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The-Art-Of-Manga is the place that focuses on anything that is manga or anime related, we also support other arts as well.

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The Manga & Anime place. If your interested in stuff like this, feel free to check us out.
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Beware of Bot AccountsBots are unfortunately a problem here on DA that is everything but stopping as I'm writing this journal. DA doesn't have a function to report accounts, but we can still deal with them in other ways. "How do I recognize a bot?" They have no info on their profile and they send to artists fake promotions like these in hope to hack their accounts, some of these will auto-deactivate after some time, sometimes multiple accounts will send you the same text at the same time:, "How can we deal with them?" First of all NEVER click any of the links they send you, then block them, I'm not sure if contacting the DA @team will help but I guess it doesn't harm trying.UPDATE 07/20/2022 Thanks to @jkrolak for the info! DA does have a way of reporting bots:Go to Contact DeviantArt (, under Contact us / Submit Ticket You need to EXACTLY tell DA why you believe this to be a bot account. Just saying, I think it's a bot won't work. You need to show that it either promotes spam, intended to disrupt the DA community, or links to an obvious adult/spam/advertising account.If it is just a spam message, you already have a more direct way of reporting it. DA will act if they get enough complaints on the same message.Then the hard part - wait. I want to help artists to stop these bots before they can reach us, that's why I'm asking you to comment with the name of the bots that contacted you, they will be added to this list so that they won't bother other artists anymore. This list for now it's pretty short because not a lot of bot contacted me, but I know other artists are living a different experience with this. Bot accounts, report and block them: Adam617 (deactivated account) lovecoffeeonly (deactivated account) allanguintu (deactivated account)aztronetteloudfm (deactivated account)Joseph187 clarietexasphilhallam (deactivated account)Extrymas81dylantkl (deactivated account)luatphan100396 (deactivated account)LuauLuau (deactivated account)LayMovilayerpage (deactivated account)Laxgoalie111 (deactivated account)felixmoldovanpersiantypographydjswami11 (deactivated account)Arcksi (deactivated account)pandaakoallanguintuAjaz211Almandinka (deactivated account)victormd (deactivated account)tourokunodayquanbs1 (deactivated account)tripexhd (deactivated account)Latencytm (deactivated account)samluie123alissenkaodissssseu0m4r14 (deactivated account)kabuytdietclinic6xzarnoUlysesBeltranMalciggawesome2noahPinoyMT (deactivated account)levietquan94audilougibabeyputhusserykykix11bijoypandacerebelrehsanazadSTADcreative (deactivated account)wiloupioupiouvadyaklevijAllana18172 (deactivated account) WReaderoricohwiesner6197ReidTO92guntherhenrebby849lucassecurityjessepengquibususgoyuix (deactivated account)sahudude (deactivated account)andreita2710 (deactivated account)adamus888adaniedlabujesuserrolcoderdreamcube2kkristina99atirjavidminteroniThedexmanjdobrockythefriedoneacidicadisahinoamb If you are an artist please take your time to read these journals as well:,Beware of Zackwhite6Aug 26, 2022Just like Makotoisthebest, they have stolen fanartBeware of MakotoisthebestAug 26, 2022This kid has stolen 25 anime fanart of artist fromBeware of Vunfairness Aug 24, 2022"Fairness" is the last thing you will find on thisBeware of SaFiTheShark Aug 6, 2022Every piece of their gallery is traced from NaomiBeware of 68playsAug 6, 2022Another anime/manga fanart art thief, he hasBeware of BreakdownloverAug 6, 2022To all the Undertale and Deltarune fans andBeware of D3s0cup4doJul 31, 2022This person is stealing, you guessed it, RoxanneShare cute cats here! Jul 28, 2022-This is the "Year of Tiger" for the ChineseAn Art-Thief asked me why stealing art is badJul 24, 2022"Stealing other people's art is bad, always. YouThe Logic Behind Adopts