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Joining is auto accept, but submission reviews are set for approval only and may take up to three days on average to be reviewed.

The rules are easily located in the links above and below titled, "GROUP RULES" and "FOLDER DESCRIPTIONS"

:bulletred: Don't forget to read our rules and folder descriptions before submitting your work :D

*We will decline any work that doesn't follow the rules & folder descriptions! Repeat rule breakers will be kicked from the group and / or banned.



Any questions? Feel free to drop us a group note! :D

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Gallery Folders

Nate x Octavian (2021) by LAN0RA
Chipp Sexy Boi Ninja (2021) by LAN0RA
Teegin Outfit Design (2020-2021) by LAN0RA
Basil [Baz] Liffheather (2021) by LAN0RA
Your Masterpieces
Vengeur Du Peuple by RGPC
Dtiys entry for @latabia_ on insta by openforcommission
MerMay 2021/30 - Cole and Ray on Stream! by Elythe
Fern by ReneBruni
TRADITIONAL- 2D -drwg or pntg
Silent by Helga-Hort
A bee on a dandelion flower by totodor
Ahmaud Arbery by PDJ004
Kate Winslet Drawing by AmBr0
Mixed Media
Dimension 2 by DeniseGT
Ice Fern by Helga-Hort
The Killer Elite by Joseph-C-Knight
12.2020 Flowers 2 by Helga-Hort
Journal Features or Advertisements
Commissions! OPEN (point and paypal) by Painterqueen
Spooktober 2020 Contest Hello, im a big fan of Halloween and love Kickass.So I would start a Halloween Contest. This Contest is cooperation between the badass groupsultimativebadas and beauties vs beasts How to EnterYou must draw a fight artwork between a Human that fight against Halloween CreatuesThe Background must be into the Halloween Setting, like Pumpkins as example Post your art to DA and either tag #Spooktober2020Deviantart" or add my name in he description or comment here with your entry. Rules You artwork must including a Human female badass character from Comics, Mangas / Anime Tv Shows, Games or your OCs (Vampires are welcome) *Only this Non Human character are allowed Source Comicvine :Alaya Alopex Anais Anubia Bastet Boo Cat Carrot Cat-Fem Catwalk Cheetah Minerva Civet Claw Cutey bunny Feral Feralyce Fox Hyena Inspector Carmelita Fox Jagwar Kaela Kitsune Lady DiabladorLady Tawna Lady-Ursula Leyli Lylla Maggie Reed Miss Grey Moon Cat Mress Naga Natalia Willford Ninjara Ocelot Omaha Panara Pandora Panovich Panthea Puck Rakshasa Roxy Sally Pride Scarlet Ann-Starfox Tigress Silver Snow Queen Squirrel Girl Thornn Tier Tigra Vague Wolfsbane Yoruichi ShihoinYou must draw a new artwork for this contest, old artworks cant enterYou must Post a Journal on DeviantART about this Contest. You can also Post on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Dont forget the #Spooktober2020DeviantartYou must post your artwork in the contest time 03.09.2020 – 07.11.2020You must draw a fight picture between a female character and monstersThe Contest called Spooktober, but you can choose between a brutal artwork or a funny one, here are two variants accepted.Variant One fighta active fight picture, here are all character and the Monsters still alive. The picture is full of actionexample,Variant Two "defeat"defeat mean, that we see all monsters knockout or dead on the floor. The fight is over and the monsters are defeated. example,Your artwork can be black and white or colored (full, flat) artist freedomYou can choose between these monstersWerewolves (must transformed into Anthro wolves)GnollsWerecreatures like leopards, lions, bears, sharks, dogs, crocodiles, lizards, fish - sea monsters and moreMinotaursZombiesVampiresGhoulsDemonsZombie animalsother horror creatures, Pennywise, Michael Myers, Chucky, Jason, Jigsaw, Sam (Trick & Treat) Sanderson sisters, Nightmare before Christmas. You choose the age rating of your work. It can between without rating, moderate or strictThe artist have the freedom to draw cartoon, realism, satire, comedy, exaggerationThe drawing does not have much to do with the normal Horror Movie, Books, Comics itself, so you can choose a situation from today, the future as example. Remember only this is a Halloween