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4 silver rings for BJDs

Four fine (99.9%) silver rings sculpted from PMC (Art Clay Silver) and set with gems. From left to right: Large silver ring set with 2mm ruby for 70cm dolls; small silver ring set with 2mm pink sapphire for 60cm girl dolls; medium silver ring set with 2mm African amethyst; medium silver ring set with 2mm simulated (cubic zirconia) tanzanite.

To give you an idea of how tiny these rings are, the largest ring has an internal diameter of only 7mm.
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Jun 9, 2009, 9:11:57 AM
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Those rings look amazing. I had no idea that there is such kind of crafting material with silver.

I am currently working with wire wrapping techniques to get some decent unique jewelry (and it's a pain since I am new to it). But this opens up some additional ideas how to combine those two materials.
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PMC has been around for only a few years really; you can get gold PMC too, but that needs a kiln to sinter the finished item, whereas silver PMC can be sintered over a gas hob or with a small blowtorch, which makes it easier to work with. It's perfect for working on something as tiny as a ring for a doll, but also good for making larger, intricate, unique pieces as well.
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I found some european and german suppliers for PMC products. Now I have to get a good kiln, that also can work with copper and bronze :-)
Thank you again for hopping by my site for the favorite, otherwise I would have never learned about this :-)
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My pleasure! It's all the fault of ~emmav really; she started writing a DA fic that hooked me in and prompted me to go looking for more Anders art. :D
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Wow, you're so talented! Haha- sorry for stalking your deviant art like this, but I am quite impressed that you can make jewelry, clothes, and face ups as well as write such good fan fiction! I hope to be as skilled as you some day, and get a BJD of my own to cherish as well. :)
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I have a surfeit of creative energy that needs to be poured into as many different outlets as possible I think, to minimise the risk of hitting a block - otherwise I would probably go mad. Unless, of course, you consider the possibility that I might be mad already. ;)
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Nice! I'm working on MSD size. This stuff is so excellent to work with. Do you find you get a lot of wastage tho?
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Nope; quite the reverse in fact. There's less wastage than when I'm working with silver conventionally. :)
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Wow that is impressive, what size doll are they for?
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They're for 60cm BJDs. :)
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I see, that is pretty cool :)
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They're not bad at all, and the colour of the silver is pretty nice. I was going to say they could use a little more refinement, but then saw them on doll and think they look fine for their size. It would be hard to get them much thinner I imagine.

I'd also say use slightly bigger stones, to go with the whole look - maybe semi-precious to cut down on cost. Personally, I like cabochons better. That's my personal taste, but I think they might go better with the style.
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Well, amethyst and cubic zirconia are semi-precious stones to begin with, but at this size rubies and sapphires are pretty cheap anyway - I can even buy a 2mm diamond for less than a fiver. So cost of stones isn't really an issue.

As for cabochons, Orangebabydolly already does those, which is why I prefer to stick to facetted gems - there's a niche in the market which I think I can fill without treading on anyone's toes. :)

Thanks for commenting!
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nooo. The market niche is the doll jewelry. If you don't compete with Orangebabydolly, then no one gets the benefit of higher quality jewelry. Raise the bar and make something better than Orangebabydolly.
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Unfortunately no-one seems to be interested in buying. Of these 4 rings, only one has sold. :|
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I haven't sold any of mine.
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