Jul 21, 2022I think as an artist this is an intriguing topicBeware of BreinelJul 20, 2022I can't believe it, guess what this person isBeware of FunkinBeat Jul 16, 2022Another art thief of Roxanne Wolf's fanart. He'sCome here for watch and llamasJul 3, 2022Lately I'm feeling pretty disconnected from theWhat are Subscribers Badges and how to have themJun 24, 2022If you read my last journal you may knowHow to get the Mistery Egg and Blob BadgesJun 22, 2022Lately I have seen some profiles having badges IHow to deal with art theft and art thieves (+NFT)Jun 22, 2022Pov: you are an artist and your art is well If you want to support me ^^,Drawing Your OCS! Jul 8, 2022Friendly reminder that I have commissions open!VRoid CommissionsJul 6, 2021The kind of payments available is PayPal:All My Commissions in one JournalMay 10, 2022Hello everyone! I'm making this journal to explainAllana18172 (deactivated account)est of your day/night and remember to stay hydrated! 🦄🦓🌸✨💫Beware of Bot Accounts by Zebracorn-chan

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Commissions 2023Hello everyone! I hope you are doing alright in these times. If you can commission me, I would appreciate it, I´m on a pinch right now and I need to save $150.00, so if you can´t commission me and know someone who might want to commission then please pass them this journal.Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.Bust: $15.00,,,Hlaf Body $25.00,,,,,Full Body: $35.00,,,,,Extra Backgrounds: $10.00+ (Depends on how complex it is),Do´sAnime styleKenomimiFanserviceGirlsBoyspairings (any kind, hetero , bi or homo I don´t mind)sfwnsfw (negotiable)frillscute animalsBackgrounds (detailed) Backgrounds (simple as in one color, see full body examples)Don´t MechaRealismGoreThings about politics or Religion Furry Extra: Characters: -Bust $7.00, -Half body $15.00 -Full Body: $25.00Super detailed BGs: $10+ taxes $3.00 Terms of Service: You must either send me a note or comment here that you want a commission.TAT would vary depending if is a bust or a full body with a detailed BG. Payment will be through PayPal.Payment will be in $USD. (North American Dolars)You don´t need to send me the payment, just the PayPal email so I can send you an invoice with all the details.As soo as we agreed on what you want me to draw and the payment is received I will start with the sketch. I will send it to you, so what ever you want to add or point out I can fix it. I don´t do line art, so it will be the sketch and then after that I will pass to the coloring part. You will get a full HD 300dpi file, with a small watermark on the corner, the smaller. version will be uploaded to my gallery with a bigger watermark in low resolution.If you don´t want me to upload your commission then you can tell me about it and I won´t upload it, the commission will remain private.The NSFW drawings will be censored when I upload it here, how ever you will get the uncensored version in full HD. Reference sheath: Usernamecharacters namesDetailed reference from character (images, drawings please, written references are not as accurate as an image) You can also draw stick figures of what pose you would like your characters to be drawn that is very helpful.How would you like me to draw your character (poses, expressions, angle)PayPal email (So I can send you the payment request)Tell me about your character: what do they like? Are they spunky? Shy? strong willed? hot headed? Tsundere? (Even their stories, I like to know more about them so I can make the drawing as accurate as possible)If you want an specific background for the drawing send me an image with the scenery and tell what would you like to add or remove.In case of NSFW you must send a reference of what you want me to draw and be as explicit as possible when describing it.If the commission will be a NSFW, don´t worry with your likes or what you would like to draw, I don´t judge and take this seriously. If you are unsure of something then please ask I will answer all your questions I hope everything is clear and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this or shared it....
