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:bouncyhai: Just to save YOU and US some time:

La la la la YES!!! THIS GROUP IS STILL ACTIVE. La la la la

No need to ask about that :D (Big Grin) 
Please note the group if you want to ask us anything.

:sherlock: revision Most of the time, group submissions get approved/reviewed in three to five days. However, it is not unusual for it to take up to a couple of weeks (in rare circumstances) to review all submissions to the group. If you can't wait that longthis is NOT the group for YOU.

OMG - Watch that -reverse- NOAI. Those who have AI art/writing in their galleries will be prevented from joining the group by declining the join request.
OMG - Watch that -reverse- Those with accounts that are less than 2 years old will be prevented from joining to stop spambots/spammers, spy-bots, AI bots, and ban-evaders from joining. If you're a real artist, go make art and be patient until you qualify to join this group.
OMG - Watch that -reverse- Please read over the rules linked below as it will save time & headaches later. 

The Art Realm Rules
The Art Realm Rules
The Art Realm Rules

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