giant. He was drawing near. He stopped before the doors, lit up a torch, and waved it. The doors slowly creaked open. The Giant had signaled someone from inside to open it. "Come on!" Morgan ushered us forward. We run to the doors as the cart was pushed forward. The Hill Giant pushing the cart entered fortress unaware that we were following him. The doors started to close. "Hurry!" Paula panted. We all made it inside as the doors shut with a loud thud. Inside, the fortress was spartan. Designed like a barracks. Everything inside, furniture and otherwise, was at least three times as big as you would see in a human building. Vast torches lit up the halls that seemed to go on forever. "We made it. . . we're inside. . ." I panted. "Now what?" Paula asked. "Hmm, good question." Morgan said thoughtfully. "We find whoever's in charge." Gwen suggested. I nodded. "A good as start as any. How do we find this guy?" "Look for whoever's got the best room in the house." Gwen answered, then she laughed slightly. "Like we do." "Good point." Paula agreed. We walked down a hallway. We saw a several doors open halfway. We look inside the first one. There were many giant bunk beds. Several Hill Giants were asleep in them. It was night after all. A few were snoring. To us, it was like a bunch saws from a lumber mill. "There's more of these dormitories." Said Morgan. "All through these rooms. There must be hundreds of Hill Giants inside altogether. "We cannot take them all." I said. "We need to take them out in a way that doesn't involving fighting every single one." "Hang on." Said Gwen. "I have something. Each of the quarters has a poster of their group's leaders. It looks like they are having some kind of election on who should be the next commander of the whole fortress." "Is that a fact?" Paula asked. "Who knew the Giants had democracy? Well, then, we've got to get rid of the present commander and his officers. No leaders, no candidates, all hell will break loose here. "I've got an idea." I said, snapping my fingers. "Hey, Morgan can you shut these doors and lock them?" "Certainly." Morgan smiled. "Let's hope these doors don't creek." The Royal Sorceress weaved a magic spell and slowly shut the doors of each of the rooms. While closing the last door, one of the sleeping Hill Giants stirred. Morgan stop the spell, but the Giant merely rolled over, still asleep. Morgan finished with the door. "All soldiers are confined to quarters." I said. "Uh, until further notice. No, it sounded better in my head. Never mind." I mutter, then I seek to change to subject. "Say, I don't see any Ogres." "Ogres?" Gwen asked. "Why you think they'd be here, Ash?" "The Oracle's vision." I explained. "I saw them occupying this place as well." "Huh." Said Paula. "You're right, where are they?" "Perhaps, Cee, uh, Crebos took for them for his experiment?" Morgan offered. "Eh, could be." I shrugged. "At least they are not here, but who knows how many Ogre mages he's made?" "Hang on." Said Gwen. "Check this out." A heavier door revealed the armory of the fortress. There was a vast impressive display of weaponry: Spears, swords, maces, hammers, but they were all too large for the princesses to use. They left the weapons behind. "Its too bad." Said Paula. "We could have all filled up our armories with those." "True, but tour soldiers and knights would never be able to actually use them. WE couldn't." I said. "Hey, I think these are the officers' quarters." Morgan pointed to a fancier looking door. The Hill Giant officer's quarters were larger than the soldier's. Each officer had their own room. "They get their own room?" Paula asked. "Well, you can't expect the candidates of an election to share the same room." Morgan pointed out. "They would be too busy fighting each other." "I don't want to even think about how politics work with the Giants." Gwen rolled her eyes. Just then, one of the doors opened and a Hill Giant officer stepped out. He looked sleepy and muttered to himself. We frozen in place. The Hill Giant looked down. He yelled loudly. "Crap." I said quietly. "Do not allow him to reach the alarm!" Gwen said urgently, point to a lever on the wall. Morgan fired an energy, breaking the lever. Paula and I attacked the Hill Giant officer. We struck his