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George the Fallen by JayAxer
Mischief Maker by KamuiHAX
Ranger Ar-ha - Hearthstone by JayAxer
Tipsi by AntonZemskov
Handsome boy by KatrinDin
Comm. Wazle Wifle by Chizu-PS
Kaiterin by KatrinDin
Lenashi and Ashkarine by Quixecosplay
WarCraft Full Folder
Voodoo Troll by Klar-Jezebeth
Cursed Ooze by Klar-Jezebeth
Tyrande Whisperwind by Mateussm
Commission: Feledriel and Shmancy by DivineTofu
Cheers, love! by Jakiron
Genji and Hanzo  Shimada (Overwatch) by eirinip5
Dr. Mercy by Brownie-Ari
-Bet you'll screw up, huh? by Breadblack
Drone by AcidNeku
Alarak / StarCraft 2 by Trypovoz
Hydralisk vs Marines - Fan Concept Art by isfreki
Sarah Kerrigan for Daz3D G8F is here! by RyonaStudios
Amazon Diablo 2 - Fan Art by Guinzoo
Diablo by TheNosferatuVamp
Imperius - The Best of Both Worlds by hailfire191
Cave environment concept - Diablo II Fan Remake by NikolayAsparuhov
Heroes of the Storm
HotS #0: Lost Wall - Silver City Brawl by Holyknight3000
Cassia by sstarlingsnow
K/DA Sarah Kerrigan concept art by 01starseeker
[CA] Maiev by Roghka
Crossover Compilation
2B Mercy by Darkness-Ringo
Chaotic dinner by santiagohertzan
DWOAH: Pharah vs BenedictDeadliest warriors of all historyPharah vs BenedictAerial RaptorsFareeha ‘Pharah’ Amari info:Height: 5 foot 11Weight: 157lbsWeapons: Rocket Launcher, Concussion Blasts, Barrage MissilesArmour: Raptora Mark VIStrengths: As one of the base characters Pharah is one of the most famous Heroes of Overwatch, Superhuman strength (Can harm the likes of Roadhog, Reinhardt and D.Va’s Mech with her melee hits, Can crack concrete with her melee hits), Superhuman durability (Can survive several bullets and explosions before falling, Takes no fall damage no matter what height she drops), Peak/Above peak human speed (Can keep up with most of the Overwatch roster on the ground, Can propel herself at high speeds with her Jets), Can stay aerial near indefinitely via her Jetpack, Her Ultimate has one of the highest damage outputs in the game (Can insta-kill any Hero with a direct hit, Can completely destroy Reinhardt’s/D.Va’s/Sigma’s Shields).Weaknesses: Once airborne Pharah is fairly slow leaving her as an open target, Her Jetpack requires controlled bursts to keep her airborne, Her Concussion Blasts are made for ‘crowd control’ and cannot be used to harm enemies, Her Ultimate cannot destroy Symmetra’s Ultimate.Benedict info:Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 180lbsWeapons: UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher, Guided MissileStrengths: As one of the base characters Benedict is one of the most popular characters of the Battleborn roster, Above peak human strength (His species is arguably stronger than humans, Can hold and fire his Rocket Launcher one handed), Above peak human durability (Can survive multiple bullets and explosions before dying), Above peak human speed (Is slightly faster than most humans, Can propel himself at high speeds with his Jetpack), Has one of the highest damage outputs of the Battleborn roster.Weaknesses: Is extremely arrogant which can work against him, Cannot stay airborne indefinitely.Battle begin!(Temple of Anubis)Standing atop the arch entrance way that led to the area that housed the Anubis statue Pharah stood to attention keeping guard over the area having gotten a report of a strange Bird-like man going around using statues and monuments as target practice.As if on command she heard the sound of a Jetpack in the near distance before seeing a Bird-like man shoot upwards into the air armed with a Rocket Launcher “whooo! Become! The! Rocket!” Benedict cheered before spying the huge Anubis statue, a grin gracing his beak as he took aim with his Launcher and fired.Halfway to its target however his Rocket was intercepted by another one causing it to explode midair before Pharah shot up to reveal herself “hold it right there! For your destruction and vandalisation of public landmarks I am taking you in dead or alive'' the Security Officer stated as she reloaded her Rocket Launcher.“What? Seriously? Come on! It’s me! You can’t arrest me!” Benedict protested “look, come on, how about I give you an autograph and we forget all about this?” he suggested arrogantly, pulling out an autograph book “so who am I making this out to?”.In response Pharah raised her left arm to fire a Concussion Blast, knocking the autograph book out of his hand and sending Benedict out of the sky, the Bird man plummeting several dozen feet before he could activate his Jetpack to slow his descent.“Ok, new plan, I can see the headlines now!” Benedict then snapped as he shot back up to Pharah’s level “world famous Peacekeeper forced to protect himself against crazed fan!” he then snapped firing a Rocket at Pharah.Veering to the right to avoid it Pharah was quick to fire back, shooting three Rockets back at Benedict forcing him to fly higher to avoid them, the Security Officer's Rockets destroying the abandoned building below where he once was.Spiralling through the air Benedict fired Rockets in every direction to prevent Pharah from approaching before he was forced to reload, jamming more Rockets into his Launcher just as a Rocket from Pharah whizzed by his head, ruffling his feathers as the shot narrowly missed.“Hey! Watch the face!” he protested spinning around to take aim only to suffer a Rocket straight to the midsection, the explosion knocking him clean out of the sky and sending him crashing to the sandy street below, tumbling across the stones that comprised the pathway before slamming into the side of a building.“Ow…” the Bird man hissed as he heard Pharah hovering several metres above him, Benedict quickly rolling over and shooting a Rocket back at the Security Officer as she took aim down at him.Exclaiming as she shot herself back to avoid the Rocket Pharah watched it sail up and explode in the air before looking back down just in time to see Benedict launching himself at her, the Bird man tackling her before pushing her away and kicking her hard sending her plummeting to the ground below.Correcting her fall with small bursts of her Jetpack Pharah took a stereotypical ‘superhero landing’ to soften the impact, slamming her Fist to the ground as she landed on her knee hard enough to crack the stone beneath her.“Locking on!” Benedict stated as he activated his Guided Missile “try to dodge this!” he then snapped as he fired it, the Missile shooting into the air before locking onto Pharah and shooting down towards her.Watching the Missile coming towards her Pharah waited until the last possible moment before firing a Concussive Blast at the ground right under her, using it to propel her backwards just as the Guided Missile came down, causing it to hit the ground and explode as she activated her Jetpack again to take to the sky again.“Oh come on!” Benedict exclaimed in protest before yelping as Pharah shot up right in front of him, her left Fist aimed in his face.“Try to dodge this” Pharah contemptuously mimicked the Bird man’s previous words before firing another Concussion Blast, once again knocking Benedict out of the sky, this time following it up with three Rockets from her Launcher, each one hitting their target leaving Benedict a smoking mess as he landed hard on one of the nearby buildings roof.Coughing up smoke and blood Benedict looked up as Pharah hovered several dozen feet above him, several compartments of her Armour opening up to reveal more Rocket launch ports “oh crap…”.“JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE!!!” Pharah declared as she unleashed her Ultimate upon the fallen Peacekeeper, launching dozens of smaller Rockets down upon him and the building he had landed on, Benedict being unable to do anything but scream before the Rockets hit him, completely obliterating him and the building causing it to crumble into rubble.As the building fell Pharah came down to land in front of it, the ports in her Armour closing as she spun her Rocket Launcher before slamming it to her shoulder as she snapped to attention “target eliminated”.Winner: PharahWell, this was one of my shortest fights ever but there isn’t really any way of going into major detail with ‘two people with Jetpacks shoot at each other with Rocket Launchers’.So why does Pharah beat Benedict in my opinion?Well when comparing them they’re both fairly equal in most attributes but to me Pharah’s much cooler head and far higher damage output with her Barrage ability would allow her to get the upper hand and victory over Benedict fairly quickly.
WoW: Castle Nathria by RejPiekielnyGrabarz
Silicon and Synapse
Rock N' Roll Racing! by Psykhophear
Lost Vikings Cast by BrendanCorris
Kar-In Sheet by BrendanCorris
Lost Vikings Sheet by BrendanCorris
Boar by ajinak
Man'Ari Skull Chest Fan Concept by Cuadillia
Boosterpack Hearthstone bifold wallet by Arnakhat
Matt Dixon study by trudyp8