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Delia Ketchum: Quarter Century MILF by TheNaughtyGoblin

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Remembered Eternity, ch.36Upon a Star: Remembered EternityChapter 36by YurixTheWanderer—------------Karyana did not feel the wind on her face as Azuria approached Bejem. Nor did she hear the rhythmic beat of the dragon’s wings. Her body did not register the pressure of being held by immense claw-like hands. Yet she was not asleep.Something was pulling her away from her own body. A breathless hush that left her mind and body somehow detached from one another. Her eyes had remained partially opened to watch the horizon, never looking downward in fear of falling.But what her eyes saw was not Weepfall’s immense ocean, nor the island built from ages of volcanic activity that had ceased after the Houses emerged. To her, the horizon was black and the ocean one of crystalline sand. The wind that would normally fill her lungs seemed to cling to her throat, too thin and filthy to breathe. The taste of blood and iron filled her mouth, as if she had bit down on an invisible dagger.Kary…An echo in the distance. A voice resonating and distorting on itself, as if the very world was empty. The feeling of her legs struggling to move in the heavy sand. A strange force pulling her back, rather than down. A blackened rock fifteen feet high, stained with ash. The clink of shackles.You have to…A starved-looking man dressed in torn clothes, as if the winds had ripped what accountrement he wore into rags. Two smaller forms, equally as emaciated. All three shackled around the ink-black stone.…save us…The blackened stone rising from the ground as sand turned to flames, lightning piercing the sky. A familiar black arm clutching onto the stone pulling it down. Another, shaped by the celestial bolts of energy, warped in a mockery of the former, pulling up.PLEASE!The stone shattering. Blood splatters in the sand. A voiceless scream of despair.—-----“Wake up!” Onyx shouted as he shook Karyana’s shoulders, watching with panic as the woman jolted away, nearly pushing the dwarf aside. “Blimey! Must’ve been some crazy nightmare you had!”Karyana gasped for air, cold sweat on her face. It took her a full minute to register where she was and what was happening. The moment her breath began to calm, her eyes darted about only to lock onto Onyx who had brought a pail of water and a towel. “What… wh-what happened?” “Miss dragon landed us near her House, but you ended up sleepwalking.” Onyx began to explain. “We tried our hardest to stop you from hurting yourself without waking you up, but all of a sudden, you just… looked up to the sky and started screaming for dear life! If you hadn’t passed out, I feel like you would’ve alerted every soul on the island!”A slow look around made her register her whereabouts. She was laying on a simple bed with only a couple of kneaded sheets on her body. To her left was Onyx, sitting on a stool next to a bare table save for a burnt-out candle on a crude holder, a pitcher and a loaf of bread large enough for two people. On the other side of the room was a fireplace, a small kettle bubbling away as flames heated it.“Where are we?” Karyana whispered, feeling nauseous even as Onyx wiped her brow with the damp towel.Onyx walked over to the kettle, grabbed his work gloves and pulled it out of the flames. “From what Azuria told me? This is House Pearl.” he explained. “The home of all priests, healers and war medics in Bejem. Funny thing? Apparently, Xera’s mother was from this place. A Black Pearl. That’s a combat medic, if you wan-”Before Onyx could finish his explanation, Karyana broke into a coughing fit. Lifting a sheet to her mouth, she felt as if something was scraping her lungs out. Almost a minute of coughing left a familiar taste in her mouth. Blood and iron. Reaching for the pitcher that Onyx held, she spewed out what felt like pebbles in her mouth, the objects clanging at the bottom of the recipient as she finished heaving and hacking.Onyx quickly reached for the bucket of water and helped wash the blood from her mouth and face before grabbing his waterskin and handing it to her. “Sure wish Azzy stayed to help… but apparently, she’s gonna bring Turalyon and Devathion over.”As Karyana slowly drunk from the waterskin, the dwarf grabbed the pitcher and swung it around before tipping it over, watching as six pieces of metal no bigger than the tip of Karyana’s pinkie fell out. Aside from the scent of blood and iron, there was a very faint smell from the oddly-shaped objects: that of black powder. “So that’s what did you in…” Onyx said before reaching for her wrist to test her pulse, which just barely registered. “...Huh. Looks like you’re not as dead as I thought.”Karyana wanted to slap Onyx for the poor choice of words, but he did make a point. She could feel her pulse, even if it was not very strong. Whatever was happening to her had somehow given her body a restart. The latest coughing fit, the sudden ejection of the projectiles fired by Melody’s weapon from her body… Something was giving her body the will to live. She only she wish she knew what it was.Pulling away the sheets, she looked down at herself and noticed that her armor was missing. A quick look around made her realize that it was resting on what looked like a practice dummy. “How long was I out?”