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drummer boy

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A little drummer boy from the 66th barkshire regiment who accompanies Harris
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That's how I feel when it comes to wearing hats, lol. I'm no drummer "boy", though people have mistaken me for one because of my size, I'm a member of the front rank in a heavy infantry line... Still, I love this piece!
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wow! that sounds cool.
judging by your uniform in your picture though, you're not of the Napoleonic era, right?
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I'm a Revolutionary War reenactor (Loyalist Provincial)and I have quite a funny story about getting mistaken for a drummer boy in spite of not having the instrument in my hand. It was at the Children's Drill at Monmouth (evil, vicuous little monsters! *shudders at the PTSD flashbacks*) and my captain said that one of the kids said referring to me "That boy was my size!" and without hesitation, his father said, "Well, son, boys your size would have been drummer boys!" I love your piece here, where did you get the references from? He's got such personality to him!
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Monmouth?? not the monmouth in wales i presume X) that's one of my many home towns X)

the drummer boy is just a character i had to create to fill the need for people. the story it's self is a real recollections of the Rifleman Harris. the book itself was published in about 1845 and is called 'The Recollections of Rifleman Harris'. You can find it on Amazon but if you search for it online, you'll either find my stuff (hopefully) or Jason Salkys page to go with Sharpe.

i recommend reading Harris and other real life accounts of the Napoleonic era such as Surtees, costello etc, they are fasinating. it's even cooler when Harris mentions seeing Surtees in his book and then vice versa!! thats REAL history XD
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Naaah, the Monmouth in New Jersey. There was a famous Rebel victory there and they really like to remind the opposition of that in spite of the fact we usually let them win. I would really like to look that book up! It sounds really fascinating! :D