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Neon Genesis Bunny Warrior by Manawua
Asuka Langley art nouveau by MorwenHelyanwe
Kaworu by Ospreyghost13
C for Children by n-joe
Asuka Langley Soryu
Asuka for Miki 2 by fayntcommissions
Asuka for Miki 1 by fayntcommissions
Asuka by AthomBoy
Asuka sketch  by Solla-Damian
Gendo Ikari
Gendo by nizmus
Kaworu Nagisa
Perfeccion by 1nvaderNad
Tabris by AUTAKU
silver lining by cloudied

Mature Content

Erased - Kaworu (unfinished) by AceServon
Mari Illustrious Makinami
Mari Illustrious Makinami and Battle Cat by KaJu-MANIA
Ma-Ma-Mari Shenananinagans by DNH2031ART
Mari Illustrious Makinami by KaJu-MANIA
Mari by Lexichae
Misato Katsuragi
Misato sketch  by Solla-Damian
Little Misato  by Lexichae
But where is the beer by PartyCannonInc
Misato by Lexichae
Rei Ayanami
rei by Alaphel25
Ayanami Rei by SmolShady-Arts
Rei Ayanami by SugarPopBlossom
Ritsuko Akagi
Ritsuko Akagi by Horitsu
ritsuko akagi by stuckeys

Mature Content

commission - Ritsuko by Rosvo
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari - fanart by Xeplas
Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva 01 X Ikari Shinji by saiyohime
Eva 01 and Ikari Shinji Neon Genesis Evangelion by iahme2
IKARI_SHINJI. by MaewenMitzuki
Other Characters - Canon
Chapter 20 Title Page by GrummanCat
Ikari Yui by mys721tx
Ikari Gendo by mys721tx
Hiya PenPen by machmigo
OCs - Own Characters
Evangelion - Unit01 by SinglePolygon
Sachiel by GraphRicks
Couples - Romantic
Tus ojos mil by 1nvaderNad
Asuka's Wrath by luggo-loge
Asuka Langley Soryu - NGE - [Dive] by GeniMonster
Anime Crossover Shounen Protagonists by iahme2
Miscellaneous - Objects etc
Neon Genesis Evangelion by sendy1992

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Welcome to The Art of Eva, the fan club founded for the enjoyment and promotion of exceptional Neon Genesis Evangelion Art. Fans and Artists Welcome!
(Respective works copyright to Gainax, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Hideaki Anno)
Founded 11 Years ago
Sep 29, 2010


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Fan Club

2,327 Members
2,150 Watchers
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The Art of Eva

:groups: Welcome to the Fan Club of Great NGE Art!

:house: You are very welcome to join, whether you are an artist or a fan. Just click the "join group" button at the top of the page and you will be automatically accepted!

:painter: Everyone is welcome to submit art but first please read and abide by these Submission Rules;

:bulletyellow: Sketches and low quality art (such as a dark photograph of a drawing),will not be accepted. This group is for the promotion of excellent eva art.
:bulletyellow: If you have a series of cosplay photographs please choose one or two that best represent your work to avoid flooding everyone's watch lists.

:bulletyellow: This includes any copies, tracing or coloring of existing artwork.
:bulletyellow: Collaborations (such as coloring someone else's lineart with permission and credit) are very welcome.

:bulletyellow: Screenshots and edits of official art are not accepted.
:bulletyellow: Copies of official/someone else's Eva art are not accepted. Just because it is part of a franchise does not make it yours. See No Stolen Artwork.

:bulletyellow: Submissions of any of the Children (they're fourteen!) in an overly sexual situation will be declined. This is up to the moderator's discretion.
:bulletyellow: Sexual/pin up/nude are of adult characters is fine as long as it has the appropriate deviantArt filter.

:bulletyellow: Please submit to the correct category. All cosplay belongs in "Cosplay", even if it is of a character that has their own separate folder.
:bulletyellow: Please do not submit multiple times, unless your submission has expired. We do our best to check submissions regularly.
:bulletyellow: Anything with two people in a romantic setting belongs in the "Couples" folder.
:bulletyellow: Anything with more than one person in a non romantic relationship belongs in the "Group" folder.
Hi, lady-leliel here! At the moment I think I'm the only active moderator and could use some help. Main duty is accepting and declining submissions. If you'd like to help, please send me a Note or leave a comment here!

Friendly reminder that to keep our high quality standard we do NOT accept:
-poorly photographed drawings
-many photos of the same cosplay
-'sexy' art of the Children
-edits of official art (including memes)
-COPIES of existing art, regardless of whether it's official or not
-submissions to the wrong folder (it's a lot more work for admin to move a piece than it is for you to choose correctly in the first place!)

Thanks a lot!
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