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The Adventure Continues - Henry Sees Red

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Here is a promo from the upcoming series "The Adventure Continues":

That's not right! The Fat Controller wants me to be green with red stripes, not red all over, tomato sauce!

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"Undercoat," muttered Henry in disgust. "Whatever would the other engines say, if they saw me looking like this?"

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NWR-2000 Artist

Why does it look so official?

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What can I say except you’re welcome.
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NWR-2000 Artist
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CrovanWorksNew Deviant

Looks awesome.

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Henry is missing his splashers, what's up with that?
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Because Henry lost his splashers after his rebuild in The Flying Kipper.
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Well in the TV series I've liked him with his splashers after his rebuild. In the RWS it was fine on my own opinion.
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Merritt-TrainboyHobbyist Filmographer

Cool picture. I enjoyed this Railway Series store myself.

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SudrianRailwayStudioStudent Digital Artist


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One thing that I didn't quite understand on why Henry's repaint didn't involve his tender as well...

This was a pretty good story, and this turned out as an amazing "screenshot". TICKLED PINK was alright, but it's just not the same.

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I haven’t read the book, but I assume Henry’s tender was in perfect working order so it didn’t need a repaint and it was just Henry’s body that needed an overhaul and the red was an undercoat.

Or alternatively the tender was painted green before Henry was painted lovely green paint with red stripes.
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GuardianSoulMLPHobbyist Digital Artist

That is one of my all time favourite RWS stories, ever.

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Henry: *angry Black 5 noises*

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Jwvault3Hobbyist Artist

Let them all laugh at my red paint. he said. I'll show them.

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In the TVS, this story would probably be called Henry Sees Pink...

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It's a shame more of Christopher's stories didn't make it to the screen, I would have loved to have seen Wilbert or Ivo Hugh :P

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