Contest, so Pumpkins or somehting that you interpret with Halloween must be showed. How to winI select like my previews contest a Point System, the winner is the Artist with the most Points. How to get points?You get 3 points for drawing a character You get 3 points for drawing a Monster not important which KindYou get 3 points when you draw a active or passive fight, like described in the Rules.If you draw a picture before fight you get 1 Point.You get 1 Point when you draw a Black and White artwork not important if its digital or traditionalYou get 1 Point for coloring Flat and if you add shading you get 2 Points. If you draw a full colored work you get 3 PointsYou get 3 points for creativity of a fight or a amazing situation.You get 3 Points when you work including a really Badass work (Kickass /Brutal / Gore) You get 3 points for details, like some special background, special clothing or weapons Bonus points If someone make more that is in the rules, he / she should get bonus points in my opinionYou get 1 point for drawing more than one Monster, if you draw two Monster or more you get max 2 points You get 2 points for drawing a other Male or Female character that kickassing the MonsterYou get 2 points for a drawing that showed the Halloween setting. Its a Halloween Contest, so feel free to draw some Pumpkins in the background It would be cool when you draw Werewolves, Werecreatures , Gnolls that we can see the paws or feet of them. Im into it sorry. Also i would like to see if the defeated monster had ther tonque out of the month. Prizes #1 place fullbody piece with a simple bg by ambriseonExample:,fullbody piece with a simple bg by Dawn2NightfallExample:,wish card by AmarthrienExample:,20 $ sponsored by KeIIion (Paypal only, dont have a Credit Card) #2 placeBust by Dawn2NightfallExample:,rough draft by Zyt-lExample:,wish card by AmarthrienExample:,#3 place Refined Sketch: by Dawn2NightfallExample:,wish card by AmarthrienExample:,pencil Sketch by SamwiseTheAwesomeExample:,Deadline: 07th NovemberJury Dawn2Nightfall & KellionEntries ,by sallysue234,by chibicinnabun,by king-ghidorah,by the-feral-dame,by josesebastian,by Project2Ho,by jettmanas,by arthascf,by hakdurbin,by Amarthrien,by plinius,by Dracowhip,,,by SamwiseTheAwesome,by LadyOlg669,by lSheena,by RoskiDraftsman,by SnarkyTeaSipper,by mtkartist58,by K-9lover93,by DevilAntRat,by graywildwolf,by IsadianB,by SkinNBonesMan ContactIf you arent on DeviantART you can contact me over Facebook I would info you that DeviantART Eclipse Sucks as hell, i cant copy the old text from last year. Here are alot Bugs and i cant use Journal Skins, that work on older Journals....
Paypal Commission Prices (Open) by Animeneko63
I Am Here Where You Left Me by AdaEtahCinatas
A Glimpse Of Independence by Leehon
If I Could Fly by AdaEtahCinatas
Columbia Records Building L by AdaEtahCinatas
DIGITAL- 2D -drwg or pntg
The Devil's Sea by GrathVonGraven
Happy Pride Month! by JayZeeTee16
wheel of fortune by Sceith-A
Paladin character class for tabletop game by ackelb
Original Characters
Daily Study 2 by Kouq98
Ask us Anything 2.0 by Isi-Daddy
Amber FANART by uwiieekawaii
Empyrion: Lion of God by splaty
Fan Art
Lisa BLACKPINK by preparade
Mecha-Daisy (Bio) by JayZeeTee16
Raichu and Raichu by Marvolo-san
Baby Six by SamPan3
Portraiture-Drwgs or Pntgs- Waist and up only
Baseball cap. by Alik-Volga
Elijah McClain by PDJ004
Breonna Taylor by PDJ004
Selfportrait 2020 by Saskle
3D Work and Fractals
Man Rock Environment by Akhdanhyder
WIPS or Doodles
A Drawing That I Forgot About by Leehon
Manga or Anime
Twitch Screen 2 by Yanyaneyan
Comic Art, Pages, Panels and Strips
GoE - Ep 1 - A long Day by Isi-Daddy
Photo Manipulations
Love And Hatred (the 7th work from the series) by Nisha2313
Conflict by Inknes
Line Work and Ink Work
Bad luck by Inknes
Fluid  paint by DeniseGT
Artisan Work and Crafts or Sculpture
Azkalon - Home of the Gods by Joseph-C-Knight
Animation, Movies, and Gifs
101321TwoBuds2 by Dragonforge
Painting glass ball tutorial by the-Scarlet-Queen
Horror and Macabre
Toxic by Inknes
Libby Belle - Head Sketch by AnthroLoverJay

