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The Adventure Cont. - Look at me, Duck and Stepney

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Here is a promo from the upcoming series "The Adventure Continues":

A new Class 40 Diesel had come to the Fat Controller's railway but the other engines were finding him difficult. One day he was purring comfortably. An Inspector watched a fitter making final adjustments. The wind tugged at the Inspector's hat.

The Diesel was ready, "Look at me, Duck an Stepney. Now I'll show you something." and he rolled proudly towards his coaches.

Then it happened...

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Stepney : You Were Showing something, and you did, you just showed your most embarrassing moment!

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railyardman11 Digital Artist

Stepney in CGI *PROOF!*

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angus80wNew Deviant

bowled out!

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thomas1percy6New Deviant

Or you mean this arc ministers

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Shaking and spluttering, the Diesel stopped!

Meanwhile, the Inspector was looking for his hat...

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railyardman11 Digital Artist

The Diesel seethed with furry as Duck and Stepney pushed him back to the Shed.

Inspector: My hat!

Narrator: Explained the inspector.

Inspector: You've sucked it through your air intake!

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How does he do this!!!!!

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Can you do A Close Shave?

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MaksKochanowicz123Professional Digital Artist

Can you do Tenders for Henry next?

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Eh, ngl Class 40 with a yellow face is not my thing but the render is nice
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SudrianRailwayStudioStudent Digital Artist

That looks incredible! Especially Class 40!

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pugwash1Student General Artist
shaking and spluttering the diesel stopped. meanwhile, the inspector was looking for his hat. the diesel fumed as duck and stepeny pushed him into the shed 'my hat!" he cried 'you sucked in through your air intake' 'bother your hat!'
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EmilioKiaraHobbyist Digital Artist
more like this,
The Class 40 Diesel at Knapford Promo by The-ARC-Minister
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That is literally my deviation...
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EmilioKiaraHobbyist Digital Artist
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So you prefer the grey face? Everyone else seems to as well
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EmilioKiaraHobbyist Digital Artist
uh yeah?
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Please do Donald and Douglas' first appearance in the adventure continues

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You mean like this?

The Adventure Cont - Ye Wadnae Be Makkin Fun O Uz?
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Stepney looks amazing in CGI

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Shaking and spluttering, Andy stopped.
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Retlaw122Hobbyist Writer

Kriekies! Not me!

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