Rather busy of late but not with art :-(

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Life has become exceedingly complicated as of late. I'm basically getting no time to just doodle and sketch for my own amusement; it seems that any spare time for art has to be dedicated to (hopefully) paying work - generally t-shirt designs for Redbubble and Spreadshirt. I'm squeezing in writing time whenever I can.

This is all because I've had to withdraw my youngest daughter from her school; she'll be 10 in a couple of weeks, has high-functioning autism - and has been the victim of bullying by the head teacher of her school who repeatedly goads my daughter into full-blown meltdowns or putting her into places/situations which will result in her having a meltdown due to sensory overload. She even did this right in front of my husband!

Anyway, we're putting in a formal grievance against her and transferring my daughter to a different school that has excellent ASD provision (in fact a friend of mine actually trained several members of staff there and has vouched for the school), and in the meantime I'm homeschooling my daughter. This is taking up all my time however, so there'll likely be even less art from me than usual.

People interested in following my fanfic can find all my work over on AO3. I can also be found on Me on Tumblr!
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Hope everything with your daughter goes all right. That is just twisted what her teacher was doing.