Mature Content

The Cute Flying Horror, Nectar-Nabber! by BotC-Comic
2020 Art Summary by Animeneko63
Halloween Contest 2019
Halloween 2019 by Blunell
Old Work I Must Submit--1 per year
Star King by allison731
Past Contests or events-CLOSED
SS by Onj-Art
Scavenger Hunt
31 Days of October Challenge
Black Cat by Gytrash01
Tale as Old as Time by AquariusBatt
Secret santa by Undercard212
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Nuuuuuuuu by 16thSquadSanseki
Any deviations submitted that are stored by you will be removed from our gallery. We will also remove artwork from deactivated deviants.

:bulletpurple: If you find that a folder you tried to submit to is full, please send a note to the group and allow us some time for the issue to be corrected before submitting to an incorrect folder. (Submitting to incorrect folders is against our rules and those works will be declined or removed)

:bulletpink: If you find your inbox is flooded with too many deviations, there is no need to worry! There's an easy way to turn off deviations from the group. You don't have to leave! :no:
All you need to do is click the green "watching" button in the top right corner, and uncheck "deviations".

:bulletblue: When watching our group, we recommend keeping the "journals" checked because you may miss out on contests and fun events or information and changes or additions to our rules that we discuss in our journal!

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We will display the icons here until the end of this year. Once it's time to remove this widget from the group home page to start a new one for 2020, a group journal will be written about the deviants who donated to our group this year to commemorate their kindness.