“From the moment you passed out, probably three hours. Long enough for me to ask the locals for a meal… and all we got from it was rice gruel and mince.” Onyx groaned as he removed the lid off the kettle, grabbed two bowls and some spoons from a shelf near the door and tried his best to make equal shares of the foamy mix. “I guess the Housemaidens must follow a vow of poverty.” A quick spoonful made Onyx wince. “Could use some salt.”Karyana took a spoonful of the gruel and sighed. While the meal was not as bad as her friend made it sound, she did miss her mother’s home cooking. It was odd that she thought of it at the moment, but her mind was wandering back to before the blaze. Her aging parents, still as spry and welcoming as before. With everything that had happened in the past few days, she had not properly mourned them. Add to that what happened to the rest of her friends whose fate she had only known about from Panyus showing her these images, and she was unsure what more she could do.Sending Turalyon or Onyx to negotiate with the Forgotten army would be sending them to their doom. She doubted that they would listen to her. The only clue she had was from the very first dream where Merit appeared to her. The immense arm - she was almost certain that it belong to Keith now - and the booming voice uttering Melody’s name.A quick tap on the door caught her attention. Before either of them could ask, Turalyon walked in, visibly upset. “For All’s sake, Kary! The moment I heard the news… Nevermind. I’m just glad you’re alive.”“Let’s not get technical.” Onyx corrected him. “What’s going on around here? And don’t beat around the bush.”Turalyon sat down and took a deep breath before noticing the kettle. “Is that mince and- oh right. So, some scoundrel named Merit trapped Lady Xera under a geas. She can’t eat, sleep or… anything else… until this… lantern-like thing she received as a gift is built. It looked like a dragon’s egg, but I don’t think that’s the-”“So he captured her, too…” Karyana whispered as she put her emptied bowl away before looking at Turalyon with a determined expression. “Merit has his claws on Demyan, Dawn, Asha, Josephine and Xera.”Turalyon cocked an eyebrow. “How did you know-?”“Nevermind that…” Onyx was quick to respond, understanding that the topic was still too difficult for Turalyon - let alone himself - to understand. “Do you know how to break that spell?”Turalyon shook his head. “I can’t. Merit made it clear that if it didn’t run all the way through, both Devathion and Xera would die. We’ll need a miracle to save her…”“Good thing we have a walking one right here.” Onyx smirked as he pointed at Karyana before walking to the set of armor. “Let’s get her suited up, and we’ll see what miracle we can pull out of our backsides.”Karyana wanted to tell them that she was not ready, but this was bigger than herself. She was not comfortable fighting in armor, but given her precarious state, there was no other option. “I hope you have a sword in that bag of yours, Onyx…”Turalyon slapped himself on the forehead before detaching a large scabbard from his shoulders. “I almost forgot. Azuria is lending you her sword. She said she’ll want it back once you’re done with it. In the meantime… is there any congee left? All that panicking made me hungry.”—-------“Why the hell isn’t he answering?!?” Melody fumed as she closed yet another Mana-Scar, having spent the last hour trying to contact Merit. Either whatever he was doing was important - which made her wonder why he sent her to capture Xelnos in the first place - or he was toying with her. The latter was making her furious. “...Asshole. If you’re not gonna show up, then I’ll take care of things myself!”The fact that she had heard Karyana’s scream was reason enough to panic and hurry things up, but whatever was causing the Mana-Scars she did to fade out or reveal empty locations did not make her feel good about her predicament. She had been lucky enough to use a Mana-Scar to steal her way into Balcam Academy - the Wizard’s Academia reduced to ashes in the aftermath of the Emerald Sea’s destruction - and stole the only remaining copy of the Rapture Sphere. The effort had led to some frustration as the pendant was not in pristine condition, but it would have to do.Examining the immobile Xelnos, Melody looked around the inn’s main floor for something of use to defend themselves. Without her gun, all she could rely on was the skills she had stolen from Kaina… but she still felt the woman’s presence in her thoughts, trying to reason with her or pull back when she attempted to pry into her thoughts.Walking behind the counter, she pulled a single-bladed ax from a mantle and lumbered it over to Xelnos. “I know you can use this thing, so take it.” she ordered, the young man obeying without a word. “Now. Whenever I tell you to kill someone, you do it. Clear?” A painfully slow nod as a response, as if the Planar inside the body was struggling to say no.Melody looked under the counter and pulled out a short sword that the innkeeper, who was still asleep even after sunrise, had left as personal protection. A predatory smile on her lips, she tapped him on the shoulder as she walked out of the inn. “Good boy.”