legs with our swords. My burning blade Pyrostriker adding a burn as well. Gwen struck for the kill as he bent down. "One down." I said as the other doors opened. The other Hill Giant officers were awake! Including the dead one, there was five. There was one taller than the others. He was the commander. "Crush the humans!" The Hill Giant Commander roared. "Four of us and four of them." Said Morgan. "Four each?" Paula offered. "You got it, sisters." I smiled. "Get them!" Gwen shouted. The battle began! Paula struck on a Giant's legs with her sword while Morgan fired an energy blast at the head of a second. Two Giants bumped into each other, knocking them both down. We moved in the for the kill. One was slain, but the other started to stand. Gwen nocked an arrow and fired. The arrow hit the Hill Giant right in the eye, killing him. "See what I mean?" Gwen said. The Hill Giant commander roared and grabbed Gwen. "Hey!" I shouted, striking at his legs, burning them. "No grabby!" The commander released Gwen and swiped his hand at me. I was stunned from the impact. Paula finished off the third officer while Gwen fired an arrow at the commander, who the last Giant standing in the room. The commander swatted the arrow away. "Okay, all at once!" Morgan called out. "Charge!" We all yelled. Paula and I slashed at his legs our swords, Morgan and Gwen attacked magic and arrows at his head. The commander howled in pain, stumbled, and collapsed to the floor. "We got him!" Paula yelled victoriously. "FINISH HIM." I said in a deep voice. Paula did so. There was no time to celebrate, however. Massive footfalls were heard outside. The other Hill Giants had awoken, broken out of their locked quarters and scrambled into the fallen officer's quarters. We ran past them as the Giants ignored us completely. One of them pointed at the commander's body. Then yelling and squabbles followed suit. The Hill Giants lost all sense of order and discipline as they argued among themselves over who was now in charge with the commander and his officers all dead. Before long, one Giant grabbed a weapon and attacked another and a battle began. "The Hill Giants are at war with each other. This will cut many down. We've succeeded, this fortress is as good as eliminated. Let's make good our escape." I said to the others as we left the Hill Giant fortress and returned to the base. X-X-X Crebos observed Ogres gathered around in an area outside the Ice Giant fortress. They were engaging in contests which involved crushing and throwing giant rocks. Then they would each other beatings. This served to increased their great strength and endurance. For the ones that came up on top that is. They were the ones that Crebos wanted for his Ogre mage experiment. "STUPID HILL GIANTS." He muttered. "THEY COULD HAVE TAKEN THE PRINCESSES IF THEY WEREN'T SO BUSY FIGHTING EACH AND TRYING TO BE IN CHARGE. WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHO COMES UP ON TOP IF THEY LOSE THE BATTLE?!" He turned around. "GO TO THE HILL GIANT'S FORTRESS AND RELAY WHOEVER YOU CAN! THAT FORTRESS IS LOST, IT WAS BREACHED. I WANT THOSE HUMANS DEAD! AND THIS TIME, DON'T SCREW IT UP!" A couple of Ogre Magi took their leave. "Right away, master." X-X-X Inside the Hill Giant's fortress, several Hill Giants lay dead or wounded from the infighting. There was broken furniture and blood stains everywhere. A few fires had broken out. Nothing was solved. All they did we hurt each other. The two Ogre Magi arrived and then were less than pleased by what they found. "STOP ALL FIGHTING IMMEDIATELY!!" One of them shouted. Another one chanted a spell and a loud boom echoed through the fortress. The fighting stopped. The Hill Giants stopped to look at them. "FOLLOW US!" One Ogre Mage's head spoke. "RIGHT NOW!" The second head finished. The Ogre Magi lead the remaining Hill Giants out of the now abandoned fortress, Rather than going to the trouble of fixing it up, they were lead to the Ice Giant's fortress. To be continued. . .
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Goodness it's been a long time. Because much has happened, I will do my best to keep this notice as brief and concise as possible (although it is a little lengthy, please and thank you to those that bare with me).

