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Alright, hi there...we  gonna enter into the world rather work of fantasy....
every stuff  are now posted together from different category like photomanipulation (are used stock photos) and I said we gonna... show 'em up!
alright active members vote ,just simply choose a stuff and comment....then tell us why?

(A)Swan by Morrigan-LE
(B)Tethys by BBstar7
(C)Lightning Fairy by Lolita-Artz
(F)Looks like another teemo's gonna die by PtiLuky
i shed my tears by Marl1nde

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The snowy holidayIt was the merry holiday season again, where the mothership would get close to a snowy planet to celebrate the colder times. The climate control on the ship was on full blast in certain areas to emulate the temperature and the general feeling of winter. For those that wanted to actually play in the snow, there was the spaceship express that brought people down to the snowy planet.Orion had been incredibly busy with modelling work as, especially around the holidays, the agency would ask him to go through a large arrangement of clothing items. Most of the winter items were quite cozy, which was actually not too great on set with the incredibly warm lights shining on top of him. It was a good thing he didnít mind the heat too much, though it was most likely also due to the fact that he had gotten used to it through working under those conditions for a good while.After what seemed like endless photoshoots one after another, Orion finally had a day off. It was finally time to take a break in the living quarters. The bed felt more comfortable than ever and he just wanted to do absolutely nothing.While looking at the top bunkbed, they still had to replace the bed at some point, a very cute face peeked from the top. It was Zora checking in on Orion as he was a bit worried with him working so much. Sure, the income was nice, but he didnít want it to be detrimental to Orionís health.Zora got out of bed and descended the ladder of the bunkbed. He kissed Orion good morning and asked what he wanted for breakfast. Without any hesitation he answered that heíd like anything made with love from Zoraís cooking. Zora blushed lightly, gently kissed Orion and walked to the kitchen.Zora was still jobless, he wasnít sure what kind of job would work out for him, so there was a lot of spare time to learn some skills. One thing heíd been working on was cooking. It went from extravagant diner dishes to simple baked goods like cookies. Learning these cooking skills was actually quite handy as Orion was usually quite tired from work and was always happy to come back to the room smelling of a delicious diner. Orion didnít really mind that Zora didnít have a job as it meant home cooked meals and a very tidy room. It didnít take long for Zora to have prepared a batch of freshly made waffles, some sausages and sunny side up eggs. The two grabbed a chair at the table and started to eat brunch, as both of them had slept in. The two started discussing plans as Zora brought up that the two of them should go somewhere, especially since he felt that Orion really needed a break from his work. Orion had his schedule in front of him, which was incredibly full. Just as he was about to tell Zora that he couldnít, his phone started to ring. He sighed and picked up his phone. It turned out to be his manager, who turned out to be worried about him as well. The two discussed back and forth, where Orion refused to take an extra day off but his manager was insisting that heíd take a break for a little bit to recharge. Eventually Orion gave up and gave into taking a break for a whole week. As he hung up the phone, he sighed and looked over to Zora, only to be met by the most ecstatic expression as the break meant the two were going to be able to spend some quality time together. Orion couldnít help but feel incredibly happy, though also a little guilty, with his partnerís expression.The two went back to discussing things they could do that week, while also planning days where Zora would just take care of him so he could get the rest he very much needed. It didnít take long for Zora to come with the idea to take the spaceship express down to the snowy planet to take in the scenery there and maybe even play with the snow. It surprised Orion a little bit that he suggested that as Zora wasnít a fan of snow, ice and the cold in general. Especially since it reminded him of his curse, even though it seemed to not really be a problem anymore since the two of them got together. Zora even had plumage now, which they both thought to be impossible for a while.Orion agreed to the idea, but only if they had proper clothing to go down there. The planet was quite cold this time of the year, meaning they had to bring layers of clothing to retain their body heat. Zora darted off to a part of the room where there were some boxes stacked on top of each other. Orion had been too tired to notice the boxes before and now wondered what was in them, though he did have a good guess as to what it could be.It turned out his guess was correct as Zora pulled out multiple pieces of winter gear, ranging from coats all the way to special winter glasses to protect the eyes from the harsh light of the winter sun. Orion sighed happily and told Zora that heíd go order some tickets to go the following day.The following day, the two arrived at the boarding station of the spaceship express that went to the planet that the mothership was close to. It didnít take long for them to get on board of the ship. The chairs were fairly comfortable and the two were lucky to get a spot next to a window.The spaceship departed not too long afterwards and set off to the winter wonderland. The travel was luckily quite short, as the mothership was close the planet already. Both the ride and landing were incredibly smooth and before the two knew it, they were outside on the planetís surface. The cold air of the planet made their breaths visible, which made Orion blow out a small Jetstream as he pretended to be breathing fire. Zora laughed at the silly goofball and not before long, the two were off into the winter wonderland.Next to the landing zone was the village that was full of festivities. There were events and special food and beverages. The two decided to go there later as the two took one of the scenic hiking routes that had been laid out by the event organization of the village. The two took off and it didnít take long for them to be surrounded by a pristine white landscape with mountains not too far from them. A bit further on the hiking trail was even a lake, which was now frozen, to iceskate on. The two started hiking, but while Orion was busy reading the map, he was suddenly hit by an odd projectile. He slowly turned around with a grin on his face, only to be met with a snowball. He stood there for a second, stunned, before wiping away the snow. Zora was trying to provoke Orion, but quickly stopped as he saw how big Orionís snowball was. He quickly gathered snow himself but was too late and got smacked in the side by a big lump of snow. He got up quickly and planned on returning the favour.The two of them exchanged snowballs for quite a while, until both of them were tired. To two of them laid in the snow and made cute snow angels, though Orionís snow angel looked a bit odd with his wings also leaving a print in the snow.The two walked back to the village and decided to stay the night to go ice skating the next day. The two celebrated the holidays their to their hearts content and had a merry good olí holiday.
Photography People Portraits 3
Virgin-and-Child by Trisaw1
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please read the rules by Th3EmOo