Welcome to The Art of Blizzard Group!


This fan group is for both the established art and fan-art relating to the games & media by Blizzard Entertainment. (WarCraft, Diablo, StarCraft etc)

The "Featured" folder is ONLY for official Blizzard artwork (people who are working for Blizzard), that the artists have shared here on deviantART:dalogo: itself. No fan art in this folder; please submit to the appropriate other folders!

We are not an official group recognised by Blizzard Entertainment, we are just a fan group, sharing art and showing appreciation for Blizzard Entertainment's works!

We have very simple rules, so you don't have to worry about reading through hundreds of paragraphs of guidelines for everything to do with the group.

:star: Anyone can join! Your request will be accepted immediately.

:star: Submit to the correct folder! (If it's Warcraft fanart, put it in the Warcraft folder :) )

:star: All skill levels are welcome.



Group Info

This fan group is for both the established art and fan-art relating to the games & media by Blizzard Entertainment. (WarCraft, Diablo, StarCraft etc)

We are not an official group recognised by Blizzard Entertainment, we are just a fan group, sharing art and showing appreciation for Blizzard Entertainment's works!

The "Featured" folder is ONLY for official Blizzard art work (people who are working for Blizzard), that the artists have shared here on deviantART itself. No fan art in this folder; please submit to the appropriate other folders!
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