—-----Xelnos felt like he had little control of his body. Yet a little control was enough to make him realize that the Rapture Sphere he wore was the very same that was used by Volkram to manipulate Laurinya, including the miniature cracks. The pendant had unfortunately enough power to make him compliant. Even with what remained of his powers as Planar of Destruction, he could not break out.The worst part was knowing that Melody - the woman he at first believed to be his mother, after what she had shown once the Soner-Progeny merged being was defeated - was using him as a tool to murder. He had struggled his hardest to say no, but was unable to.What frightened him the most was how similar and different she was to Karyana. Similar body and mana signature, but different in personality. A complete opposite. There was no sign of kindness or thoughtfulness in her words, and no glimmer of love in her eyes. Blazing red irises filled with malice, spite, hatred and deceit. Icy words filled with anger and distrust.He could feel Melothios’ presence within her. He remembered the sensation of unbridled power and malevolence from the battle at the Final Plains. Of being drunk with undiluted evil. As much as he had revelled in the desire to annihilate the Planars, he was now repulsed by his former self.If he were to fight, he would do so without resolve. He would struggle as hard as he could against his own body. He no longer wanted to be the feared demon of the Underdeep. Even if it meant dying. All he wished for was some way to apologize to Sayeth for failing to protect her. To grovel on hands and knees in front of everyone he hurt and accept any punishment he would be condemned toThe moment he followed Melody out of the tavern and into Bejem’s main square, he felt his blood turn to ice. Arriving from his left were Onyx, Turalyon and Karyana. Remembering the sting of the blade the dwarf had made for her - to very weapon that became Llaelyn, the Planar of the Forge - would have made him wince, had he any control over his facial muscles. While he did not remember the human as much, he did remember how the battle at Bejem left to his body being ravaged by dragon flames and lightning.It was curious to see Karyana wearing armor, he thought, until he noticed something that was out of place. A Star Ruby lodged in the middle of her chest, passing for decoration on an already gilded set of plates. He knew what it was. He could feel it. Karyana’s aura was not emitting from her body. It came from the gem. A Soul Gem.“They got to her too…” he wanted to say, only for his mouth to remain shut. “Planars help me… I don’t want to fight…”—-Dawn pushed her hardest against the mental cage that was Aphrah’s mind, trying for the twelfth time this morning to break out. “Come on! This has to work!”“You already tried a hundred times, sis.” Asha sighed, visibly weary of watching her sister try and fail to free themselves. “How many times are you going to keep trying before you realize that we’re not getting out of here?”Dawn whipped around and locked eyes with Asha. “You’re supposed to be the smart one! Use your head and think of something, why don’cha!”Asha pressed a hand against her forehead and thought. “If only Aphrah would listen…” she thought to herself.…Hello?“Did you hear that?” Asha asked as she looked around. “I think there’s someone else in here.”Dawn looked around. “I don’t see anyone.” she replied, the bleakest of darkness in the vicinity making it near-impossible to see beyond her sister’s face.“Hey! Who’s there?” Asha yelled as hard as she could. “Whoever you are, show yourself!”…I wish I could… but my body’s gone. It must have broken apart.“Broken apart?” Dawn wondered. “If this isn’t your body, then who are you?”A brief clink. Like crystal touching a hard surface. Then another. Steps. A flicker of light. A silver wisp taking the form of a young woman. Traits forming from the mist. Shadowy-black hair cut short and crystalline blue eyes. A toned body covered in crystal-like scales. A strangely familiar voice that rang like a chime.“M-Mom?” Dawn let out before shaking her head. “Wait… you kinda look like her, but kinda… not. Who’re you?”The young woman’s voice resonated in their minds. “My name is Elany Windforge… but you can call me Naya. I… I was created from a sample of blood found in a crystal shard that my… father found outside of Saberbia. He made me to look like this to replace his long-lost daughter.”Asha looked pensively at the woman’s spirit. Naya. The last four letters of her mother’s name. “So… you’re a little of our mom?” she asked, not as a question but merely to clarify. “Can you help us get out? We’re stuck inside of Aphrah… and I don’t want to think what that creep Merit will make us do!”“I don’t know what I can do.” Elany replied. “If you leave this body, where will you go? You’ll need bodies of your own.”