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Latest Update: April 9, 2021 (added submission guides about status updates, new info is marked by stars ★★) First of all, we're proud to be one of those few working groups left on dA! :D We felt it was just about time to submit a shorter rules journal so it's easier to read.
The old rules journal is still valid in case you want to read something more in-depth, this is just a shorter version that has been designed to be a faster read.
RULE 1: CONTENT/ SUBJECT MATTER (check out rules #1, #3, and #9 on old journal) Firstly, this is a Family Friendly group. A LOT of what we don't accept is because of our goal to have art that all ages can look at in our gallery and not be accosted by material that they would deem unacceptable for young children to see. There is also a number of things we don't accept because we refuse to allow our members to be subjected to hostile or unwelcoming experiences. We feel this only enhances the quality of the art submitted as it requires artists to become more creative in their work and provides our group watchers with a more wholesome and wonderful art experience. Still, other things are not allowed because we feel they keep our art feed at a higher quality. With that in mind, DO NOT submit these things to the group as they will be DECLINED without explanation;
Nude photography, Cosplay, Selfies, Overtly Sexually Promiscuous Imagery or Writing, Pornographic Imagery/ Writing (if it involves fluids, penetration with objects or erections, or genitals, we don't want it), Obscene Material or Imagery (such as defecation), Political Propaganda, Political Images or Literature, Covid/ Masks/ Social distancing/ or Vaccine/shots anything (we're just not going to deal with ANY of it here because it's too easy to use as a bullying tactic/ subject matter), Scantily Dressed People or Characters, Sexual Kinks or Fetish Material (such as: foot, muscle, vore, tickling, weight gain, sneezing, BDSM, etc.), Hate / Racist Art or Writing, Slanderous Material, or anything that is against deviantArt's ToS or rules.
RULE 2: CONDUCT Please respect all members of the group. NO BULLYING. Harassment will not be tolerated. Rude conduct can get you kicked out of the group and banned. This also extends to how you talk or attack the founder and other admins-- including with defaming journals or status updates. The founder and admins attempt to be as friendly as possible, but have no problem removing someone who becomes hostile. Hostile behavior will be reported to DeviantArt and you will be banned from the group. DeviantArt often suspends or bans members for hostility to another member and for slander, so be careful how you talk to everyone and what you write in your journals / status updates if you enjoy being on DeviantArt.
RULE 3: FOLDERS Submit Work to the Proper Folders! We will not move it for you, incorrect folder submissions will always be declined. Most wrong folder submissions include:
  • Submitting original art to the 'fan art' folder
  • Submitting sketches or inked art to one of the main higher quality folders
  • Submitting mixed media to the 'lines and ink work' folder
  • Submitting to a folder that doesn't match your medium used- for Ex: Submitting a digital drawing to the traditional folder.
  • Submitting a portrait of an actor to the Fan art folder-- Portraits of actors or famous people go to the portraiture folder, while portraits of actors playing an actual character go to the fan art folder.
  • Submitting a gif or animation to a regular folder. We have a folder for artworks that appear to move-- it's called "Animations, Movies, and GIFs" and we lovingly dub it 'the epilepsy folder'. We would rather let people see that stuff at their own risk, so please only submit animated art to that folder.
Please tell us when a folder is full. We can make a new folder ASAP for you and fix the problem for everyone so that nobody feels the need to submit to the wrong folder and potentially loses an accept on a submission for the week. It's easy! We're friendly!
  • You get to submit only ONE work per week. If your work is declined, you will have to wait until the next week to resubmit your work only AFTER you edit it to follow our rules properly. Some artworks will not be acceptable no matter how they are edited (see rule # 1 and #3 above).
  • Submitting multiple times for the same work will not get your work reviewed faster.
  • Because we allow only 1 submission per week, you may not submit multiple artworks in the same week. One acceptable work will be allowed in and the rest declined.
  • Submitting a work and leaving the group shortly after will get your work declined. If it is found you have done this more than once, you may be banned for spamming. Please wait for us to review your submission.
  • Keep Holidays in mind when submitting art and waiting on submissions. If you want to submit a holiday themed work, make sure to finish it with plenty of time for it to be reviewed before the holiday comes, so it will be accepted before or by the time of the holiday you wish it to be displayed for. Otherwise, submitting on the holiday or only a day or two before the holiday will ensure that it probably won't be reviewed in time for it to be as relevant. ~Admins review submissions from 1 to 3 times a week, & have less availability to review art during holidays such as; New Years Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's and Father's day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas (these are the major days of unavailability, but there may be more not listed here, too).
No Spamming of any kind.
This includes but is not limited to:
  • Taking your art out and resubmitting the same work over and over
  • Leaving comments on our homepage or in any gallery in our group which advertise you or your work (ex: check out my gallery, check out my adoptables for sale, etc.) ~We have a folder for advertisements! Send your journals or adoptables there, please.
  • Joining to dump your whole gallery here
  • Submitting multiples of the same artwork in each of its 3 or more stages (this means we only accept 2 stages-- such as one WIP and one finished version of the same drawing) ~You may submit a sequential or tutorial artwork (one that has all of the steps taken to make the work) to the "Tutorials" folder if you wish to show all of your steps to a particular drawing, but please don't submit multiple versions of the same image at different stages. It will be considered spamming and you may be warned or banned without warning.
  • Submitting multiple color filters of the same work (just stick with one version of the image, please)
