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Star Trek: USS Shelby
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Published: May 28, 2017
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I've been having fun designing Star Trek ships lately, it's kind of nostalgic. This time I went for a relatively simple, sleek design intended as a small, versatile short-range craft meant to quickly react to smaller crises in or close to Federation territory or to assist larger starships. The idea is that Starfleet often has the "only ship in the sector" problem where only one capable craft is close enough to react; this class is meant to solve this by being fast, streamlined and yet cheap enough to build to create large numbers of them to stand by for quick intervention (for reference, at 147 metres long, this ship is small even compared to the compact Saber-class escort; its hull is roughly the same length as the very compact Defiant's hull, but nowhere near as armoured or tactically sophisticated). They can handle a smaller issue themselves or reach another vessel that's taking care of the problem already, as having two ships on hand is often very advantageous. I'm fairly proud of this design as it is, in my opinion, very in line with Starfleet aesthetics, functional, simple, yet innovative and doesn't break any of Roddenberry's design rules. 

Name: USS Shelby NCC-32112
Launch: 2376
Type: Bobsled-Class Fast Intervention Corvette
Length: 147 m
Number of decks: Six (Bridge deck, four full-sized decks, sensor maintenance)
Propulsion: Dual impulse engines (to the outside of the shuttle bays), warp drive (maximum Warp Factor Warp 9.6, maximum sustained Warp factor of Warp 9 for twelve hours) 
Crew: 35 (plus maximum evacuation capacity up to 120; 350 if both shuttle bays are converted to house evacuees and all shuttles are left behind to make room) 
Auxiliary craft: Two oversized shuttle bays allow craft up to the size of a Runabout to fit on board (however, with a runabout on board, that shuttle bay has no space for any additional craft). Typically, one shuttle bay houses a larger shuttle such as a Type 11 Shuttle as well as two to three workbees, while the other bay either houses two smaller shuttles like the Type 8 or Type 9 or is used for cargo transport. In addition, the ship has 20 lifeboats spread over the hull, each of which has room for six humanoid crew members (for example).
Tactical systems: Six phaser strips, two torpedo launchers (one front, one aft), deflector shields
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AntifascistLilituHobbyist Writer
Das ist cool, Max, schon weil es kreative und analytische Fähigkeiten verknüpft. Mich beeindruckt immer wieder, dass du sowas kannst.
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The-ArgonautHobbyist Traditional Artist
Danke sehr! Naja, es ist keine große Kunst, aber es hat mir schon immer Spaß gemacht und mich entspannt und ich bin doch recht stolz auf die Ergebnisse^^
AntifascistLilitu's avatar
AntifascistLilituHobbyist Writer
Man kann Dinge ja auch anerkennen, ohne sie in Gallerien zu hängen.
Und ich empfinde den heilend-meditativen Aspekt von Kunst als einen der, wenn nicht den wichtigsten.
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