“I’d rather be stuck in a pot of mustard than stay in here any longer!” Dawn angrily let out as she rattled the mental cage as best as she could.Elany smiled as she looked up. “I may have an idea…”—-----Karyana stopped in her tracks as she watched Melody walk out of the tavern, followed by the young adult that was Xelnos when he passed for a human. The grayed-out eyes he had and the way he lumbered with a single-edged war axe like an undead warrior made it clear that he was not himself. “Xelnos…?” she muttered before noticing Melody unsheathing a short sword and taking a very familiar battle stance - one that Kaina had used before. “Melody… what are you doing here?”“I’m surprised you made it out alive… but then again, I guess it was obvious.” Melody snapped back, each of her words oozing with vitriol. “I tried to bury you, erase you, wipe you from my life… and you keep popping up like a damn cockroach!”Turalyon looked at the two women, unable to grasp what was going on. “Can someone explain to me what she’s saying?”Melody gripped her sword tightly as a burst of black flames erupted from the blade’s hilt, extending the sword’s normal length to that of a bastard sword. “Like I said before: the world would’ve been better off without you.”Onyx grit his teeth as he reached for his own war ax. “That’s Kaina’s trick! What did you do to her?”Karyana replied before Melody could. “She must be in there…” she said, pointing at the other woman who removed her glasses, eyes flashing red. “Let my sister go, Mel!”Melody placed a hand against Xelnos’ shoulder before pushing against his back to force him forward. “Xelnos… kill her!”Turalyon and Onyx readied their rapier and axe respectively, only for Karyana to walk past them. “I’ll take care of this.” she said, unsheathing Azuria’s sword. “You go free Lady Xera.”“Are you crazy? We don’t have a clue how!” Turalyon snapped back, visibly shaken by how determined she sounded. “And how are you going to fight them both at the same time?”Karyana took her battle stance, sword held in a horizontal way to parry as Xelnos clumsily approached. She could see that his movements were erratic and heavy, as if something was bogging him down. She also noticed the all-too-familiar pendant around his neck. “I know my sister…” she simply said.Her focus on Xelnos, she thought back to what she had learned while protected by Sophia. This was not a battle that would end in death. If Melody did absorb Kaina’s abilities, then defeat would mean suffering the same fate. This was a battle to save them.Kaina, Melody… and her son.—--
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Hello, this is the first time I open commission. The reason for this because I'm in urgent need of money for class fee 😥 So here are my ToS and price list 👀
For more of my work, please kindly visit my profile or you can see some exclusive one on my Twitter 😊
If you're interested in ordering, here are the platform I use mainly (faster reply):
- Mail: (Mail subject 'Commission Request' will help a lot)
Hello, KuroMizana here.
I just wanted to address about the group folders for @The-Art-Of-Manga. If there's any that are full, please leave a message so we can add a new one. We won't know if any folders are full if nobody tells us. I was just currently going through and trying to put deviations in the correct folder to find out that some are full.
So, if you can, please let us know. It'll make things go faster and prevent deviations from getting ignored or rejected by accident.
You can leave a comment on this journal or note us. If noting the group about the folders goes slow, message me directly and I'll get on it as soon as possible.
Thank you.
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hi guys I Do NSFW/SFW Commission OC/Fanarts IN HIGH-RES.
If Interested pls check my journal below for prices and further info.

Open For Commission I Do NSFW Fanarts/OCI`ll Draw NSFW Fanarts/OC`s illustrations in semi-realistic Style. High-resolution artworksI Do:FanartsOC`sMale FemaleAnimeVideo-game CharactersSuperheroesI Don't Do:Furries Male to MaleMinorsGoreVoreScatNecrophilia DiapersSex ScenesNote:must be 18 yrs. old of age and above when getting a commission from meAll characters in my paintings will be over the age of 18I reserve the right to refuse any commission that I don't want to paintMy works are not to be used for commercial may take 7-10 Days to finish the artwork depending on how complicated the artwork that you commissioned.Payment is done through Paypal, half when I accept the commission, and half when it is finished.Once I receive the second half of the payment I`ll send you the final Image.When I`m finished about the painting I will send you the preview of the final image.Here is my complete price:(SINGLE CHARACTER ONLY) Line Draw (No BackGrounds)Line Draw without Shading - $20Line Draw with Shading - $24Line Draw with Full color - $26Semi-realistci Style (No Backgrounds)Head to bust : $18Head to Thigh: $25Full body : $27ADDITIONAL PRICES FOR:Alternate Costume: 7$ Props: 4$ Additional 1 characters: $15Additional 2 characters: $20 Additional 3 to 5 characters: $30Background: $25 Samples of my works:Line Draws,Line Draw With Color ,head to shoulder,Head to thigh,Full body,

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