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The Adventure Continues - Edward's Exploit

Here is a promo from the upcoming series "The Adventure Continues":

Taking passengers home from seeing Bill and Ben at the China Claypits, wind and rain buffeted Edward. His sanding gear failed, his wheels slipped, and his Fireman rode in front dropping sand on the rails by hand. "ComeOn-ComeOn-ComeOn," panted Edward breathlessly. "This is dreadful!"

But there was worse to come...

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Edward pull the train then suddenly Loud crack His iPad hit His side He's cool expected to damage Old boy oh I don't boy You Your crying prince are broken So you're gonna have to use your with no queen pens You're not you're like it or like a old-fashioned engine

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"Now you're single like an old-fashioned engine"

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Suddenly, Edward's wheels slipped fiercely. With a shrieking CRACK, something broke!

The crew inspected the damage. Repairs took some time.

"One of your crank pins broke, Edward." said his driver. "We've taken your siderods off. Now you're like an old-fashioned engine." Can you get these people home? They must start back tonight."
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"I'll try sir." promised Edward.

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Edward puffed and pulled his hardest, but his wheels kept spinning and he could not start the heavy train!

The passengers were anxious.

The driver, fireman, and guard went along the train, making adjustments between the coaches.

"We've loosened the couplings, Edward. Now you can pick your coaches up one by one, just as you do with trucks."

"That will be much easier." said Edward.

"Come on!" He puffed, and moved cautiously forward.

The first coach moving helped to start the second, and the second helped the third!

"I've done it! I've done it!" puffed Edward!

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"Steady boy." said his driver.

"Well done boy! You've got them! You've got them!"

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And he listened happily to Edward's steady beat as he forged slowly but surely ahead.

At last, battered and weary, but not beaten, Edward steamed in. Henry was waiting for the visitors with the special train.

"Peep, peep!"

The Fat Controller angrily pointed to the clock.

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But excited passengers swept him aside and thanked Edward and his Driver and Fireman

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Duck and Boco saw to it that Edward was left in peace. Gordon and James remained respectfully silent.

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*in Jeremy Clarkson's voice* still could be worse

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*in Jesse McCree's voice* Aw, ya had to say it, didn’t ya?!

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jerry mouse scream intensifies icon

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I’m sure it will ‘buff’ out...
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I've always asked to myself that why everytime when a strory/episode is centered on Edward bad stuff happens to him? Like for being Awdry's favorite he suffers quite a lot
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Well this is Edward’s first accident (21 books in) and it wasn’t his fault so not too bad for Edward
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Yes, I know that most of the accidents he goes into are not his fault, but like have you noticed that many of them are played for laughs, like him being mistreated is the goal?
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edward is a god he got the POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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one of your crankpins broke
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Edward needs some FLEX TAPE! 
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Look at that damage. :wow:
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(couldn't resist) 
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