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The-Art-Of-Manga is the place that focuses on anything that is manga or anime related, we also support other arts as well.

Information about submission of deviations to the group

Art folders for most do have a limit of 2 submission per day, other folders such as "other arts" or "miscellaneous" do have larger limits for them.

Any folder that is full, just let the admins know so a new folder can be created by noting the group.

Any questions feel to let one of our group Admins know by leaving a message/comment below or note the group.

Group Info

The Manga & Anime place. If your interested in stuff like this, feel free to check us out.
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Horrors of Fantasy Prelude: Encounter (rewritten)In the times of the Middle Ages, villagers feared what was in the forest. They fear of the creature that they saw believing it to be humanoids who comes to the village almost every night looking for a human to feast on. It stalks its prey without anyone noticing. It takes an individual, the loved ones, or even a child to the deep and dark forest. That's where they consume the human flesh out of them. The people of the village had no way of protecting themselves from them, not even their tools can stop the creature that can move swiftly as an animal. All that the people can do is to avoid going through the forest. But one night, two individuals, Ethan and Colton, made it though the forest just to cut down the trees without given a warning what's lurking within it and what's about to come. The forest is almost covered in a dense fog. Sounds of crickets and rustling leaves can only be heard from the ears of two men. Ethan lights his way through the forest as Colton holds an axe in his hand and the other in his bag on the back of him. As Colton took another step, he tripped something he didn't noticed but he fully controlled his balance before he falls to the ground. "Are you okay?" Ethan said. "Yes," Colton replied. "I'm okay. Its just that my feet got caught into something and I almost fell. " "Maybe next time, you can bring the torch of your own and see where your going. "I could have. But you know how I can't be trust with torches. Besides, we're just doing a quick stop to gather wood and be done with it." "You're right. You know how our families get if the wood doesn't arrive by morning." "So why do it at night then?" "I just realized what I have to do. That's why I need your help cutting them down with me. If I would have my own axe, I would've been find on my own. But I guess two would make it fast." Ethan and Colton continued walking in the forest. The further they go in, the more dense a fog gets making it hard for them to see. They make it to the tree they've selected, put out their torch, and began to chop it. As they continue chopping, Colton heard what believes to be howling sounds in the distance. "Did you hear that?" Colton said. "Yeah. Could be wolves outside," Ethan replied. "Don't worry, we have weapons in our hands." Colton heard the noise again. This time, it is much louder than before. Listening closely to it, it doesn't sound like a wolf. It sounds more human. Colton, curious, when toward the sound. "Hey, where are you going?" Ethan yelled. "I'm just... gonna go and take a leak over behind this tree." Colton lied. He sneaks into the direction where the howling sound is as Ethan continued chopping the tree not thinking much of it. After what felt like minutes, he saw an orange light emitting in the distance behind the hill. When he finally got on top of the hill, he witness what he saw down below. What Colton saw is a campsite with many people down there. Not just regular people, but a humanoid as well. This humanoid is feasting on what appeared to be woodcutters. Eight of them are dead. One man is barely alive until it rip the throat out of him. It was a massacre. Colton became shocked at what he saw and started to flee black. Meanwhile, Ethan, realizing Colton didn't come back, stopped chopping to go look for him. He went to the same direction as Colton have done a while ago. Ethan called out his name, but there was no reply. No sounds of footsteps approaching is heard in the distance. As he gotten over the hill, he saw what Colton saw, but no humanoid in sight. He runs toward the campsite to get a closer view of it. Everything is torn down. The tent is in shreds covered in blood. Horse tracks went in every direction as if it's running away from something. Ethan felt sick seeing that their body parts went everywhere. A cough is heard right beside his foot, making him jump. It's a teenage boy. He was playing dead with the other bodies stacked on top of him but is still injured. He looks traumatized. "What happened here?" Ethan said to the boy. The boy didn't say anything, until he finally let out a word. "T-They're here," the boy said in a whispered voice, "T-That thing killed my entire group. Including my older brother." "Where is he?" The boy looked up. Ethan followed where the boy was looking at showing that his older brother is the one that got his throat ripping out. "They look like us. But different." The boy said. "They're smart and quick. I tried telling them about this, but they wouldn't listen. These guys are too stubborn. The moment that happened, that thing almost got me and I was able to kick it off. I hid under these bodies so that it doesn't notice me. I would've done something to save my brother. I was too frightened to get up right now. " "Here. I can get you out of he-" "No! They don't stop until dawn arrives. They're scared of the light. I have to hide there until time comes. Besides, they already know you're here as well. They can hear you." Ethan couldn't believe what he was hearing. A face of concern and fearfulness is mixed in his mind making him pause. "Have you seen Colton anywhere?" "You mean that man on top of the hill? Yes. I saw him when I was looking up at him. I guess he was going to tell you what he saw. But right after he could turn back... that thing came out of nowhere and took him away." "AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGGGHH!!!" Hearing