:bulletred: Apart from the obvious, I don't have any major rules at present.

:bulletred: The obvious are:

:bulletred: Be nice to one another.

:bulletred: Please try to submit your best work.

:bulletred: Nudes are acceptable. However, no porn please.

:bulletred: Only submit your own work!
Anybody found to be submitting the work of another, as their own. Will receive an immediate BAN!
DA, will also be informed.

:bulletred: And please, submit to the correct folder.
incorrect folder submissions,decline!!!

:bulletred: It is your responsibility, to submit your work correctly.

:bulletred: Quick update: All members may submit faves to featured. They will be subject to a vote.
Do not submit your own work!!

:bulletred: Any suggestions are also welcome..

:bulletred: Otherwise, that's all for now.

:bulletred: And, I hope you enjoy being part of the group...

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:iconshareefsaadi: -Palestine.
"Hi Everyone ~
My Name is Shareef 
i live in Palestine - Nazareth ♥
my language is Arabic ,so this is why i'm not good in English 
i hope to improve my English here in devintart."

:iconmr-springserpent: -Philippines.
"hi there!
I'm Topher, some they call me Chris.. I'm a selftaught & aspiring Artist, from Philippines. drawing it's my way to explore something. and I love photography also, no doubt! (even I don't have dslr) "

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"I love dragons a lot, and horses and birds
actually, i love all of nature
even its ugly side.."

"Mercedes Lackey, L. J. Smith, Avi (because I grew up with their books)"

:iconphant94: -Czech Rep.
"I am a student from Czech Republic and I love drawing."

:iconspokeninred: -US.
"I've been photographing for a little over three years now. I am self-taught and do this when I have time. I'm a former ballet dancer, now retired, now teaching and choreographing but feeling a hole where a performing career once filled my life. So I took up the camera and it became a canvas of sorts. I do mostly self-portraits because it provides me the most privacy while working and I can quietly develop ideas and see if I cannot make them manifest...."

:icondenisee02: -Romania.
"I love photography and playing piano.
I'm a little bit shy and I'm afraid to show how I feel.
I love to make new friends."

:iconaranelphoto: -France.
Student from France.

:iconschlammkrabbe: -Germany.
Photography Hobbyist from Germany.

:iconcasinko98: -Slovakia.
"I´m 15 years old girl who likes taking pictures a lot I had an account called Lulu97 but something happened with him. So I started again
I´ll recieve all critiques."

:iconcola-bunny: -US.
"Hi :3
Name's Riki, nice to see y'all. As proven by my name I like bunnies and Coke : o)
I'm a high school student who just recently got back in to art, so it's gonna be quite an eye sore for the majority of you talented art crafters..."

:iconsketchylious: -Germany.
"I am 26years old and a hobby photographer and graphic artist. I live in Germany and I am half Asian (my mother is from the Philippines). I am new to macro photography and my passions are water droplet and the robot called Danbo:D"

:iconlemonzlol: -Australia.
"I thrive on criticism. I love hearing peoples' thoughts and ideas regarding my work. How else do I expect to develop? But if the comment is rude and non-constructive, I believe I'm well within my rights to delete it. You have been warned."

:iconantivir123:-Czech Rep.
"I have been addicted to pressing shutter release since childhood. Daring to be different."

DeviantART by Th3EmOo

Give 'em a watch then flood 'em with :+fav:'s or comments alright...thanks!



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Who are we? What are we? The second question, I can answer. We are all artists. Each of us unique, in our little ways. Each with our own unique styles, personalities, and lives. In all their varied colours and flavours.
This group is for like minded people.........

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