Michael White has done it again. He’s made another cracker episode in The Great Little Railway Show.

Everyone is in character, lots of Railway Series vibes/mentions and Henry talks!!!
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Just seen it, and mind was completely blown. Sir Handel and Peter Sam were actually back, we had another Henry, Gordon and James moment, but what was most surprising was not only the Thin Clergyman's role, but an actual CGI model of Awdry's Ffarquhar Branch Line layout!

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I love Michael White for giving us these gems in this Second Dark Age of Thomas.

I mean when Sir Handel said smart wheels, I was upset that he didn’t say steamroller wheels but then Peter Sam teased him about it... I was on the floor laughing

And those loco models were amazing (even though they were rescaled models) but they had the wire across the buffers just like Awdry did on his locomotives.

And everyone was in character, and I can’t believe my boy Henry appeared directly next to Gordon (something he stranglely never does) but had RWS banter with him. I was crying tears of joy
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I think he’s been great these past two seasons (though there were a few episodes that were off)

Yeah. Sir Handel showing off like that, that is the Sir Handel we know and love, and Peter Sam.

Yes. Seeing Henry and Gordon like that just felt like a dream come true. I’ve always thought them as best friends as they’re both big engines and they have agreed on a few things in the past (and were both involved in various strikes). I just wish their chemistry was more looked into.