this scream, Ethan jumped up and ran towards the scream picking up one of the burning wood from the fire. "COLTON!" He yelled out. "GET OFF! GET OFF OF ME!" Ethan follows the cries and yells of Colton. Closest he could get, Colton's cries seem to move away from him in a different direction. As Colton's cries slowly stopped, Ethan halts in his tracks only to find a nearly nude woman in a crouching position facing away from his view. Ethan, scared and confused of what he was chasing, speaks to her. "H-Hello?" No response or movement of the woman has been made. Ethan approached slowly at her trying not to make a sound. With the torch lit much closer to her, he's able to see her much clearly. But what's odd is that a tail is attached to her back and her ears look like animal ears resembling a Fox. A snap of the twig came from one of his feet causing that woman to face toward him, revealing that she's covered in blood and holding a piece of flesh in her hand. Beside her is a body of Colton. His chest is ripped open and his throat bitten off. Seeing this, Ethan became shocked. It just keep staring at her making a low growling sound. Still like a statue. He slowly step back and it followed. Ethan became more scared than before. He couldn't think of his next move because every time he does, it still follows him making him its next target. Carefully waiting for the right opportunity, he throws the torch at her, causing it to be blinded momentarily as Ethan makes a run for it. She then let out a loud shriek, causing Ethan to push himself. He grabbed one of the axe and hid behind a thick tree. He silence his breathing so that the creature doesn't hear him. The rustling noise came from behind Colton and went pass him. After this, he makes a run to the village but was jumped on by the same creature right in front of him dropping an axe. Ethan holds the creature by the neck so that it doesn't bite him. She tried to clawed his arms until it managed to pick itself up and threw Ethan off of her. He grabs an axe and swings at her three time, but the creature evades. She grabs it out of his hand knocking him over and tries to kill him. He push against her at the tree before her strength throws Ethan to the log injuring him. As the creature walks up toward him raising an axe, something big and round hit against her, breaking every bone in her body. Ethan gets up using an axe that dropped beside him. He looked and saw that he triggered one of the old traps when he landed on the log where the rope is hidden. The object that hit the creature was swaying back and forth. Parts of it covered in spikes and blood. He heard a faint noise by one of the trees. Slowly he walked up to it. What he saw is that the creature's torso and arms is broken with many holes from the trap left on the body bleeding out. Even been severely injured, it's still alive. Ethan, feeling more relieved, spoke to it. "You may not understand what I'm saying, but they say that you monsters are awfully smart. But I guess you're not smart enough to notice one of my traps. This could be your friends'weakness. I cannot wait to tell people about this." He puts an axe to her neck. "This is for my friend." He finishes it by decapitating the creature's head off. He sets up a warning for them by stabbing the stick to the ground and setting the head on top of it. He takes a last look of it before heading back to the village. Unfortunately, out of nowhere, the spear impales through Ethan's chest from behind and collapses to the ground, unable to move and is about to take his last breath out of it. He looks up only to see several more like the creature he had killed but each of them have different animal traits and some are covered in patterns of blood and black ashes before everything went dark around him....
Line Arts
Gwen Sketch Dump #1 by MbTheGray
Mangas, web comics and storyboards
Naruto Shiroki: Chap18 pag18 ENG by Baztey
Kira Kosarin as Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage) by MZimmer1985
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Aerith Gainsborough ~Arose~ NSFW PREVIEW! by xKamillox
Original Characters "OCs" 3
Pride! Moore and Vules by Doodlenab
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Jessica Jung by Zee-qow
Dance of the Eagles-Pokemon/Starlight Brigade by Phoenixking732
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How I Shade Hair Art Tutorial by WatermelonOwl
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Beach Aerith by Rollinbubbles
Arknight Jessica open Gate Of RichKid by Arthursirius
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[+VIDEO] Commission - Behind the Curtains by Meryosie
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gray by FiireKat
Digital Art 2: FULL
Nessa, Pokemon Sword  Shield. by Andr-3
Fan Art's "FULL"
Kids Next Door! by Artfrog75
Fan Arts 2: FULL
Angewomon by Reivash
Fan Arts 3 - FULL
My Hero Academia: All Might vs Nomuboo by TitanXecutor
Original Charcters "OC": FULL
Famous but not Real by 13BlueMoon228
Original Characters "OCs" 2 FULL
Wintervarus by Isi-Daddy
Traditional Arts: Full
Yamcha  Y  Puar  fanart by Drawings-forever
Traditional Arts 2: FULL
city hunter..... kaori   makimura by Drawings-forever
Okay since Eclipse rolled in 2-3 days ago, I'm struggling finding the group notifications in order to accept your deviations. If all of you could bear with me, that would be great. ;; If somehow you guys run a group and found a way to look at the notifications in an easier way, I would appreciate it a WHOLE lot!
Not the admin log way, that's apparently the way I know, but at LEAST a faster way and where I just see stuff I need to approve on. ;;
Again, I hope you can be patient with us with getting you guys and your artwork approved as this is still new and troublesome to go through. ;;
Click on the art to join!
Decided to put characters up for sale and trade as some I'm not attached to or connecting with anymore.
Currently looking for points for these characters.

Characters for Sale by KuroMizana

Characters not listed for points are up for trades, but I'm interested in looking for art! ;;

Trade/sell folder:…
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