First, an apology for being so absent. My physical and mental health has been deteriorating significantly over the past several months, capping a few months ago and was severe enough to where I had to take a rather sudden and lengthy hiatus to heal myself after I got very physically ill from built-up stress, and stayed ill on and off for over a month before I left. (Please don't worry though, I'm feeling a bit better now!!)

I'm sorry that I left everyone in the dark without much notice, especially with the general lack of response I had the few months prior as well, but such is the way of depression and declining mental health and fatigue. I just didn't have the energy being the only person maintaining this group to handle the group, personal issues on here, and several important irl issues. I haven't been able to add another admin to the group to help me run it, as I simply don't have those permissions in the group's administration settings, otherwise I would've by now.

Secondly, thank you to the people who sent me NOTES DIRECTLY about the full folders. Granted, I wasn't able to see them since I was absent on a health hiatus, but you all have done contacting me correctly so I thank you. Noting me is the BEST way to get a hold of me.
PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ANYTHING GROUP-RELATED ON MY PERSONAL PAGE. With the nature of how large this group is, there have been many cases where people just comment whatever on my own personal page directly and not note me like it says on the group's front page, and many times my page was overrun with group-related things. Enough to where customers and even friends felt intimidated and didn't want to talk to me.
I hide the comments on my page that are group-related after responding to them to have them note me, not because they're rude - in fact it's usually quite the opposite most people are polite, but again, it's because of the reasons I already listed. I will not have my personal space overrun by thousands of people and friends feeling like they cannot speak to me XD

Continuing off of that- please DO NOT spam the group's front page with "This folder is full" - if one person has already commented it, I can guarantee that I haven't seen it yet, and someone has most likely already properly NOTED me that the folder is full and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it's just MORE work having to go through and respond to all of them, then hide those comments, etc.

Worse, it got to where people started advertising their work in the group's comments. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. THIS IS CONSIDERED SPAM. BE PATIENT. It USUALLY is fixed within the day.
I can understand that this was primarily because of nearly all of the folders being filled, so I did not give a strike to anyone because of this. I did however hide all of those comments as well as the "[x] folder is full" ones because they were so numerous that it truly was spam. In the future though, you WILL be individually reminded that inappropriate advertising is against group rules.

Lastly, new folders have been added!! I've replaced many of the more popular ones (ie- Digital, Traditional) and ones that were likely to be almost full. Again, THANK YOU to those that properly notified me of this!! Typically I would be getting back to you and replacing the folder within the day, most times within a few hours unless I was at work when the message was sent.

1) Sorry for being so absent, I was getting so mentally and emotionally ill that it bled into my physical health badly enough over several months to where I HAD to take a personal leave very suddenly. I wish I could've posted a proper notice for hiatus but I just couldn't at the time. I really am sorry about this and do not plan on leaving so abruptly again anytime soon. (Please don't worry about me though, I'm feeling a bit better now!)
2) Thank you in advance, but I CANNOT add another admin, as I've stated many times before. I don't have that permission in the administration settings and cannot give it to myself. Otherwise I would've by now. But thank you to those who have offered before and surely will offer again anyway.
3) THANK YOU to those of you who NOTED me DIRECTLY about folders!!!! DO NOT spam-comment "this folder is full" and DO NOT advertise your artwork in the comments because the folder is full!! Please be patient. I will typically get it replaced very shortly and this was a fluke experience
4) Many folders have been replaced and are fresh! Feel free to submit away <3

Again, thank you to those of you who have been patient and kind while I was gone, and especially those who took the time to properly notify me. I don't plan on leaving again anytime soon.

Thank you for being such a wonderful community, you all make it worth my time and energy managing this massive group for you all <3

Glad to be back,
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* 𝐘𝐂𝐇 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 #𝟑 𝐖𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐧.*
                *  :moon: OPEN.:moon: *

      *  :moon:  YCH 2021 #3 Walking in the night garden. by DersvingMoraine  :moon: *  
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Water Battle by L0nelySoul  
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Cute star divider [F2U] SET PRICE ADOPTS Cute star divider [F2U]
{OPEN}  Set price Furry girl #1 by Jusauria   [open] aesthetic goth hyena by Jusauria   Mochi Star Cow [open] by Jusauria

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Sweet Rabbit and Doggy Adoptable [OPEN] by Dracsik   Cow cosplay YCH AUCTION [OPEN] by Dracsik  
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Base chibi adoptables 01-07. OPEN.

Base chibi adoptable 01-07. [OPEN] by DersvingMoraine  
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[ OPEN Adopt SetPrice ] #1 by llLaylall
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