  • We will DECLINE more than one WIP, version, details (just give us the whole artwork, please), duplicate submission, filter, or copy of any image. We will only accept one.
  • ★★ STATUS UPDATES: Please only submit status updates if they are to advertise a commission sale you are running, your contest, or your other advertisement you are trying to get the word out for (such as an adoptable event, YCH, or 'make your own' event. Unfortunately, Patreon promos and similar are not acceptable for status updates in this group. We do not want random status updates about your new drawings, how bored you are, what new movie you watched/ reviewed, or what you ate for lunch, either. Please also submit your Status updates ONLY to the "Journal Features or Advertisements" folder or it will be declined. We will accept a status update if it is poetry or a story to the "Literature or Poetry" folder.
RULE 6: PRESENTATION / QUALITY CONTROL Please attempt to present your artwork in a professional manner. We realize not all of our members are professionals, however, there are things you can do to make your art look its best. We want art that appears to have been well crafted. Follow the guidelines below to know what we expect.
  • Crop your work properly. (Do not submit an image of a tiny figure on a vastly blank page, for example)
  • Do not include art supplies or objects with your artwork. We don't want to see art supplies used to create the work (you can list them in the description), your bedroom, your bathroom, your bed, your closet, your fingers/hands/face/feet/body, the spiral ring binder of the sketchbook, a frame on your artwork, or any other thing that is NOT the art work. This includes all submissions such as photography, photomanipulations, sculpture, crafts, etc. Use a non-distracting backdrop for photos of sculpture or try to present sculpture and crafts in a clean, 'staged' way with no distractions from the artwork.
  • Do not submit art on lined paper, grid paper, or notebook paper. Don't be afraid to use real sketchbook paper (please crop out spiral ring binders or book page folds or spines) or quality art paper.
  • Do not submit torn paper, folded, or crinkled paper artworks unless it is very much part of the art such as an artwork created by glueing small torn papers to a larger paper to create an interesting image. (Carelessness in how you treat your work will be a factor in acceptance- if you don't care about it, why should others? And we're not talking about bananas being duct taped to a wall, because it's oh so clever. This is about Craftsmanship, plain and simple.)
  • Do not submit dirty / smudged / messy drawings with fingerprints or smear marks on them. Keep it as clean as possible. (Again, Craftsmanship.)
  • Do not use Watermarks that are EYESORES for the artwork. We know you want to protect your work from being stolen, we get it. However, we get to choose what we accept and decline and we will always decline any artworks with a watermark that interferes with a person viewing the art comfortably to the point of it becoming difficult to see the artwork. Try to keep watermarks smaller and possibly see-through whenever possible, and try to place the marks in strategic places to protect your work.
  • Do not submit bad photos or bad scans of traditional artwork. Dark, blurry, dog-eared paper, etc. is unacceptable in our group. Please, have a care for how your work is presented-- As if it is being displayed in a real life gallery before everyone. Use a photo-editing software to help your art when photos or scanners fail you to lighten, crop, or fix eyesores whenever possible. Edit your work to make it presentable. Lazy photos / scans will be declined.
  • No stolen art. It is an instant ban if the founder or another admin / group member notices a stolen artwork you've submitted.
  • Your art only. Do Not grab someone else's art and try to put it into our group. If the person submitting the artwork does not match the person who created the artwork, it will be declined.
  • Do Not link outside of deviantArt for the art work to be viewed, watched, or read. We expect them to be the final product when a member clicks/taps on it to view it-- The final artwork should NOT be found via link in the description, because that is very annoying for many people when they try to view an artwork and they have to go to yet another place to even see the work. We want to cut the clutter of that, so, get all of your art in on the first view. There should NOT be any links to follow outside sources in your descriptions for a person to read or view your work (extra and helpful links, such as patreon, twitter, blogs/ vlogs, etc. that are not considered the artwork, but a means to help people find you on other outlets ARE ACCEPTABLE.)
  • We don't want you to systematically submit your whole gallery here. (We consider this a form of spamming).
  • We offer a folder for that ONE pic you just HAVE to submit, so you get a freebie old art submission, but that's it and it must be submitted to the correct folder for it. Choose wisely.
___________________________ OTHER NEWS:
  • We are going to delete the "Mature Work" folder because it really seems as though too many artists confuse the folder to be a catch-all for risqué art, which is an incorrect assumption. We will not be allowing most nudes into the group anymore as a result. Technically, we will still allow classical style nude drawings or paintings, but they will need to have mature filters on, or be declined and nothing will be allowed if it falls under anything in RULE #1.
  • Our 'Old work I must submit' folder is now only going to allow one artwork per artist. (Not one artwork per artist, per year). Just one artwork per artist, period. After a while, it may be emptied or even done away with if it doesn't get used. Choose your best old artwork, because you only get one!
Please, feel free to note the group or ask questions here if you need clarification on the rules or what we might or might not accept. ___________________________
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Group Info

Welcome to The Art Realm! We want to keep a focus on art creation and concentrate on drawing and painting, so we will periodically hold contests and events to help promote new art. Please read the group rules and folder descriptions on the home page before joining. We are trying to keep a family-friendly and artistic image... Smut is not allowed.
Send a note to the group if you have any questions. I hope you come to love our community of artists!
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