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The Adventure Continues - London's Euston

Here is a promo from the upcoming series "The Adventure Continues":

Lots of people travel to Vicarstown station. Engines from the Other Railway sometimes pull their trains. These engines stay at Vicarstown sheds overnight and go home the next day. Gordon was talking one evening to one of these. 

"When I was young and green, I remember going to London. Do you know the place? The station's called King's Cross." he said.
"King's Cross!?" snorted the Big City Engine, "London's Euston. Everybody knows that."
"Rubbish!" said Duck, "London's Paddington. I know. I worked there."

They argued until they went to sleep. They argued when the woke up. They were still arguing when the other engine went away...

Check out the "The Adventure Continues - Promo Gallery" to see all the other great promos.

A special thanks to my new friend :iconsweet-banana: for creating the Big City Engine's face for me. Thank you so much.
Here is the face he made for me:……
The rights to Thomas and Friends belongs to Mattel.
This image is not for profit.
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Gordon: “James will you shut up? Nobody asked you.”
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Emily: No, it's...CAN YOU TWO STOP ARGUING....!

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Me: no you three ar all wrong is waterloo

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Afraid it’s Euston laddie! I should know, I was station pilot for 50 years!

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It waterloo I worked there for since WW1
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I’ve got a couple of good mates who’ll back me up oun this sorta thingg! Luna the 7F will back me up on this, weirdly so will buck the GWR mogul! ITS EUSTON

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Donald and Douglas will back me up on this as well! Us Caledonian engines know this sorta thin! we’ve been workin in London before you were bleeding drawn!

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Ask my great western mates! They never worked out of the other two stations! As fer Waterloo, don’t know what yer bloody talkin aboot

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How do you edit these?

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Can you make an image of Gordon and the Famous Visitor where the City of Trou has arrived on Sodor in CGI?

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Can you make an image of Gordon and the Famous Visitor in CGI?

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You mean like this?...

The Adventure Continues - Domeless Engines
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The scene where the City of Trou arrived on Sodor

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Okay, but what if...

his real name is Big City Engine.

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thats when gordon goes to london

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My headcanon name for this engine is Euston, nuff said. 
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All three stations existed. It is precise, but to be honest I'm unsure. You also could do "Four Little Engines", 10th book of the Railway Series, and published in 1955.
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Already done it as a mini-special;
The Adventure Continues - Four Little Engines by The-ARC-Minister
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Oh. Why don't you do Thomas and Victoria;

P.S: It has fifty-six pages.
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Had this episode been filmed, the Foreign Engine would have been made using Henry's model with a new face and smoke deflectors.
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